Strikers liniked, the good and the indifferent


Back in the 90s, when we struggled to achieve much, we appeared to have the Midas Touch when it came to signing strikers. The Three Amigos, Henrik and even big Mark(o) made the job look simple. It was keepers and the like we had trouble signing back then.

The litany of strikers who have trudged through Celtic Park in recent seasons provides sharp contrast to earlier times. Scott McDonald, Gary Hooper and Leigh Griffiths are the only strikers with a half decent scoring record since the departure of The Swede 12 years ago. Since then we’ve been home to many and various strays, from Dion Dublin to the Miku-Lassad twins, Kazim-Richards, Cole, Scepovic and Guidetti.

A few of these worked on paper (Scepovic and Guidetti) but the return on our money has been painful.

Getting it right in this department is important for Brendan Rodgers but I’d caution judging too much on what a player looks like on paper. I remember the comments section when McDonald (largely sceptical) and Griffiths (vehemently opposed by many) joined.

There are lessons from elsewhere too. Markus Rosenberg scored 20 goals in five seasons (none in 18 months at West Brom) before pitching up at his first club Malmo and eliminating Ronny Deila’s Celtic. Rosenberg was 32-years-old at the time but Malmo knew what they would get from him.

I’m not particularly inspired by any of the strikers we’re being publicly linked with but I’d take a player the manager knows and trusts can do the job before someone who shakes out of the scouting DVDs.

Chris Sutton Night, Irvine CSC

The Irvine Celtic Supporters’ Club are hosting a Chris Sutton evening on Friday, 24 June, at their social club in the town. Tickets are available for £10 by calling the club (evenings only) on 01294 271967.

If you are from the area, or fancy a good night out in Ayrshire with a Celtic striker who looked good on paper, looked better on the field, and delivered some of our best memories in the last 40 years, get along to see him – and bring your camera.

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  1. Truth_Beauty_and_Freedom on

    So Paul67, you are not particularly inspired by Zlatan Ibrahimovic then? :-)



    Yours in Celtic,




  2. Paul67



    The names are sent by SMSM to wind up Timmy, any link with Brendan Rodgers and Celtic are trying to sign them,



    It’s all made up for the Internet.

  3. Paul67 –



    The headline, is it Linikered, Linkedin, Likened or just plain ole linked? ;-)

  4. !!Bada Bing!! on

    From last thread-Not much traffic on here most Sundays, do gun stores in the US ,have access to the health records of people who buy guns?

  5. thetimreaper on




    No, there are some restrictions for people with mental health issues but that federal standard is largely overlooked in the majority of states.

  6. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Sounds like Danny Graham coming in then.


    From what I remember he looked a decent player at Swansea about 4-5 years ago. Not a prolific scorer, but could hold the ball up and chip in with a few.


    Seems to have lost his way a bit lately. Maybe linking back up with Brendan will revive his game.

  7. Could anyone give me a link to BRTH donation page, please, I have a bill to pay, and I ALWAYS pay my way! Unlike some unmentionables……

  8. Jimmynotpaul on



    Excellent,thought provoking post. Firstly my deepest sympathy and condolences for those who have lost loved ones and those who had to witness the murders.


    My thoughts would be similar to What is the stars.


    A huge part of me always thinks when did we we become part of USA. Recently BBC news had a headline story on a sink hole appearing somewhere in a state in USA, no one was injured, my thoughts were why is that news in UK.


    So when I read the breaking news, I initially thought another USA gun story, so what. It’s only now that how horrific it was is sinking in and of course it should be headline news. The sexuality of the victims, never crossed my mind at any time. In my eyes,we are all the same.

  9. Chris sutton and a good night out in the same sentence!



    I’m sure it will be

  10. GlassTwoThirdsFull on



    I’m not ecstatic about it. But I see Paul ‘s point about getting in someone who the manager knows well.


    His EPL scoring record (apart from one season) is pretty dismal, but he averages around one every 2.5 games in the Championship which is probably more relevant to our level (not Europe obviously).


    Would like to think there are better options out there, but maybe keep him in mind if they don’t come off, or even as well as another.

  11. mullet and co 2 on

    I’d say Danny Graham if he were to come in would be a foil for Griffiths. An option. Griff is only 24. Another season at over 30 goals and some of them in the Champions league and he could be talked about as one of our best ever. Any striker we bring in should be different from Griff and give us an option. I don’t think we need to spend a fortune. Danny Graham looks mobile and strong enough that will do.


    A centre midfielder and a centre back though that is a different matter. Couple of the Polish lads from yesterday in those positions impressed me.

  12. badabing


    dont know if any one has record of your health history but something wrong if a security company hires him.


    he was on a watch list could not fly but could buy guns.allegedly.

  13. TIMHORTON on 13TH JUNE 2016 1:36 PM



    There’s no allegedly here. The guns were traced and bought by him legally.




    I’m enjoying Brendan’s honeymoon period where he’s ‘not signing’ anybody yet, and before we see the colour of his money, and i’m not a fan of “maybe he could do a job for us’ Bosman players .



    We’ve too many players that fall into that category along with ‘projects’ – it has kept Celtic back for too long.



    Get out of that market, and up the transfer stakes to coincide with our revitalised season ticket sales.



    Move up the gears again Celtic CSC

  15. SPFL Now ‏@SPFLTransfer 54m54 minutes ago


    Danny Graham having a medical at Blackburn Rovers, panic over Celtic fans




    So its Steven Fletcher then? Or al Robson-Kanu?

  16. Geordie Munro on

    “A few of these worked on paper (Scepovic and Guidetti) but the return on our money has been painful.”






    I didn’t think JG was all that painful. I thought his return was OK considering and was quite a character.




  17. Celtic Champs Elect on

    South of Tunis



    Many thanks for the update.



    I was looking to take 7 adults between 30s and late 50,s and 3 kids over 10 but under 15



    As a dj like yourself in my earlier career with a bit of mixing and scratching thrown in it does look a great place to boogie



    Well that’s it we are booking up.



    Flights to Bologna train to Riccione or mini shuttle bus to hotel belvedere in Ricconie

  18. Spain line-up there:



    Tom Hardy to play Serge Ramos! in the biopic –



    ‘Ramos – Cabron Loco’

  19. Truth_Beauty_and_Freedom on

    Hi fellow Celtic Fans,



    Perhaps rather than try to sign a Striker who doesn’t score a lot of goals, we could maybe find a forward or old-fashined outside-left who CAN score goals, someone like BOBBY LENNOX perhaps? (273 goals in all competitions, second only to the late, great Jimmy McGrory? ☺



    I wonder how much we would have to pay to buy a BOBBY LENNOX now?



    Yours in Celtic,




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