Stomach knots, dig deep Dave


Do you remember the knot in your stomach when we were five points behind in the league race, when every game was a ‘must win’ event? Five points is a substantial gap, eight is huge. I seriously doubt Derek McInnes reckons Aberdeen have a remote chance of winning the league, but should the gap increase to eight points tomorrow, he could be excused if he gets carried away for a moment.

Celtic will win the league but only because they will improve and win important games, like tomorrow’s against Hearts. The knot’s back in my stomach; we need the win. Although Hearts are not the league challengers this season, the scenario mirrors their visit to Celtic Park a decade ago, when they were the last non-Glasgow club to open the league season with a flurry of wins.

Resist, resist, we must resist

300 years and the tune never changes. Newco chairman, Dave King, proclaimed, “This application will be strongly resisted”, as he confirmed Charles Green has been to court to enforce the contract which, apparently, obliges Newco to pay his legal fees for actions in connection with the club, a liability which was recorded in Newco’s 2012 IPO prospectus.

King seemed to confirm Green had a good case by telling journalists Green’s legal difficulties concern his time “his time as an officer of the Club”, closing speculation on one possible angle of defence.

There’s nothing unusual in this clause in Green’s contract. Company directors can be held criminally liable for acts of corporate wrong-doing. They can be fined or jailed for actions carried out by their staff, even without a direct instruction. If you are a company director, it is your responsibility to ensure Health and Safety regulations are enforced and appropriate, and that actions by the company are not criminal.

In the event a criminal charge is levelled against a director (or former director) of a company for acts carried out by, or on behalf of, the company, directors will seek the assistance of the company in preparing and funding their defence.

This is how business is conducted and the responsibility of the non-executive directors to ensure that the actions of directors are consistent with the interests of shareholders and other stakeholders (in this instance fans).

If Green holds a contract, Kings will know his protests are empty bluster. I see estimates of legal fees in the region of £500k. There will be no change from £500k on this one, not even close. That figure might cover the photocopying costs. Dig deep, Dave.

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  1. When something is outside your control it is only natural to be worried. Apart from the 3 remaining head to heads we are powerless to stop Aberdeen from chalking up wins. As things stand we need to win all our other games, beat Aberdeen twice and draw the other game to ensure 5 in a row.


    The reality of course is that Aberdeen are bound to drop points in other games but until they actually lose or draw a game the tension will grow.


    They are away to Inverness tomorrow, not an easy one, so just maybe we can relax a bit more tomorrow night.

  2. Roy C



    Up in your old stomping ground the morra morning St Margaret’s then Rochsolles….



    When the sun is shining it’s the nicest graveyard in the world but whether it’s sunny, rain, hail or snow it’s always the coldest !

  3. What is the Stars on

    Geordie munro and celtic mac


    Such is life. Full of ups downs ( as ned kelly said before they hung him)

  4. wits,



    I know they were red herrings.



    yer waiting till I log out before posting the real ones! :)




  5. What is the Stars on



    If I never see another horse it will be too soon.


    Anyone know what time the first race tomorrow is

  6. Talking about Morton supporters. Guy in work hardly misses a game, sits between two Sevco fans,both season ticket holders, he was giving it tight to them on Wed, saying Morton were in last 8 of cup and they were out. I congratulated him and said maybe they would want Dundee Utd at home in next round, quick as a flash he said naw, St Johnstone home or away they’re mince. Sevco fans heads down and back to work. I walked away killing myself laughing.

  7. WITS



    You have gave plenty of winners on these pages, don’t let a few bingers get you down, everybody knows you know your stuff, it’s a bit like Ronny, we all know deep down that he knows his stuff just a few bad performances (mainly from the players) in the CL have put a bit of doubt, but like your good self our Ronny (& you) will soon be back in the winners enclosure !

  8. Dallas Dallas where the heck is Dallas on

    Jimmynotpaul. hats off to the Greenock Morton fan for that. Brilliant it’s a pity he never threw in them putting the team who kept sevco down last season, out the cup.

  9. What is the Stars on

    Robert tressell


    I am sure Mr lawwell s advice would be something like. .keep your money in your pocket, rather than “you have to speculate to accumulate”

  10. Wits…i heard in Malibu…Ms Diamond Jackson does the weather..And the American Version of Countdown…


    i Heard That…laughing.

  11. Strictly Come Dancing,



    I thought this was a Celtic Blog,



    Having said that come on Daniel O’Donnell.




  12. Reallly…I thought Strictley Come Dancing Celtic Men watching That….No wonder YES lost The Indy Vote…Rebels…


    Maybe once….

  13. Mike in Toronto: looking forward to your Dublin visit. Don’t forget to book your tickets for our do.






    WITS in. I’m up on his tips so keep them coming.



    WITS: Have you seen the lovely Lucy (Verasamy)? ITV weather ghirl. Jamesgang claims her picture whenever Paul gets around to applying pictures to our monikers but I got in there first.






    Here’s Lucy!

  14. Andyr53



    If your lurking my daughter and myself are going to the KDS pre match , it would be a pleasure to buy you a drink if your in , otherwise hopefully see you at the corner :))

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