Stokes to Hibs right for player and Celtic


I’m delighted Anthony Stokes has joined Alan Stubbs at Hibs for the remainder of the season. It’s clearly not working out for the striker, still only 27, at Celtic, who has drifted so far out of the picture he’s only just on the team bus.

Despite dropping five points recently away to nearest rivals, Hibs have had a remarkably consistent season and remain in the hunt for the Championship’s automatic promotion place. Adding experience in key areas will help this cause.

And yes, I see all conspiracy theorists trying to ignore that Celtic have, for the second time this season, loaned a player who will help Hibs win promotion, at the cost of others. Liam Henderson and Anthony Stokes went on loan to Hibs because it was right for them and right for Celtic. Not because we’re secretly plotting to get Hibs in the Premiership, despite the proliferation of Celts there.

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    ‘Anyway the way I see it is let’s get the views of all those on the LIST seats and anyone standing in constituencies that aren’t currently MSPs, we may be able to persuade 1 or 2 to break ranks on this issue prior to election. The last thing the SNP want is any dissent in the ranks, they will literally do anything to present a united front.’









    Have I got this right?




    Your plan is to try to persuade a couple of wannabee SNP politicians to publicly voice criticism of party policy so that in order to avoid any break in party ranks, the rest of the party will fall into line behind the as yet unelected newcomers?




    If that is the plan, it’s certainly audacious.





    I’ve just had a new battery put in my phone. It doesn’t yet recognise my idiosyncratic idioms.



    Took it three attempts to let me spell howdy!



    Having said that,three attempts at spelling one word would have drained the old battery,so I’ll call that a win…



    Sad to see the back of Tony. On his game,he was as good as we’ve had for a few years. He’s 27. Time he wised up,or he’s washed up.



    And that would disappoint me…

  3. Delaneys Dunky on




    Anthony is by far the most talented player in the Championship.


    Hope he keeps the tribute act down.



    Fletcher or Hooper as replacement please.





    Maryhill yoof,not a fan of the place.



    Nearly killed there due to misadventure thirty-odd years ago. On top of one of the Barracks flats,working to repair a window cradle.



    It was some view,I’ll grant you. But it was nearly my last!



    Tall buildings,them flats. But as always,it’s the final foot that would have done the damage…

  5. Bada



    Getting a copy of your P60



    If you have lost your P60, you should first approach your employer to ask them if they can provide you with a copy.



    Employers are obliged to keep records of pay for three years and so they should be able to provide you with a copy of your P60 for the last three years. The P60 will be clearly marked as ‘duplicate’.



    HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) cannot provide a duplicate of your P60.



    If you need a copy of your P60 from more than three years ago, it is unlikely that you will be able to get one. Your employer may be able to provide you with a ‘statement of earnings’ on company headed paper which should act as a replacement for a P60.



    Alternatively, you should contact your Tax Office. Your tax office will be able to provide you with alternative, official information regarding the amount of tax that you paid





    As Twists says.



    Additionally,if payslips for that P60 were issued online rather than hard copy,they should still exist in that format.



    As such,so will the P60.



    However,that version may not be acceptable for the required purpose-Driving Licence or Passport Application,for example-as they are easily ‘edited’

  7. bmcuwp



    the high flats were my paper round … 69 ish



    thats why im knackered now…. them sunday delivery’s were murder

  8. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    Morning Bhoys from a chilly Central Scotland I am looking forward to tonights game and looking forward to getting a 6 point lead over the Dandy Dons. Has anyone else noticed Anthony Stokes moves to Hibs Tony D missing from the blog they couldnt could they be one and the same.? H.H. :- )





    There’s a few of us blame a hard paper-round,bud!



    Mine is a lot easier now they’ve given me a van-not sure how that would have helped on your vertical route,mind…

  10. !!Bada Bing!!



    I don’t know what age you are, however, if you are in receipt of a private pension, the provider will issue a copy.



    No offence meant by this post!

  11. Jungle Jim Hot Smoked on

    How do the Celtic loans of Henderson and Stokes to Hibs fit in with The Board are desperate to have Sevco in the top division?




  12. CultsBhoy can not relate to Celtic Board ambitions on or off the park on

    Stokes will disappear is my guess…he looks like an old and semi washed up 27 year old to me and he isn’t dedicated to his profession in the way he should havve been. Hence he has wasted his undoubted talent. Compare and contrast to Maloney, McGeady, Naismith guys of similar ability who dedicated themselves. Both Darren and Stephen Fletcher are of lesser ability but have shown even greater dedication from an earlier age.



    These guys only appear on the front pages for the right reasons if at all.

  13. Looking forward to going to Paradise tonight. Love midweek games under the lights though wintery, freezing cold, Tuesday nights generally tend not to be so good for us.



    Memories of turgid defeats to the likes of Morton and Maribor linger longer than the stench of a deid team’ s doppelgangers, aided and abetted by the MSM, SFA and SPFL, pretending to be the same club, whilst being caught short with an uncontrollable bout of flatulent, faecal dysentery.



    Have we won a Tuesday Paradise fixture since St Valentine’s Day 2012?



    It will all change tonight. I’m sure.



    As sure as the horribly, snydey Roddy Forsyth will have his wee, electric, oil fired radiator plugged in at his feet in our stand, while penning poisonous passages of perceived Celtic ineptitude and I’ll manage, just, to not throttle the scrawny wee bassa with coil off the very same heating appliance.



    God this weather is getting to me; I need to get out. Bournesouprecipe, time for a coffee and a chat up in ole EK.



    Going for a narrow victory, 2-0, a chilled Gazebo and a sparse attendance.




  14. Jungle Jim Hot Smoked on 19th January 2016 10:12 am


    How do the Celtic loans of Henderson and Stokes to Hibs fit in with The Board are desperate to have Sevco in the top division?





    don’t point out the obvious

  15. The Battered Bunnet on

    Scene: A bar, west end of Edinburgh.



    Anthony Stokes: I used to play for Celtic.



    Derek Riordan: So did I!



    Anthony Stokes: Tough there, wasn’t it. Always Work Work Work.



    Derek Riordan: Yeh. Used to treat you like a real professional. Expected the same back.



    Anthony Stokes: Pah! Loada shoit. ‘nother beer?



    Derek Riordan: Magic!

  16. Bobby


    I had two paper rounds. I delivered in the village before school, then had an evening round along the road in the ‘big’ town.


    My evening paper round on a Saturday, was the ‘pink paper’. I was less than trustworthy on a Sat night as I would regularly fail to deliver to all the addresses on my round, but would pop into the Clachan bar and flog the ‘extras’ to the punters.


    Was a right good earner as well, especially if the hoops had beaten the enemy.


    My problem was when collecting the money as I had to convince the customers that I hadn’t delivered to that I had definitely put it in their letter box and someone had obviously pulled it back out.


    I wasn’t getting away Scot free though. I must had had some sort of conscience as it invariably ended in 3 hail Mary’s. :-)


    Actually I remember delivering one summer evening at the top end of Whitburn, and the garages behind the school had been creosoted. The smell was so good I ditched the entire bag of papers in the stream and sat and smelt the creosote for a while!

  17. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    16 roads – Celtic über alles… on 19th January 2016 8:21 am






    I was indulging in the lowest form of wit.

  18. Lawwell & Park know that…..


    Stokes is a busted flush and is on the way down.


    Henderson hizny goat the stuff and….won’t make it.


    Stubbs hizny goat the stuff either.


    So, their evil pals will walk it back….with the help of mibbery of course.

  19. KEVJUNGLE on 19TH JANUARY 2016 10:28 AM



    Henderson has played well for Hibs



    Stokes has the ability to score plenty at that level



    Lawwell & Park didn’t appoint Stubbs

  20. Re diets.



    I am a Type 2 Diabetic, currently on statins for cholesterol, metformin for blood sugar, and amlodipine for (slightly) high blood pressure.



    I bought a book last week on how to lower your blood sugar levels to normal in eight weeks. This would allow me to come of the medication which I’ve been taking for about 6 years and hopefully lower my blood pressure.



    800 calories a day for 8 weeks!



    Started tentatively last week and hope to do a full week on the diet this week.



    No rice, pasta, potatoes, bread. Cook with olive oil.



    As long as you count the calories you can eat what you want more or less.



    I have also stepped up my exercise, mostly walking, although I do a wee workout in the morning.



    Weight loss, bearing in mind I cheated last week and had a normal weekend there which included on Saturday night, an Indian meal with all the trimmings plus a few drinks and a fry up on Sunday, is 5lbs.



    Hoping to stick to the diet for the rest of the week, so I’ll keep you posted.



    I was also told decades ago that I was asthmatic and have since gone through more inhalers than I could count.



    The short story is I told my doc I wasn’t sure if I was getting a benefit from the inhalers, one used twice daily, and the other if I had an asthmatic attack.



    I, eventually had a Spirometry Test, a serious of gentle and violent breathing procedures while linked to a computer, followed by a Salbutamol Test, where you repeat the tests after inhaling Salbutamol to establish if the drug made a difference.



    The initial readings were so good I was told I did not need to repeat the tests as my lung capacity was excellent.



    I’ve been told officially by my doctor that I am not asthmatic.



    Now I don’t want to be diabetic.



    I will keep you posted!



    Sorry for the long post, but I’m not very busy this morning!

  21. My friends in Celtic,



    Welcome to Celtic Erik,


    Interesting to read about Erik Sviatchenko talking about social media. He seems a responsible and intelligent guy and will be aware of the need to do his talking on the park thus ensuring that we remain on the back pages.



    And, if I was Ronny I would lay down the law to all players about the use of mobile phones during games. If any of our players are sitting in the dug out then the use of mobiles, tablets etc should be taboo. IMO there is nothing more disrespectful that the cameras focusing in on our dug out during a game and there are players who seem more interested in their phones.



    Hail, Hail.

  22. Watching an episode of the U.K. game show Pointless here in Oz, one of the contestants, Stew from Glasgow has just confirmed that his favourite team, “Glasgow Rangers”, or the team that used to be called rangers, well that’s it official for me then. Good on ya Stew

  23. timaloy29




    Hail Hail fella.


    Time will tell with Stokes.


    PL & JP didny appoint Stubbs at Hibs but, that dizny stop them from seeing that he hizny goat it.


    Idealistic nice guys don’t win in the dirty fight.

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