Sturgeon’s unsubstantiated innuendo against Celtic


Nicola Sturgeon, used her PR stage yesterday to posing a question implying Celtic were actively breaking Covid rules, which is clearly untrue.  The First Minister said:

“I have also seen some photographs, and I don’t know the full circumstances, that would raise a question in my mind about whether all the rules elite players have to follow in their bubble around social distancing are being complied with.”

This is a rhetorical device of those practised at manipulation.  Throw in an “I don’t know”, which technically negates what follows, but allows you to make any unsubstantiated allegations, even those you highly suspect to be untrue.

She has responsibility to set the rules and ensure they are monitored.  If she is unhappy with the rules she sets, she should own that responsibility.

This crisis is not a game.  Our First Minister used her position yesterday to throw unsubstantiated innuendo in the direction of Celtic.  Our political leaders need to be responsible when they make unsubstantiated comments THEY KNOW will stir up anger and resentment against a club who only hours earlier complained at not being protected from sectarian crime.  Cut the innuendo crap and find a better government that Boris Johnston’s to shadow, pretty much the entire planet is outperforming them both.

She is a clever politician who knows what she is doing and is taking us for fools.  I have no doubt how this played in the demographic she was aiming for.

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  1. A thread which everyone should read –



    An extracts below:



    “Celtic’s revenue for fiscal 2004 was 69,020,000. If I simply adjust that for UK inflation through 2019, that results in 95,660,084. The CEO’s total compensation for his 1st full year ending in June 2005 was 298,961. The pre-pandemic fiscal year end figures for June 2019 were 83,410,000 in revenue and total compensation to the CEO of 3,549,026. That is an average annual increase of 1.27% in club revenue vs 19.33% average annual increase in CEO compensation. UK inflation average was 3% per year according to the Bank of England website.”

  2. A serious lack of judgement on Celtic’s part to take the trip at this time.



    Mainly since the supporters who’ve paid for season tickets have not been able to attend a game yet this season, and it’s looking highly unlikely they will for the rest of the 2020/21 season. Selling season tickets next year will be hard enough, lost the 10, will fans be allowed to games, highly unlikely Celtic will splash cash in these conditions on marquee signings, but they do have the dosh for a team jolly to the middle east. Fans money, fans who aren’t getting value for money, fans who aren’t sitting by a pool drinking pints. This is the reward for relative failure The optics are not bad.



    Secondly, unnecessary travel during a pandemic is not good. We’ve all missed holidays and trips, we’ve all had to adjust how we work.



    Thirdly, as the only Scottish on a winter “training camp” just now (when there is no shutdown) and for whatever reason others are not doing the same, makes this an open goal for any new commentator. Sometimes it’s not enough to do the right thing, you have to be seen to be doing the right thing.



    As I said, the optics are bad, and this is a serious misjudgement by Celtic.



    Incidentally, if one Celtic player comes down with COVID after this trip (whether that player was on the trip or not) will provide a negative narrative for weeks to come. Bad press Celtic can dearly do without.



    This is a PR fail.




    As you say it’s not my job. It’s not my job !



    The need amongst many for a c/h. Is well know for months especially after bit was apparent Duffy was not the fit .



    So the planning surely started then ! Ready for window. If the need was becoming more urgent in the lead up it mus have went critical in the week before when our main c/h got injured long term .



    My point the club have not been able to bring in an adequate player for window opening is worrying have we not identified one we were not caught on the hop with our need what is going on ? I can’t think of any reasonable explanation as to why we don’t have a new center half in the door .



    It’s a dereliction of duty !




    You’ve absolutely nailed it mate, especially with the last bit about the disaster of a positive Covid test or tests at the end of this. That would put the tin hat on it.



    Be interested to see who found a way to blame it on the SNP?

  5. Bhoy From The Boyne on

    Benkovic’s Cardiff City loan deal has been teared up and he is heading back to Leicester.



    Will we take him?



    Could do worse but I would still want another CH (and RB) added this window.

  6. Rolling stone


    The average salary of a FTSE 100 CEO was £3.6m in 2019 – so our CEO is extraordinarily well paid given our turnover.




    Something’s up for sure. He flew home “for family reasons” and now this?



    You wonder what else could go wrong and you dread to think.

  8. lets all do the huddle on

    Sometimes it’s not enough to do the right thing, you have to be seen to be doing the right thing.





    celtic are never seen to be doing the right thing to anyone outside the club anyway

  9. !!BADA BING!!



    Therein lies the problem , he wouldn’t put up with an accountant managing his squad .



    Maybe he would take the job because its Celtic and he’s a strong character , then again so is Lenny.

  10. The Battered Bunnet on

    I don’t think Paul is particularly political. In my experience of him he’s a pragmatic person and forms his opinions around sound principles.



    He’ll tell you himself his identity is neither Scottish nor Irish, working class nor middle, social nor capital. He finds his own way, and above all, his own way is Celtic. Paul’s identity is Celtic.



    Celtic’s big dream is playing in the EPL. It’s been the big dream for over 20 years now.



    The SNP’s big dream is independence for Scotland. The nearer this dream comes to fruition, the further away Celtic get from the EPL. Independence has been a mainstream political position for as long as Celtic have coveted a move to the EPL. It is now pretty much the majority position in Scotland.



    On this basis, it should come as no surprise that Paul opposes the SNP, and he’s quite entitled to. The more the opinion polls solidify around a majority for independence, the more we should expect Paul to write this sort of article. It’s his blog, and these are his views.

  11. Well the accountant will continue to stick his oar in on the squad and recruitment whoever the manager is ,until the said accountant is removed.

  12. Bhoy From The Boyne on

    I have never understood why professional footballers would want twitter or any social media a/c’s unless they are looking to promote/sell.



    Just seems like an unnecessary distraction for professional sportspersons.



    Hope all is well with Duffy in his personal life.

  13. fourstonecoppi on

    JAMES FORREST on 6TH JANUARY 2021 12:34 PM


    It’s just that I marvel at this stuff ….


    For nearly a year now, this blog has been morphing into the PR wing of unionism.


    I just find it … remarkable.



    JF, It beggars belief. I would use any conduit for independence, the right of self determination. We can then set up our own future wether its with the SNP or a Scottish socialist government or whatever, it will not be the tories in westmonster.


    It seems to be ok for Ireland to have that right but not Scotland. I might add some negative opinions on the SNP/NS/Independence may well come from those who are cosy and have their Irish passports, a right denied to me because of my line thro’ great grandparents,. This in turn denies myself and my children the right to be European. As for the Nicola Sturgeon/ SNP debate about wether they are courting the huns or they are actually a bunch of huns themselves……..dear o dear!. One must live a very privileged life if thats the main concern.



  14. @ GENE on 6TH JANUARY 2021 12:59 PM



    I think the lowest turnover of a FTSE100 comp is roughly £400/£500m, so yes, ridiculously overpaid.



    The rest of the thread is interesting as well.

  15. I get the article.


    I don’t get the absence of any criticism directed at our highly paid CEO, for numerous bad decisions.



    TBB . 12.34 .


    That’s a very harrowing link . Thanks for sharing. I hope you don’t mind if I share the link further. HH




    The concept I find it hard to wrap my brain around is the idea that an independent Scotland we’d all be ethnically cleansed because apparently the Peepul who couldn’t muster the brainpower to see their own club’s demise coming, and couldn’t organise themselves to stop it are suddenly going to find political nous they never knew they had and tap into a wellspring of fascistic hatred they never dreamed existed to actually run the country as a sectarian state.



    As if we’d just roll over for that.



    The truth is, and I don’t like to put it this way but it’s simply the fact of it, the guys on our side of the fence are smarter, better educated, better organised, politically astute and have the social conscience to boot. I have no doubt that it is good progressive people who would run the table in an independent Scotland. It’s pure fear-mongering to suggest otherwise.



    All the evidence points very much to the contrary.

  17. Ah, those were the days:



    “The 40-year-old Norwegian’s position had come under increased scrutiny following Sunday’s Scottish Cup exit to Old Firm rivals Rangers, and his summer exit was confirmed on Wednesday morning.



    “It is vital that the club comes first, instead of me being the focus,” the Norwegian said. “Hopefully now the team and the club can be the focus as we enter this final important period of the season.”




  18. MARSPAPA on 6TH JANUARY 2021 12:28 PM






    I doubt you’ve ever been taken for a fool , as for some of the rest of us / me definitely .






    Why only this morning I was branded a fool by Ernie. I’m still standing in the corner wearing my Dunce’s hat.

  19. Rolling Stone


    You are aware of course that the 2019 salary figure quoted includes LTPIP payment accrued over the previous 2 or 3 years (not sure which exactly). Whether the LTPIP is justified is a moot point. Actual annual salary is circa £1.2m, but you knew that. I am not related to PL, and I would like a new CEO asap, but accuracy improves the message.



  20. P8DDY


    You are on fire today, belting posts earlier.


    Keep on keeping on 👍👍



  21. spikeysauldman on

    Balornock Bhoy



    that said, I’ve had a few good time at LittleHill – well The Cairn !

  22. On Monday night President Trump, spoke in Dalton, Georgia, ostensibly in support of two sitting Republican Senators up for re-election, one of whom, Kelly Loeffler, shared the podium.


    “I don’t do rallies for other people,”


    “I do rallies for me”



    Nicola Sturgeon does not hold media conferences for other people,


    She holds them for herself



    Despite her handling of the Covid 19 Pandemic having been a complete and utter failure from March 2020 until now, and her government’s handling of the Vaccine process likely to be equally shambolic she still manages to find the time to mention Celtic Football Club. Not the Celtic FC whose players suffered sectarian abuse on arrival at Ibrox on the 50th Anniversary of a Disaster that took place at that very venue. Not the Celtic FC exposed to hateful bigotry on a day that was supposed to be one of sombre remembrance for the 66 Rangers supporters who died on January 2 1971. On a day for dignified commemoration.


    No the Celtic FC who left all of that behind for a short break in Dubai. That Celtic Football Club.

  23. FRIESDORFER on 6TH JANUARY 2021 1:18 PM



    Thanks for the comment. The LTIP was circa £3m+ over 2 years from recollection. Taken together with basic wage and other emoluments it provides a remuneration package of circa £3m per year.



    The LTIP replaced the old bonus scheme and, as part of a remuneration package, is very much relevant.



    Even his basic wage is an egregious amount given his predecessor’s wage and when comparing in both relative and absolute terms to the wages of CEOs in the EPL.

  24. You have to hand it to Not-Jacinda — she can spot an opportunity from 3K miles away.


    Struggling to offer any sort of leadership / cannot ornganise a needle party in a pharmacy …


    But she can spot a welcome squirrel when she sees it.



    For the record Not-Jacinda is still not as useless as PL.


    She will sack under-performers when required.


    Just not enough of them or quickly enough.




    For selfish reasons i hope we never enter the EPL …..the religious bigotry/hatred which is well documented on here would only escalate (imo) if we travelled every other week …. And DERMOTTS brothers in arms would no doubt be part of the package



    Season books might be priced out for ordinary familys who have been going for years together .



    Sponsorship and advertising would love it …. as a spectacle yip TICS all the boxes and would keep the glory hunters on board …..



    As for PAUL…. cant wait till the next golf outing, so i can ask questions face to face .



    As for identity he has one whether he likes it or not :))

  26. ERNIE LYNCH on 6TH JANUARY 2021 12:49 PM


    I see the Met Office have issued a yellow snow warning for Scotland.


    ‘Don’t eat it’.






    Tee-hee :-))





    ‘As for the Nicola Sturgeon/ SNP debate about wether they are courting the huns or they are actually a bunch of huns themselves……..dear o dear!. One must live a very privileged life if thats the main concern.’








    No ones main concern but it offers an explanation for the SNP government’s negative attitude towards Celtic and positive attitude towards the huns.



    Not a new thing of course. Some of us have memories that extend back even as far as MacKaskill’s comments about the wonderful atmosphere at the cup final and Graham’s comment about ‘evening up the score’.



    I realise that these things are awkward for the cult followers among the Celtic support but that’s no reason not to mention them.

  28. ERNIE LYNCH on 6TH JANUARY 2021 12:52 PM


    “Every public pronouncement the SNP make about Celtic is negative.


    And every public pronouncement the SNP make about the huns is positive.


    I wonder what they’re up to.”



    Exactly what every political party in Scotland does, to win votes!



    Remember ALL political parties in Scotland turned a blind eye to the sectarian employment policy played out in front them, not behind any closed or secret rooms, in a football club, in order not to lose any votes. It’s what they do. Sell their soul for a vote. por cierto.





    Sorry missed that one lol.



    Maybe i could sit next to you in the corner , you could let me copy you in exams, i would improve my IQ.