Stiliyan, Henrik, Scott, Brendan, Stoichkov and Mendieta


I listened to Stiliyan Petrov talk calmly about cancer yesterday, as he sat with Liverpool’s James Milner ahead of your Foundation’s Match for Cancer next month.  Just a few decades ago, his recovery would be considered miraculous.

Cancer will affect one in every two of us.  That rate is higher than ever, as people live longer, but, what was a death sentence all too recently, is now treatable and often curable.

If you have been around CQN for long enough, you will know stories like Stiliyan’s are not always how things conclude.  We have lost too many of our number, and more of our loved ones, to this awful disease.

So the work goes on.  In memory of those we have lost, in appreciation of those who have come through successful treatment, and in that hope that our futures are increasingly spared.  Cancer success stories are one of the wonders of the modern world, and while millions suffer this illness, millions more contribute to the cause of treating and eradicating it.

The game itself will be a gathering of the Celtic clans, not just because of the way this disease has touched so many, but because Henrik will once more grace Celtic Park, as will Lubo, the brilliant Hristo Stoichkov, and the phenomenal Gaizka Mendieta.

Scott Brown will play too and Brendan is manager of Stiliyan’s team.  The great and the good are touched by this affliction, which is rapidly being controlled thanks to the efforts of millions.

The game takes place on Sunday 8 September (it’s an international break).  Tickets cost £14 or £6 concessions.  You can buy them here.

I Look forward to seeing you there.

Welcome to Celtic, Daniel Arzani.  The 19-year-old winger-come-central defender (lighten up, honestly!) arrives on a two year loan, having joined Manchester City a few days ago.

A word of caution – an away game in the League Cup is not the game I would choose to play tomorrow.  Get the job done professionally, Celtic.

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  1. BHOYLO83 on 17TH AUGUST 2018 11:29 AM


    We have a poorly organised defence and a potent attack



    On what evidence do you base this?


    We are not a free scoring team.


    Dembele,Edouard and Giiffiths are all top quality strikers but the service to them in the last season has been very poor.


    The huns scored more goals than us in the SPL last season.


    Our possession above all style which frequently results in long passing sequences with final ball to Craig Gordon who then punts it back to opponents does not create many chances.


    It speaks volumes for our strikers that they are skillful enough to score goals in very crowded areas due to our laborious build up allowing opponents to pack the defensive zones.

  2. Regarding the various Sarky comments regarding “the lights”. The ground Improvements including New Lighting were to improve the match day experience for the fans particularly on European Nights



    Another reason was to attract other events to Celtic Park. Like the 2019 Guinness Pro 14 Final which we will host.



    These Improvements were funded as long time Investment and will assist in Revenue generation. The Hotel and Museum are also revenue generating and improve match day experience.



    The Investments are separately funded and have no bearing on the football department and are part of a 5 year plan.



    The extra 5 year Dafabet sponsorship was also attracted and future improvements to ground and training centres are also part of the programme



    Attracting positive Revenue generating income is at least partly attracted by the Ground improvements.



    The Celtic Way and the stadium Wrap have also improved Match day experience and helped attract sponsorship and events. This will only increase as the other Improvements are noticed.



    The recruitment debacle has no bearing on the expenditure on generating income improvements.

  3. Go tell the Spartim on

    Our biggest issue, for me anyway is, well apart from ball watching, is the slow tempo we have in games, in games were we increase the tempo we look a half decent team.

  4. BIGBHOY on 17TH AUGUST 2018 4:23 PM



    Totally agree. Anything that enhances the match day experience must be welcomed.



    There is still much more to do.






    We are one dimensional and one paced.


    A variation in tempo would at least make our opponents think more.


    Watched the Atletico v Real supercup and the ability of both teams to switch from languid to lightening was obvious.


    Maybe the Green Brigade could add different tempo drummers at Celtic park to see if that would help.

  6. Go tell the Spartim on




    We can handle the change in tempo, most teams we face at this time of year cant, so it baffles me, maybe its a lack of confidence thing, though i dont understand what difference erratic passing to no one or out of play happens more often (at least it seems that way) in European games, its not like Europeans all have extendable legs.



    Maybe we could sync the lights to faster beats

  7. mike in toronto on

    SFTB@3:43 …



    as I recall, that is the letter that was ‘leaked’ last year, but had been sent out in the summer of 2012 …am I right, or am I gettting my dates confused?



    If so, from memory what then happened (fall of 2012, I thinkj) was that DD publicly said that we love Rangers… and, I suspect, privately told PL to … in the words from a poster on CQN today … ‘STFU… or there will be no heated driveway for you…’



    and so a deafening silence descended over the land…

  8. MIT



    There is room enough for us all to “suspect” whatever we want.



    However, it was October 2012 when DD made his statements. Rangers had already fulfilled several Div. 3 fixtures by then. He said it at a time when he and we would not have to face them in a league match for 3 years (4 as it turned out, thanks to Cammy Bell)

  9. mike in toronto on

    SFTB …. I have heard that Cammy Bell still gets a nasty letters from sevco fans… and one guy who only signs the letters DD

  10. mike in toronto on

    BSR …



    I think at least one of the singers was her sister …



    most of us think of Respect first when we think of Aretha … one of the anthems of women’s movement…but, originally, it was reqcorded by Otis … being sung by a guy puts a completely different spin on it … makes what Aretha did with it all the more remarkable…



  11. MIT



    Thanks, schoolday every etc will check that out.



    Heard a clip of her saying she loved the song so much she didn’t care she was first.



    It could easily lead to a CQN bacharach and david night ;-)




    I was off oot, but I’m back now!



    Maybe I was being a bit harsh on ole Joe Filippi!



    Haud on a minute! Naw!



    Never met the ghuy but I was briefly at school with his brother…never liked the guy (the brother). Thought he was a w*****!



    But that’s another story!



    Hope you and your good lady are well, and I send my kindest regards from Italia.



    Will be back ‘hame’ the middle of October.



    Hope to meet up shortly thereafter.




  13. mike in toronto on




    I am actually a Bacharach fan. If you are too, have you listened to the album he did with Elvis Costello?



    One of my favourite albums ever. Was written around the time Elvis and Cait from the Poguescwere splitting up, so is mostly about that. It is one of the saddest but most beautiful albums ever

  14. Welcome Mr Arzani. Careful with your hamstrings. See the new Gers are unbeaten so far in Slovenia, Croatia and Macedonia in European exploits hmmmmmmm they could be tricky this season.

  15. spikeysauldman on

    football dept seperate from the rest of the football club ? where have i heard that before ?


    attracting rugby – feckin rugby – being put up there as some kind of achievement ? remember the commonwealth games ? remember having to play a euro qualifier in a feckion rugby stadium instead of a packed celtic park ? tying 1 hand behind ronnie’s back before the season started. mon tae….

  16. Harry Flashheart on

    SFTB thanks for the reply


    The point I was making or trying to make was there is an obvious reluctance by the board to back the manager


    Just going from memory we beat the Huns 1:0 at the pallet burners arena at December in the 08/09 season and went 7 points clear and that put the mockers on the fletcher deal


    If we had signed him it would have given the front line a boost and the team still won the league cup in March


    so should have got over the line and were still in a great position with two games to go


    We have a sell out season with season books so the lack of quality investment is inexcusable at this stage


    Would be nice to have a bit more quality for those bloody lights to play under


    Sorry for the long post

  17. the glorious balance sheet on

    Harry Flashheart



    As much of the damage in 2009 was caused by the summer window before it.



    We had won the league on the last day and secured automatic CL qualification and all the money that comes with that.



    We spent £5m out of the £20-30m we now had access to to make the samaras loan permanent, buy crosas, maloney and loovens.



    The Huns spent £15m to £20m they largely didn’t have on lafferty, edu, Davis, bougherra, and more besides



    We didn’t back the manager in 2008 by giving him access to all monies at our disposal for team strengthening



    The huns spent money they didn’t have



    Fast forward to 2018.



    The more things change, the more they stay the same eh?

  18. Has Arzani picked up an injury yet?!



    Asking for an Australian/Manc City fan/friend.






    Not yet.


    But in the first month he will be hamstrung by being asked to always face Craig Gordon when receiving a pass.

  20. A really bad window.



    Too many people thinking they know Everything.



    Every Celtic Manager seems to get criticised in the Lead articles, this Time is really different, the Man has Delivered on Every front.



    Time for deeper criticism.



    Frankly Mr Shankly – Deliver what Brendan asks for in the player department.



    Brendan protects his current defenders by saying he didn’t need players for certain positions because they are the most vulnerable, thats what a Fitba Manager that knows man management does.



    The link between Man city and Celtic now seems to be very convenient and Lazy at the very least.



    Welcome to Celtic howevaaaah Arzani.



    I’d much rather you had signed permanent straight off the bat though.



    The MIBs are primed to do what they do. Anyone who thinks the League is a formality. Hasnae a clue really.

  21. BSR


    No need for a crystal ball though,tonight they did report the previous incident at Ibrox against the team from Croatia though quickly informed everyone again UEFA will be doing nothing as it was not in the ground, Maribor in trouble for flares in the ground.

  22. Ah Paul any port in a storm eh.



    Shall we start a campaign to back Brendan?



    Or are you already campaigning for something else (I am hearing rumours)…..

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