Sturgeon’s unsubstantiated innuendo against Celtic


Nicola Sturgeon, used her PR stage yesterday to posing a question implying Celtic were actively breaking Covid rules, which is clearly untrue.  The First Minister said:

“I have also seen some photographs, and I don’t know the full circumstances, that would raise a question in my mind about whether all the rules elite players have to follow in their bubble around social distancing are being complied with.”

This is a rhetorical device of those practised at manipulation.  Throw in an “I don’t know”, which technically negates what follows, but allows you to make any unsubstantiated allegations, even those you highly suspect to be untrue.

She has responsibility to set the rules and ensure they are monitored.  If she is unhappy with the rules she sets, she should own that responsibility.

This crisis is not a game.  Our First Minister used her position yesterday to throw unsubstantiated innuendo in the direction of Celtic.  Our political leaders need to be responsible when they make unsubstantiated comments THEY KNOW will stir up anger and resentment against a club who only hours earlier complained at not being protected from sectarian crime.  Cut the innuendo crap and find a better government that Boris Johnston’s to shadow, pretty much the entire planet is outperforming them both.

She is a clever politician who knows what she is doing and is taking us for fools.  I have no doubt how this played in the demographic she was aiming for.

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  1. Paul67,



    I agree with much of what you say. I think you might also direct some of your justified ire at the SMSM. They plied her with the ammunition; something they failed to do earlier in the season, when, e.g. the deid team played a friendly without the necessary permission.

  2. This place is reeking with paranoia, I could make a few subtle changes to some wording and it could be any old hun site.




    Add to mckaskill.DERMOTT , BRENDAN and LENNY the fatastic atmosphere and occassion whilst simply the best add ons are getting belted out and other great tunes .







    That’s my neighbour and luvvie in that scene – Mark Bonnar (big Celtic fan) – and from chatting with him the sheer scale of PPE, testing and other measures is of a very high scale for filming. They hire teams of people specifically tasked with managing COVID risk on a constant basis. They are fully aware that a positive case is a game changer for schedules and the knock-on impact huge.




  5. onenightinlisbon on

    Another party political broadcast whilst we implode both on and off the field. Would be fantastic if Paul actually commented on the position Celtic are now in and exactly why we are here.

  6. MARSPAPA on 6TH JANUARY 2021 1:47 PM









    ‘Add to mckaskill’






    What was McKaskill’s job at the time?

  7. Sid@1.30am



    “I’m sorry but you don’t get to tell me what has changed my views, how dare you.”



    Agreed- which is why I wrote “most posters and not a single blog” complained about this in advance.



    You are placing yourself in the group of “Not most posters” in that you arrived at this conclusion much earlier.



    Unfortunately, you chose not to express any outrage whatsoever about the trip when you arrived at this viewpoint and just naively thought the club would do the right thing.



    You arrived at this position that you knew the trip was wrong but you chose not to tell anyone , least of all, the cub, because you believed everyone would be on the same page as you.



    I take you, at your word, that this is and was your thinking. But you have to admit it’s not very convincing to be outraged at something you never said a word about for so long.



    And that applies to everyone else NOW stating their outrage, who chose to say nothing before we lost at Ibrox.

  8. Hi Bhoys



    Anyone have wee nicola’s email address tried to send one but it bounced back.



    Thanks in advance.




  9. JF @ 12.35



    Have I got this right — you are against the introduction of second teams into the SPFL pyramid?



    Have to disagree with you.



    Football in Scotland needs a comprehensive overhaul.


    Too much of the SPFL is second rate haddies escaping from family duties on a Saturday afternoon while too much talent is lost at 18 and 20 because they live in a teenage bubble with their own booster club and groupies insulating them from the real world.



    The reality that they are living the dream but not putting in the effort.


    Boot up the erse required along with a dose of reality.

  10. The Dubai trip will be worth it if it improves our collective levels of fitness.


    We ran out of steam after 60 minutes on Saturday.


    Big reason for the failure.

  11. Coolmore Mafia on

    I’d actually like to see a real referendum, where we are asked do we want to become independent, stay part of UK, or become part of Spain. No more Scotland, just Spain with a big bit of land north of England.


    Celtic join La Liga, a catholic government, sunshine, police battering huns instead of joining in. I’d vote to abolish Scotland in a second given that deal. Who’s with me?? We can make this happen.

  12. Not-Jacinda really has a brass neck you could mine — her government’s performance up against the CoViD19 pandemic has been shameful.



    She only looks good up against BoJo.



    She is bad and her support crew of civil servants and politicos are even worse.


    Fag Ash Lil is hopeless in tghe extreme — political shapeshifter grifting one last gig.




    I couldn’t care less what anyone does for a living , the mere fact they actually applaud and don’t condone what comes out of the vile pit is enough to irk me .



    I’m sure he was on a train at the time…politician?? .:))




    Anyway , you ,SFTB and a few others i wouldn’t normally converse with (all of whom i like ) because i don’t have enough intellect and maybe more important. memory to get involved . The themes/subjects you guys debate although interesting and educational are way above my pay grade ………..



    ps… THEORIGINALSADIESBHOY is no daftie :))))

  14. bhoywithseethrougheyes on

    “The demographic she was aiming for” would never vote for her in a hundred years, even if she offered them £1,000,000 each. Their blind loyalty to the union flag will be taken to the grave. That’s why I can’t understand her reluctance to tackle them on issues like the recent sectarian graffiti and the racist/sectarian abuse spat at our players, or ineed the the priest that was spat on for example. She’s losing no votes calling them out, her reluctance to do so baffles me.

  15. MARSPAPA on 6TH JANUARY 2021 1:39 PM







    Sorry missed that one lol.




    Maybe i could sit next to you in the corner , you could let me copy you in exams, i would improve my IQ.





    I wouldn’t advise copying from me!!!


    It reminds me of an old Bob Hope gag from one his “Road to …….” films with Bing Crosby.



    Guy says to Bob, “This is my brother. He’s twice as clever as me.”



    Bob replied, “ A half wit, eh.”



    Well I thought it was funny. 🤣

  16. bluegrass celt on



    what did you expect? Paul got a good response from yesterday’s squirrel so why not go for the double? Never knew there was so many Pro Unionists in the Celtic support but there ye go. Let’s attack Wee Nippy for Celtics morally wrong decisions instead of questioning the board’s ethics. Not to mention how we tackle the mess we find ourselves in or how we are going to turn things around.



    “The demographic she was aiming for” would never vote for her in a hundred years, even if she offered them £1,000,000 each.







    Not so very long ago you could have said much the same about the Celtic support.

  18. In a bit of much needed good news it looks like Georgia has voted Democrat – which means they will now control the Senate.

  19. Weebobbycollins on

    Well! Slaven Bilic, presently on a speed-boat to China, has got himself a new gig in the Chinese Super Duper League. So, we can scratch him off the list then…Good luck to the big Croatian!


    I noticed also that Mick McCarthy is back on the dole again. What timing! What an opportunity for a rumour…Good luck to the big Yorkshire Irishman!

  20. Rock Tree Bhoy on

    “this is what Scotland will look like when run by the Proddies”



    copyright James Forrest



    Thats the thing about the SNP – they have never come across as even handed when it comes to Celtic, look at the fuss they made about Boli Boilinger, then compare when deidco players caught out at a party, their response was to compliment deidco on their covid 19 polices, did we get complimented?



    Not in to politics in anyway, but I can easily spot someone in the pubic eye who is no friend of Celtic, Radio Short bread for example – asked the Deputy First Minister live on air yesterday, if Celtic would be allowed back in to Scotland when the Dubai trip is over. To be fair to the SNP DFM, after a short pause he said Yes.

  21. BLUEGRASS CELT on 6TH JANUARY 2021 2:14 PM




    ‘ Never knew there was so many Pro Unionists in the Celtic support but there ye go. ‘








    Aye, because Celtic fans have always supported the SNP.




  22. Coolmore Mafia on

    Madmitch-ok franco, I’ll give you that, but that was a long time ago, before twitter.




    That’s a cracker !!!… Brother-in-law is getting hit with that one ;)))))))



    aff oot , take care .

  24. ALMORE on 6TH JANUARY 2021 12:21 PM


    Now to read the article.






    No need mate. Same as yesterday.









    My job has me working closely with NHS colleagues. That article matches everything that I’m hearing from them.


    Worryingly…..and heartbreaking….the fatalities among already-exhausted clinicians is dramatically on the rise.



    Stay safe. Everyone. Please.



    HH jg

  25. Identity politics is all the rage.


    Emotion is in the driving seat.


    Reality is just something to ignore.



    In the US it is called Tumpism.


    in England it is called Bexit.


    Here it is called Nat Love.



    Same stupidity just different people to hate.


    All based on an inability to deal with reality.



    Just find someone or something to blame and you are in electoral heavan.


    Dictatorship of the stupid.



    However we still have PL in charge and he is even worse.

  26. Ernie, I see you are getting to play all your old favourites today, are we going to be talking about tory Scotland in the 50’s later?



    I always like that one.

  27. RTB @ 2.17



    Not into politics — then you are not into life.


    Get your erse into gear — get reading.



    Don’t let others do your thinking for you.

  28. TIMMY7_NOTED on 6TH JANUARY 2021 2:23 PM



    I’m more interested in what Sturgeon has to say about Celtic, and how it differs from what she has to say about the huns, both the tone and the content.



    It’s a useful insight.

  29. T7 @ 2.23



    We don’t need to remember Scotalnd in the 50’s to understand how conservative and narrow minded we can be.



    All we need to understand is Scotland today to understand how a “Tory” Scotland would look like.


    Same small minds / same small brains / same small horizons.



    Just wrapped in Tartan.

  30. bluegrass celt on

    Ernie, SNP would have been defunct after serving its purpose if we in Scotland had voted yes in 2014 so WTF are you talking about?

  31. Paul 67,



    My views on the Dubai debacle are well documented on here ( Prior to the hun game I may add ) .



    However it seems to be within the guidelines and with knowledge and indeed cooperation of the Scottish government. Surely there must be written documentation or E Mails to confirm this. Celtic should produce these and play the media.



    It is also totally hypocritical of this SNP government to condemn Celtic for lack of Covid awareness when they are not fully focused on beating the pandemic themselves. It is impossible to devote all necessary time and energy to a pandemic when you are constantly pursuing Indy ref 2. Even Jim Sillers has acknowledged this fact, and it is a fact.



    As for Celtic, why are we so slow, hesitant and submissive? We let ourselves down in our Tonev dealings in 2014 and we have been downtrodden ever since.



    Perhaps our biggest loss was Paul McBride in 2012.



    HH to all.