Statements of Distraction, PR is an acquired taste


You know something is going down when Statements of Distraction are issued with wanton abandon.  Craig Whyte’s book release on Friday, is one possibility.

I wonder if Craig will reproduce fawning text messages he received from a current SPFL club PR head, asking for a job, among other things.

Then there is Ofcom, who are in receipt of Celtic’s letter and who have the authority to demand Sky reveal who transcribed Alfredo Morelos interview, incorrectly inserting accusations of racism.  If ownership of that issue is traced back to another SPFL club, charges of bringing the game into disrepute are sure to follow.

In other matters, Newco chairman Dave King recently announced plans to step down this year, when the club holds a share issue to raise funds.  Newco’s current PR is an acquired taste.  It remains to be seen if a new owner, or ownership group, feel their profile would be best projected by the existing PR.

Still, at least he’s not burned bridges with the media.

Our best wishes to Jackie McNamara, one of the men who stopped the 10, and is described as critical but stable in Hull Royal Infirmary after collapsing yesterday.

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  1. CORKCELT on 11TH FEBRUARY 2020 3:03 PM



    In general, I’m in agreement with you.



    The situation is very unfortunate but we shouldn’t respond with whataboutery or conspiracy theories. That’s not directed at you but a general point on the reaction from Celtic fans.



    I hope this is all dealt with appropriately and he or she retains their anonymity.



    Let’s be clear, Rangers are acting disgracefully. Let them.

  2. “How desperate must Jim Traynor be to produce this wafting resentment? On the fate of a 12 year old boy? And, believe me, it is Jim, from the tortured syntax and sheer ineptitude with punctuation”



    Graham Spiers



    It’s the tweet of the week…….shirley CSC

  3. The Battered Bunnet on

    OK, so I’ve spent a little while reading:



    “Children and the Scottish Criminal Justice System” a Scottish Parliament briefing paper.



    “Lord Advocate’s Guidelines to the Chief Constable on the Reporting to Procurator Fiscals of offences alleged to have been committed by children” March 2014.



    “Preventing Offending: Getting it Right for Children and Young People” including “The Whole System Approach” ScotGov 2015



    And “Prosecution of young people” a report by the Scottish Govt from Nov 2018.



    Given that lot, and in the context of a child being charged with (presumably) an aggravated Section 38 offence, I’d be pleased to listen to the thoughts of any law professionals.



    This lay person smells shite.

  4. onenightinlisbon on

    You are at a football match where you witness someone shouting racial abuse at a player.



    Do you?



    1. Tell the person to shut up?


    2. Ask a steward to have a word?


    3. Call over a police officer and ask them to deal with it?


    4. Do nothing?




  5. northeast ghirl on




    Personally I would have a quiet word and advise him or her that next step would be a Steward.

  6. Siempre Celtic (formerly Traditionalist88) on




    Would I be right in thinking that if a steward received such a report in this day in age that he would report it directly to the police?




  7. Tim Malone Will Tell on

    TBB – the whole thing smacks of farce inspired by desperation. Maybe we could send the wee urchin up a chimney or deport him/her to the colonies?

  8. What gets me is the lengths the police go o when there are plenty of occasions when thousands are singing illegal songs..

  9. and I remember Traynor on radio calling celtic fans ‘tattie munchers’ when complaining about th famine song

  10. I wonder how Police Scotland, are getting on looking for the attempted murder of 2 visiting fans near Ibrox, before a ELQ last year?

  11. onenightinlisbon on




    You are possibly right, steward would maybe call a police officer…







    That’s what I would do…

  12. Smokescreen news to deflect they have serious issues at Ibrox. A complete non story. Made up shite.

  13. At a Celtic Sevco game ( last season or before) a Black Sevco player was met with a round of jeers as he retrieved the ball for a throw-in. It was in front of our section.



    One lad about 15-16 yr old in row in front of me added the word ‘black to his insults hurled at the player.



    Within a second my eldest son had grabbed him, turned him round and gave a stern lecture , reminded him what we stand for and telling him “we are better than that” and to stop behaving “like a hun”.



    The lad not only apologised, he actually apologised to everyone else around. He the apologised again at half time.



    There has never been a repeat.




    I think that type of intervention is worth more than grassing to the cops.



    We as Celtic supporters should hold our fellow supporters to a higher standard. We should not be afraid to speak out.




    I have never waited to see if I will be backed up by other supporters, before jumping in to such arguments, and I have never been in the minority when i do.




    If Police Scotland and the PF proceed with this farce it brings ridicule on them.



    Another smoke screen to provide diversion away from The Bad News Bears.



    The Onlooker

  14. IF the “story” about the 12 year old is true…WHY has it taken over 6 WEEKS to come out ?



    Has there been any mention of who exactly called the Cops when Morelos car was being apparently targeted…as if it turns out that his wife had indeed hired an investigator, and also let the investigator into the car park, and then stood back while Morelos himself made an official complaint to the Cops about his car possibly being tampered with…surely The Wife should be prosecuted for wasting police Time ?



    Maybe the Wife admitted to Morelos AFTER he called the Cops to report an intruder etc, about the private dick…but by that time the Cops were on their way and Morelos decided to invent the story about an intruder, to divert the fact that his wife suspected him of cheating etc ?


    Maybe BOTH of them have wasted Police time to cover up the real reason …IF so…will they be charged ?



  15. Next they will be saying Alfie boy must be sold to get away from the 12 year old monster child.


    Skint I tell you. Skinto. Non Story. Farce.

  16. Am I right in thinking that Paul made an oblique reference to the arrest and charge of a Celtic supporter in relation to allegations of racial abuse. Was the term ‘self-policing’ used? Was the twelve year old the subject of that reference? I hope not, but it is beginning to look like the answer to all of these questions is yes.

  17. CELTIC hero Jackie McNamara is “awake and talking” after being rushed to hospital with a suspected bleed on the brain.

  18. theBHOYfromU.N.C.L.E on

    All things being equal the 12 yr old will be referred to a Childrens Panel for disposal.The sheriff can ask for an advice hearing to give him/her an indication of how to proceed or remit directly to the Panel to decide outcome.



    The child in question may currently be on a Compulsory Supervision Order and in the system.

  19. Just sent a request to Lourdes for a petition to be left at the Grotto for Jackie. Anyone can do this by clicking on to the Lourdes official site.

  20. Celtic are refusing to co-operate with Sky Sports as the Scottish champions pursue a full explanation for a mistranslated interview with the Rangers striker Alfredo Morelos.



    In a major embarrassment for Sky, subtitles attached to Morelos, who spoke in Spanish, wrongly accused Celtic supporters of racially abusing the Colombian at the Old Firm match on 29 December.



    Celtic and Rangers earn wins while Sky apologises for Morelos ‘inaccuracies’


    Sky’s reporters were not welcome at Celtic’s pre-match press conference for Wednesday’s game at home to Hearts, as had been the case before last Sunday’s Scottish Cup tie against Clyde. Such a move is not typical of Celtic and illustrates the scale of their feeling. The broadcaster faces a race to resolve the matter before its live screening of Aberdeen v Celtic on Sunday.




    After Celtic’s initial complaint, Sky admitted “inaccuracies” in the interview and removed it from all platforms before making a corrected version available. It said in a statement: “After numerous steps undertaken by Sky to verify the interview thoroughly we can be clear that at no point did Morelos allege that any racial abuse was directed at him by Celtic supporters in the interview. We apologise to the supporters of Celtic football club for this serious error. We are reviewing our procedures for translated interviews to ensure this does not occur in future.”



    There was, though, no detail offered publicly or privately as to how this situation arose. Celtic remain angry with what they regard as the unsatisfactory nature of Sky’s response and have reported the situation to Ofcom.



    This fall-out is all the more notable because Sky will begin an exclusive, five-year deal to screen live Scottish Premiership matches next season. Sky did not comment on this on Monday when approached by the Guardian. It has also been approached on Tuesday in relation to its lack of access to Celtic’s media briefings.



    Ofcom is looking through complaints from Celtic supporters as well as from the club. An Ofcom spokesperson said: “We are assessing these complaints against our broadcasting rules, but have yet to decide whether or not to investigate.” This analysis typically takes around two weeks, with any formal investigation then usually completed within 50 working days.



    Celtic have specifically demanded to know who was responsible for the translation. “The use of mistranslation to convey false meaning is a dangerous form of fake news which must be condemned and sanctioned,” said the club’s chief executive, Peter Lawwell.



    Rangers are yet to say anything specifically about the misrepresentation of their player by Sky. Morelos’s representatives, World in Motion, did not comment when approached by the Guardian. The club did, though, issue a lengthy statement on Monday evening after it emerged that a 12-year-old had been charged in relation to a racist chant directed towards Morelos at Celtic Park. Rangers took aim at what they perceive as unfair treatment of their leading striker by the Scottish media.




    “Rangers had a duty of care not to say anything that might compromise a live Police Scotland investigation,” the statement said. “What none of us should ever do, however, is dismiss, or trivialise abusive behaviour as too many media outlets, journalists, and pundits have done in this instance.”



    It added: “When a player is at the centre of an abuse claim he is treated with respect and sensitivity and given support. That is certainly the case in England, but not here and most certainly not with Alfredo Morelos, who is actually being demonised in many quarters of the media.”

  21. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Forgot to mention yesterday …



    Provan, Nicholas – enjoy your soup.

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