Statements of Distraction, PR is an acquired taste


You know something is going down when Statements of Distraction are issued with wanton abandon.  Craig Whyte’s book release on Friday, is one possibility.

I wonder if Craig will reproduce fawning text messages he received from a current SPFL club PR head, asking for a job, among other things.

Then there is Ofcom, who are in receipt of Celtic’s letter and who have the authority to demand Sky reveal who transcribed Alfredo Morelos interview, incorrectly inserting accusations of racism.  If ownership of that issue is traced back to another SPFL club, charges of bringing the game into disrepute are sure to follow.

In other matters, Newco chairman Dave King recently announced plans to step down this year, when the club holds a share issue to raise funds.  Newco’s current PR is an acquired taste.  It remains to be seen if a new owner, or ownership group, feel their profile would be best projected by the existing PR.

Still, at least he’s not burned bridges with the media.

Our best wishes to Jackie McNamara, one of the men who stopped the 10, and is described as critical but stable in Hull Royal Infirmary after collapsing yesterday.

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  1. Jackie Mac a great player and diehard Celtic captain. God Bless wee man. There’s always hope, a very good friend of mine survived an unsurvivable brain haemorrhage a few years ago now so prayers for Jackie Mac

  2. Siempre Celtic (formerly Traditionalist88) on

    Remember shaking my head when we signed Jackie being completely underwhelmed thinking ‘a right back from Dunfermline, what are we thinking?’



    And he didn’t half prove me wrong!



    Lets hope with expert care and a bit of luck he manages to pull through.







    You stated at no point would you be shouting racist abuse in a public place. So you know he was then from your post






    I was pointing out, hypothetically, that I wouldn’t have involved myself with this nonsense either way.



    But to be clear, denying racism and defending the accused is a ridiculous position to take.



    I wasn’t there and neither was anybody here. I don’t know what happened. It will play out how it plays out.



    I’m not going to indulge in conspiracy theories.



    I’ve heard racism from Celtic fans before.

  4. JackeiMac



    Get well soon, you are a credit to yourself and Celtic FC.


    Fight the fight with all you’ve got, Celtic is behind you.



    Hail Hail




  5. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    In no way intending to trivialise the situation but …..



    With all the publicity around, if the 12 year old’s family get a half decent brief, this will get thrown out at the first hearing.

  6. northeast ghirl on




    If you ever watch Netflix documentaries, all it takes sometimes is rumour to convince people they must be guilty. In this country point in question, Shay Logan accusing one of our players of a racist comment. Subsequently found guilty, hypothetically speaking I hope you’re not on the jury.

  7. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    BTW Pablo – can’t fault your logic or your chain of events theory but this “club” brought the game into disrepute previously ….



    …. and got fined £6,500.

  8. A simple short statement from our useless Board,saying that due to the unbridled racist chants from the scum when attending Celtic Park,no tickets will be allocated to the away support.They could also add their surprise at such few arrests by Scotlands finest,with the amount of Racism in plain view.


    The scum gauntlet has been thrown,have the stones to throw it straight back in their coupon.


    For Gods sake,grow a pair.




    If you ever watch Netflix documentaries, all it takes sometimes is rumour to convince people they must be guilty. In this country point in question, Shay Logan accusing one of our players of a racist comment. Subsequently found guilty, hypothetically speaking I hope you’re not on the jury






    Its not simply a rumour is it? Somebody is willing to make a report to police that they heard it. That’s not hearsay its first hand testimony.



    At this stage we don’t even know what his plea will be. He might plead guilty.



    Like I said, it will play out how it plays out.



    Crying conspiracy without any evidence is a bad look.



    I should also state, that doesn’t mean we should be happy with what’s come out of Ibrox. Gutter life exploiting this for their own gain should be treated with nothing but contempt.

  10. northeast ghirl on




    I’m not crying conspiracy, Police Scotland have previous. How will we know what happens as he’s too young for press reports if any are forthcoming. He also might plead not guilty as the person making the report may have lied. Did that cross your mind?



    Find it incredibly suspect that all of a sudden Police Scotland now have identified a culprit but he’s too young to be identified. Sky of course are running this with !More to follow appendage. Completely astonishing🤔🤔🤔

  12. Scum statement,although,not actually stating it,gives the impression that Morelos has complained about Racist remarks at Celtic Park.The statement is trumpeting the arrest of a 12 year old boy,to highlight the totally absurd notion,that he is being targeted in Scotland,and with the arrest being at Celtic Park,people ,not in the know,will make their own conclusions.We have had the “Brake tampering”nonsense,the “Translation”nonsense” both which have been put out in the public domain,and widely seen,what conclusions do you think the public will assume.


    There is a concerted effort here to victimize our club,by the scum across the city.The cretins on our Board,acting like Rabbits caught in the headlights,are the last people on earth I would wish to defend us.


    Thank God ,Lenny and the team are doing their bit.

  13. This allegation is a squirrel, it’s all to deflect from the throat cutting gesture, far too many holes in this story.

  14. The point Timaloy is whether he did or he didn’t we are talking about a 12 yr old child.


    I don’t know what he is accused of shouting and I don’t know if he did or did not shout what he is accused of but even if he did.


    He was not on the street mugging old women, he was at a football match no doubt hearing a lot of adults shouting obscenities throughout the game, In all likelihood he probably wouldn’t have been aware that he was breaking the law.


    This off duty Plod if he exists used a sledge hammer to break a nut.


    That kid needs to be told what’s right and wrong and then someone to put their arm around his shoulder to reassure him he is still loved & valued.

  15. northeast ghirl on




    Who are you, press by any chance. Suspecting something does not mean conspiracy. I suspect they’ll get penalties every week but don’t believe there’s a conspiracy at the referee’s council 🤨

  16. The Battered Bunnet on




    Morelos and Kent were up in front of the panel last week following their gestures to the crowd – one for repeatedly making a throat slitting action towards the crowd, the other imitating a gun pointed at the crowd with one hand, while with the other hand a gun pointed at the temple of his head.



    The two cases were adjourned to a later unspecified date, while Compliance verifies the claim that the Kent action means ‘thank you for your appreciation’ in Scouse makaton.



    One wonders quite how long the adjournment is likely to last…




    If you think an arrest is suspect then you believe somebody is plotting in a malicious manner. Either the police or the person who reported him to the police.



    Either way that’s a conspiracy.

  18. Seems increasingly likely that Sevco’s latest irresponsible statement last night, may have already prejudiced any case against the unnamed 12 year old.



    Thanks to instantaneous social media hasty deletions aren’t always enough.

  19. weebobbycollins on

    While there seems to be a lack of real leadership in the hun boardroom, Traynor appears to be taking advantage and fighting a personal battle against perceived enemies. If this is the case, then someone from the club must pull him up soon. His behaviour is bizarre. He has always come across as Mr Angry 😡, a bitter and twisted wee man who is much smaller than his ego. Of his peers only Graham Spiers appears willing to stand up to him. I don’t think Jackson and him get on presently but i do believe he still has influence at the Daily Ratbag. All the pups that turn up these days for press conferences are either in awe of him or afraid of him, standing there with his face like thunder…but he has this power… Like St. Peter at the gates, you don’t get in without his approval…he’ll interrupt, he’ll tell you what you can and can’t ask…no player interviews without Jim’s say so….a wee tinpot dictator who will eventually go the same route as other tinpot dictators…

  20. Eddy at the press conference today,saying he has 2 years left on his contract.What a boost they could give us all,by offering Eddy a new contract,upping his money ,and making it 3 years.Would make sure he was here for the 10,then if he wants to go,by all means let him,but with 2 years left on his contract,we hold the bargaining chips.At least make the attempt.

  21. Go tell the Spartim on

    So Police Scotland felt the need for hun appeasement and retribution, if ever there was a damning indictment of how bigoted that organisation is you need look no further than this whole sorry episode.



    I can see the perceived logic in the PLC appointing Hawthorn to a senior role but a leopard never changes its spots

  22. CORKCELT on 11TH FEBRUARY 2020 2:36 PM



    I’ve previously stated that I wouldn’t report a child to the police for such a thing.



    I would be careful of taking things posted on an Internet forum as gospel. No idea of the identity of the fan who reported them.



    If the child is found guilty I hope that his age is taken into account and the punishment isn’t harsh. It should be seen as an opportunity for a lesson.



    We shouldn’t indulge in conspiracy nor should we get into the gutter with Sevco.



    There is no requirement for a whataboutery statement as others have stated.

  23. James Doleman was asked about his comment regarding the 12 year old being


    charged and his reply was ”I cant say anything for obvious reasons”



    Does this mean Traynor jumping the gun here and already having the 12 year old


    boy as guilty is actually against the law

  24. northeast ghirl on




    Guilty, me lord. Please don’t send me to jail for suspecting my grasp of the English language was better than yours FFS

  25. Anyway on to Hearts tomorrow.They are in poor form,Tynecastle gives them the occasional lift,but if we play well,I cannot see anything other than a good win.


    The scum,on the other hand,face a jinx team.This was always the one I fancied them to drop points in.Hears and Don’s bonuses.


    We will see.

  26. Whatever happened to the old”Childrens Panel”.Has that been discarded,or is that where he will be summoned.

  27. Siempre Celtic (formerly Traditionalist88) on

    The hun option of last resort…. build a siege mentality by any, ANY, means necessary.




  28. Timaloy I am not taking anything for Gospel all I’m saying a 12 yr old child needs love & protection not being dragged into Court for shouting something he probably wasn’t even aware of the implications of.



    Yes kids do need correction but charging a kid & putting him through the mental anguish of a Court Appearance could scar him for life.



    I find the whole thing disgusting.




    The enquiry has certainly been prejudiced.



    It reminds me of the Manchester dogs home fire. High profile case involving minors.



    Two minors were arrested. Names leaked. Death threats followed.



    Ended up being released without charge.



    No idea if the case against them had merit but the leaking of names and harassment will certainly have prejudiced any case against them.

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