Stunning work by Celtic supporters


Five years ago when CQN’er Kano was confined to hospital with a debilitating illness Pablophanque was first to issue the call, “We need to raise the money to bring Kano home”.  In the weeks which followed the Bring Martin Home campaign launched.  The campaign succeeded and then some; the Kano Foundation is its lasting legacy.

While working in Holland in May 2011 Pablophanque took ill suddenly and died a few days later, leaving two young-adult children to deal with matters a long way from home.  As the news filtered through of his death, the call went out in the comments section here to raise money to bring his remains home.  One day later Pablo’s son was told the money was there and to confirm arrangements.

Pablo’s estate has recently been settled and his son and daughter wanted to repay the generosity shown to them when they needed it most.  Mary’s Meals are now in receipt of £4500 from them towards our CQteN Malawi School Kitchen Appeal.  It is an enormous gesture by two young people and shows the level of appreciation they have to those who helped them in 2011.

Raising money is hard and I remember telling Pablo his idea was ambitious, to say the least.  There has never been a spontaneous movement like Bring Martin Home and the Kano Foundation.  Many of those who made the call for Pablo were inspired by Bring Martin Home.  The cumulative impact of this generosity is quite stunning.

My thanks to Pablo’s son, daughter and brother for this fantastic support, inspired, as it was, by the wider Celtic community. I never use the ‘Greatest fans in the world’ line, largely as I don’t think there is much competition, but the Celtic support are among the finest human beings you could hope to meet.

Thanks also to everyone who booked a seat or table for the CQteN St Patrick’s Day Party at the Kerrydale Suite on Friday 14 March, where we hoped to raise the bulk of the money for the school kitchen.  If you want know what it’s all about, read Friday’s article.

All 470 tickets for the event have gone. Any applications received from now on will go to the waiting list.

Brilliant response. Many thanks.

There are just a few posting days left to order your CQN Annual in time for Christmas.  £5 from every sale is going towards the Malawi appeal, get yours here:

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Sean Fallon, Celtic’s Iron Man:

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  1. Gene's a Bhoy's name on



    inspirational post about inspirational people. Proud to be part of the Celtic family








    That is a stunning gesture from them.



    A great tribute to their Dad’s memory,who clearly brought them up very well indeed.

  3. 67Heaven ... I am Neil Lennon, supporting WEE OSCAR..!!.. Ibrox belongs to the creditors on

    the exiled tim-free the dam 5



    11:56 on 16 December, 2013



    Are Barca getting a bye….hehe






    11:59 on 16 December, 2013








    Btw,booking the CQ10 for Gold Cup Day.



    I’ll need an acca on all the winners,or I won’t make it.



    Or I could just tap DELANEYS DUNKY’s cousin,I suppose.



    I hope it goes well. Sounds as though the idea has really fired the imagination.



    Well done,bud.

  5. Getting to know some of you on here and simply


    Being a small part of CQN has been a privilege…


    From the kano fund to wee Oscar the way we have come together abd people’s time of need has been simply breath taking and makes me again proud to be a very small part of.


    Collectively you all make such a massive difference to others …


    Really really proud of you all…



    Paul… You started something amazing… For that … Thank you



    Hail hail

  6. Paul67 – brilliant post about a magnificent gesture by people who support a unique club.


    Lifted the spirits a bit on a dour Monday.

  7. Gene’s a Bhoy’s name, indeed.



    BOBBY MURDOCH’S, you’re right about that imagination thing.



    pauloantony, none of this was in the plan.



    tomtheleedstim, mine too.

  8. At trip to Gretna Gateway with Mrs MB Was made all the nicer as l met Jackie McNamara Simon Donnelly and Darren Jackson. and most of the back room staff on their way back from their Christmas doo in Newcastle.



    Had a lovely we chat with them and wished them all the best for the rest of the season

  9. Exiled Tim…



    I agree with your last 8….but…



    I have a wee sneaky outside bet that galatasary will nick it v Chelsea.



    No logic involved just a gut feeling and the need to give a fiver to the bookies!!!

  10. Been off reservation for a few days and I log on to this post Paul 67, great post and a truly humbling feeling to be part of this tremendous blog and wider Celtic family, all on TB’s birthday..



    Shine on those who have left us way to early..




  11. NatKnow - Supporting Wee Oscar on




    11:00 on 16 December, 2013



    Just in to say…





    NatKnow – Supporting Wee Oscar





    From the other day – I apologize for not replying to yer point about me always being on here moaning about the ‘bored’ buying cheap – yer right – thats what I do.


    You were also correct when ye pointed out that I was slating the ‘bored’ for overspending on Balde n Pukki – again ye were correct.


    To clarify – the ‘boreds’ buy cheap-sell dear policy has more or less asset stripped the quality of the product on the pitch to the point were the same ‘bored’ had to, slash £100 off the price of a SB(not as a charitable gesture-imo) as, the crowds began to fall.


    Now, Celtic officialy say that they’ve spent what ? £5 mill on Balde n Pukki ?


    Ye see, when the Celtic spend money – they make an erse of it. imo


    Or, are the transfer fee’s that are quoted the correct ones ? Dunno – have to take thier word for it. Still can’t believe that no one at CP rated Johnny Russell ?


    Then again, are Bade n Pukki actually, not bad players – just badly managed ?



    If ye reply – I’ll read it the morra – have to go Off oot.



    Oh, afore I go – BMCUW – thanks for yer reply the other day – take care.


    Hail Hail – Off oot.





    No worries Kev -I’m sure you’ve got better things to do than respond to my cheeky ramblings! Thanks for taking the time to reply.



    I would agree with you that the reason for Celtic offering a discount on season books reflects a concern re: shifting tickets rather than being an act of generosity. A “market correction” if you like.



    I’m not sure if I’d agree on the reasons why this was required in the first place – beyond the fact that they were concerned about the uptake on season books. There are a lot of factors that come into play – as can be seen from some of the comments on here recently when posters have stated that they will not renew because of the manner in which Celtic handled the recent problems at Fir Park. So I personally don’t think it’s a single issue – the product on the pitch.



    That’s not to say I think we’re doing great in that respect either. Perhaps we could have spent more wisely. Problem is that, as you point out, we are not privy to the details of the deals that are done. The numbers that get bandied about tend to come from the media. I’m not sure I’d trust these – given their track record on inaccurate reporting.



    One thing I would agree on is that we have much more direct evidence of the quality of a player like Russell by virtue of the fact that we can watch him week in/week out. That’s not the case for many foreign players – and this lack of information is an inherent risk in our strategy. My understanding (again from MSM reports so how much value do we place in it?) is that, while John Park rated Finbogasson, he couldn’t sign up to the notion that the player was worth what was being asked for (somewhere between £5M-7M if reports were to be believed).



    Of course, none of that explains why we don’t have Russell or McKay-Stevens in our team today. Again, there could be many reasons, but I don’t believe it’s because our scouts haven’t looked at them – I suspect it’s because they have looked but dont see Value For Money. And VFM is the stated strategy. Now you could (and do) argue that we are not getting VFM at present. The counter-argument would be the profits made on recent player sales (Hooper, Wanyama, Wilson). However, as others have pointed out, you need to kiss a lot of frogs before you find a prince.



    For me it all boils down to where this strategy leads us in footballing terms. My view is that, while this approach may allow us to stay well ahead of the local pack, it will never allow us to (for example) win the Champs League. It may allow us the occasional shot at it – but it would be remarkable even to get to the last 8. Until we have other income that allows us to compete with the bigger budget teams I don’t see us doing more. A better opportunity might be available in the Europa.

  12. That is a fantastic gesture by those two young people. A great credit to Steve and all connected to them must be very proud of them.




  13. Shieldmuir Celtic on

    Great to hear of the Malawi connection. This reminds us of what Celtic is all about. As a coincidence, our parish of St. Mary’s Stirling is twinned with a parish in Malawi. I was able to bring three Malawi visitors to Celtic Park for the Aberdeen game. They were guests of the club and were warmly welcomed by many fans in true Celtic fashion. Brother Walfrid would have been proud.

  14. Great story Paul, very heartening indeed.


    Some of you may know that a signed Celtic top was for sale on eBay, proceeds to The Little Sisters of the Poor, Wellburn, Lochee, Dundee.


    The shirt was sold this morning for £250.00 to a Celtic fan who is currently living in Azerbaijan of all places.


    Many thanks to Paul 67 for publicising the sale of the top and to Eddie the buyer.



  15. Pablo gave time and joy and comfort to others less fortunate, that was his way. Pablo’s kids… well they stepped out of his shadow and did likewise, their way.

  16. Re McCoist’s “side step”:



    Perhaps it is his “So long and thanks for the fish” moment assuming he has read Hitchhikers Guide to The Galaxy and does not associate fish with any Tim Friday tradition.



    He knows the belt will be tightened, so need I say more?

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