Strict Liability, for you, but not for me


The Scottish Government yesterday suggested the SFA act unilaterally to introduce Strict Liability on the game, making clubs liable for the actions of their lunatic fringe, or else the government would impose measures. This is a curious stance for a government who are not prepared to accept ANY liability for their own lunatic fringe.

When the lunatics in charge only see other people’s lunatics, we’re all in trouble. And it should be noted, lunatics inhibiting a democracy cause vastly more damage than football fans fighting on a field once every 36 years.

The notion of Strict Liability in itself is a separate question, but I have serious concerns at the increasingly right wing, and selective, attitude to law and control at Holyrood.

If you want to impose Strict Liability on football, accept if for yourself first. Then come back after a year’s experience and talk to us about football.  This, of course, will never happen.  Not all lunatic fringes are equal.


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  1. Good afternoon Timdom.




    Once again my appreciation to the 4 Hobbits, Canamalar, Morrisey, Auldheid and BRT&H and the rest of the fellowship of the res12 WC, Paul67 and any other unnamed.




    I just hope Gandalf is involved (that’ll be DD) and assists in keeping Saramon (PL) from turning towards the great eye.





  2. Hunderbirds are Gone on

    And I’d like to thank my Mum. Those that believed in me when I was learning to type. Without their help this would not have been possible, this is for them…………


    ……………..finally, I would like to thank Bobby Murdoch’s curled-up winklepickers, and Starry Plough, they have behaved with impeccable sportsmanship during the contest and I am proud and honoured to share a podium with them.



    Thank you, thank you all :)

  3. dr ramesh and the love potion on



    It seems there are lunatics in control or shouting from the rooftops all over the place.


    Ill thought out or reactionary plans are the name of the game. Accountability, anywhere???


    Good on the Resolutioners for at least giving it a go. If they only manage to open peoples eyes to the corruption, unaccountability and crass stupidity of many in public office, then they will have done us all a favour. If they achieve more then it will an incredible achievement worthy of much rejoicing!

  4. Out of curiosity, do other football associations have strict liability agreements with their member clubs?


    MATS NILLOC on 2ND JUNE 2016 11:18 AM



    The sychophancy expressed by many on here regarding the “application and work done” by those who ended up placing the Swiss advertisement is rather nauseating. I believe there has been more heat than light shed on the issue to date.






    Don’t know if it’s me Mats, my simple way of thinking, or what ? But posters have thanked the guys involved, nothing more.



    Somehow you think that’s sycophantic and nauseating ?



    Might just be me,but to attribute those thoughts and sensations to thanking someone……..well it reflects on you matey and not the grateful.

  6. thetimreaper on

    Hypocrisy is rife in politics, nothing surprising there. There is a desperate need for an upper chamber down Holyrood way to reign these undemocratic types in.

  7. On the positive side, the SNP now have no majority on any Holyrood committees.



    Which lunatic fringe of the SNP are you referring to, Paul? Just genuinely wondering…

  8. Paul67 do’nt get this one , surely the SFA are the clubs? if they desire strict liability they vote for it if not -what? The SG impose it, would take years – no majority. First time -I think – you have ventured into the political area, dangerous waters. Let us stick to football. H H Hebcelt

  9. Hunderbirds are Gone on

    Hunderbirds are gone has behaved with impeccable regard for the rules of the competition. We find the constant “sniping” from some quarters both unnecessary and unsporting.



    We have nothing to hide from any future enquiry, but would like to stress that all of our titles were won fair and SQUARE on the field of play ;)

  10. Big-Cup-Winners not sychophantic but certainly nauseating -him not you!! H H Hebcelt

  11. coolmore mafia on

    Surely you are playing the man and not the ball there Paul?



    We’ve been disgusted by the hun’s sectarian singing for decades- maybe it’s time to try something different for the sake of society

  12. Geordie Munro on

    “Garry Monk gets the Leeds job….on a 24 hour rolling contract.”






    Peach :))




  13. Hunderbirds are Gone on

    Meds kicked in. Off for a nap.



    Fuuuuurrrrrrrrrittzaa grand ole…….

  14. lucky cody on 2nd June 2016 12:28 pm



    If the tanks are on the lawns of UEFA I would prefer B52s over Hampden






    And covered with Lava.



    Before they go to where they are destined. Ogilvie, Dallas, Farry and oh so many others who do what they do.



    Thank them for Scotland, despite hitting the European heights, not really that long ago now being eclipsed by Nations like Albania, no offence to Albanians.




  15. dr ramesh and the love potion on




    Is that official? I mean direct from his Grannie’s mouth?

  16. Hi Paul67,



    A man once sang ” You say you want a resolution well ya’ know, we all want to change the world…” him and his pals had ludicrous fringe.



    Yet in the Sixties this was true, many, including Politicians wanted to make the World a better place.



    Now, it’seems all about expedience and votes.



    Sad but true…



    Hail Hail

  17. Can’t make head nor tail of this post Paul. Some class of unionist rant nae doot.

  18. John Brown says Celtic’s appointment of Brendan Rodgers shows they’re worried about what Rangers are doing.



    What they’r doing? Tell you what they’r not feckin doing, buying passports.

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