Stiliyan, Henrik, Scott, Brendan, Stoichkov and Mendieta


I listened to Stiliyan Petrov talk calmly about cancer yesterday, as he sat with Liverpool’s James Milner ahead of your Foundation’s Match for Cancer next month.  Just a few decades ago, his recovery would be considered miraculous.

Cancer will affect one in every two of us.  That rate is higher than ever, as people live longer, but, what was a death sentence all too recently, is now treatable and often curable.

If you have been around CQN for long enough, you will know stories like Stiliyan’s are not always how things conclude.  We have lost too many of our number, and more of our loved ones, to this awful disease.

So the work goes on.  In memory of those we have lost, in appreciation of those who have come through successful treatment, and in that hope that our futures are increasingly spared.  Cancer success stories are one of the wonders of the modern world, and while millions suffer this illness, millions more contribute to the cause of treating and eradicating it.

The game itself will be a gathering of the Celtic clans, not just because of the way this disease has touched so many, but because Henrik will once more grace Celtic Park, as will Lubo, the brilliant Hristo Stoichkov, and the phenomenal Gaizka Mendieta.

Scott Brown will play too and Brendan is manager of Stiliyan’s team.  The great and the good are touched by this affliction, which is rapidly being controlled thanks to the efforts of millions.

The game takes place on Sunday 8 September (it’s an international break).  Tickets cost £14 or £6 concessions.  You can buy them here.

I Look forward to seeing you there.

Welcome to Celtic, Daniel Arzani.  The 19-year-old winger-come-central defender (lighten up, honestly!) arrives on a two year loan, having joined Manchester City a few days ago.

A word of caution – an away game in the League Cup is not the game I would choose to play tomorrow.  Get the job done professionally, Celtic.

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  1. ..



    Oh Danny Bhoy..The Hoops..The Hoops..Came Calling..



    Welcome to Celtic Danny..



    Arzani: “The idea was put to me to come to Celtic and work with Brendan Rodgers, and it was something I was very interested in doing, and when it became a reality I was very excited,” Arzani told his new club’s website.



    “I gave Tom a call and had a chat with him about the club and everything was positive.



    “Basically he said to me that if it wasn’t so good he wouldn’t have signed an extension to stay at Celtic Park. Apparently, playing in front of the Celtic fans is absolutely amazing and I’m really excited about that.”



    Tony Vidmar: “I think the impact that he’s had, and people can say that he’s only played 15 games, but the impact that he has had in our national competition has been massive,” Vidmar said.



    From Memory When Celtic signed Van Dijk and Wanyama they had only started Circa 30 plus Senior Games for reality small Football clubs..









    Summa of Danny CSC

  2. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    TALLYBHOY. The Filippis were a lovely family and helped many good causes unfortunately as a family they did not have there troubles to seek due in the main to illness. I never found any of the family other than pleasant and helpful. So I find your comments sad and just thought I would balance them out. H.H.

  3. The Scottish media are racists and if they went they get sacked. What do you all expect. A party?



    Bourne. It’s better we deal with our genuine crisis sooner rather than later. Being annostritch doesn’t really help.



    It’s clear now from the silence the board are divided and it’s lawwell or Brendan.



    What side are we all on?



    Oh and you can’t do a Paul and Pete d you love them both while knowing Brendan in the back (which I understand is Paul’s modus operandi).

  4. adi_dassler on 17th August 2018 7:12 pm



    So BR called Arzani…..even tho he knew nothin about it !



    Ah well….







    Can you expand on this?

  5. Philbhoy sorry just saw your post.



    I typed the post you responded to whilst laughing with a friend at the absurdity of paul67. He us a laughing stock



    Anyway I am at the green man festival in Wales This weekend and I am as chilled as a banana that’s been in the freezer for a week (and will probably feel as fragile tomorrow too). So you are right life is bigger a d better but I still don’t the pseudo Huns take over. They want you at the back of the bus. Paul has your seat reserved. Just don’t take it.

  6. adi_dassler on 17th August 2018 7:21 pm



    What I just heard on RS





    So what were you saying?



    Can you expand on that?

  7. Tallybhoy. 5.21



    Whit dae ye mean Naw !!!!




    Look forward to the catch up pal .



    Shocking event in Italy this week. Looks horrific. Glad your safe . HH

  8. Good to see Arzani joining us. Not sure how this deal “works” to be honest but we need creative talent in the ranks and if young Danny Bhoy can help unlock those packed defences he could be a breathe of fresh air…



    SFTBs @ 3:43 PM,



    Yes, that’s an interesting letter…



    I believe there is an other(s)…



    I seem to recall reading one from around the same time where Peter Lawwell states that the SPL wasn’t the organisation to have an inquiry into the EBTs (the LNS Commission), it was up to the SFA to hold the inquiry.



    Maybe the Heid that is old could shed a bit of light.



    On the eve of the re-renaissance and the restart to our Season, tuff on the aul’ jags… what our Manager might have been THINK!NG last week…





    Hail Hail

  9. Delaneys Dunky on



    I thought I was a punk rocker as a wean, who liked only punk. One day I turned on my radio and heard a song, You make me feel like a Natural Woman. Aretha changed me. God rest her soul.

  10. adi_dassler,



    I just don’t want Brendan being attacked. He has Delivered Big Time. I’m sorry for being blunt.



    HH and Maximum 1967.

  11. thomthethim for Oscar OK on




    As I remember it, the SFA recused themselves from conducting the inquiry, as they reserved the position of Appellant Body, should the case go to appeal.



    Pure farce, as Bryson submitted the clinching evidence ” irregular” but legal registration of players.



    Auldheid should either confirm or correct my recall.

  12. thomthethim for Oscar OK on

    HILL 16,



    I think you are in the wrong place with that crass, libellous comment.

  13. Delaneys Dunky on



    I am buzzin for this Ashcroft/Gallagher gig at Old Trafford tomorrow Madchester ra ra ra

  14. all joking aside the the number of players we have who are constantly picking up injuries is worrying , are we just unlucky or is there something more sinister

  15. Mahe the Madman on

    3 question rounds followed by one picture round.


    Good Luck.



    General Knowledge questions




    1,,,what year did we all rock along with Eddy Grant’s Electric Avenue ,,,












    2,,,what is the main ingredient in Bombay Duck ?




    3,,,Copper is referred to by which letters in the periodic table ?




    4,,,The name of Sherlock Holmes and Watsons dog?




    5,,,Jakarta is the capital of ?




    6,,,Which tv show gave us “ The Fonz “ ?




    7,,,A “ Scottish Fold “ is a type of ?




    8,,,What is the currency of Mexico ?




    9,,,The worlds most famous Volkswagon beetle is called ?




    10,,,Which of the following was born first,,,


    Tom Selleck


    Robbie Coltrane


    Pierce Brosnan


    Robin Williams




    11,,,Which author penned Frankenstein?




    12,,,He presented “ This Is Your LIfe “ from 87 to 03 ?




    13,,,Town in the state of Massachusetts, USA famous for burning those suspected of witchcraft ?




    14,,,According to the Bible, who survived being eaten by a whale ?




    15,,,In which city was JFK assassinated ?

  16. The Honest Assessment on





    CU 29






    Happy |Days










    Mary Shelly


    Eamon Andrews









    TALLYBHOY. The Filippis were a lovely family and helped many good causes unfortunately as a family they did not have there troubles to seek due in the main to illness. I never found any of the family other than pleasant and helpful. So I find your comments sad and just thought I would balance them out. H.H.






    Firstly let me say that I was alluding to Joe Filippi’s footballing skills.



    An honest journeyman – no more, no less.



    I also met Mr Filippi senior who was a lovely man. He was a head teacher, if I remember correctly, and he asked my late mother, a former teacher in Italy, to run an Italian language school he was trying to set up in Ayrshire back in the 1970s. Due to circumstances at the time she had to decline.



    I’m sure the Filippi family did help many local causes, just as my late father raised thousands of pounds for various charities over a 20 plus year period from the 60s to the 80s.




  18. glendalystonsils on
















    happy days



    US dollar






    robin williams



    Mary shelley



    aemon Andrews







  19. Just read James Forrest who I normally agree with , think is latest blog has been written by Paul 67 and Peter Lawwell

  20. 800 too many @ the bigotdome.



    I went there once…..



    way way back.



    Hated because I like my Football team?

  21. 1. 1982


    2. Mince


    3. CU


    4.Rin Tin tin


    5. Indonesia


    6.Happy Daze


    7. Dance


    8. Peso


    9. Herbie


    10. Tam Cellick


    11. Mary Shelley


    12. Mick Aspel


    13. Salem


    14. Jonah


    15. Dallas

  22. 1 1981




    3 Cu


    4 Gladstone


    5 Indonesia


    6 Happy Days




    8 Peso


    9 Love Bug


    10 Pierce Brosnan


    11 Mary Shelley


    12 Eamonn andrews


    13 Salem


    14 Jonah


    15 Dallas

  23. GreeninbingleyinOslo on

    HILL 16 on 17TH AUGUST 2018 7:34 PM



    What a sly, nasty and insidious comment.



    I hope he sues you into the ground.