Statements of Distraction, PR is an acquired taste


You know something is going down when Statements of Distraction are issued with wanton abandon.  Craig Whyte’s book release on Friday, is one possibility.

I wonder if Craig will reproduce fawning text messages he received from a current SPFL club PR head, asking for a job, among other things.

Then there is Ofcom, who are in receipt of Celtic’s letter and who have the authority to demand Sky reveal who transcribed Alfredo Morelos interview, incorrectly inserting accusations of racism.  If ownership of that issue is traced back to another SPFL club, charges of bringing the game into disrepute are sure to follow.

In other matters, Newco chairman Dave King recently announced plans to step down this year, when the club holds a share issue to raise funds.  Newco’s current PR is an acquired taste.  It remains to be seen if a new owner, or ownership group, feel their profile would be best projected by the existing PR.

Still, at least he’s not burned bridges with the media.

Our best wishes to Jackie McNamara, one of the men who stopped the 10, and is described as critical but stable in Hull Royal Infirmary after collapsing yesterday.

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  1. Hunderbirds are Gone on

    Just been reading back, and seen a few posts saying the Traynor rant had been pulled by Sevco. It hasn’t, it’s still there.



  2. So Celtic have refused to cooperate with Sky !


    Absolutely Concur with our club 100%.


    Now watch the cretins at the SFA come out of their lodges accusing Celtic of jeopardising Scottish football by breaking contractual conditions in their Sky deal !


    Predictable anti Celtic rhetoric a certainty.


    GIRUT ! We don’t need yer PISH 2nd rate coverage or derisory money we’ve got plenty.


    We should counteract any threats by investing And improving our own media organisation.


    Yesterday’s Headline regarding the alleged racist abuse by a child on the Sevco player after their fabricated Translatgate misinterpreted lies was the final straw for me and other Celtic fans.


    Keep the foot on the peddle Celtic both on and off the Park most fans apart from the Main Stand Two are on board because


    “ Something insides don’t strong “




    Love your nom de blog!



    Always get a wee bit emotional when I see it.

  4. So many questions begged about this murky about this murky affair: what did the child say; who complained? who identified the boy in question; when did the ‘arrest’ take place; who alerted Police Scotland; who in Police Scotland made the decision to charge the child?



    It is altogether credible that a child used racist language. But the most effective response would surely be mentoring. Incidentally, that child’s local authority has a responsibility to him as a ‘corporate parent’. Has this kicked in yet?



    If this child’s anonymity is compromised and he suffers any consequence, the blame will lie with Traynor and his employer.

  5. Big G


    They’ll cope because it’s what they’ve known – it’s the auld yins like me that struggle.😨

  6. One thing which no-one seems to have picked up on re. Traynorgate, it speaks volumes of the character of the man that he doesn’t have the balls to append his name to his writings.


    OK, most people on blogs etc… (myself included) do so under a pseudonym largely because we don’t need 10 million abusive retorts to anything you say but this guy is releasing official statements, he is officially employed to handle PR.


    Like most bullies, he is in fact a total coward, abusing his position to pick on anyone who dare say anything he doesn’t like.

  7. Fielding a weakened team against the currants has not paid off for Hamilton. Thankfully getting gubbed tonight.

  8. Call of Juarez


    Not watching it but on the other hand Aberdeen might get a bit of confidence before our Sunday game

  9. AN TEARMANN on 11TH FEBRUARY 2020 8:05 PM



    Good link to a blog bout Jonny Madden



    *Dumbartonian Johnny Madden was the first player to kick a ball for Celtic, he was the centre and kicked off for us. Jack McGinn’s late wife was related tae Johnny so her grandsons would also be part of that dna.

  10. prestonpans bhoys on

    The quality of football in this Brentford v Leeds game is similar to the picture quality, atrocious. These two would be relegated if promoted,!

  11. Good to see Celtic barring Sky Sports from Lennoxtown Media Room,not before time, now go after that other rotten mob BBC Sportsound ,Them 2 Organisations and other ones have over the years been disrespectful to our Club , Players ,Fans etc


    So do the right thing Celtic sine die them for life.

  12. Aberdeen










    Dundee Utd







    Scottish clubs who have received 7 figure bids for their footballers in the last 2 years.

  13. AuroraBorealis79 on

    BIG JIMMY on11TH FEBRUARY 2020 4:15 PM



    IF the “story” about the 12 year old is true…WHY has it taken over 6 WEEKS to come out ?









    Has there been any mention of who exactly called the Cops when Morelos car was being apparently targeted…as if it turns out that his wife had indeed hired an investigator, and also let the investigator into the car park, and then stood back while Morelos himself made an official complaint to the Cops about his car possibly being tampered with…surely The Wife should be prosecuted for wasting police Time ?









    Maybe the Wife admitted to Morelos AFTER he called the Cops to report an intruder etc, about the private dick…but by that time the Cops were on their way and Morelos decided to invent the story about an intruder, to divert the fact that his wife suspected him of cheating etc ?






    Maybe BOTH of them have wasted Police time to cover up the real reason …IF so…will they be charged ?











    Or maybe same person that translated this story was the same one that was used in the sly sports interview. I think this to be the most realistic answer to your question.

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