BOBBY LENNOX has an interesting take on the most historic day in Celtic’s history.
The pacy raider said: “I reckon Stevie Chalmers did Inter Milan’s players a massive FAVOUR when he stuck that winning goal in their net with only five minutes remaining in Lisbon.
“Really, the Italians should have overtaken any Celtic player in the race to congratulate Stevie.
“If that game had gone to an extra 30 minutes we would have hammered them, believe me. I am utterly convinced we would have notched up a scoreline that would have embarrassed the Italians.
“They were out on their feet nearing the end of that wonderful game. They were shattered after chasing shadows for 85 minutes and they didn’t look as though they were up for some of the same in a bout of extra-time.
“It would only have been a matter of time before we scored again and the way we were playing that day I don’t think we would have known how to take our foot off the gas.
“We wouldn’t have had the inclination, either. We would just have kept on going, no matter what the score might have been.
“Their goal had led a somewhat charmed life although, to be fair, their keeper, Giuliano Sarti, should have got some sort of individual medal for his bravery as he kept the scoreline respectable.
“But even he would have capitulated in the event of another half-hour. He simply couldn’t have replicated his efforts in the regulation time.
“So, when Stevie sidefooted that one in from six yards, it put Inter Milan out of their misery. The Italians were on the verge of collapse. Meltdown was minutes away.
“Our fitness levels in Lisbon were awesome. We were primed and ready to go. The hard work, the preparation, the dedication and the resilience all came together at the right time and we were unstoppable.”
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