Statements of Distraction, PR is an acquired taste


You know something is going down when Statements of Distraction are issued with wanton abandon.  Craig Whyte’s book release on Friday, is one possibility.

I wonder if Craig will reproduce fawning text messages he received from a current SPFL club PR head, asking for a job, among other things.

Then there is Ofcom, who are in receipt of Celtic’s letter and who have the authority to demand Sky reveal who transcribed Alfredo Morelos interview, incorrectly inserting accusations of racism.  If ownership of that issue is traced back to another SPFL club, charges of bringing the game into disrepute are sure to follow.

In other matters, Newco chairman Dave King recently announced plans to step down this year, when the club holds a share issue to raise funds.  Newco’s current PR is an acquired taste.  It remains to be seen if a new owner, or ownership group, feel their profile would be best projected by the existing PR.

Still, at least he’s not burned bridges with the media.

Our best wishes to Jackie McNamara, one of the men who stopped the 10, and is described as critical but stable in Hull Royal Infirmary after collapsing yesterday.

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  1. Lhads……………



    I hope so, but if we think abooot iShortie……….as an example



    How they’ve behaved and kontinue to behave……….



    “London” would appear to have little or no regard for the konduct of national broadcaster business / ethos / ethics – given the parlous state of the “sports dept” output Up North.



    The luvvies in Chiswick have never heard of the Calton.




  2. jimbob71 & little Miss jimbob on

    All the Morelos “bashing” going on, the alleged racist 12 year old child etc.



    Could we see in the coming days the child being invited to meet Morelos, shake hands, photo opportunity, apologies…..see look everyone, Alfie is misunderstood, he’s a lovely forgiving fella……..

  3. .Aye…perhaps Fat Charlie will get a few ither glowing reports on how ” Lovely and *cough* loving”…*cough*……….. he is …..

  4. Wow, weather in Glasgow is horrendous. Mad hail,hailstones with the temperature plummeting.



    It will be absolutely Baltic tonight. Wrap up well.



    I hope and trust that NFL has kept our team focused and oblivious to the ongoing off field activities.


    3 points is a must and the perfect answer to all who wish us no good.



    HH to all.

  5. very big Hail Hail stones in ole EK just then and been snowing steadily for the last 20 minutes. Glad I’m in the standing section for 3 hours tonight!

  6. Hope that weather eases of for the troops tonight.Nothing worse than going in soaked.Weather is crazy.Went for my run this morning along the beach,then back for breakfast on the terrace,FFS,in February.Last year it was Baltic.Been 18 degrees for around 10 days.I see another storm due at the weekend.Does not bode well for Pittodrie.A good win tonight will warrrmmm ye up.



  7. PhilMac also suggesting heads will roll at Sky, from in front of and behind the camera’s.



    Bring it on!

  8. Talking about the weather here.At the same time,snow in Istanbul,heavy flooding down Antalya,Avalanches in the mountain Ski resort.Mental mix of weather.

  9. Hopefully,Phil is correct regards Sky.Scumbag Boyd should be sacked for his attack on Griff,along with the guilty parties on the translation debacle.A kick in the stones for Sky.I don’t think any club,has ever withdrawn co-operation with them before.

  10. Phil MAC not the only one who knows nothing and is guessing!


    Oh the irony.


    Weather men forecasting better conditions for later tonight.


    Drier and less windy. Thermals on right enough.




  11. Oh fishy sells tonight



    Celtic v Heart of Midlothian


    Ladbrokes Premiership


    Wednesday 12/02/2020 7:45pm Celtic Park


    Referee: William Collum


    AR1: Alan Mulvanny


    AR2: Paul O’Neill


    Fourth Official: Alan Newlands




  12. Paul already guessed Traynors days are numbered. Its hardly out there.



    King is stepping down. Change is afoot.

  13. Getting angrier and stupider over on the Scummy Bears Den.Utter hate,bile,and stupidity mixed into a sort of version of English,loaded into a Blunderbuss and aimed at everyone attacking their Kulchur.


    Some halfwit posted,”I hear Souness is coming back” “To do what” “To put the fear of God up the Taigs,hopefully as chairman”.



  14. Siempre Celtic (formerly Traditionalist88) on

    Rather fitting that our final memory of Kenny Misser in Scottish football will be that sitter he missed against us haha




  15. Maitre d’s in Bothwell, will be delighted the wee ned has left, much less chance of being hit over the head with a bottle.



    Au contraire



    Traynor is merely the mouthpiece of Robertson



    King going won’t change the follow follow no one likes us agenda






    We will see. There is a change of leadership ahead. Its possible we could see the back of Robertson or Traynor. We will need to see how it plays out.



    Not sure what the likely outcome is. We will see how the share issue goes.

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