Strikers and the comfort zone


There’s something healthy when the arrival of a new striker, who has yet to trouble the net, has raised the game of an incumbent.  If you talk to footballers they’ll tell you they need to be challenged.  Even most greats hit a comfort zone, where they know they are cherished by manager and fans alike, so that knot in the stomach about where the next contract is coming from never materialises.

Gary Hooper missed this at Celtic.  He was the apple of Neil Lennon’s eye, and clearly top striker at Celtic, but a few seasons in his appetite for the same old challenge seemed to wane.  I’m assured by those who shared a dressing room with Henrik Larsson, this was one area which set the Swede aside.  The accolades meant nothing to him, he wanted every trophy, every record, which perhaps indicates why he captured the Champions League in his mid-30s.

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    We’ll never give up till we’ve won the cup and the scottish football league

  2. John ke Evans a Man Utd sub Centre Half being quoted at £10m, big VVD is worth £30 then



    Oh Hail Hail Hail

  3. Repost from last blog.



    I lost the rag with a poster on here last night who said VVD was only worth £5 million.

  4. "mouldy67" supporting the fearless Oscar Knox on

    I am sure Nadir will be good for Leigh in this respect



    Hail Hail

  5. Dallas Dallas where the heck is Dallas on

    Jamesgang at 13.22, that post put a smile on my miserable coupon.



    Any GAA football likers, the Ulster Champinship final between Donegal and Monaghan is on BBC2 Northern Ireland (sky channel 972). Coverage started at 1.30pm.



    Donegal & Monaghan have been the most succesful Ulster teams over the last few years. Ulster Gaelic Football must need a strong Sevco.



    A sidepoint about today’s game, Kevin Loughran (he appeared in RTE’s football next star about a young Irish players trying to get a contract with us) may be playing for Monaghan. He was one of the few Celtic fans on the RTE show. He captained Monaghan when they won the Ulster Junior final two years ago.

  6. Jungle Jim Hot Smoked on

    The first page on a new topic is like a Friendly game .It involves Celtic but is quite meaningless 0:-)






    PS 20th?

  7. Jungle Jim Hot Smoked on

    Anyway, time to watch the golf as Jordan Spieth, whom I backed yesterday at decent odds,is off.


    Cheerio for now.




  8. Leftclicktic 13.05



    The public bike share scheme is hugely popular here in Dublin, especially among the Facebook, Google etc young workers. I even saw former Labour minister, Ruairi Quinn on one the other day.



    we also get to buy our own bikes tax free. Max spend is 1000Euro and up to 52% of that back from the tax man. You are supposed tp ride to work 60% of the time.



    I just got mine and came in today to trial the route and finish a project. Took an hour was scary enough on the quays on a Sunday.



    Think I’ll use it for pleasure and con the tax man!



    Great idea though.



    PS I get my yearly train ticket tax free as well. Some good ideas here to keep us out of our cars

  9. ThompsonTwin on



    13:41 on


    19 July, 2015


    Repost from last blog.



    I lost the rag with a poster on here last night who said VVD was only worth £5 million.





    A player is only worth what someone is willing to pay for them.



    Jonny Evans – established EPL player on EPL wages – plays for Man Utd – established internationalist – price quoted £10 million.



    It is pointless ‘losing the rag’ – VVD fulfils none of the above criteria, and that’s why I believe that any English club will only pay £5 million (with add ons).



    He may be worth £20 million to those of us sitting in the stands at CP – but the market decides.



    If he stays, and we are able to get into the CL group stages – if he acquits himself well, like Victor and Fraser – then no doubt, in January, next summer, he may well command a £10 million plus fee.



    It was their performances in the CL, and the interest that those performances generated, that boosted the fees of the aforementioned two players.



    Jumping up and down, I afraid, does not!



    Virgil will wait another six months/year, if we qualify – if we don’t he could be off for £5 million (plus add ons)

  10. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on

    Premier sport Virgin 551 has Monaghan Donegal game on



    Same channel as last nights Celtic match

  11. Parkheadcumsalford, Almore,



    Posted yesterday to you both and after finishing internet goes. So here goes again.


    PCS enjoy your posts except for the weather, reminds me of Irish weather forecaster who comes on and gives us the bad news.



    Everyone now uses the word ” like ” after every sentence. I recall you and brother, in howls of laughter at me telling a story on a bus ( Any Bus!), The more you laughed the better I got, thinking I was telling a great yarn. Much to my dismay you u told me when the laughing had stopped that you were counting the number of times I used “you know”, 26 ,I believe. Maybe I should have taken out copyright on it. ” Like ” does my head in.



    Enjoyed game last night. Good to see LG playing well and scoring. He must start on Wed.



    Almore just getting back to you re. your post about Cloghercelt. I have never seen him pass a negative thought on anyone. A great peacemaker. Well done in securing a hall for next year. Hard thing to do with all the events on and central to the town.Son off to Croatia, so might make it in on Wed. Talk to you about some teachers I know on Northside.



    Signing off now to watch Donegal game. KTF

  12. Gerryfaethebrig on

    On P67’s article the arrival of Nadir gives everybody a lift, a lot of folk slag the signing of Freddie Lungberg but once Freddie signed Scott Brown and whoever played beside him were immense the following months, Freddie couldn’t get in the team to make an impact, Leigh Griffiths could score loads for us and I think he will, whether big Nadir scores more who cares as long as the team improves

  13. Another non laurel rester…..



    @TFBible_: STILL GOT IT: Yokohama drew 2-2 thanks to a 94th minute free kick from 37 year old Celtic legend Shunsuke Nakamura! https://t.co/Sfkv8yrl9W



    HH jamesgang





    Quite right. You can’t buck the market.



    If only I could remember who first said that…


    Or in another parallel VvD will go for upwards of £10,000,000.00 because thats the going rate for…………

  16. P67


    I wouldnt need to think too long or hard to make a list of newly signed strikers of the past decade who never


    a) set the heather on fire


    b) encouraged others through healthy competition to set the heather on fire



    Even between the Lions era and MON time, there never seemed to be a shortage of folks who could put the ball in the net with ease,



    King Kenny








    Him whose name cannot be mentioned


    Big Pierre


    Jorge Cadette







    A decade of duff strikers has cancelled this out and replaced it with an overwhelming/underwhelming acceptance of “thats all we can afford, what do you expect?”





    Aye,mate. I remember saying that BBJ had had his day because he hadn’t hit 20 league goals.



    Since then we’ve rarely signed a striker who looked capable of that benchmark.



    Hooper and Griffiths in ten years. Some record of achievement.

  18. Don’t see too many English clubs complaining about us overpricing players in the last few seasons. If anything they keep coming back and paying the asking price so, I’m confident we will get our asking price for the next big sale, nothing less than £15M for VVD and we’ll get it. If you don’t think that go ask Southampton or Aston villa if they got their money’s worth.

  19. Paul 67




    Samaras was not too good for us until we signed JVOH….then when it became apparent that, JVOH wisny a wolrd-beater….Samaras slipped back to being…no too good until…a couple of years later when, Neil Lennon’s managerial career was in the last chance saloon….Samaras put in the performance of his career one ne’erday O## F### day and saved both his own and Neil’s careers from a premature end….imho.



    Hail Hail



    ….oot to the real world. YNWA.

  20. Afternoon all….



    How did yesterday’s Ayrshire meeting go?



    I was otherwise engaged, was en route to Wigtown and in the middle of the Galloway Forest hit a pothole, double puncture. What fun I had for five hours and expensive fun too.



    Ayrshire is Green and White

  21. Sorry Paul 67….got that the wrong way round….JVOH was signed 1st :)






    …oot. YNWA.

  22. Kev Jungle


    i was never a big fan of Sami the greek, until that day


    We approached the poundland dome in defiance and with hope in our hearts but really giving ourselves too much of a chance



    We left the poundland dome singing the praises of the greek ghod, who for one day only made me eat my words



    a few weeks later he missed the penalty that probably cost us the title and my faith in my own judgement was restored ;-)

  23. ThompsonTwin on





    Your point is well made, ‘re strikers – it’s funny isn’t it, that during those times, goalkeepers were our Achilles heel – now we’ve had Boruc, Forster, Gordon, and without putting a jinx of him, Bailly looked assured in Spain.



    If we could offload Scepovic and take back Sami for a year, we might be in good shape, this season.





    Went very well by all accounts. Seems it was a kinda masonic do,you had to be called Gerry to get in!



    Must have been some pothole,btw. Did you miss the big sign saying-‘Quarry this way’?

  25. Truth_Beauty_and_Freedom on

    jamesgang @ 14:02



    Hi jamesgang! That Nakamura free kick is fantastic, especially under the pressure of having to score with the last kick of the game; thanks for posting it! :-) I just love the way that the goalkeeper stops in resignation and then just watches the beauty of it as it curls into the top corner! :-)



    Yours in Celtic,







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