Stokes to Hibs right for player and Celtic


I’m delighted Anthony Stokes has joined Alan Stubbs at Hibs for the remainder of the season. It’s clearly not working out for the striker, still only 27, at Celtic, who has drifted so far out of the picture he’s only just on the team bus.

Despite dropping five points recently away to nearest rivals, Hibs have had a remarkably consistent season and remain in the hunt for the Championship’s automatic promotion place. Adding experience in key areas will help this cause.

And yes, I see all conspiracy theorists trying to ignore that Celtic have, for the second time this season, loaned a player who will help Hibs win promotion, at the cost of others. Liam Henderson and Anthony Stokes went on loan to Hibs because it was right for them and right for Celtic. Not because we’re secretly plotting to get Hibs in the Premiership, despite the proliferation of Celts there.

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  1. GG / PJ Bhoy






    All good stuff guys…………………



    This tickled the funny bone….



    We have moved from annals of history to anals of history. – See more at: http://www.celticquicknews.co.uk/celtic-deliver-sviatchenko-below-radar/comment-page-11/#comments



    Also if you are looking for a taste of hame stateside NJ, Kearney as you say is good and there is a Scots butcher in Brick Township does pies, bridies and skwerr etc.




  2. Jungle Jim Hot Smoked on




    “There are always rewards for those who state the obvious frequently and with conviction.”


    ― Scott Westerfeld, Touching Darkness



    Well done, Kev. You didn`t let me down. I admire your tenacity 0:-)



    “KEVJUNGLE on 19TH JANUARY 2016 10:28 AM



    Lawwell & Park know that…..



    Stokes is a busted flush and is on the way down.


    Henderson hizny goat the stuff and….won’t make it.”




  3. TBJ says Wee Oscar Knox is in heaven with the angels on

    If stokesy doesn’t score at least 10 goals in that division his career will really hit the skids




    Thanks! To be a success at this I need to be “in the zone” if you know what I mean.



    Not quite there yet, but feeling good so far!

  5. PHILBHOY on 19TH JANUARY 2016 10:32 AM



    Presumably the book is based on the research done at Newcastle University.



    I’d be interested to know what your GP thinks of your plan (assuming you ran it by him/her).

  6. PHILBHOY @ 10:32 AM,



    Good luck with that Philbhoy, I am fortunate not to have a serious condition, but have a few niggling ones (asthma being one).



    I try to manage them myself as best I can and have found that 80% of my “issues” seem to be down to diet.



    Worth persisting with in my opinion…



    On Stokesy, well you only have to look back to when Leigh joined us, in my book they were fairly equal as Footballers – Tony the better player Leigh the better finisher.



    Look now?!



    This is a good move for Tony, Alan Stubbs NEEDs Stokesy on top form if he’s going to win the league, he’ll have all the opportunity he wants to resurrect his career.



    Question is, does he want it? I hope so…



    Hail Hail

  7. Astonishing stuff from james Doleman tweeting from the RCJ



    Judge says blogs have said his wife is a Rangers supporter “this is untrue”



    James Doleman ‏@jamesdoleman 7m7 minutes ago


    Judge says his clerk has been receiving emails about blogs accusing him of “being a mason”





    James Doleman ‏@jamesdoleman 8m8 minutes ago


    Judge asks counsel for RFC to prepare a schedule of costs for his consideration.



    James Doleman ‏@jamesdoleman 9m9 minutes ago


    Judge says SD have “wasted the courts time”



    James Doleman ‏@jamesdoleman 11m11 minutes ago


    Judge says SD conduct has been “abusive” says figures were “plucked out of the air”




    James Doleman ‏@jamesdoleman 13m13 minutes ago


    Judge says “there must have been a deliberate decision” to serve the damages figures without a statement of truth attached.






    James Doleman ‏@jamesdoleman 14m14 minutes ago


    Judge ruling on costs of abandoned SD damages claim.




    James Doleman ‏@jamesdoleman 16m16 minutes ago


    Counsel for SD says there was no verification of loss statement as it had been decided not to pursue the matter further,




    James Doleman ‏@jamesdoleman 18m18 minutes ago


    Counsel for SD now responding on issue of “unverified” statement of losses.



    James Doleman ‏@jamesdoleman 19m19 minutes ago


    Judge asks counsel for RFC is he is asking for Ashley to be sent to prison?



    “You can have your fun with Mr Ashley at the trial” he says.




    James Doleman ‏@jamesdoleman 24m24 minutes ago


    Counsel for RFC says “while we would dearly like the money” costs are impossible to quantify yet.



    James Doleman ‏@jamesdoleman 25m25 minutes ago


    Now moving onto costs.

  8. Wish Stokes all the luck in the world. Hope he does well and might have found his level mentally. Think at Celtic he has struggled to knuckle down under any Manager. Seem’s to be a bit daft to be honest which is a shame as he has great natural ability. Just my 2 cents but I think he’s better than Nadir and Cole (not fit) when he screws the head. I think he made Hooper look even better than he was when they had the purple patch together. Had high hopes when he played on the wing with Izzy they looked good together for a few months but typical Stokes went of the boil again.






    We must have an eye on another striker. Surely?





  9. MurdochauldandHay & Wee Oscar on 19th January 2016 11:10 am



    I think this amounts to a comprehensive court humilation for Ashley



    James Doleman ‏@jamesdoleman 11m11 minutes ago


    Big story from today is that Sports Direct have abandoned their claim for £200k damages from RFC. Full report to follow.

  10. Phyllis,



    That’s the very one, just made it on to the telly here in Perth about 45 minutes ago, made me chuckle.

  11. Is it the masons or is big Mike not as sharp as some would make us believe? surely a good lawyer making a good point, i.e. speaking the truth should get any judge onside, Facts are facts? or is it the masons? Looks like Big Mike going home again with a puzzled expression.







  12. Obsessed ? are we



    James Doleman ‏@jamesdoleman


    Speaking to parties after case, everyone amazed at how many emails they are getting from Glasgow re proceedings.

  13. Ha…What a surprise eh.


    The Judge gives MA a slap.


    Who would have thought it eh:)





  14. “Have we won a Tuesday Paradise fixture since St Valentine’s Day 2012? ”










    But they haven’t won on a Monday night for many a year now astonishingly.



    Sack the bored.




  15. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on

    The goalposts moved in this case due to the huns FINALLY coughing up the 5 million just before Christmas. This can and will not be lost on the judge. He was lied too at the last case and SD have acted accordingly and properly without being vindicative so RFC will have to pay costs. That´s all SD cares about.



    6.5m – ( 5m + costs)



    MA will hope he get awarded the costs so that he can appeal AGAIN – he will eventually not have to pay them and the huns will



    So what are the costs ?




  16. Ah the old moves are the best.


    Seen it coming a mile away.


    No court will hold the sevconians responsible for anything.


    The law doesnt apply to thems.


    Medieval Scoddland Inc.




  17. Removing all doubt ?



    James Doleman ‏@jamesdoleman


    To clarify Judge Peter Smith did tell the court he “was not a mason”



    Some time ago I had some blood tests done and statins were being pushed my way.


    I decided to research the whole statin/cholesterol/diet thing and read a book called “Cholesterol Clarity : What the HDL is Wrong with my numbers ?”


    I was amazed at some of the stuff I discovered and adopted a diet not dissimilar to what you are trying only it is very low carb (as in beer,pasta,rice,bread and potatoes etc) along with HIGH fat!!


    The results for me have been spectacular with regard to the reduction in the “bad” cholesterol and I have also lost some weight.


    If you have a kindle and are interested (of course check that it is advisable with your current state of health first) just contact Paul 67 for my email and I will send you a free copy for your kindle.



  19. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on

    Rafat Rivzi will not be too keen on ponying up another couple of million next month.

  20. The Green Man on 19th January 2016 11:29 am



    Case was in RCJ London




    Judge says blogs have said his wife is a Rangers supporter “this is untrue”

  21. thomthethim for Oscar OK on

    That is twice that this judge mentioned the wash hand basins in his court.


    The previous time , he denied being one, but if someone of the stature of John Greig was to introduce him, well………



    Methinks he doth protest too much#billspokeshave




    Its a total farce.


    All it needs…is Ronnie Corbett.


    As if there are no masonic judges in Scotland ffs.


    This country is warped.





  23. The Green Man on 19th January 2016 11:36 am



    The Case was in London England……………………………………..NOT Scotland

  24. Peter Smith J has a track record of intemperate and inappropriate behaviour on the bench, and has an eye for self publicity.



    In short, a bit of a nutjob, to whom this case, and the attention it has attracted, has been manna from heaven.



    There have been suggestions, based on previous cases, that his time was up, and some speculation about the state of his health (whether physical or mental isn’t clear).




  25. the long wait is over on

    FWIW I think Stokes will rip the Championship a new one and , hopefully, take Hibs back to where they belong at the expense of thems.




    London…Royal Court of Justice.




    Whats the difference?


    Anyway, just for effect….I will repeat that, Royal Court of Justice…or, The Crown.


    Forgive me if i seem a tad cynical:)




  27. Wow, Ashley took an absolute tanking today.



    It’s like watching Hamburg v Ajax though, who do you actually want to win?



    I have to say the judge’s sense of celebrity is uncomfortable. Ashley’s reputation precedes him into the court. The judge asking RIFC’s QC if he wants Ashley jailed was flippant, but edging on unacceptable.



    He says his wife is not an RFC supporter, contrary to some blogs, and he has repeated the line (as he did the last time) that he is not a mason. At the last hearing he said it would have been an honour for John Greig to have asked him. What gallery is he playing too, what was the point of that? He’s winding Ashley up, that looks pretty certain.



    Ashley, while humongously wealthy, is now fire fighting. Rangers, Newcastle, USC, Golf Direct, SD share price, commons committee on working practice and minimum wage, and has now dropped the 200k damages claim in the face of the judge ripping his knitting.



    Interesting times, he’s on the ropes.

  28. Ernie……



    I haven’t discussed it with my doctor yet.



    I am due my annual diabetic check in about 6 weeks so I will discuss it then.



    If I could lose a stone in weight before I see her again I think she would be delighted.




  29. A fair question



    OnlyAnExcuse ‏@OnlyAnExcuse


    Seriously, who blogs/emails a clerk about a judge being a Mason and his wife a Rangers fan to the point he’s having to deny it in court?




    Of course, it would be cynical of me to infer that the court systems in both England& Scotland are rife with masonic judges.


    Silly me.





  31. Chairbhoy



    I also feel that a lot of health issues are weight related, hence my attempt to ditch some and see where it leaves me. (Around my middle would be a good start!)



    I hope you stay well!

  32. Statins ?.



    Saw a super duper cardiologist on Italian tele last week . He said he only recommends statins to patients who have already had a heart attack .He then added that there was evidence that prolonged use of statins could cause a heart attack ( particularly if your liver has been damaged by too much booze )..



    Mrs S of T force feeds me artichokes .————– claims they do wonders for my heart and liver ..

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