Strict liability


Strict liability: if football fans misbehave in a stadium, their club is held liable.

This is the Uefa way and is how most European national associations conduct their business.  Not in Scotland.  In Scotland there is a belief that some problems are so entrenched, it would be unfair to penalise clubs, who do whatever they can to discourage fans from, for example, setting off flares.  Here, a club which does everything it can to stop an errant act is not held liable.

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say some clubs fear strict liability.  Celtic cannot stop people setting off flares, they take steps to discourage it, so, the argument goes, why fine or otherwise punish Celtic?

It’s a cop out.  I’d hate to see points deducted, leagues decided, because a club was proxy for a strict liability offender, but everything else is on the table.  Clubs are poor at policing their own, there are in-built inhibitors which make doing so difficult.  Strict liability takes the issue out of their hands.  Stands will be shut, ticket allocations withdrawn, but almost certainly only once.

Flare carriers are the most difficult to police as they are the act of a small number of individuals, who are able to protect themselves [although not their club]by hiding in a crowd, but strict liability would end offensive chanting by thousands overnight.

For that, it’s worth it.

Only caught last night’s Motherwell game in highlights.  Newco looked like the Rangers I remember from the early 80s.  Despite being a mid-table mediocre outfit, Rangers were, and played like, a big team back then.  They attacked with all they had, but John Greig was often out-thought by the manager of a small club, who could organise a defence and break with purpose.

Football tactic students will be captivated by the second leg.  Do Newco go on the attack, and risk the same outcome, or do they learn to live within their limitations, hoping to tempt Motherwell beyond theirs?  The team which gets it wrong could lose by three goals.  It’s a good job Newco didn’t screw around with the ticket allocation, they’ll need that away end packed and energetic.

Thanks for all the feedback on the new issue of CQN Magazine, lots of great reading.

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  1. i'vehadtochangemyname on

    prince ali has withdrawn from fifa presidency – sfa blatter wins

  2. lennon's passion on




    18:08 on 29 May, 2015



    Have purchased both for myself. Paving slab my favourite sits under the statutes. Excellent present for your dad.

  3. 67Heaven .. CHALLENGING THE LIE ..I am wee Oscar...... Ipox belongs to the creditors on

    Mightytim supporting wee oscar



    17:42 on 29 May, 2015




  4. MT and SEAN



    Great news , what a relief that must be for everybody involved




  5. TBJ says Wee Oscar Knox is in heaven with the angels on

    Snyde slagging off yogi Hughes for not turning up for pre Scottish cup press conference



    Guidi says it’s a disgrace for the Pfa and writers manager of the year to behave this way

  6. Mighty Tim



    That’s the best news we could have on here tonight.



    Over the moon for you, Sean and the full MT family.




  7. Burgas Hoops on



    18:28 on


    29 May, 2015


    Re-elected unopposed has a familiar ring.




    By default !!!

  8. 73 votes against Blatter – there are 54 UEFA countries – could there be a breakaway?- a World Cup without European countries would be a farce – could we see a split, a la World Boxing Championships?

  9. ExSlaemuirBhoy on

    Re League reconstruction,



    Don’t get me wrong here, I despise any team in blue playing out of Ibroke or any other stadium they play out of in the future i.e St Mirren Park, Lesser Hampdump


    But can you imagine the rippin the orcs would get for eternity, they will arrive in the top flight eventually but to be shoehorned in ?? They would never live it doon


    Wish they would just roll over n die mind

  10. Mighty Tim



    Very pleased to hear that Sean was found Not Guilty.



    HT, Minx and Jeanette Findlay – mentioned in dispatches. :o)



    KTF and KTB

  11. Great news Mighty Tim, so pleased for your son Sean, yourself and family




  12. Thanks Lhads



    I’m swaying towards the paving slab. He will be buzzing seeing his name amongst his heros Jock and wee Jinky




  13. chairbhoy, I was not talking about Irish Catholics simply taking jobs, I used one example of Irish people as immigrants impacting on the indigenous population. Darwinian beliefs were rampant in this era, the indigenous people of Scotland were fearful of the newcomers and seen them as lesser people (in evolutionary term) and a threat to their existence and way of life. the negative stereotyping, hatred and ridicule (see paddy and mick joke for further detail) of the Irish has passed from one generation to the next.



    The subject of sectarianism in Scotland is racism against second and third generation Irish Catholics (of nationalist, republican persuasion) as it is that group that remain visibly different in views and ideology. I am not starting a debate about how the racism commenced and I am not sure there is one definitive answer the problem is that it continues today and Scotland is guilty of turning a blind eye and criminalising a minority people rather than look at her own intolerance!!!!!




  14. Mighty Tim



    Delighted to hear of your news today.


    I cannot begin to think of the hell that Sean and your family have been through in the last 14 months.


    I can imagine that it’s been a living hell.


    This God forsaken act is attempting to criminalise our support.


    I worry about this and in particular for my bhoy, whom I’ve brought up to appreciate all things Celtic.


    Whilst he goes to the games with me just now I’m sure in s couple of years he’ll want to go with his mates.


    I fear that knock or jack boot on the door.


    I also fear that some will think it’s not worth the risk.


    A lost generation.




  15. TBJ says Wee Oscar Knox is in heaven with the angels on

    Mad zombie ranting about last night .. If we don’t get into the spl I won’t be buying a season ticket … McCall must go … The players chucked it … The two young boys – miller and Boyd ran their hearts out and were unlucky … The play offs favour the spl team it’s just no fair



    Does anyone think the Huns have been punished enough ;))

  16. Motherwell have stuck the knife in…but I still think it needs a bit a twistin.

  17. ExSlaemuirBhoy on

    TBJ says Wee Oscar Knox is in heaven with the angels



    I just wish they had been punished, fitba in Scotland may look a wee bit different just now

  18. mighty tim supporting wee oscar



    17:42 on 29 May, 2015


    Bhoys and ghirls once again thank you for all your prayers and good wishes for my son Sean and my family regarding his court case and charges under the OB Act


    Sean was found Not Guilty this afternoon. So thank you so much.















    NOTHING will make me bladder this weekend than that news right there. Fantastic.



    I felt bad enough when I first read of the arrest. Cannot imagine how I’d be if it were one of my own sons. Glad I signed the petition.



    Hail Hail.

  19. bladder = gladder.



    But I may well have a wee drink tonight on your behalf.

  20. Away from how crap they are on the park…


    I’m amazed the media have them linked with players like Scott Allan.



    M.Ashley gave them a loan end of February, to keep the lights on.



    Why is there no further scrutiny of their finances.? A new club, set up in divi 3, outlaying money on wages that far exceeds any income they make. Hemoraging money for the last 3 years….


    Why is no one in the media, asking the obvious question, about the ongoing financial concern. They are an unviable project.

  21. Blatter returns.



    Corruption stinks. I’m surprised at how pissed off I am that he’s been re-elected.



    Baw bag.

  22. Joe Filippis Haircut on

    ruggyman. It makes you wonder where the money is coming from and why they have not gone bust H.H.

  23. Mighty Tim



    Well, ye know it doesn’t need said.



    So I’m sitting with my MSP and the mother of a Hamilton supporter, whose son was arrested, charged and found guilty under the OBAF Act, when my phone bleeps to indicate I’ve got a text message.



    Now at this point my MSP was talking about the successful aspects of the Act.



    What a joy to be able to stop her and show them the text, NOT GUILTY!



    I then pointed out the ‘success’ of this piece of legislation.



    Of all recorded crimes in Scotland only rape and murder have a lower rate of convictions than the OBAF Act.



    Football fans not criminals.




  24. Joe



    It beggars belief.


    Too much silence on the matter….people should be posing questions.



    Every club in Scotland, is run as a self sufficient business. They can only spend in align with what their income allows.



    Yet all we here about Sevco is investment, spending, investment, spending…. Blah, blah….


    What they spending… Bottle tops? Monopoly money?