Stevie Chalmers’ Rembrandt moment


We have many iconic moments in our history.  Big Billy with the Big Cup defined everything that has happened since, but that image of Stevie Chalmers, captured from through the Estadio Nacional nets is remarkable on many levels.

You will be pushed to find a similar photograph anywhere.  Stevie is looking in the direction of the camera, his stare and foot are pointing at the ball, but also at you.  The viewer is the unseen actor, you become part of the story, the ball is travelling towards you.

Stevie is framed between two Inter defenders in the background, with another and Giuliano Sarti, the goalkeeper, forming a wider frame in the foreground.

Sarti is the other hero of the photo, the protagonist caught witnessing his defeat.  Incredibly, he too is staring and pointing at the ball with his foot, his five fingers in shadow, a despairing hand silhouetted by the sun shining on the crowd.  But, unlike Stevie’s, Sarti’s actions are passive, he is beaten.

There are nine players in the photo and thousands of fans but all appear stationary, watching the act unfold.  Only Bobby Murdoch’s right arm and the ball have a sense of movement.  The former, the first to herald the news, even before the ball has reached the line: Goal!

I knew this photo was special years before I knew what made a great image.  If Rembrandt was asked to capture the 1967 European Cup Final on canvass, this is what it work would look like.  Once seen, it can never be forgotten, it is that good.

Today, Stevie’s mortal remains will leave St Mary’s in the Calton before passing through the Celtic Way to his final resting place, but his immortal act will be with us forever.

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  1. Williefernie



    Consider yourself invited.I am guessing 10:30 and that VFR will book. I`ll contact him.




    PS Pog, are you going ?

  2. After the game, I was 12, I went out and played with ma pals in the field, I wanted to be Stevie Chalmers, not jinky, just that night por cierto :)

  3. God Bless you Stevie Chalmers.


    Thoughts and prayers with you , your family and friends.




  4. A lovely article. God Bless Stevie and Billy and all those in our CQN family who have lost loved ones recently.

  5. The Token Tim on

    God Bless Stevie Chalmers. RIP.



    Lovely article Paul.






  6. williefernie on

    Hot Smoked. Appreciated.Been away since 1982 so will need address and directions.Was an Eastfield boy so only know Springfield Road till it meets London Road.

  7. glendalystonsils on

    Paul 67



    A fine article and my favourite photo . A frozen moment in time which encapsulates Celtic’s history.


    If you had to send one item on a spaceship to far galaxies seeking other civilisations to tell them about Celtic , that photo would do it

  8. What is the Stars on

    A grand old article Paul



    I remember seeing that photo in the papers ( i presume the following day) and it made an impression on me then


    Obviously even as a six year old I was a connoisseur of fine arts.

  9. god bless you stevie rip.



    i remember the goal all so well i just about hit the roof.

  10. Strange season this.


    We are heading for an unprecedented treble, treble.


    Our manager deserts us at a crucial time.


    Our old manager returns to see the season out.


    We lose two of our giants.


    Not sure what to make of it.


    Hopefully we will complete the treble and let us dedicate it to the memory of Bill and Stevie.


    Next season will bring it’s own drama.

  11. A fantastic article today Paul67, more power to ye.



    When my brother and I opened a 5 a side football centre in England a few years ago, we had various iconic football photos framed around the walls of the bar.



    We had Bobby Moore being carried aloft after England’s World Cup win, Diego’s Hand of God, Banks save from Pele, Dave Mackay grabbing Billy Bremner, Nat Lofthouse scoring an FA Cup winning goal, George Best scoring in the ’68 final v Benfica at Wembley….amongst several others.



    But the best of the lot was the photo you have very eloquently described.



    God bless Stevie Chalmers, may he rest in peace.

  12. Hunderbirds are Gone on

    I didn’t know that the BBC were planning a drama set around CQN during the close season. Just saw it advertised… It’s called Summer of Rockets. ?


    On the subject of the Beeb, they just never give up trying to create an equivalence between Sevco and ourselves, especially at Iborcs Season book renewal time. Their online football page is currently inviting readers to select their combined Old Firm (sic) eleven. I submitted our starting line up from the last ever Old Firm game in April 2012.



  13. weebobbycollins on

    Had CQN existed that day it would have well and truly melted in the 84th minute…


    Thanks Stevie RIP

  14. !!Bada Bing!! on



    Had CQN existed that day it would have well and truly melted in the 84th minute…





    Thanks Stevie RIP



    Some would be on saying Jim Craig’s legs have gone………;]]

  15. HOT SMOKED on 8TH MAY 2019 12:59 PM




    Consider yourself invited.I am guessing 10:30 and that VFR will book. I`ll contact him.




    PS Pog, are you going ?






    I was supposed to be going to Birmingham that weekend but I’m ‘travelled out’ so will probably make it as well as the CSA do on the Friday night.

  16. Friesdorfer on

    Thank you Stevie Chalmers. A firmament in the pantheon of Celtic football club. RIP HH

  17. The Inter defender at left foreground is big, handsome. Fachetti, the full back who personified the Herrera style. He played over 600 games for Inter, scoring 75 goals. He is watching his worldview collapse.



    Good club, Inter. The only Italian club in existence never to have been relegated. Mussolini hated them and actually made them change the club name to Ambrosiana. They played like puddings and were glad to revert to Internazionale.

  18. Paul67 etal.



    I think your header Yesterday was a bit over the top, suggesting that Lenny should rest most of the Good players on Sunday to prevent any of them getting an injury before the Cup Final, We want to gub that mob this Sunday so we don’t want to weaken the team, play our best and fitest team this weekend, and the Cup Final will take care of itself.



    I was in Lisbon in 67 and remember that goal well,I was sitting behind that goal and you could see when Stevie struck the ball in was going into the net,You made many thousands of Supporters the happiest Bhoys on Planet Earth that day. fifty two years on and I still remember that Goal today.



    RIP Stevie Bhoy,you will be rembered forever.

  19. Paul67 etal.



    Barcelona did exactly what you were suggesting,last week they rested the whole team an still lost thier game against Liverpool, so it doesn’t really work as the rest didn’t help them.

  20. There was me thinking I never had an artist eye. I see at least 10 players. Maybe it’s an optic illusion ?

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