Stokes mentor Hughes and O’Dea at Dees


Anthony Stokes joining up with John Hughes for a third time, on this occasion in Inverness, would be a great move for all concerned. Hughes knows how to get the best out of the player, who is wasting away in the stands at Celtic. There will be a financial consideration, as unlike a team in the English Championship, Inverness will not be able to cover all of Stokes’ wages, but Celtic are better having a contribution to his wages than nothing.

Anthony is still only 27, he could have several productive years ahead, but he needs to get back to putting the ball in the net somewhere (last goal was against St Mirren in December 2014).

Also delighted to see Darren O’Dea back in Scottish football at Dundee. As we discussed last week, Dundee are full of goals at both ends of the field at the moment. An experienced international like Darren (28) will help.


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  1. My friends in Celtic,



    At 27 AS has still a lot of goals in him. He may haunt many teams yet but he will not be allowed to play against us. I’m sure that will be in any contract.



    As for Carlton Cole, the cost per game played, goal scored etc, etc. if we do not have someone fitter, cheaper and could score more goals currently at Lennoxtown, then just what is the point of Lennoxtown.



    As stated last night, other teams seem to gain more from Lennoxtown’s players than we do.



    Hail, Hail.




    At the end of last year Celtic agreed a loan for Stokes to go to Raith Rovers.



    Understandably Tony knocked RR’s back.



    After the season he’d had, where he’d worked successfully on on losing weight and playing LM as per Ronny’s request, that’s just an insult.



    I know he was told he had ‘no future’ at the club back in July. If he’s hanging on in the hope Ronny goes, I fear he’ll be disappointed, along with the rest of us.

  3. mike in toronto on




    Funny how we can watch the same games/same players, and come away with such different interpretations.



    When he started, I thought AS was a very good young striker. then, increasingly, he was moving/being moved out wide, and started to drop deeper and deeper …. not where I want my strikers to be.



    As for selfish, I am not sure that is entirely false, but I am not sure it is entirely fair either …



    I assumed that he had been moved out wide, but that he was dropping deeper and deeper to try to get involved, as, increasingly, the chances were drying up for the strikers.



    So, as I say, I am not in the know … so, maybe we was told to play wider and then deeper … maybe, he was told to stay up front, but kept dropping back …. I dont know about that …



    but I do know that when he started, we had players that could create chances for the strikers, and he looked the business… as our playing style stultified, there were less chances for the strikers, and he seemed to go looking to create more … and when the chances came to him, he had a go …. given that he is a striker, and not a lot of others were shooting … for me, a shooting striker is not the biggest sin.



    a lot of the best strikers have had a greedy streak to them … although, I agree, if it is too large, it is a problem …I wouldn’t have said AS was too bad in that respect.



    And since AS is not the only striker we have made look bad over the last few seasons, I would look more at the non-effective playmakers and coaches first ….



    There are clearly off the field issues, which contribute to his isolation, but, once again, I am not really in the know there, so wont bother to speculate as to that issue ….



    Just a shame, as I think he is still one of the most naturally gifted strikers in Scotland … it is his and Celtic’s loss that we haven’t seen that form for some time….



    ‘Ernie, according to online health retailer MuscleFood.com’







    They’re not based in the Utter Hebridies by any chance?

  5. mike in toronto on

    ps … yes .. the offside thing was a bit of a pisser …. too often… particularly when he was out wide … how can a wide player not see across the line to see if he is offside ?!



    one of my pet peeves! :)

  6. cifci or stokes…………….errr stokes please


    dedryk or odea…………..err odea please



    progress……………………..errr nope

  7. I sincerely hope the Carlton Cole will eventually produce the goods for us. Who knows, it might even be seen as a coup from RD if his training and fitness regime finally gets the best from Carlton. I guess time will tell, we can only hope.



    However it’s strange that our PC brigade didn’t question his past controversial tweets and subsequent fines. Especially as one was a ” joke” about immigration.



    Compare that with Leigh Griffiths.



    Hail, Hail.

  8. HebCelt


    My to do list has lengthened so…will watch yer stuff later.




    Stokes without Hooper is like Charlie Nic without McGarvey


    But, no matter who Ronny plays up front…they wont make it.


    Coz, the strikers at Celtic dont get chances.


    Dont give Ronny anymore money to buy players….not that he brings them in anyway…..coz, all the players he brings in…regress.


    Stokes’s best football period was when he played for Big Yogi.


    Ronny isny a devious enough basturt to handle the return of the zombies.


    Ronny isny a devious enough basturt to manage Celtic…period.


    Commons and ‘his’ clique from the dressing room have to be removed.


    Commons – oot


    Broony – oot


    Muldini(LOL) – oot


    Izzy – oot


    embdy else that I’ve forgot – oot


    Ronny is powder-puff…his teams on the pitch are a reflection of this.


    The ‘trialist’ window has opened.


    The ‘trialist’ in the dug out will dance to the kowtowing-sleekit-devious-boards tune.


    The problem is not Ronny.


    The problem is not the board.


    The problem is not PL.


    The problem is not DD.


    The problem is…..you!


    The problem is that, a product both, in the dug out and, on the pitch that is greatly reduced in quality since the last time the stadium was full….is continually served up by the folk mentioned above and….guess what ?….You still roll up and buy it ?


    If the above scenario dizny present a picture were, you….are clearly seen as a mug….then, I’m afraid all yer God’s combined won’t be able to save you.


    At present….Celtic FC are dying on their feet.


    In the near future….7 months time….the died(LOL) huns will be back to kill what remains of Celtic in a, horrible-scunnering-mibbery-assisted assault on Timdom from which, Celtic FC….will take years to come back from…if at all.


    That’s not scaremongering….that’s the elephant in the room.


    God bless you all…bye.

  9. Kevjungle


    You seem pretty sure about a clique within the dressing room , I will tell you what I heard , the source being someone who works at Celtic Park, the clique consists of VVD[now away] Bitton and Johansen, apparently they rule the roost.

  10. EL to find out more why don’t you try a website http://www.fuckinggoogleit .com that you so kindly put me in touch with. Black Puddings are not exclusively made in the “Utter Hebridies” sic, though Eddie did not mention the location . In fact I’m sure you will find some made near to you in Croydon . Enjoy

  11. HEBCELT on 7TH JANUARY 2016 2:57 PM



    Jeez, is everyone up there as humorless as you?



    No wonder they lock the swings up on a Sunday.

  12. Dessybhoy my source and I have no hard evidence is of disquiet within the camp, Commons and Mulgrew being the main culprits but I will stress only an informed source like yourself. H H Hebcelt



    ‘there is a very talented football player in Anthony Stokes’








    There’s a punchline out there somewhere, but discretion is maybe the better part of valour on this occasion.

  14. Kev Jungle,



    I have stated many times I like KC. We need skill and guile in our team and Kris Commons can give us something that others can’t.



    However what can’t be ignored is that Kris’s outburst and disrespect in Norway have undermined the status and authority of John Collins and indeed Ronny Delia.




  15. glendalystonsils on



    Carlton Cole’s skill set is running out faster than the transfer window.




    Are you sure you should be using the words ‘Carlton Cole’, ‘skill’ and ‘running’ in the same sentence? -:))

  16. El humourless -humorless!! jeez pots and kettles, catch up man that was 40 years ago but then againm maybe that’s where you are.

  17. Hebcelt


    Perhaps there is more than one clique, strong leadership and focus needed not sure we have that in the management team , teams dont have to like each other just do the job that they signed on to do, obvious public dissent is a no no.

  18. thomthethim for Oscar OK on

    I’m sure that not even his best mate would describe Stokes as a model pro.



    RD has stated his standards for his players. He is dedicated to bringing young lads through, with a professional approach to their profession, on and off the field. Few would argue with that.



    In order for the youths to learn properly, they need the example of the senior players.



    To this end, players who dishonour their profession, by reason of behaviour in or out of CP and by lifestyle choices, should be shown the door, a sap.



    When the Barca manager of the day(Rikaard) saw the example that Ronaldinho’s lifestyle was having on a very young Lional Messi, he got rid.



    When Fergie took over ManU, he wasn’t long in getting shot of Whiteside and Mc.Grath.



    Professional football demands professional standards…..no matter how good a player is.

  19. Dessybhoy truth be told there is definitely something amiss within the camp whether Ronny sorts it out or falls on his sword remains to be seen. H H Hebcelt

  20. Thomthetim your last sentence hit the nail on the head, only in very exceptional circumstances for a one of w2ith a very strong manager, even then risky. H H Hebcelt

  21. hebcelt



    You’ve no idea how much I would love to sample the wares of the Hebrides today, Swiss food is on the whole a bland overpriced experience:))

  22. Carlton Cole should be judged on the second half of the season



    The lad didn’t have pre-season

  23. I keep reading about Ronny playing players out of position, it seems to be now fact he is doing this.


    There is only one ( 1 ) position that he could possibly be doing this, on the left of the three he plays behind the striker, when fit JF plays wide right, SJ normally plays the centre so he has to try and fit in one from a host of players, but batter him with it, if it wasn’t this it would be something else.


    The keeper and back four take care of itself, the two def mids are the domain of Broonie and Biton, the striker is the Griff, so he has to fit in the best he can the three, and if they can’t adapt, get rid.

  24. bournesouprecipe, 2.50pm



    Thanks for making me laugh today, first day back at work.



    I took the liberty of tweeting that.



    Cheers CSC.



    Árd Macha

  25. SP leave it with me do you have a contact in Scotland who could take something over or get me your details. i saw your story from a few days ago and felt heart sorry for you, get in touch and I,ll sort some “Super Food ” out for you. H H Hebcelt

  26. Eyes Wide Open on

    I would take O’Dea in my team ahead of Boyata and my squad ahead of Ambrose every single day of the week.


    Not a mark of how good Darren was/is.

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