Stokes mentor Hughes and O’Dea at Dees


Anthony Stokes joining up with John Hughes for a third time, on this occasion in Inverness, would be a great move for all concerned. Hughes knows how to get the best out of the player, who is wasting away in the stands at Celtic. There will be a financial consideration, as unlike a team in the English Championship, Inverness will not be able to cover all of Stokes’ wages, but Celtic are better having a contribution to his wages than nothing.

Anthony is still only 27, he could have several productive years ahead, but he needs to get back to putting the ball in the net somewhere (last goal was against St Mirren in December 2014).

Also delighted to see Darren O’Dea back in Scottish football at Dundee. As we discussed last week, Dundee are full of goals at both ends of the field at the moment. An experienced international like Darren (28) will help.


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  1. Cannot believe that BBC sport again. Firstly the item about East Kilbride in the cup they decide to use a taxi to hampden from the bbc studios using our licence money. They get a hackney cab instead of a private hire which is cheaper. The driver is called Billy,he takes them the long way past Ibrox the reporter says it would be amazing to play at a stadium like that.(IT’S FALLING DOWN). It would be dangerous more like. Then the driver drives the wrong way up the road outside hampden. A real pair of silly billy’s. LOL




  2. mike in toronto on

    okay … so EK makes it to the final…. and we (*&(&^ gub ’em! Fair enough?



    PS … I like the idea of a Celtic musical supergroup … Shane McGowan, Claire (swoon ) Grogan, some of the Sinatras, Justin Currie, the fella from Glavegas, Mogwai, Teenage Fanclub …. Bobby Gillespie (I think) …. Hue and Cry, the McCluskey Bros. …. cant think of who else … but that’s a good start.

  3. Recently on this blog cheating, mitbs, msm, booing and “players that are mince” have featured quite prominently. This is not a new thing, far from it.



    As a result I had cause to reflect to a morning when I was still in primary and was woken by my da as he was leaving for work. “Meet me at the Estate Bridge tonight” he said.



    “How where are we going” I asked “”there’s a reserve cup final tonight at Parkheid” he replied.



    In fact it was the 2nd leg of the Reserve League Cup Final against Falkirk; we had lost the 1st leg.



    Now this was not the “years in the wilderness”, we actually had a very good team, winning the double a couple of years previous to this, runners up in the last two SC Finals as well as 2 time League Cup winners including “Hampden in the Sun”.



    We should have also achieved our 1st treble that season until injury struck through the winter months, Charles Patrick for instance was out for all bar 1 game after November with a thigh injury that refused to go away. His magic and artistry were missed.



    The Wee Barra, the Juggler and big Teasy Weasy had periods out of the game with injuries and when it coincided that all three were out at the same time around New Year, we had our worst run of games, losing four games on the trot and five in six.



    As it was we also went out of the SC in the 3rd round to neighbours the Bully Wee at home even though the tie had been scheduled for Shawfield.



    It was shifted to Parkheid because of stated crowd fears at the Rutherglen ground but more possibly as a result of the fog-bound game at Shawfield in December which came to a halt when a large section of boundary wall had collapsed on top of youths and boys killing one and injuring 50.



    We eventually ended the season in 3rd place behind the jambos and zombies. It was not all downhill after that, but it soon would be. Especially when players were sold to pay for floodlights etc.



    Unfortunately talented as the big team was, it wasn’t getting any younger, the injury plagued “Darling of the Falls” was now 34, Sean Fallon 36 and his replacement the converted left winger Smiler was 30. So the club were looking at the ‘Kelly Kids”, coached by former captain Jock Stein, to carry on their mantle.



    With the Big Mhan coaching the Reserves a good group of youthful players and decent back-ups to first team regulars was starting to be available. We seemed tae have very good scouting, ah those were the days.



    The precursor for the Quality Street Gang included John Colrain, Jim Conway, Pat Crerand, John Divers, Mike Jackson, Jim Kennedy, Frank Haffey, Dunky McKay, Billy McNeil and Eric Smith.



    A couple of future EC winners and internationalists in that group, sadly not all would fulfil their potential, possibly as a result of poor management but quite probably their mentor moving on tae the Pars.



    Anyway that night a very excited wee TT was taken, for the first time, tae the old stand. It was not my first time in a stand at a professional ground, that occurred when I was fortunate enough tae sit in the “Postage Box” at Boghead when Charles Patrick and the Bhoys entertained the “Fenians of the Rock” at the official opening of the Dumbarton floodlights.



    The only Celtic player that I was aware of at ko time was Jim Kennedy who was captain that night.



    However I was well aware of a first team player in the opposition, a young John White, the future Ghost of White Hart Lane, who had been signed from Alloa. Falkirk were treating this game very seriously.



    The young Celtic team went on a barrage of attacks, wave after wave, the Bairns were pinned intae their own half, but to no avail.



    And then the breakthrough at last looked to occur, a rocket shot from just outside the box seemed destined for the top far right corner.



    But no, one of the Brockville defenders leaped across the goal and somehow clawed the ball back out, before any following up Celts could reach it the ball bounced outside the goal rolling across the bye line.



    “Goal” the fans shouted, when the mitb hesitated it was then “Penalty”, no again, awe surely at least a corner. Naw don’t be daft, get tae the back of the bus ya bunch of tarriers, it’s a goal kick.



    In all the years since then that I have watched fitba I’ve never seen cheating as blatant as this, no not even eyes in the back of his heid was this bad. It wasn’t an honest mistake, it wasn’t incompetence, no it was sheer bigotry.



    Shortly after Falkirk went up the park and scored, game over, job done and free drinks up the ludge.



    At the final whistle the fans all stood and the slow hand clap was carried out, no booing as this was a hun tendency, but slow handclap.



    There was a young man in front of us, smartly dressed with a collar and tie on, nice coat coupled with a dress scarf. He turned to us and said in a Bearsden style accent while pointing tae a young blonde heided player of Lithuanian background “that one there will never be a centre half”.



    That was not John Jack or John Kurilla, he was talking about, but our future captain who would go on tae be the first northern European tae hold the Big Cup aloft. Fans urnae always right it seems.



    The following evening I waited desperately for my da tae come home with the Express so I could read all about the cheating mitb and demonstration by the Celtic support. Nothing, just a wee column indicating that the Bairns had won the Reserve League Cup.



    So there you go, in one night I was introduced at such a tender age to cheating, mitbs, msm and booing. primrose ure had done his job well back in the ‘20s.



    As a wee afterthought after the 7-1 game until Jock returned I could count on the fingers of one hand how many times we beat that scabby mob and that includes Glasgow and Charity Cup games.

  4. mike in toronto on

    tontine …. great post. really well written. felt like I was right there with you. cheers.

  5. mike in toronto on

    Celt45 …. dont know how I forgot them!. plus rod the mod for my generation … and snoop for the younger cooler kids ….



    ps … thought I should mention that travellerbhoy was on last night …. probably after most of you were asleep , so you may not have seen his posts …. but, was glad to see him back posting.

  6. 16 roads - Celtic über alles... on



    16 roads – Celtic über alles





    If you saw my original post Islam got it the worst and for good reason.





    Had to look up multicult so maybe for a fact you should be mocking me.





    I’m sorry stating the blooming obvious has upset you.





    Do you know who John is ?









    St.John the Apostle, presumably.



    Do you loath Christianity, European culture and Western civilisation?




  7. WeefratheTim on 7th January 2016 7:36 pm………….



    No worries WEEFRA; just a wee joke between me and your pal MARSPAPA…………..



    Regards & Hail Hail



  8. Reminding Celtic fans that Mastermind will soon be showing Celtic fan John Savage who was in the final a couple of years ago answering questions on ” Celtic Football Club ”



    This time John will be answering questions on ” The Life of Jock Stein ” should be a good night



    John originates from Bo’ness and a former pupil at St Mary’s primary and later a student at Bathgate St Mary’s



    we wish him well

  9. What is the Stars on



    Very good story, love these type of tales.


    However I don’t think you can blame the referee for that decision. ..The blame lies fairly and squarely with ronny deila.


    Oh I know his sycophantic acolytes will be on claiming that he wasn’t even born at the time.


    To me that’s just another lame excuse

  10. thomthethim for Oscar OK on

    Tontine Tim,



    Another major loss, post the 7-1 game was Willie Fernie.



    I can still see his studs sticking in the mud in the game against Thistle.


    I think Billy Mc.Phail broke down in that game, too.

  11. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    TONTINE TIM on 7TH JANUARY 2016 7:17 PM



    Marvellous tales from my youth.


    I was present at Shawfield the day the wall round the track collapsed killing a small boy.


    Still find it astonishing it could have caused a fatality.



    Around that time my big brother took me to Ibrox for a cup game where Jock Stein`s reserves beat the hun 5-2 I have looked in vain for details of the game but I remember the euphoria of a scarce victory of any sort at Ibrox.


    The walk home to the Govan ferry through Govan was indeed memorable.This is where I was introduced to the extended Celtic song sheet. The tenement canyons of Govan were bedecked with Union Jacks which only encouraged our songsmiths.


    What will be do with the Glasgow Rangers………


    Up to the knees in orange blood…………..


    A one a two a three a four a five………



    Like an army,we marched through Govan.


    All this at a reserve game.

  12. I said to the wife “I saw a woman get blown off her feet and straight under a bus in the High Street this morning”


    ” Oh my God, was it moving?”she said.


    “Well one or two were crying, but I was fine”

  13. Bourne



    (From yonks ago!)



    Stokes v Ciftci?



    Stokes v Cole?



    Stokes v Armstrong?



    The issue I suppose is, who’s really at fault for the position that Stokes finds himself in?



    I suspect we’ll never find out but I’ll bet it’s closer to 50/50 than 99/1 either way.



    Tontine Tim



    Great post.

  14. bournesouprecipe on 7th January 2016 7:51 pm…………..






    Regards & Hail Hail



  15. 16 roads – Celtic über alles





    and thanks for clearing up the John thing that has stumped both Christian and non Christian biblical scholars


    for centuries.


    got dishes to wash






    John Savage ” The life of Jock Stein ”



    Mastermind on BBC2 soon

  17. CultsBhoy can not relate to Celtic Board ambitions on or off the park on

    A good loan move would be Ciftci to Sevco…


    Stokes, in fact the wider personnel problems we are experiencing are down entirely to our manager.



    He admitted as much in December 2014.



    He made the cardinal error for any people manager, of criticising his new charges, during the handover period.



    Imagine, if you will, your new boss telling you that despite being top dog, you aren’t good enough and you’ll need to up your game…..



    Crass stupidity.



    The problem could have been resolved, but that would have meant the departure of Mulgrew, Stokes and Commons, at least.



    Instead the rancour rumbled on and fosters just under the surface, causing division and faction.



    All in my opinion, of course.

  19. Stairheedrammy on

    BBC news squeezing Sevco into as many stories as possible. Their football gossip page took this even further stretching the future signing of two Sunday league players into around seven stories. I thought the BBC weren’t allowed to carry adverts as well.

  20. TBA@7.51



    No problem whatsoever. I was only born there, I think, because of the housing shortage in Glasgow at that time. Was brought up in Govan. Hope you’re well my good mhan. :-)) HH

  21. BMDC48 – Do you have a date/time for that Mastermind programme?











    Why not actually refer to the post (or is it poster) that earns your ire ? I noticed you made a similarly indirect remark a few days ago too.

  23. A wee bump.



    Please take a few minutes to copy this and forward it to your respective MSPs, adding your own details.



    Many thanks and Hail Hail.










    In June 2015 the Scottish Government reneged on its promise to carry out a full and transparent review of the Offensive Behaviour at Football Threatening Communications (Scotland) Act 2012. Instead, the Minister, Paul Wheelhouse, in a twenty minute statement to Parliament, quoted selectively from a single piece of research and a highly skewed YouGov poll commissioned by his Department. During the ten minutes of questions he also lied to the Chamber by saying that Fans Against Criminalisation supported his diversion from prosecution scheme. I am shocked that he has repeatedly refused to withdraw this comment after being requested to do so by that organisation.



    On Tuesday 12th January 2016 a petition will go before the Petitions’ Committee asking that Parliament carry out the review of the Offensive Behaviour at Football Act which the Government has conspicuously failed to do.



    I am writing to you as your constituent to ask you to support the petitioner and the aims of the petition either in person at the meeting on the 12th or by writing to the Chair of the Petitions’ Committee in advance.



    I look forward to your response.





    GERRYBHOY on 7TH JANUARY 2016 8:30 PM


    OK found it – tomorra @ 8PM



    Thanks for that !

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