Stokes, Griffiths, desolation and competition


Anthony Stokes started the season with a flurry, scoring four goals in the first three league games of the season, but he managed just another three goals before the arrival of Leigh Griffiths two weeks ago.  He has since scored against Aberdeen in the Cup as well as Sunday’s hat-trick against St Johnstone.

Three goals in 28 appearances is a desolate return for a Celtic striker, especially during a season where the team have been so dominant, and would have contributed to Neil Lennon insisting a striker, capable of scoring regularly in the league, was recruited in January.  Managers often talk about needing competition for places, so it’s natural that we should extrapolate from the arrival of Griffiths.  While we may see both strikers play together between now and the end of the season I’m not convinced the manager will have this pairing in his mind for next season.

A generous CQN’er, who would like to remain below radar, has offered £1000 sponsorship of the CQteN Dream Team, if 125 people submit a team.  The Dream Team is your chance to select your team from those who have played 10 or more games during the CQN decade.

Select 11 players in either a 4-3-3 or 4-4-2 formation; you’ll need a goalkeeper, two full backs, two central defenders, 3 or 4 midfielders and 2 or 3 forwards.  You also need to select a manager from the decade.

The team judged as the strongest will be announced at the CQteN St Patrick’s Dinner on 14 March.  The event is open to bloggers and lurkers but you can only enter ONCE.  Closing date is 3pm, Sunday 9 March.  There will be prizes!!

So far around 60 people have entered teams so we have lots to do to hit the £1000 target.  For a comprehensive list of players who are eligible for selection, see CRC’s comment here.  Email your entry to Doc here, and remember to include a manager:

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  1. Well CQN is certainly the place to be. ;)



    It is superb.



    Some people might remember in the dark hours of moonhowling, myself going on about English Gematria.



    Today, we had a bit of fun in work asking about loads of different leaders and trying to get the dreaded 666, it is very difficult to do, incidentally if your name adds up to 666 it means nothing at all, although I’m not so sure about leaders of people. :D



    Spooky or what.



    Never, Never. The Pope is the AntiChrist!!!!!



    Care to share anything Ian?



    i.e yer English Gematria number. ;)))



    Ian Paisley lands right on it.



    The really spooky thing is when you put Gerry Adams in as well. Same Number.








    Anyways, I got Man City, Bayer Leverkusen and Leyton Orient games to have over 4.5 goals. 190/1 on Bet365.



    Destined to fail but I hope to get a good Cash out offer at some point, still to utilise that function fully.

  2. Ernie, your fondness for brevity ensures that I will retain a fondness for you. Reading some passages from a book about politeness may be of some use to you though. One last request: please don’t include BFDJ in a debate about history.

  3. According to some Historians one reason Stalin was ill disposed towards the Polish people, to say the least, was due to the fact that a Polish Army had routed the Soviet 1st Cavalry Corp outside Warsaw in 1921, or 1922 not exactly sure. Stalin having been Commissar of this unit he was acutely aware of the loss of prestige this defeat inflicted on him and the fledgling Bolshevik regime.



    Stalin was never squeamish about removing, what he considered, inconvenient obstacles to what he wanted. Be they Polish, Cossack or Kulak.

  4. starry plough is Neil Lennon



    19:44 on 18 February, 2014



    Mon the Barca..





    Mon the attacking Fitba. ;)))))

  5. ernie lynch


    12:52 on


    18 February, 2014





    12:49 on 18 February, 2014



    Try aiming for £19.67



    or £18.88



    or if you want to be controversial and provocative, £19.16.



    Much more fum.







    childish i know but when i used to work at barrhead i played football on the pitches in the scheme behind blackbyres road, and a local guy invited his mate to make up the numbers this time.



    i recognised the guy from the local garage.



    he was resplendant in hun socks and shorts, wearing only the team shirt for the game.


    he was a right durty bassa,


    and loud with it.


    and the worst of words coming out his dirty moof.



    after that everytime i went into the garage i tired to hit £18.88 or £19.67.



    he got to the stage he wouldnt say how much, and i had to say how much was it ?



    one day i missed and hit £19.70, he smirked, ha wee man £19.70, eh, …….



    i said, aye thats when we beat the huns 4 nuthin in the cup final.

  6. Owen ,



    The Yalta agreement was the best example of good old Brit and Yank ‘democracy’ for the Cossacks.Sent them back to old Joe to take his revenge.



    There was nothing heroic about any of the allied actions immediately after the war.

  7. cliftonville celt from belfast praying for Oscar the wee legend on




    Cheers for reply earlier mate must try and hunt that down in linen hall tried shinner bookshop a while ago but no joy



    Cheers mate

  8. Citeh got Barca sussed here.



    Most top teams can do this now.



    They couldn’t counteract it 3 years ago,but can now.



    Barca way past their prime?

  9. ryecatcher



    Yalta was a stitch up from the start. Churchill was blind sided by Roosevelt who thought he could “schmooze” Stalin. Stalin had their rooms bugged and knew their every move beforehand. The ordinary people of Eastern and Central Europe paid the price.

  10. corkcelt- SUPPORTING THE DAM 5 on

    Peeked in for an update on under 20s, nothing doing. Checked Twitter we are leading one nil Twardzik.

  11. Watching this games for me sums up what’s wrong with the beautiful game….. Barca gazillions in debt & Man C , money no object!!!


    Nice to see Mr Platini following through with financial fair play???


    Aye right

  12. eddieinkirkmichael on

    Alves booked for persistant fouling after his 3rd foul . In Scotland the likes of Godwin at St Mirren can foul Celtic players at will for 90mins and it not a booking.

  13. Burghbhoy…



    Correct….the German taxpayer funds Barca and Madrid very well.



    Citeh are an Arab vanity project…..bit like what the Sleazedales have going on at Govan lol

  14. Justafan


    As I understand it, we can talk about ethnic cleansing when group of one religion, ethnic is forced removed from the territory to give space for another group of one religion, or ethnic, or both. When it comes to that. One of the signs is the tragedy happens between the neighbors families from one village).


    Those who were killed in Katyn and other places, were Polish, the Jews, Catholics, Orthodox.


    There is no difference between my opinion and opinion of your Father in Law, but difference in understanding “ethnic issues” words.


    Ukrainian/Polish – Yes


    Russian/Polish – No


    Katyn and other mass murders were result of: pact Ribbentrop/Molotov between two evil systems, revenge for lost war of Bolshevik Russia against Poland in 1920.





    13-25.08.1920. Poland stopped Bolshevik Russia running to the West. Bolshevik Russia plan was to bring light of Communism to the West. Stalin was not the Commissar but one of the Political Body (Lenin, Trotsky, Stalin, Zinovev, Kamenev).



    Bad Rusian/Polish history starts from the war 1609-1618 when Poland beat Russia and occupied Moscow. It’s interesting the Day they got Moscow back is their Indepedence Day.

  15. Googybhoy…



    At the minute VVD….



    Comparing him to Piquet or Kompany at this level?



    Not a chance mate…….2 years from now……Mibbes aye…..Mibbes Naw



    He needs to get in the Dutch squad first and can’t see him going to Brazil for WC.

  16. Ryecatcher,



    Given the choice of your username, may I recommend ‘The laughing man’ to you if you have not already read it. It is a quite majestic portrayal of the magic of childhood. Old Salinger gets passmarks from me.

  17. ryecatcher


    20:06 on


    18 February, 2014


    St Sivs,



    19.69 Cup Final?



    good catch, if gonny tell a stroy get it right.



    tube that i am

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