Striking partners, sloppy thinking, define overinvestment


It’s difficult to say for sure if Stjarnan are the worst team I’ve seen Celtic play but they are there or there about.  They defended resolutely, have a good goalkeeper and scored a fine goal, but they are no Arbroath.

Ronny will be annoyed at the loss of the early goal.  I always think of San Marino’s opening goal against England on these occasions.  This was back in the 90s, when San Marino weren’t the team they are now (cough).  England took kick off but found themselves a goal down after 7 seconds.  They lost a sloppy goal because they were far too complacent, as did Celtic last night.

One thing which will be clear to all is the focus on goal Leigh Griffiths brought when he came on.  It will be tempting to contrast this to Nadir Ciftci, who looked (and was) less potent, but Leigh’s first sight of goal came as a result of Nadir’s work.  I suspect both benefit from being able to play off a partner.

The passing looked better last night and it was good to see the lungs remained productive until late in the game.  We now have a big week of preparation ahead of the next round.

Delighted to see the Celtic Foundation on the shirts last night, well done to all concerned.  The Foundation should feature more prominently in everything we do (fans and club).  And if you’ve got a pair of trainers, sign up for the Great Scottish Run.

Just caught news of Newco’s £175k bid for Scott Allan.  Define overinvestment, to use local parlance.

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  1. IIRC,


    Qarabag were in a very low scoring group last year, with them only ever scoring one goal a game and being the only team to concede two.


    Imagine 4 of the teams that come to Paradise and play 10 men behind the ball playing each other.


    They were neat and tidy, compact.


    A solid defensive display by us and a couple of screamers from the likes of KC, GMS or SA wouldn’t go amiss.


    Hey it’s the Champions League not the Petrified Cup; it is going to be tight.


    Just like it was V Karagandy or Spartak.



    We will prevail.







  2. Pre-season and we’re playing our most important games. Good to see Ronny is prioritising properly……………and getting the backing to do so.

  3. TheOriginalSadiesBhoy on

    macjay1 for neil lennon



    12:29 on 23 July, 2015





    Still not going to hiss on you.





    You’re a spoilsport :-))

  4. TheOriginalSadiesBhoy on




    12:30 on 23 July, 2015





    Phone the fire brigade :-)




    I live so close to the local fire station I could probably shout on them. :-))

  5. TheOriginalSadiesBhoy


    Well done


    Well done


    Well done


    Well done


    Well done


    Well done


    Well done :))))

  6. TheOriginalSadiesBhoy on




    12:36 on 23 July, 2015




    I hereby announce my retirement from podium chasing. :-))

  7. The Battered Bunnet on

    Looking forward to a round of golf tomorrow in the company of greatness.



    Our 3 ball is completed by some bloke who apparently was once a goalkeeper for some team or another and claims a tenuous connection to Eurochamps67.

  8. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    “Define overinvestment, to use local parlance.”




    Paul – I think it’s like a front-loaded war-chest. Only a bit emptier….. :-)

  9. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on



    12:39 on


    23 July, 2015





    ACGR might be into that sort of stuff :-))






    You must introduce me.





    A relieved Tim today.About the result,of course.

  10. Tosb@11.43? Last thread.


    Maybe you’re right re Dayrl Curries previous but last night quite a few of his comments were “Tanneresque”. Hence the need for Sutton to put him back in his box.


    Congrats on the seven timer.



  11. Was on the phone with a Hibee workmate this morning. To say the the Hibees are beelin’ about the huns derisory offer ON TICK is a huge understatement. They are off the charts now……”going pure radge” I think I heard among the shouting and swearies!



    Sevco have made a misake here. Hibs now have a cause to fight for, as they feel sevco have hugely disrespected them and now need put in their box (and nail it doon I suggested).



    Happy days :)

  12. £175k by instalments, this from a team who aspire to be playing CL football IN THREE YEARS!!!!! ……now even my ribs have got arthritis (still lovin’ it though)

  13. TheOriginalSadiesBhoy on




    12:47 on 23 July, 2015


    Tosb@11.43? Last thread.


    Maybe you’re right re Dayrl Curries previous but last night quite a few of his comments were “Tanneresque”. Hence the need for Sutton to put him back in his box.


    Congrats on the seven timer.






    I’m just glad we’re through. These games are always tense coming before the season actually begins. I’m hopeful we can qualify but it will be tough.



    I’ll be monitoring Darrell Currie in future just in case he starts to become like Tanner but I don’t think so. I’ve praised him before on here. I give credit where it’s due. When we won the League at Killie a couple of years ago he looked as if he was having a great time on the pitch during the players’ post match celebrations.

  14. Eyes Wide Open on

    I think its an obvious thing to say that a lone striker would benefit from having a partner.



    Its more difficult coming up with a system that allows for 2 to be up front which doesnt hinder the rest of the team.



    I recall the few occasions RD changed to a 4-4-2 last season and the rugby square passes were reverted to instantly – because thats generally speaking the position the wide men occupy – not too far forward which would have isolated the midfield.



    Paul67 has also spoken on numerous occasions about the pitfalls of playing 2 out and out wingers within a 4-4-2.



    Finding a system for the entire team is the most important thing.

  15. Don’t think last nights opponents were anywhere near the worst team i have seen us play in Europe.

  16. We should push to have the league start earlier next season so we play our first league game before the first round. Preferably first 2 league games. Kills off all the talk of match sharpness. Pre season would be done and the league’s underway. By the time the 2nd round of qualifiers arrive we would have 5 or 6 competitive games under our belt.


    Players holiday cut short but only one preseason. After that league raps up early and starts early. Works for all Scottish teams in Europe.


    Hate all this pressure we are under in these qualifiers as well. Need to get to a point when the team is settled and we are very confident of qualifying for the group stages. If it wasn’t for the constant worry that we will off load our best player in the middle of the qualifiers that would help. Maybe we should extend VVDs deal before the next tie. I’d feel more comfortable with the knowledge he will definitely be around past this summer. Add a left back to the squad and don’t sell anyone to let this team achieve.

  17. Stjarnan FC– ‏@FCStjarnan



    Utmost respect for the people of Scotland but have to exclude @Daily_Record & @Record_Sport #ShowSomeRespect #DontLikeYouAttitude




  18. jinkyredstar on

    Just wanted to wish all going to Aberdour a great day tomorrow – I’ve always thoroughly enjoyed it- can’t be there this year so defo won’t win the booby prize!

  19. Suduva during the Seville season were worse than Starjnan.



    Rank they were.




  20. blantyretim is praying for the Knox family on



    Oldtim Richie and I will have suitably calm and looking forward to a round of golf by the time we arrive at the course


    He will be glad to be rid of us. 8))

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