Stunning endeavours on the Ben


Absolutely stunning tales of endeavour from those who climbed the tallest peak on these isles yesterday for the Ben Nevis Huddle to raise funds for Celtic FC Foundation.  The Foundation anchors our club to its founding principles, working locally and worldwide towards four goals:

Improve Health
Promote Equality
Encourage Learning

Tackle Poverty

It survives because lots of ordinary Celtic fans step forward, or put their hands in their pockets, because they believe Celtic is a lofty and noble cause.

If you’ve not been able to support any of the climbers direct, inspiration for the event is primarily the responsibility of Mark Cameron, you can find his Foundation linked MyDonate page here.

If you’re in business check out The Celtic Network’s new Service Finder’s opportunity to market to Celtic fans.

Visit the CQN Bookstore to get Tommy Gemmell to sign your personal copy of his book, All the Best.

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  1. Paul 67



    Climb every mountain.



    Why can I not get The Sound of Music out my head when I read that?



    I think they are mad, in the envious nicest possible way of course.

  2. neil canamalar lennon hunskelper extrordinaire



    13:31 on 29 June, 2014



    Interesting wording by reuters in the last three paragraphs.


    So UEFA are investigating the Serbian FA mmmm









    I loved the line the Serbian FA gave in their defense in the last para.



    I paraphrase ” Red Star need CL money to stay alive”



    I wonder how the SFA will defend their approach to administering fair play?

  3. ....PFayr supports WeeOscar on




    Agree re Forrest



    Some folk only see what they want ..James is frustrating at times …but he’s light years ahead of most of our other winger options

  4. ....PFayr supports WeeOscar on

    FFP ….acceptable to breach it if you’ve buckets of cash to pay fines



    Rigidly enforced against smaller ,vulnerable teams



    Sickening hypocracy


    Not entirely sure who climbed the mountain,but I know one person who did.



    My congratulations go to everyone who did so,but particularly to TROONTIM.



    Well done,that fella.



    And well done everyone else!

  6. A self serving post, well done to westendtim junior who made it to the top with his bagpipes! A great effort by everyone! He made westendtim very proud while I am sitting here on the injured list.

  7. cowiebhoy



    13:37 on 29 June, 2014


    Been summoned, Cath you all later



    Hail Hail






    Does mrs cowiebhoy know about cath :)

  8. What a fantastic effort from those yesterday who scaled our highest peak.



    It’s reassuring to see so many supporters who continue to value the founding ethos of Celtic.






    Well done TT and to your Bhoy WET.



    Hail Hail

  9. Nice one huddlers


    Paul any idea roughly of how much raised?


    Good day for the founding ethos as I believe there was a lot raised in Dublin last night too


    HH to all.

  10. Dallas Dallas where the heck is Dallas on

    Hamilton Tim, further to you post at 12.07 about the England fan who had part of his ear bitten off and the inaction of those around him.



    Harry Smith is a Scottish ITN reporter. The day after the Clutha tragedy he tweeted ITN colleagues had said to him why no one isnside the pub had filmed that tragic event. He replied they were too busy trying to help the injured and assist those who were trapped.



    The media driven society we live in has promoted a film rather than assist mentality in some.



    Well done to those who did the Ben Nevis huddle, tremendous.



    Nir Biton could be a crucial player for us next season, he does simple things well and keeps the ball moving, in my mind, a very important part of today’s football.

  11. Leftclick


    Thanks v much for that.great figure raised by those taking part.





    Take a bow mhate.well done indeed



  12. Surprised to see Stephen Mouyokolo released. Thought that lad had looked good before he picked up his injury.

  13. leftclicktic We are all Neil Lennon on

    Dallas Dallas where the heck is Dallas



    Nir Biton impressed me with his Pass and run into space looking for the return pass.


    simple & effectiveCSC

  14. skyisalandfill on

    Programme called Celtic True Food on sky ch 191 at the moment. Looks light years away from the ‘delights’ proffered in Jock Stien lower.








    14:38 on 29 June, 2014


    Programme called Celtic True Food on sky ch 191 at the moment. Looks light years away from the ‘delights’ proffered in Jock Stien lower.









    Well,if you canny spell Stein,you shouldnae be surprised when they advertise pish as a pie.

  16. bournesouprecipe on

    I hope Samaras has another good game tonight for Greece and he gets the club of his choice, probably back home in his native land. It’s an unusual situation Celtic fans and Samaras have been left in, and Celtic have been less than forthright, leaving the cyber conspiracy theorists and board haters to run amok.



    World Cup hero or not Georgios’s capabilities fair splits the Celtic support and his career at Celtic despite another Celtic silence we’re left to deduce is over.



    To me it’s not difficult to understand that earning 20k per week and never getting back round the table, never mind getting an offer when viewed in conjunction with the overall Samaras contribution, really is self explanatory.



    Despite Samaras’s obvious public show of disappointment let there be no mistake he wasn’t willing to stay, in the wage bracket that Celtic felt his endeavours merited.

  17. bournesouprecipe on

    Steven Mouyoklo has played in just 66 games from Chateauroux to Celtic over a period from 2006 to 2014.

  18. Just like to say a big well done to all who done the climb and raised money.


    Can’t wait ’til the season starts and I take my seat in 401, first ST since we stopped the deady bears 10IARow attempt.


    This armageddon lark’s wonderful, roll on Friday and the Fife riviera.



  19. GuyFawkesaforeverhero on

    Praiseworthy effort from everyone who reached the summit on what wasn’t the best of days going by the photograph.



    Looks like more than one hundred Celts huddling in front of a camera positioned above them.



    How does that work?





    Working to promote health, improve equality, encourage learning and tackle poverty.



    Four pillars of decency we can be proud to associate ourselves and our Club with, generally.



    One simple specific statement from the Club to advance the fourth pillar would be very welcome.

  20. ....PFayr supports WeeOscar on




    How do you know that Sammi wasn’t going to sign up under our current wage bracket …he said he wasn’t made an offer …do you know different ….genuine question



    Myoukolo …waste of time …always injured, slow and far too robust a defender to play for CFC in the SPL …MIBs would have a field day



    Anybody know who is televising the 5 pm game tonight …cannae find it on TV schedules

  21. Aulheid



    Thanks for posting this – “UEFA said it would also investigate the Serbian Football Association (FSS) for licensing Red Star to play in the Champions League despite being aware that the club were in violation of financial rules.”



    Question: do the same rules not apply to teams under the jurisdiction of the SFA? If so, will there now be a proper investigation of the past crimes of Newco, or do you think there will be no attempt to right the wrong perpetrated on all other Scottish clubs?

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