Structural change pack ice moving again


Aberdeen chairman Dave Cormack gave us a glimpse into the finances of practically every club in Europe by explaining the financial predicament his club finds itself in.  They expected £1m in match day income between now and the end of the season, as well as £5m season ticket money by June, summer merchandising income and hospitality income.  Instead, they have practically zero income stretching out for an indeterminate number of months – quite possibly until August or September.

Monthly outgoings at Aberdeen are £1.2m, this month’s costs will consume nearly all the £1.5m they had in the bank at the start of the month.  How they, and others, meet payroll April, May and June, is a challenge for the industry.  Few clubs are as well run as Aberdeen, most will be in more serious peril.

This is not just a Scottish phenomenon; it will play out across Europe.  The Championship in England is particularly vulnerable. Around the time of the collapse of ITV Digital, Brian Quinn spoke of the pack ice of European football-broadcasting homogeny showing signs of a break up.  That financial crisis in English football passed when the Premier League stepped in to salve any sores.

It remains to be seen what, if any, issues afflict the Premier League.  Ticket and merchandising sales are almost irrelevant to the business model in England’s’ top tier. There, it is all about the domestic and international TV deals.  It cannot be emphasised enough, Premier League TV deals are absolutely critical to the entire pyramid of English football.  If the contracted number of games broadcast for this season or next cannot be fulfilled, the drop in income would have serious consequences.

You and I have been debating structural change in football for too long to get excited about any of this.  There is a better chance of things changing now than at any point in the last 18 years, but whatever change takes place will not necessarily involve Celtic. Still, we can ponder….

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  1. Good morning CQN from a damp but quite mild Garngad



    I would like to echo what MM said to all the NHS/carers staff around the country and indeed the world and the army of volunteers around the world…💚THANK YOU💚



    Now Mick 15 at the toilet roll keepy uppie challenge Mmmmm where you on that red biddy??



    Well I got 8, I sent a what’s app around some of the guys in work (younger than me- by a lot) and the highest was 8, my son in law got 11 and my wee 8 year old (today) grandson got 6. I see the bold chic charley got 12.


    Mick VAR is looking at yours as I type this.



    D. :)



    Thanks mate, I know that due to my recent health problems that I am very vulnerable so I have been self isolating and this in now the start of my 7th Day.


    I did go out for 10 minutes yesterday to my local shop for food, due to my Tesco home delivery being “halved” cos of folk panic buying.



    My original home delivery order that I made on Monday 26th March Online, came to approx £65.00


    By the time that I recieved it yesterday Tuesday 24th March…my bill was down to £35.80 due to items not being available.



    Tesco charge £4.00 if your home delivery bill is less than £40.00….I have ALWAYS made sure that my Order/Bill is over that £40.00…..however as I expected Tesco STILL charged me the “Service charge” of £4.00, yesterday even though my Reduced Bill was due to items not being available….which is hardly my fault.


    There must be other folk like me who are being charged this extra £4.00, when their Order becomes less than £40.00 thru no fault of their own ?


    I will maybe try and lodge a complaint with them, but I doubt that I will get thru on the phone….its NOT the £4.00 extra that they have charged me, as i know that there are worse things going on…but its the lack of morals by Tesco….and how many more £4.00’s are they charging folk when its THEM that cant fulfill an Order ?


    I hope you and yours are well.


    Take Care and be Safe.



  3. Good morning from an overcast Forres. Please download the COVID-19 reporting App than BOGNORBHOY posted. Once set up it takes 5 seconds to use each day and may save lives.



    BOGNORBHOY on 24TH MARCH 2020 9:48 PM



    Help slow the spread of #COVID19 and identify at risk cases sooner by self-reporting your symptoms daily, even if you feel well 🙏🏼. Download the app





  4. POG – The next time you speak to DD please let him know that I was asking after him and wish him all the best. He was a childhood pal from a great family. 👍






    D. :)

  5. DAVID66 on 25TH MARCH 2020 7:33 AM


    POG – The next time you speak to DD please let him know that I was asking after him and wish him all the best. He was a childhood pal from a great family. 👍




    D. :)




    Done 😀

  6. Tesco…Good News hopefully ?


    I managed to speak on the phone to Tescos minutes ago and they accepted my complaint about being charged £4.00….because my latest order fell below the minimum £40.00.


    For those not sure about Online shopping, there already are charges for “Order Picking and Delivery”, and I did suggest to the tesco advisor that its NOT just this latest £4.00 charge….but if this Virus continues, customers like myself are going to be charged the extra “Service Charge” whenever their Order is reduced due to items NOT being available.


    Tesco’s have now refunded that £4.00 charge.


    Moving on, I also advised Tesco this morning about how i was forced to go out to my local shop yesterday to try and buy items that became unavailable in my original Tesco Order, due to panic buying by others and how I must be under “The very Vulnerable” due to my current health issues, and that Folk like myself who are trying to follow the Govt Guidelines about “Self Isolation” etc, especially when its causing much more distress when Folk like myself are forced to go out etc, and putting myself and others at further risk.


    The Tesco Advisor told me that Tescos management team are looking at this situation right now about “Vulnerable People”, and hope to make an Annoucement very soon ?


    She also advised me that some Customers Online are ordering food to the value of £300/£400, which is also part of the Panic Buying, and they have NO Delivery slots for the next THREE Weeks !



    Tesco are trying to take measures to prevent Online Customers “Panic Buying”.




  7. CORKCELT on 24TH MARCH 2020 3:29 PM



    Ghuys Canamalar came back on the old thread. He actually misheard the news of his Dad due to a bad line.



    As of a couple of hours ago his Dad had not actually died but apparently is gravely ill.





    A wee prayer for his recovery is what is needed.

  8. My mate who owns my Local Pub phoned me last night to see how I was etc.


    I told him that i was missing his pints of beer more than I was missing him !





    I could murder a few pints right now, but I refuse to drink in the house so I wont be buying any carry oots…its cold turkey for now..sadly !



  9. The first time I posted the CQN Legend that is MOONBEAMSWETDREAMS (MWD) asked me if I was PHIL MAC GIOLLA BHAIN.



    PAUL67 told him no!



    Mibbe 11 years ago.



    I’ve met MWD a few times, great ghuy!



    This site is a Godsend for me as more or less housebound due to c/v.(As many others are)



    Many thanks not only to PAUL67 and his team for keeping the site going but thanks to all who post on here.



    Life widny be the same………….

  10. Big Jimmy – stay safe pal.



    How hard can it be for online food to limit people to say £100.



    Now if you have a large family of weans or a large household, shops could set up a phone number for customers to call or they visit their local store for the first time with all the birth certificates or ID of said household.



    Ffs we can fly someone to the moon and do hand, arm, leg and even head transplants (not at Tesco) but cannot get food ordering done properly.





    Hail Hail



    D. :)

  11. I understand the self employed concerns about the government paying them an income whilst unable to work in the present circumstances.



    Will that be based on their last years accounts? The average of their last 3 years accounts?



    Or what?



    What if they have no accounts, therefore no exact proof of income?




  12. DAVID67 and BIG JIMMY



    Tesco’s was dying on it’s feet before the outbreak.



    Profiteering if you ask me.

  13. Whoever it was on here who suggested that Black Cab Taxis should be booked by the NHS to only cater for NHS Workers to take them to and from work…is the BEST Idea that I have seen in these troubled times.



    The taxi drivers are still earning and NHS would be less stressed and more safe instead of travelling by Buses/Trains etc.




  14. DAVID66 on 25TH MARCH 2020 8:30 AM


    Big Jimmy – stay safe pal.




    I am playing old PC Games and Play station 2 games for the last few days of self isolation, when I am not watching TV.


    As I said yesterday, I am luckier than most folk because I am used to living on my own for the last 10 years, and I can refrain from the Beer whenever i chose to, so this self isolating isnt as bad for me as it will be for some poor folk.


    I am very lucky.



  15. Philbhoy – based on last 3 years accounts for self employed and taking an average.


    Now what happens if you are just self employed for last 2 years or 1 year I do not know like my son in law, but I hope they will get something.



    Big Jimmy – you should get on Netflix a load of good stuff on there to watch however there is a monthly subscription, or you could pay a one off fee and get IPTV which would give you every channel possible (although this might not be on the right side of the law and I could not possibly recommend that) 😂😂😂



    Stay in and get that sonic hedgehog captured



    D. :)

  16. Will MP’s who usually attend Parliament and collect hundreds of £££££’s, and who “working” from home and/or who are in Self Isolation deemed to be Self Employed ?



    Will the Govt still pay them £££’s if they stay at home etc ?


    For me…ANY MP who claims this attendance allowance should be named and shamed….and hung !



  17. Have had an old fashioned Heavy Cold for past couple of days. Normally sleep like a log but have been awake since about 4 am. Had a bowl of porridge just now will dose with a hot lemsip & get back in the scratcher & hopefully get a bit of kip.


    Just posted to say Good Morning to all, sometimes blogs can be a curse but sometimes in a period of isolation, they can be a blessing,


    So I would urge any ex Posters or Lurkers who fancy getting involved to give it a try.


    I would urge regulars to acknowledge any newbies or returnees as it can be very disheartening to some folk if they make an effort to get involved & initially get no response.


    So with that I will bid ye good morning, best wishes to Big Jimmy & Canamalar, I’ll be back later.,

  18. My love for LARA CROFT…has been rekindled.


    I do play a lot of Play Station War Games like call of Duty and Medal of Honour.


    Ive single handliy won the The 2nd World War on numerous occasions.



  19. Arnie – Corkcelt – I’ll be back😂



    Take care fella, get some good old Irish whiskey in that lemsip and get off to bed.



    D. :)

  20. Good morning from a sunny North Staffordshire


    Day 4 in this big brother household – no chance of eviction. 😟

  21. CLARITY……


    When I was moaning and greetin earlier about the £4 Tesco Service Charge…it wasnt about the £4…it was the PRINCIPLE of the matter.



    Now, what did I do with Kylies phone number ?


    I think about her often…I just cant get her out of my head.





  22. After a good night out on the town…two drunken Nuns find themselves locked out of The Convent at 2am… so they decide to scale the perimeter wall……….


    Sister Mary says………..” Sister Philomena…I feel like a Commando” !


    Sister Philomena relies……” So do I….where can we get one at this time of night” ?



  23. Do Coalmen only work Hours to SOOT ?


    These are the questions I ask myself…


    This self isolation is having an effect me thinks ?



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