Sublime Celtic could break records, our DNA, spend to catch St Johnstone


Auldheid did an article for us over the summer contesting the notion that this season’s Premiership race would be more closely contested than recent seasons’. Seven weeks in it looks prescient. It’s not only that we’re four points clear with a game in hand, it’s the manner of most of our victories which is the most telling.

We’ve scored six, five and four twice in six league games, rendering the lack of a league clean sheet an irrelevant detail. On that subject, having watched Coulibaly’s goal for Kilmarnock over again I don’t think there’s much blame to attach anywhere. As Brendan Rodgers said after the game, Dorus de Vries was as far of his line as he should have been when play was >40 yards from goal. It was a Black Swan strike.

It’s difficult to say if we’ve missed Leigh Griffiths or not. We passed up a barrel load of chances at Inverness, which he may have been able to do something about, but the squad is so strong at the moment it’s impossible to say if Leigh would have been able to augment what we got from Moussa. Great to have both fit and ready, though.

Some of the football on show on Saturday was sublime. The passing speed and accuracy gave us time and space to open up Kilmarnock. It will be a different task no Wednesday but we have to challenge ourselves at this level.

I watched the Aberdeen-Newco game yesterday. For all Aberdeen took the points this game supplied more evidence that they are well short of the form which saw them as genuine contenders for most of last season. A catalogue of unforced errors saw them concede possession and momentum throughout the game.

They will still probably win Best of the Rest title, thought, as Hearts don’t seem to be able to put a run of performances together, Motherwell are far from the team who finished second three years ago, and Newco don’t seem to be able to score or defend to any acceptable standard.  Loved Souness suggesting they need to spend more money – a team already spending more than they earn!  And to what end, catching St Johnstone?  Ponder the facts behind your EBT, Graeme, then you might reassess what spending money chasing a football dream leads to.

As Auldheid suggested, these teams will take points off each other more than off Celtic. Records could be broken this season.

It’s in our DNA

74 Celtic fans have signed up to Sleep Out at Celtic Park on 12 November. Sleeping out in Glasgow in November is a non-trivial matter, but it’s being done to raise money to tackle the “torment of homelessness” for the winter ahead. Respect to all involved.

I’m not sleeping out but on Sunday I’m running the Great Scottish Run Half Marathon through Glasgow for the Foundation. The prospect feels non-trivial at the moment (though less onerous than sleeping out in November). Dozens of Celtic fans are also running for the Foundation.

The engagement right across the support to put something back in the tradition that started with Brother Walfrid in November 1887 is remarkable. We get it.

Not all of us can sleep out, or pound the streets for months in preparation, but if you can support any of these efforts please so. My MyDonate page is here.  Thank you.

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  1. Good Afternoon.



    What a great weekend’s football!



    Here are a couple of new pieces, which find humour in Sevco’s current predicament…



    One about media plans to cover up their league position …





    …and one about how Lee Wallace seems to think that Sevco have the best of everything… And I mean EVERYTHING!




    Using-or abusing-a recognised collective noun…



    A murder of stone-the-crows-they’re-really-garbage!

  3. Paul67 –



    Black swan strike?! A brave remark in this PC age in reference to Odile Coulibaly, shirley?



    What actually is a Black Swan strike?

  4. What a weekend. Does it get much better? And a holiday Monday thrown in for good measure. Just goes to prove that you can’t get too much of a good thing.


    Love the thread on Hunmedia, “If you could be guaranteed 4th place right now, would you take it”?


    Jelly anyone?




  5. From a TV guide:


    ” Ben Hillman meets Justine Noades and Ashley Pollak, who are so fond of Ibiza that they have visited the Greek party island eight times, and even got married there. ”



    Rodney got an `O` level in Geography, did he not?

  6. Early days yet. Our goal scoring exploits are spectacular however I don’t think we’re solid enough that I see us as being unbeatable. Post Euro matches away from home will be difficult. I’m more worried about Dundee than Man City.

  7. I did mention it ,but right at the end of the last blog.


    “Penniless Arcade”


    Jist pyoooor dead brilliant,bye the way.


    My last post on this was a tad more flowery,but this will do.

  8. Overheard two old horrible hurting hun bigots in Tollcross pool first thing this morning I won’t quote them verbatim the language would get me banned however the sanitised summary is as follows.



    We should have pumped the sheep they are rubbish.



    How shite is a league that one victory takes you from 7th to 2nd….(my particular favourite :-)) its a joke league (certainly made me laugh)



    All we need is a top class striker and we’d walk the league. We’d get one for 6 or 7 million……. (honestly this is true)



    The ‘tims’ are shite and are there for the taking.



    No surrender.



    Kevin De Bruyne is out for 4 weeks. He is a huge player for them, it’s a big boost for us.




    Certainly is fella, but we still need to keep our guard up.


    In fact, get Brendan to get the dressing room to watch the Gerard Butler film – 300 – before ko time and, take from that film, the unshakable discipline displayed by those gladiators under Gerard’s watch as, the hoops wil need that same discipline and shape as they, park-the-bus….take it from there.



  10. TheTimReaper, agreed, ’cause Silva and Aguero are useless when de Bruyne isn’t playing:-)



    Rowley Birkin QC, congratulations:-)

  11. BURGAS HOOPS on 26TH SEPTEMBER 2016 12:45 PM






    Describing an event that comes as a surprise.



    i think :)))




    Really?! OK that’s a new one to me.



    A Black Swan post of the highest order. :-))))

  12. DAVIDOPOULOS on 26TH SEPTEMBER 2016 12:50 PM






    An ignorance of Blacks Swans.



    Works as a description and a collective noun ;)









    The Spartans won that because they defended a very narrow pass. A bottleneck.



    It was a maximum of three-a-side in the area which mattered.



    Neil Lennon did similar v Barca,gave them the flanks but defended the narrow area of potential damage.



    Man City seem also to have the ability to cut a team open through the middle for their speedy strikers to pounce. Might not be so confident putting balls into the box from wide.



    Who knows,we’ll soon find out.



    Our front players will have to be on their toes to convert any chances we get,that’s for sure.



    And our midfield and defence will have to work like,erm,Trojans,to keep the marauding hordes out.



    Remember though that the BR project isn’t about this season. It’s about building from a starting point.



    I’m a happy Hooooooop so far!

  14. Saint Stivs says SACK THE BOARD on

    Erskine Tim



    Listening to their delusional no self awareness no surrender ness we are the people drivel truelly is the gift that keeps on giving.



    I blame their schooling.



    Do you travel on the Erskine bus ? Was on it on wed night. First time visitor.





    I hope you scrubbed yourself down with a wire brush and Dettol after sharing a pool wi them.



    Should be a health warning posted at the door,mate.

  16. Timmy 7



    Delusion taken to a whole new level with that mob.


    Some poor Sevcoite is on FF suggesting they’ll win the next 7 league games.



    I believe the last time they won 3 on the bouncy bouncy Katie Price was called Jordan and was wearing a training bra.



    No idea why she came into my head?




  17. I don’t know if you can attach any blame to Dorus for that goal, but I don’t think he has been any better with his feet than Gordon, and most people would agree Gordon is the better shot stopper. Interesting to think Fraser Forster would have been instantly jettisoned by Rodgers.



















    I still think Bitton has a lot to offer but his (non) tracking of Messi for the 1st 2 goals showed up his defensive frailties. We need to be able to keep the ball so I think we have to find a place for Rogic, so I’d go with the energy of Armstrong instead of Nir.



    Roberts was flying before his injury and hasn’t got back up to speed yet, but he will surely be fired up to show Pep what he can do. Forrest has been playing well but Roberts in full flow is on another level. Give him 45 minutes to see if he can recapture that early season form.



    I said at the time I would have been gutted if Simunovic was sold and I think he is starting to show flashes of his class. You probably don’t want to see our centre backs charging forward against City, but it’s a huge asset to have someone capable to stepping out of defence when the space opens up, rather than passing to a team mate who is immediately under pressure. He and Toure could make a very good partnership.



    Still, we are a team in transition, Rodgers is still searching for his best 11. I don’t expect anything other than a 3 or 4 goal defeat on Wednesday, but it doesn’t stop me dreaming of one more bit of Celtic Park magic.

  18. Saint Stivs says SACK THE BOARD on

    If you could choose a record to witness this season what would you go for ?



    Total goals in all competitions ? Did the. Lions score 200 in 6667.



    Most goals in the league ? Is ours 106 ?



    Beat the Scottish record of 132 league goals of hearts ?



    Beat a team by 11 goals ?



    Give sevco record defeats each time we play them. Currently stands @ 5-1.



    A player to match mcgrory 50 in a season.



    Undefeated league season.



    A Europa cup win ?



    What you want ?

  19. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    thetimreaper on 26th September 2016 12:39 pm




    Kevin De Bruyne is out for 4 weeks. He is a huge player for them, it’s a big boost for us.




    Certainly is. Although they are not exactly short of good players:-)


    Interesting to see which way they go. Nolito has dropped out with Gundogan’s return. Will he come back in and maybe go to a wider system?




    Thankfully the big fat huns tend to stick to the 3ft deep training pool, the 50m would be too big and scary for them. Bizarrely whilst in the training pool they never actually swim, they just walk…………….Oh hold on it makes sense now.




    Does anyone know what the record aggregate score is between Celtic and Rangers (the originals) over a 4 or 5 meeting season?



    The way we are scoring, we must be in with a chance of breaking it against their successors.

  22. They will look to exploit our right back position, it’s a known weakness.



    I thought Bitton was good at the weekend, we need a big performance from him. Hope he can add a more combative element to his game. Would also give Jozo the nod.



    Re record breaking – I would love to go the season unbeaten. Highly unlikely though. Mibbery….

  23. Silver City 1888 on

    A what now? I’m off to look it up on Google. What’s wrong with “Hail Mary?” Don’t play down our roots, Paul. Don’t play down our roots.

  24. No Bobby Does It Petta on




    Bhoys, looking for some advice/help.



    Have received a Parking Charge Notice for £85, for “overstaying” in a Morrisons carpark. The company is Parking Eye.



    Have googled and getting mixed noises … igonore … this company have started taking folk to court etc



    Anyone any experience ???

  25. CultsBhoy - sees right through Lawwell and the Board on

    St Stivs



    From previous post….



    My impression was that this was a run of the mill AFC v Sevco game in terms of trouble. There was plenty of jibes from AFC fans but relatively mild – ‘you’re not Rangers any more’ was sung a few times.


    I didn’t see any trouble outside although inside there was hostility at the section where they are separated. I think the build up was just another media fantasy trying to reinforce the false impression the Old Rangers Old rivalries are back..

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