Stokes, Griffiths, desolation and competition


Anthony Stokes started the season with a flurry, scoring four goals in the first three league games of the season, but he managed just another three goals before the arrival of Leigh Griffiths two weeks ago.  He has since scored against Aberdeen in the Cup as well as Sunday’s hat-trick against St Johnstone.

Three goals in 28 appearances is a desolate return for a Celtic striker, especially during a season where the team have been so dominant, and would have contributed to Neil Lennon insisting a striker, capable of scoring regularly in the league, was recruited in January.  Managers often talk about needing competition for places, so it’s natural that we should extrapolate from the arrival of Griffiths.  While we may see both strikers play together between now and the end of the season I’m not convinced the manager will have this pairing in his mind for next season.

A generous CQN’er, who would like to remain below radar, has offered £1000 sponsorship of the CQteN Dream Team, if 125 people submit a team.  The Dream Team is your chance to select your team from those who have played 10 or more games during the CQN decade.

Select 11 players in either a 4-3-3 or 4-4-2 formation; you’ll need a goalkeeper, two full backs, two central defenders, 3 or 4 midfielders and 2 or 3 forwards.  You also need to select a manager from the decade.

The team judged as the strongest will be announced at the CQteN St Patrick’s Dinner on 14 March.  The event is open to bloggers and lurkers but you can only enter ONCE.  Closing date is 3pm, Sunday 9 March.  There will be prizes!!

So far around 60 people have entered teams so we have lots to do to hit the £1000 target.  For a comprehensive list of players who are eligible for selection, see CRC’s comment here.  Email your entry to Doc here, and remember to include a manager: doccqten@gmail.com

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  1. the long wait is over on

    Stokes will score far more goals with any decent striker playing alongside him.



    He just isn’t a lone striker.

  2. Hamiltontim is praying for Oscar on




    I’m sure I read somewhere it would be a delayed transmission due to CL games.



    There are plenty of tickets though, I got an extra 4 last night.

  3. No offence was taken Bobby. It was just a little surprising




    Squire, there is an idea that some people seek attention on CQN. CQN is comprised of white, middle aged men mostly. It is not comprised of sultry young females. Who in their right mind would attention seek in such a place. If you feel that I attention seek then don’t make reference to me. It really isn’t difficult to understand. If you feel that I seek attention from white, middle aged men then ignore me. Providing one respects Paul’s rules, the forum is for everybody and not just for people who you agree with.

  4. tamrabam,



    From the previous article, did you refuse to go into said establishment at 12:34?




  5. I'm Neil Lennon (tamrabam) on

    hello squire


    P67 has been a touch selective in his stats


    overall he has made 37 appearances thi season and scored 15 goals



    (thats probably no claim to fame mind you since all the other strikers combined couldnt hit a barn door)but Is that more goals than watt, balde, sami, griffiths and puki and bangura all added together this season



    thats the thing about statistics 79% of them are misleading!

  6. Ernie, why don’t you tell the older Russian people about the scale? You could educate them. Seriously though, if you are really so interested then you should visit the country in May. The country remembers the fight against the Nazi tyrants.

  7. I’ve not been on much or lurking over the past few days so if the below mentioned book has been previously listed please accept my apologies.



    The book tells a really horrific and shocking story and should be read by


    every single adult in the UK and Ireland.


    It shows how evil a British Government can be!



    Preamble below describes accurately the brutal contents of the book




    Killing for Britain (Paperback)


    About this item


    Product Description


    Collusion between the British forces and the Loyalist paramilitaries is the last untold story of the Troubles. Killing for Britain – UVF commander ‘John Black s’ story – confirms both Republican claims that the British ran Loyalist Death Squads , as well as Loyalist claims that their activities were fully supported by the British state. Directed by the notorious British army counter-insurgency unit, the MRF in 1972, Black s testimony graphically confirms security policy was to use the killing of civilians as a means of forcing them to give up support for the I.R.A. This remarkable document is written by an eye-witness to murderous events and relates the author s personal, harrowing journey from human to monster, and back to human again, showing how such events from the past torture even the toughest people.



    About the Author


    John Black was born and raised in north Belfast in the 1950s and 60s. He joined the UVF in 1971 to defend his community . Twice convicted of paramilitary offences Black served time in Long Kesh prison. Still a Loyalist, Black has long renounced violence and has written this book to expose the British Establishment s role in murder of paramilitaries and civilians, and as a cautionary tale for anyone who might consider terrorism as an option.

  8. I'm Neil Lennon (tamrabam) on

    antipodean Red



    that was the very establishment


    my refusal to go to a masons club made me a bigot


    only in scotland

  9. cliftonville celt from belfast praying for Oscar the wee legend on

    Houl yer wheest


    12:56 on


    18 February, 2014




    12:43 on


    18 February, 2014


    To find out how Kitson’s theories were implemented in Belfast in the 1970s this is a must read (if you can find a copy) I think it was published by Zed Press.


    Brandon Press published an edition which was later withdrawn



    Britain’s Military Strategy In Ireland: The Kitson Experiment


    by Roger Faligot





    There was a pamphlet written by Fr Denis Faul in the 70’s about British torture techniques I think it was called the hooded men or something – good reading – you can get it online I remember looking for it cos my Da was one of said men !!!!!!



    If anyone knows were you can get a hardcopy of this I would be very grateful as I could pass on to my kids

  10. 79caps



    13:00 on 18 February, 2014




    It would be wrong to assume that Carr didn’t have a dog in the fight.



    As for Kaufman, I don’t know why his opinion on this matter is supposed to be of relevance or consequence. I suspect his views are influenced more by Orwell’s supposed Antisemitism as anything else.



    To sum up, a quote from the article I think you drew your sources from, without attribution



    ‘I think George was quite right to do it…. And, of course, everybody thinks that these people were going to be shot at dawn. The only thing that was going to happen to them was that they wouldn’t be asked to write for the Information Research Department.’




  11. John



    Who indeed would seek attention on here???



    You made a good job yesterday of stirring a hornet’s nest with what appeared to me as a spurious and superficial attempt to cause disruption and offence



    You have already started today on another strand of the same general theme



    I won’t be responding any further to you and merely attempt to illuminate to others what I consider you to be doing





    I think we need a recruitment drive-sultry young females,and the more the merrier!



    Jeez,I’ve always enjoyed my few fleeting moments in the company of august CQNers,but yer right.



    Middle-aged drinking club-NO!



    Back to the days of The Wenches Bar in the 80s-AYE!!!!!!!!!!!



    Only time I’ve ever seen my Uncle Jim ordering a packet of crisps with the round,they were on the bottom shelf. Quite a view.



    (Last paragraph for BILLYBHOY 05 for wind-up purposes)

  13. John O’Neil



    13:40 on 18 February, 2014



    You’re obviously an expert.



    That’s why I was seeking your opinion.

  14. embramike supporting wee Oscar and Res 12 on

    Our striking options for next season….



    Personally feel quite relaxed about this. In addition to the enigmatic Stokes who is best at fashioning something from little as he did on Sunday, we have the sharper and nippier Griffiths who is more likely to sniff out a goal or strike it at pace from distance.



    Also NFL has assured Watt that he will be back next season and part of the plan. With his experiences and goalscoring spree with Lierse, he will have hopefully matured as a striker and a person and I think he could be a prolific front man for us.



    We also have the tall, rangy Icelandic kid, “The Fridge”, who by all accounts is robust, good in the air and a real prospect. Four strikers each with their own style and complimentary in a ‘mix and match’ scenario.



    I discount Balde and Pukki as anything from them would be a striking bonus, but they are here and could be used as impact players or part exchange in a bigger deal. Sammi should/will be moved on.



    If we are to purchase a ‘CL’ class striker then no more £1 – 2 million please as they most likely will not be much better than what we will have. We must invest £4 – 5 million, plus matching salary, to find a ‘hit the ground running’ striker, not necessarily but hopefully for later resale in line with our Business Model.



    We should also push the boat out for a creative midfield player to create the chances for our strike force to convert. Commons isn’t getting any younger and is our only current such player. He could greatly benefit from someone to share the load.



    Creating and scoring goals is they way to progress in the CL. We are defensively decent assuming we wisely replace Forster in the summer and if we can add a real goal threat, then we could progress or at least bring back the CL Thunder missing this season.



    So spend our profits on a recognised goalscorer, creative midfielder and a decent goalie (plus a back up left back?) and the fans will come out to see us play the brand of attacking football we should be able to serve up week in week out.



    Hail Hail

  15. afternoon champions………….a grey but dry Lower Saxony…..it is very still ,so still that one can almost hear the sweet tap tap tap of the laptop Wordsmiths………braw



    Huntertainment to commence very shortly methinks …..hahahahaha braw

  16. John O’Neil



    Would Kitalba be allowed, in today’s “free” Russia, to address a public meeting?


    You keep reading your Daily Mail, which Time Out magazine described as ” moral support for retired (British?) army officers.” A disgusting rag.

  17. proudbhoy



    13:05 on 18 February, 2014Off topicJust watched ross kemp in derry an belfastThe peepil are not too shy about embaressing themselves every chance they get.Keep them on the tellyShankill shoreBig brother (brethan members only)Shankills nxt top modelOne the guys.. Most well spoken one saidWe only wants our right and culture to be accepted and that too march down road… Ross kemp says but u get down in morning but not back in evening , is that not compromise ?Guy replies but thats wrongAnyone who has a spare 40mins have a watch.. Not great but good to have a laugh at the peepil


    You missed Total Wipeout mate,widnae mind a couple of shifts on the ole Water Cannon….

  18. No problem Squire. It means that I won’t reply to your posts. Hence, less posts from me. It really is quite simple. Regarding your attempts to illiuminate to others, I think that the CQN public can think for themselves. Disruption and offence? No.

  19. The Honest Mistake loves being first on



    Where’d you get those statistics? They look 100% made up.

  20. Free of charge to a good Celtic home-Mothercare Pram and matching Car Seat and a buggy,very good condition.



  21. John O’Neil





    12:57 on



    18 February, 2014





    Ok, so who is going to mention the good things about the British empire? Is that allowed







    I was going to mention The Empire Biscuit but then



    I remember them also being called German Biscuits.



    So I’m a bit confused which empire they belong to.



    No doubt some biscuit expert in the wide CQN world geographically and historically will inform us of which biscuit tin the said biscuit belongs.



    On the merits of said biscuit I found it was best enjoyed in the company of a cup of tea, being rather dry.

  22. No Ernie. As already mentioned, the views stemmed from older Russians. I am sure that they would welcome your knowledge of their history. Another option for you could be to change other aspects of their history. You could rewrite some classic Russian novels:



    ‘Crime and punishment’ by Ernie Lynch. It could be a bestseller.



    Ger, you don’t know all the things which I read. Try again.

  23. The Honest Mistake loves being first on



    I’ve caught up with the bet we placed on the 30 of October.



    Currently standing at stokes 5- 2 sammi and balde.




  24. LiviBhoy - God bless wee Oscar on

    I always have a look at our opponents message board/forum before we play them and have noted that on the Hearts board a guy has said Celtic have only scored one goal less than Hearts have at Tynecastle all season.


    Not sure if his figures are correct but he says we have scored 10 at Tynecastle this season and they have scored 11. He even tries to dress it up as a positive!


    I hope we absolutely maul them on Saturday and Griffths aka the thumb scores a hat trick. The jambos hate Griffiths with a passion.




  25. Auldheid, one suggestion is better than nothing.


    Bobby, bigotry towards older white men is as bad as other forms of bigotry. Therefore I promise that no offence was intended for our audience. Gotta go.

  26. John O’Neil



    13:54 on 18 February, 2014



    So for all your deep immersion in Russian society you can’t give your view on a scale of 1 to 10 of how great the fear on nazi invasion was.

  27. Hamiltontim is praying for Oscar on




    Saw your earlier post about going to Tynecastle on Saturday.



    Normally I go on the supporter’s bus but as it happens I’m staying in Edinburgh over night after the game so may in fact end up getting the train through.



    Do their skanky mob still hang about Waverley attempting to pick off strays as it’s there that I’ll probably be travelling into?


    Right,aff tae ma cot.



    Lay aff the politics,it’s a fitba’ blog.



    I’ll be available for politics around 2300,keep yer powder dry till then please.



    Just don’t wanna miss anything.

  29. Ernie, having not professed to have deeply immersed myself in this society, I wouldn’t wish to speak for all of Russia. That would be a little arrogant. Naturally some older Russians may also contradict the point about Stalin but it is a respectable opinion. However you have thankfully informed me that they are wrong. I will try to tell them.








    I’m sure you’ll be safe.



    In fact I hear they encourage wearing a Tricolour and singing songs of remembrance and celebration.



    Well,in comparison wi the eejits at Haymarket,they do!



    Enjoy Edinburgh,in the 80s I spent many a good time there. But for all it is a fantastic city,it badly needs a population transplant.

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