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Anthony Stokes started the season with a flurry, scoring four goals in the first three league games of the season, but he managed just another three goals before the arrival of Leigh Griffiths two weeks ago.  He has since scored against Aberdeen in the Cup as well as Sunday’s hat-trick against St Johnstone.

Three goals in 28 appearances is a desolate return for a Celtic striker, especially during a season where the team have been so dominant, and would have contributed to Neil Lennon insisting a striker, capable of scoring regularly in the league, was recruited in January.  Managers often talk about needing competition for places, so it’s natural that we should extrapolate from the arrival of Griffiths.  While we may see both strikers play together between now and the end of the season I’m not convinced the manager will have this pairing in his mind for next season.

A generous CQN’er, who would like to remain below radar, has offered £1000 sponsorship of the CQteN Dream Team, if 125 people submit a team.  The Dream Team is your chance to select your team from those who have played 10 or more games during the CQN decade.

Select 11 players in either a 4-3-3 or 4-4-2 formation; you’ll need a goalkeeper, two full backs, two central defenders, 3 or 4 midfielders and 2 or 3 forwards.  You also need to select a manager from the decade.

The team judged as the strongest will be announced at the CQteN St Patrick’s Dinner on 14 March.  The event is open to bloggers and lurkers but you can only enter ONCE.  Closing date is 3pm, Sunday 9 March.  There will be prizes!!

So far around 60 people have entered teams so we have lots to do to hit the £1000 target.  For a comprehensive list of players who are eligible for selection, see CRC’s comment here.  Email your entry to Doc here, and remember to include a manager: doccqten@gmail.com

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  1. Billy Bhoy 05



    13:40 on 19 February, 2014



    Am I right in thinking that if Scotland leaves the UK English students wouldn’t have to pay tuition fees at Scottish universities?



    The place will be swamped by English student basturts.



    TD67 will not be happy. Not happy at all.

  2. Lennybhoy…Supporting the DAM 5, Neil Lennon, Wee Oscar Knox, and CFC until I die



    13:43 on 19 February, 2014




    ‘On a personal note I believe the Penalty was right decision. However, it would never be award for us in the SPhell!!’







    That’s the main reason I’d prefer the EPL to the SPFL.



    So that we’re not facing bias every time we take the pitch.

  3. TheOriginalSadiesBhoy on

    can i have raspberry on that champions league ice cream



    13:36 on 19 February, 2014





    13:24 on 19 February, 2014


    I would be grateful if any techies on here can help me. My wife can’t get access to her work on the family PC. When she tries to enter, a message comes up saying,



    “The User Profile Service failed the logon.



    User Profile cannot be loaded.”



    My wife doesn’t use a username/password to get into her work on the PC.



    Is she no being a bit optimistic trying to get into her work in her PC. Why don’t you give her a lift or tell her to get the bus.





    I bought her a good, strong pair of walking boots at the turn of the millenium so that she can get to her work each day :-))



    She’s a teacher and prepares a lot of her lessons on the PC. She’s got work going back years and is in a flap because she can’t get access to it.

  4. Mea Culpa


    13:29 on


    19 February, 2014



    SFA forwarded prize money to Gretna so that fixtures could be completed. The precedent has already been set.

  5. There must be loads of clubs in England much higher up the pyramid than Celtic Nation that we could buy. The EPL is the environment that a club of our size need to be competing in and I would have thought that entry into the english leagues would have been something that could have been forced through. If Celtic were ever to get into the EPL money would come flooding in from all directions and top players would be purchased. If potential was realised the sky would be the limit.


    Maybe wont be so easy to get there after independence though. Oh well.


    Imagine competeing against high class opposition in meaningful games every week.

  6. ernie lynch


    13:51 on


    19 February, 2014


    Billy Bhoy 05



    13:40 on 19 February, 2014



    Am I right in thinking that if Scotland leaves the UK English students wouldn’t have to pay tuition fees at Scottish universities?



    The place will be swamped by English student basturts.



    TD67 will not be happy. Not happy at all.





    I read the same the other day



    Basically, because we are part of ‘the same’ country as England, we can charge their students tuition fees



    But other students from the european union must get it here for free under european law



    But if we vote for independence, then English students must then get it for free as well



    To me this is a ludicrous state of affairs



    We Scots don’t get it for free at all – it is coming from our taxes, yet European union students (and possibly english students soon) are entitled to get it free without paying anything towards it, yet we scots dont?



    Utterly ludicrous, and is a symptom of everything thats wrong with allowing beaurocrats who have never stepped foot in scotland dictating how we run our affairs



    Unfortunately the independence vote wont affect that situation regardless of what way it goes

  7. This Present Celtic Team..



    Will Be Far Better equipped to Contend.. well…



    In the Up Coming .. n . Anticipated.. C.L. Ties…. Ah do Declare…



    Far,far , bettah than last Year’s Celtic Team.






    NEIL, n Hiz Helpers.. Have done a Very Sound Joab of IMPROVING oan last Year’s







    We now have a Very Good Central Defensive Pairing..



    Virge n Efe.,, Efe, is Far More Settled n What kin Ah say Aboot Virge? Not Much.. except .. Virge is.. well. Exceptional.



    Our Two Backs.. are ,also, Excellent.



    So.. In Ma Opinion..oor Defense wull be Much More settled n Solid than it wiz. last Year



    Noo..Whit Aboot oor Mid Field?



    Again..In Ma Opinion.. It Has IMPROVED..






    With the Addition of.. Stefi n Nir.. an the Subtraction of .. Ledley, Kayal..



    Our Mid Field Has Bin.. Strengthened… not a Little.



    Noo, That Leaves us wi the Consideration o’ oor Attacking Prowess .. tae well..





    Again.. Ah believe that we Have the Nucleus of A Much more Effective Stable of Striker’s ,tae Draw oan.. than we Had Last Year.



    Amido, Is Improving… N.. should be in Contention ..


    Tony Watt.. Is Improving. Should be In Contention.


    The Fridge.. Should be In Contention.. Ah reckon,as well.



    Lee.. Ah hiv No Doot wull Be oor Main Man..



    Stokesy?… Hmmmmmm.. We wull see.



    Also.. We May Add further tae that Sanguine Panoply,of worthies.. Come August.



    Of course, this very upbeat Prediction of How we Wull Fare in the Upcoming, n .. eagerly Anticipated.. C.L. Ties..



    Is based oan .. tae a large Part..



    Oan How well Neil.. Manages his Charges, during the Remaining Scottish League Games.



    He must Make sure that He ..



    Continues to Encourage n Allow. all of His NEW PLAYERS to Have as Many Games playing Together,as he can..



    In order fur them to “Bed In” ,Properly..



    N in doing so..



    Does not Give Sammi.. Any Further Games… Which ,by Ma reckonin’ …would be an exercise in Futility..



    n…at the same Time..



    Sammi, would be Depriving Someone of a Spot in the Team.



    If Neil Plays his Cards Right..


    Ah bleive that we Wull



    Mak the Sweet Sixteen..in the C.L. This Year.



    Yes, Virginia, Ah am much More Confident that we wull advance, mair than a tad, farther or Further,


    in the C.L.Contest… than we did ..Last year.






  8. TheOriginalSadiesBhoy


    13:58 on


    19 February, 2014



    Does anybody login and if so are the considered the administrator?



    There’s a Microsoft support ticket for the issue here

  9. Phyllis Dietrichson on

    twists n turns – a couple of notes on your stats.



    English teams were not in the final in the 7 years pre 1992 because they were banned post-Heysel. It then took a further 7 years before one of them reached a final (and won it).



    I believe the years 2005-2012 were a golden era for EPL clubs in the Champs League, much like 1977-1984, and they will not see that kind of success again for another 20 years.

  10. corkcelt- SUPPORTING THE DAM 5 on

    I think Lenny said, that present Celtic team would be comfortably mid table in the EPL. Obviously if we had access to the EPL type money, with our stadium and worldwide support & brand I would expect us to improve. One thing is certain no EPL team would relish coming to Celtic Park. A big danger is we would be very vulnerable to being bought out by some mega rich tycoon.

  11. I'm Neil Lennon (tamrabam) on

    Twist and turns


    a very decent summary of the EPL strength in CL terms





    im very glad you agree that the current celtic side would struggle , i note that you then go onto spend the 50 million quid sky money. i too dont doubt if we had an additional 50 million quid of sky money we could strengthen our team to a decent standard

  12. eddieinkirkmichael I have reason to believe,as I am living in Stornoway, biased towards these islands,and why not? Hail Hail Hebcelt

  13. hoopy-do


    14:00 on


    19 February, 2014



    Of course if we’re no longer members of the EU, we can charge all non-Scots.

  14. This post is a blatant attempt to be the last post before the ‘New Article Posted’ alert




  15. scotlands shame on

    The point about Celtic bein in the epl is not only fact we would have more money, but boys like benteke michu, bony etc wud be more likely to sign for Celtic to play in front of 60k than play for the also rans they play for. Within not much time some wud be considering signing for spurs etc an plump for us,players like victor Fraser etc wouldn’t see the need to leave, maybe even players who played against us in champs lge wud sign for us having witnessed the atmosphere an now we are in self proclaimed best lge in world.

  16. Sorry for more politics but everybody else is at it.



    Shuggiebhoy, if Cuba is such a wonderful place, why haven’t you moved there? When are you going to go? Safe to say that we would soon see you back.



    Somebody mentioned Pussy Riot and freedom. What a laugh that is. Pussy Riot are not relevant to most Russians. They don’t even register. That shocked me but it is true. Even middle class teenagers don’t connect with them. Most Russians who are aware of them think that their behaviour was ridiculous. This is a very traditional and conservative society. The girls’ decision to show disgusting disregard to religion has ensured that their movement has failed to prosper. I have nothing against the girls but their disrespect was shocking and counterproductive. The idea that they represent freedom is hilarious. They represent people who hate religion, conservative values and decency. They are very much a Western construction, beloved of Marxist Guardian readers and some other idiots. Still, at least one of them looks good.

  17. Ernie



    A funny comment which is welcome and appreciated.






    The Scottish Cringe is an illness which can be contagious: which is evidenced by the huge chip in the shoulder and the thinking that us Scots are inferior to every country in the world. The message Cameron, Clegg and Balls have been trying to get across and folk like yourself are helping them in getting that message across.


    I am copying an article by Campbell Martin a former member of the SNP who was expelled from the party as a consequence of accusing senior SNP members of diluting the objective of Independence.




    The article is copied, below, and the direct link to it on my blog is:











    “Listen up, Jocks”



    By Campbell Martin



    The arrogance and ignorance of British Unionist politicians was there for all to see last Thursday (February 13).



    Gideon (call me George, it makes me sound tough) Osborne dropped into Chilly-Jocko-land to tell the oiks that he wasn’t for letting us use our own currency if, as looks increasingly likely, we vote to re-establish Scotland as a normal independent nation.



    The position adopted by the Tory Chancellor of the Exchequer was fully supported by his opposite numbers in the British Unionist coalition – Ed Balls for Labour and ‘Tame Jock’ Danny Alexander for the Liberal Democrats. On the British state broadcaster, the BBC, one Labour MP on the panel of Question Time went as far as blasting the Scots for “wanting their independence, but they want us to allow them to continue using the English pound”.



    Throughout the day last Thursday, television news programmes did their very best to portray the British Unionist’s latest version of an old scare-story as a devastating blow to “Alex Salmond’s strategy for a currency union” after Scotland retakes its independence. In reality, it was nothing of the kind.



    Contrary to the British Unionist position – and the slavishly-loyal British media – there is absolutely nothing to stop an independent Scotland using the pound as its currency. It is also in the interests of the (rest of the) United Kingdom to enter into a currency union with an independent Scotland, principally in terms of balance of payments figures and cross-border trading costs.



    The pound (sterling) is an asset of the United Kingdom, as is the Bank of England. These assets are owned and used by the four current component parts of the United Kingdom – Scotland, England, Wales and Northern Ireland. If one component part leaves the British Union, then it must either be compensated for the loss of assets it helped fund while a member or another arrangement could be made, such as continuing to share the asset. The SNP position is that, after independence, it would be in everyone’s interest to continue sharing the Bank of England and the pound.



    The other side of the ‘deal’ regarding agreement on assets is, of course, liabilities – the debts run-up by the United Kingdom. The SNP has stated it is willing to accept a proportional share of debts accrued while Scotland was a member of the British Union.



    However, what the British Unionist triumvirate of Osborne, Balls and Alexander said last week is that an independent Scotland must take its share of the UK’s debts but would not be allowed continued use of shared assets. If that was to happen, then the (rest of the) United Kingdom would have to stump-up massive compensation to Scotland to offset the fact they were retaining an asset Scotland had helped fund while it was a member of the UK.



    In fact, if the (rest of the UK) decided to play hardball in such a way as described by Osborne, Balls and Alexander, then an independent Scotland would be well within its rights to point out that UK debt is the responsibility of the UK – a position already accepted by the UK Treasury – which means a newly independent country, like Scotland, need not accept liability.



    In reality, the British Unionists are simply getting desperate as polls show the direction of travel in the independence referendum is from ‘No’ to ‘YES’. The Unionists are losing the argument, so they have decided to ramp-up the scare-stories. There is no positive case for Scotland remaining a part of the British Union, so the Tories, Labour and the Liberal Democrats are reduced to describing Scottish independence as an apocalyptic land where absolutely everything goes wrong.



    We are back to being told that alone amongst all the peoples on Earth, only the Scots are incapable of successfully running their own country. Independence is the normal status of virtually every nation in the world, but if the Scots achieved that status we are so stupid and so incompetent we would turn it into a disaster. The British Unionist message is: ‘Listen up, Jocks – you are too wee, too poor and too stupid to govern your own country’.



    David Cameron’s ‘love-in’ with the Scots (albeit in a speech delivered in London to English journalists and English Tory activists) lasted barely a week before the British Unionists reverted to type and re-engaged in attacks on the intelligence, abilities and skills of people living in Scotland. As polls continue to show the ‘YES’ vote rising and the ‘No’ vote falling, expect those attacks to get stronger and more vicious – and expect every distortion and lie to be reported as fact by the loyal British media.



    Meanwhile, the so-called ‘Scottish’ Labour Party continues to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the toxic Tories and their Lib Dem lapdogs as they hammer Scots with the Bedroom Tax and other savage cuts to essential services and benefits. In addition, the so-called ‘Scottish’ Labour Party continues to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the toxic Tories and their Lib Dem lapdogs as they launch attacks against the people of Scotland. In fact, ‘Scottish’ Labour politicians are often amongst the most vitriolic in disparaging the abilities of Scots.



    Thankfully, more and more Labour members in Scotland are distancing themselves from the party’s British Unionist coalition with the Tories and Lib Dems. Ordinary Labour members can’t stomach the Tories and their policies any more than the rest of us, which is why the campaign group ‘Labour for Independence’ continues to grow, and why many traditional Labour supporters will be voting for independence in the referendum on September 18th.



    Independence is simply being a normal country, where those of us living in Scotland elect a government to represent our interests and deliver policies to meet our needs. In an independent Scotland we will always get the government for which we vote, and it won’t be Tory. Never again will we have Tory governments or policies imposed on us, and never again will posh-boy millionaire Tory MPs swan into Scotland for the day to tell us we are too wee, too poor and too stupid to govern our own country.

  18. eddieinkirkmicheal



    Its got to be the first island . Arran.


    Because its got a far wider variety of landscapes than all the others.


    Each island has its own special character but Arran has it all.


    Thats why its sometimes known as Scotland in miniture .

  19. weeminger


    14:05 on


    19 February, 2014




    14:00 on


    19 February, 2014



    Of course if we’re no longer members of the EU, we can charge all non-Scots.





    I think there a lot of bluster going on about an independent scotland and eu membership.



    Im sure there would be a cosy wee agreement which would allow us still to be a member. I think they are currently consulting the SFA to see how to bend rules and get away with it



    In saying that i dont think scotland will vote for independence anyway so a bit of a moot point probably

  20. eddieinkirkmichael on




    14:04 on



    My wifes family is from there, so that’s why it’s high on my list as a fav Scot’s island

  21. TheOriginalSadiesBhoy on




    14:04 on 19 February, 2014




    13:58 on


    19 February, 2014



    Does anybody login and if so are the considered the administrator?



    There’s a Microsoft support ticket for the issue here






    No. Four of us use the PC but no one uses a login but thanks for the advice.



    Hail! Hail!

  22. If Celtic were in the EPL, with all it’s ritches, then it’s unlikely that we would take the punt on players like Victor, or spend 2M on FF and try and bring him on.



    We would begin doing what all the other teams have done, with a few exceptions, and try and buy our way to success.



    This, as you know would cause Paul67 to have a mental breakdown, and thus CQN would fall by the wayside … Beware what you wish for…

  23. I'm Neil Lennon (tamrabam) on

    Phyllis Dietrichson


    on what basis do you think that EPL teams domination of the CL will stop now and not continue.


    The reason i personally think it will continue is that sky is continuing to pump zillions of quids into their EPL sides and has committed to keep this up. I am working on the theory that if they regularly have the most money, they can regularly pay the best wages and regularly attract the best players which probably gives them the same competitive advantage that they have enjoyed for the past 10/15 years . And in my opnion for what its worth, the gap between the EPL and most other leagues is widening season after season, and even clubs like bara and madrid are up to the necks in debt trying to keep up.


    My humble opinion only and thats a fact :-)

  24. Can I Have Raspberry On That Champions League Ice Cream


    13:36 on


    19 February, 2014





    13:24 on 19 February, 2014


    I would be grateful if any techies on here can help me. My wife can’t get access to her work on the family PC. When she tries to enter, a message comes up saying,



    “The User Profile Service failed the logon.



    User Profile cannot be loaded.”



    My wife doesn’t use a username/password to get into her work on the PC.





    her business either operates



    1.a stand alone LAN



    2. or the server administrator has fire walled the system



    I it is 1. then she it won’t be connected to the internet and she needs to be present in the office to use it



    If it is 2. then she will need to speak to the server administrator to get a password that will allow entry to the server externally….(from outside the office)



    Not an expert…just my 2 bobs worth :)

  25. hoopy-do @ 14:06



    I’ll tell you another great challenge: to secure SECOND place on the podium: not even the oft-lamented Philvis, with his wormhole, flux-capacitor thingy was able to achieve that feat …




  26. hoopy-do


    14:09 on


    19 February, 2014



    You’re probably right, but I think it;s going to be a lot closer than some people imagine.

  27. Corkcelt



    Na.. Kojo ,Is No..”Morphin'” Intae Nae Blinkin’… Regular Type ,Poster.



    Nae Fear o’ that… Ma Dear.



    It’s jis that ..



    Sometimes, Ah feel Like A Nut…n some times.. Ah Don’t.



    It Awe, depends.






  28. Billy bhoy,



    “Savage cuts”?



    Most people around the world would love to be subjected to such savage cuts. They can’t comprehend things such as housing benefits. It is an alien concept which brings bewilderment to them.

  29. robert88



    13:20 on 19 February, 2014



    Possibly, will the support be happy with that, or as Timaloy29 says, buy Celtic Nation once they reach that level. It is a rumour that won’t go away.

  30. greendreamz


    14:13 on


    19 February, 2014



    You’ve gone over complicated there. I think he means her work, as in the things she’s done and saved on that laptop. Not her work as in the servers of the place where she works.

  31. eddieinkirkmichael on




    14:05 on









    14:09 on



    I been to Arran a few times, took the kids there for a holiday once and it was great. As you say so many different landscapes and some great hills to walk which was great for me. When I was up Goat Fell it was a clear day and you could see half of Scotland.



    We really are spoiled in Scotland, some of our landscapes are just incredible.

  32. Just for the hell of it:



    PAROAKIAL – by Tom Leonard



    Thahts no whurrits aht


    Thahts no cool man


    Jiss paroakial



    Aw theez sporran heids


    Tahty scoan vibes


    Thi haggis trip



    Bad buzz man


    Dead seen



    Goahty learna new langwij


    Sumhm ihnturnashnl


    Noah Glasgow hangup


    Bunnit husslin



    Gitinty elektroniks man


    Really blow yir mine


    Real good blast


    No whuhta mean?





    Turn yirsel awn.