Strachan comments should inform latest reconstruction talks


Having failed to convince Premiership clubs of the need for league reconstruction to save Hearts from relegation earlier this month, Ann Budge’s latest plan will be discussed by the SPFL’s board today.  While Premiership football is expected to get underway behind closed doors in August, it is increasingly likely that the lower leagues will not start until it is possible for fans to attend, which will not be before January.

From what I hear, this plan, like the last, takes a holistic view of the game, spreading resources throughout the 42 clubs.  Minds in the Premiership, though, may be more attuned to recent comments from Gordon Strachan, who continued a lifetime habit of stating the bleeding obvious by saying most of Scotland’s senior clubs are not professional in the modern sense.  Sure, they pay wages, but they have few professional trappings and have an appalling record of player development in recent decades.

Budge would be better off with a plan to accommodate the few other lower league clubs who would prefer to start playing behind closed doors.  We could end up with around 16 senior clubs – a bit short for two divisions but these are unusual times.  Have a Community League, have promotion and relegation to/from the Professional League, but let’s not pretend clubs taking £100k are essentially the same as those who make our game commercially viable.

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  1. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Just saw this on David Low’s Twitter.





    Have no evidence whatsoever but ….



    … regardless of contracts already signed, I am not convinced TV cash is in the bag.



    I suspect Sky (and others) will spend lots of time haggling with the big leagues over



    a) final payments for this season THEN



    b) revisions for next season – dependent, in part, on the cash position coming out of (a)



    Only after these are done (and TV companies have checked their pockets) are they likely to turn their attention to the B-list (SPFL, English championship) ??

  2. Good luck to Hunderbirdsaregone and Whitedoghunch, both of whom are fighting battles at the moment, our thoguhts are with you both.


    Thoughts are also with those missing from the blog, for a variety of reasons. Too many to mention, sadly.


    Especially missing our friend TheCelt45, who underwent major surgery last year, and had complications afterwards. We’ve not heard from him since autumn last year, and there have been no responses to our efforts to contact him.



    Personal thanks to RPMCelticfan for asking after me yesterday. I am doing fine, thanks. Just busy with lots of other stuff, none of which invlove my health thankfully, so I’m also busy counting my blessings, but taking nothing for granted.


    Hard times indeed. 🙏

  3. Tim Malone Will Tell on

    David 66



    Also how long before Sevco complain if 1 of their players test positive and they have to play without him, they will complain that he was their key man and they were disadvantaged.






    Surely that could only have credibility if the referee tested positive?

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