Stokes mentor Hughes and O’Dea at Dees


Anthony Stokes joining up with John Hughes for a third time, on this occasion in Inverness, would be a great move for all concerned. Hughes knows how to get the best out of the player, who is wasting away in the stands at Celtic. There will be a financial consideration, as unlike a team in the English Championship, Inverness will not be able to cover all of Stokes’ wages, but Celtic are better having a contribution to his wages than nothing.

Anthony is still only 27, he could have several productive years ahead, but he needs to get back to putting the ball in the net somewhere (last goal was against St Mirren in December 2014).

Also delighted to see Darren O’Dea back in Scottish football at Dundee. As we discussed last week, Dundee are full of goals at both ends of the field at the moment. An experienced international like Darren (28) will help.


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  1. 16 roads - Celtic über alles... on




    lubo of the lamp




    quoting fanciful oratory tales from the flat earth times is a hoot !




    who is this John ?




    off to read my stars






    This is progressive liberalism in full effect.



    Christians and Christianity mocked and scorned.



    The usual.



    You’ll never hear the multicults speak ill about Judaism,Islam etc.



    It doesn’t matter anyway though, because it is irrelevant now,the failed social experiment – and that’s the only thing that it is now – a failed social experiment.



    Culture Marxism is the disease.






    Hearing Jàn Jànovic will travel to Stranraer.



    Off the bench and straight into the team?

  3. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    THE EXILED TIM. Did Ronny not say we played well against Partick on Saturday ? Mmmmm. H.H.

  4. lennon's passion on

    Celtic should only be interested in the best for Celtic. Paying majority of stokes wages not for me. He made his choices and it wasn’t to help Celtic.

  5. JFH


    We did for parts of the game.


    If CM had just walked off the pitch as a few are suggesting, I reckon he would have been fined a whack and we would have heard about it.


    Also the msm were happy with what RD said, had they doubted him, they would have kept digging the dirt on it as they do when we are concerned.



  6. mike in toronto on

    BSR … a lot of truth in what you say … we do tend to shop in the cheaper shops, so there is more risk involved for sure when you buy ‘potential ‘ …. and we do buy players from smaller clubs, knowing that some wont make the step up to Celtic … but, on the other hand, players train every day with better players, facilities and coaches…. there should be more of them that are improving as well ….and, personally, I”m not seeing enough of it.



    more importantly for me… the system and style RD described when he got here ….LOVE IT!!!!



    just we aren’t seeing it on the pitch …. that, for me, is a big problem.

  7. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    THE EXILED TIM. You are entitled to believe that if you wish but im sorry I dont share your view.H.H.

  8. Stairheedrammy on

    So GMS no longer tries the gallus flicks and tricks. Is that because a. We have coached that out of him, or b. He’s afraid of the boos it might lead to from a critical home crowd?

  9. MIT



    You’re sure not the only one that’s not seeing what we want, and that includes RD JC and JK maybe more privately and not in public bombast.



    I’ve posted ad nauseum that some alarm bells rang, when I heard the Ronny ‘system’ before we kicked a ball.



    We don’t buy in a market that plays Barca total football, where the skill factor in attack and defence is paramount, and where debt also means nothing.



    But I personally don’t think ‘the system’ means as much as some Celtic fans do, and I prefer to leave it to the experts, whilst ignoring what the internet, thinks of Ronny.




  10. We could’ve done a lot worse than getting o’dea back in. He has a lot of experience now and is a strong nno nonsense defender. He certainly would have given us decent cover at worst. Most centre backs don’t really reach their peak until they’re around 28 and they can stay at that level until into their 30s. On another point I keep seeing us linked with giant strikers. Does anybody here think that is likely to work. i have yet to see a 6’5″ striker who is in anyway mobile and the refs up here just love giving frees against any kind of physical striker we have had. Why not scout a striker of around the 6′ mark who is decent in the air and also mobile with a decent touch.

  11. thomthethim for Oscar OK on

    MATTE on 7TH JANUARY 2016 5:48 PM





    Hearing Jàn Jànovic will travel to Stranraer.




    Off the bench and straight into the team?






    Who he?

  12. 16 roads – Celtic über alles


    If you saw my original post Islam got it the worst and for good reason.


    Had to look up multicult so maybe for a fact you should be mocking me.


    I’m sorry stating the blooming obvious has upset you.


    Do you know who John is ?

  13. Screen73



    Pierre Van Hooijdonk remains one of my favourite Celtic strikers. Not quite 6’5″ , but nearly , 6’4″.




  14. screen73



    I’m still not getting this Darren O’ Dea who attracted high flying Dundee, and was freed by Mumbai (formerly Bombay ) should have been signed by Celtic thing?

  15. thomthethim for Oscar OK on







    I think he’s made up stuff,…………………. like the internet. ☺️






    Jeez, I,m well off my game tonight!

  16. BR let’s see how he does with Dundee. I have a feeling he will do pretty well but we’ll see in due course. As regards the striker I think we would be much better going for someone who is tall enough to be fairly strong in the air but not so tall that he is just a big lumbering giant.

  17. Small details, and small margins as Ronny puts it…



    Or simply Efe Ambrose, D.Boyata, and Craig Gordon



    Before factoring in dross like Cifti

  18. mike in toronto on

    BSR … personally, .. I’m a system kind of guy (probably a reflection of my politics) … but I like knowing that everybody has and knows their role, and that they all work together for the common good. (Where’s billy bragg when you need him?)



    I’m not expecting anyone to agree or disagree with what I write on here … but, for me, unlike a lot of you guys who chat about football everyday with your pals at the pub or the game, being so far away, I dont have that luxury … so I really enjoy the chats on CQN, even some of the disagreements (although when it gets too personal, I just sign off) …. although sometimes the disagreements are more fun, as long as they aren’t mean spirited, as I learn more that way.



    so for me, CQN is my local … and a chance to chat/shoot the shit about football with my (virtual) friends…. agree sometimes, disagree sometimes (that Fan-a-tic ….. think you know a guy, and then he goes and disagrees with me about NB … the nerve!!!!!) …



    my only rules for CQN … try not to be rude to other posters, and, assume that, even if people disagree with me, they still want the same things I do …. for Celtic to be successful, and its fans to be treated well….. as long as I keep those in mind, I am pretty much happy to discuss whatever with whomever…



    so, I hope we will keep chatting (and sometimes disagreeing) …


    Hail hail

  19. Go tell the Spartim on

    Whilst no big fan of sky and its pundits, especially soup taker extraordinaire Andy Wa*ker, I do like some of the Spanish summarisers, thought this was prevalent for us.



    “It’s all very well wanting to play out from the back but you have to be good at it”



    My concerns, though not enough to give him his jotters, are his use of subs but mainly trying square pegs in round holes. Do we have good enough ball players in our defence. Some would argue that we don’t have enough defenders in our defence.

  20. Good evening friends.



    Just spotted this on The Official Site –



    “East Kilbride FC welcome Lothian Thistle Hutchison Vale to K-Park in the 4th Round of the William Hill Scottish Cup on Saturday 9th January, 3pm kick-off. Entry to the game is “pay at the gate”, and is £10 for Adults and £5 for concessions. Current East Kilbride FC season tickets are valid for the match. A great chance to get along to K-Park to cheer the team on, as we aim to continue our historic run in the national competition!”



    Love it when my 2 favourite teams play on different days at the weekend.



    All welcome to come and say hello at K-Park Corner. I understand there’s even a pre-match bar just 50 yards from the one and only turnstile.



    The first 400-odd get seats. The rest must make do with the safe standing area.



    Be there and be a part of history. One of these teams will become the first Lowland League side to reach the last 16 of the Scottish Cup.

  21. thomthethim for Oscar OK on




    As good a summary of what CQN was all about way back and hopefully can be again.



    Personally, I have quite a lot of tolerance for those not as bright as what I am!

  22. Good luck to East Kilbride.



    If they reach the last 16 of the Scottish, that would be phenomenal

  23. ——————- C.Gordon——————–



    Lustig. Pantic. Jozo Simo. Tierney



    ———–Brown. Bitton —————–



    —Forrest. Rogic or Armstrong. Christie—






    Should wipe the floor, domestically

  24. mike in toronto on

    Jobo … think big … EK to make the final against Celtic …. EK’s famous sons (the Reid Brothers, Roddy Frame, iain harvie … get a supergroup together to record a song for the special occassion! brilliant!

  25. Jobo:


    Reporting Scotland just had a feature on Billy from E.K. Thistle Taxi Driver, drove to Hampden via Ibrox, he said it would a dream come true to play there in the Cup…something you want to tell us?


    Keep the Faith!


    Hail Hail!

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