Sublime Celtic, Morgan, Lennon, Caldwell, Budge


Jim McIntyre must wonder if accepting the Dundee job was his wisest move.  Losing 0-5 to Celtic does not get anyone sacked, but the ease with which the champions unpicked his team was alarming.

It was a sublime performance by Celtic, but in truth, it was so easy, you could not name a player who needed to deliver a top performance.  Rogic (fabulous goal), Forrest, McGregor, Sinclair and Christie dictated issues between them.  By halftime, all that mattered was to complete the game without injury, a hope which was unfulfilled.

I liked what I saw of Daniel Arzani.  He is reminiscent of a stockier Patrick Roberts.  We will get goals from him.  While Lewis Morgan treated us to the rare spectacle of taking corner kicks with both feet.  The first Celtic player to do this since Lubo?  This is an indicator of a deep innate ability.

While Celtic were strolling around Dens in second gear, Saturday’s opponents Hearts, were required to put a shift in to earn a point against Hibs.  Neil Lennon was assaulted by a missile at Tynecastle, days after a Hearts fan brought widespread condemnation for striking a pensioner with a thrown bottle on Sunday.  Although the uproar was not widespread enough to encompass the usually verbose Ann Budge.  Maybe if such matters were faced full on by Hearts they would be less frequent.  Neil’s former team-mate, Gary Caldwell, should consider the man has endured the most violent and persistent racist and sectarian abuse than anyone in Scotland for decades.  The good humour Neil maintains is miraculous.

As we hoped in yesterday’s blog, both teams above Celtic dropped points, meaning we moved above Kilmarnock and within four points of Hearts, with a game in hand.  The title push is well underway.

Releasing annual accounts on the evening of a game, that old trick!  If it was me announcing a £14m loss I might do the same.  Maybe pick up on this later.

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  1. Good article Paul67!



    Any news on Arzani?



    Someone posted on the last thread that he was out for the remainder of the season.



    Terrible news if true!

  2. What is the Stars on

    God Bless Peter Lawwell,keeping the Green flag flying despite the malcontents,begrudgers and naysayers

  3. What is the Stars on

    Arzani was forced on Brendan by Peter Lawwell



    We all know that


    The evil capitalist pig dog probably planned the injury so he could cash in the insurance policy



    Lawwell is The devil


    Wake up



    Cmon the 49ers

  4. Arzani appeared to be walking on the touch line after the game, so it looks like the injury was weight-bearing at that stage. Certainly he thought it was bad, the way he beat the turf when it happened.

  5. WITS


    Your pro Lawell digs at Celtic supporters posts are tedious.


    They come across as petulant and childish.


    I gather you are a big fan of Lawell so good for you.


    But why use that every time we play well to have snide digs at Celtic fans?

  6. Hope Celtic are in consultation with New Balance about our next kit being made of kevlar body armor to give our players the protection the cheat’s with whistles won’t.


    Dundee were a disgrace last night and the tactics would not have been out of place in a martial arts movie.


    The bravery of our players with their willingness to hold onto the ball despite numerous assaults was fantastic.

  7. That sleekit referee last night was the one behind the goal in the Inverness semi-final who “didn’t see” the handball. Continued the theme with the outrageous fouls committed. One for the watching. Other than that, a very good performance, which I hope will be replicated on Saturday. HH from a gloriously sunny Dundee (this morning!).

  8. WITS,



    I really enjoy your contributions. They make for me a respite from the incessant attacks on Peter Lawwell. He gets it in the neck from most on here, whether we win, lose or draw.



    Can you point out the incessant attacks on Lawell after last nights fine win as i seem to have missed them?

  10. traditionalist88 on

    Varying reports on the seriousness of Arzanis injury, lets hope its not too bad.



    8 or so weeks til the January window, lets hope we’re active. I don’t think we have a choice but to be.




  11. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Some very pleasing play. If we keep this up nobody will come close to us in the league.


    Getting the ball forward much quicker now.


    The third goal has to be up there with my all-time favourite Celtic goals. Not just the quality of the move, but that it came from three of our youth products.


    Delighted also with Christie’s goal. The type of off-the-ball run we have been missing since Armstrong left.


    Callum McGregor with a performance reminiscent of Joe Montana in Superbowl XXIV. Always said he should be playing deeper where he has more of the pitch ahead of him.


    Would have loved to have had Benkovic in for the AEK games.


    Pity about Arzani. Hope it’s not too serious.


    Bring on the Hearts!



    The third goal was a thing of beauty.


    Fantastic pass by Calum and instant cross by KT with JF timing run to perfection.


    The fifth goal was also delightful.


    A perfect ly weighted pass by Edouard onto a great run by Christie who scores with an exquisite outside of foot shot.


    Calum going deeper has allowed his passing to shine with the added bonus of freeing up more space for Rogic’s twinkling toes.

  13. Mark Warburton – 65.8% win ratio


    Graeme Murty – 62% win ratio


    Pedro Caixinha – 51.85% win ratio


    Steven Gerrard – 50% win ratio



    You wouldn’t think it though if you listen to the media.

  14. !!BADA BING!! on 1ST NOVEMBER 2018 12:32 PM



    Mark Warburton – 65.8% win ratio



    Graeme Murty – 62% win ratio



    Pedro Caixinha – 51.85% win ratio



    Steven Gerrard – 50% win ratio



    You wouldn’t think it though if you listen to the media.





    Shoosht you! ;-)))

  15. fanatic



    i think it was against the board after our win against hearts.



    i found it rather strange after a good win.



    but they are welcome to their opinion as is fanatic.

  16. To the happy clapping board possy, let us all unite…



    First, some advice for the mine shafters among you ( we try our best to eradicate such unsightly weeds but some unfortunately always get through ) .


    Before criticising our board or PL in his role you must set out a clear coherent business strategy for our club that is indisputably far superior and provably better in every way than our current custodians.



    If you can do that, speak up.



    If not, shut up.



    Oh and take a long look in the mirror before posting you contemptible begrudgers whilst asking yourself some pertinent questions!



    Are you really worthy of questioning our all conquering boardroom awash with corporate mavericks, the likes of which a generation seldom sees?


    Have you ever seen more consecutive attractive sets of accounts in your Celtic supporting lives? Well have you??



    As for the dissenters among you. Well you lot are idealistic, unrealistic ingrates who should only look as far as Govan for a cautionary tale to dampen your critiques. But you won’t, your so short sited compared to our visionary leaders in suits you can’t see two feet in front of you.



    For our board and PL in particular are clearly far more intelligent than you could ever be for reasons so nuanced and layered in detail it would give you a migraine just trying to work it out ( I don’t expect folk of limited intellect to fully understand this concept but please try ).



    Least you forget! ( though you probably will you dullard! ) .




  17. !!BADA BING!!


    Stevee Gee’s loan stars are pure brilliant.


    If it wisnae for systematic cheating by Scottish refs they would be top of the league by twenty points and already had the League cup displayed in the blue room.

  18. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Sevco released their accounts on Halloween and have attempted to disguise a £14m loss as being positive. Well, if you can pass off a dead club to appear as an alive one then pretty much anything is possible. The Scottish mainstream media meanwhile await instructions from the man of many faces to see how to dress up the figures.


    Chairman of the holding company which owns the holding company which owns, sorry “operates” the club says they can be reviewed in various ways. Maybe we could settle on “favourable”?


    On the field Steven Gerrard’s StevenGerrardsRangers finish the week with a third game without a win, although they did at least finally score a goal.


    Kilmarnock were spooked by an early goal from Alfredo MoreLoss (or possibly just spooked by Alfredo MoreLoss), but recovered to earn a point against the Gerrardiola steamrolling machine.


    At least the former Liverpool man will know there is plenty of money available if he needs to strengthen his team.

  19. Neil Lennon ,a goalkeeper an assistant referee assaulted, wee Nicola will surely call a summit at Holyrood,that trollope Budge said anything? Thought not…



    I rarely post about the suits.


    Posted the other day that i felt Lawells remuneration was to high in relation to performance and revenue of our club.


    PARKHEADCUMSALFORD claimed incessant attacks on Lawell wether we win lose or draw so i merely asked him to point me to last night and todays attack’s after a fine win.


    WITS constant attacks on Celtic fans is puzzling.


    Full marks to his support for Lawell but using every win to criticize Celtic fans who don’t share his viewpoint is petty and childish.

  21. weebobbycollins on

    Dbhoy….I may be of limited intellect but I know the difference between ‘short-sited’ and ‘short-sighted’… :-)




    WITS, really enjoy your contributions. They make for me a respite from the incessant attacks on Peter Lawwell. He gets it in the neck from most on here, whether we win, lose or draw



    *fully concur here, we hardly had a day to bask in the beautiful Sunday when the usual suspects aided probably by hunposters were on here with the usual diatribe. I have noticed in my lifetime people out there that cannae enjoy what they have for looking at others in a better position with envy. Give it a day and they’ll be back the morra.



    BTW I’m nae board lover past or present and nae happy clapper either. As a lhad I had no idea what the board member’s earned, in fact as most of them were CA’s and Lawyers I figured like the mhen that ran boys guild teams it was all voluntary and done for the love of the club and free entrance tae the games.



    Similarly at hades were their board members were involved in the construction industry.

  23. weebobbycollins on

    Bada…the Budge has indeed spoken about last night’s events….she blames Peter Lawwell…

  24. FAN-A-TIC on 1ST NOVEMBER 2018 11:56 AM



    PARKHEADCUMSALFORD Can you point out the incessant attacks on Lawell after last nights fine win as i seem to have missed them?



    *As I said they’ll be back the morra and BTW his name is Peter Lawwell.

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