Subplot: red card Scott Brown


We have two hugely important away games coming up, which will hopefully go a long way to determining the title, but I get the sense there is a subplot beyond that.  Too many stories involving the words: Scott Brown, red card and dangerous tackle, have crept into the lexicon this week, all on the back of a ball-winning, non-dangerous tackle.

If I was a cynic I’d suggest the scene was being set for Scott Brown to be the focus of outrage and demands for his dismissal at every challenge during a cup tie coming your way soon.

Once we have the important games out of the way we’ll talk more about red cards, and the likelihood of Celtic picking one up at Hampden.

After 5-0 and 6-0 defeats to Celtic in their previous two games, Dundee took a clean sheet from Celtic Park last month, and had chances to take more than a point from the game.  They have only won one game since, Saturday’s 5-2 demolition of Ross County, who they are nip-and-tuck with for the final top six place before the split.

Before that draw at Celtic Park, Dundee were on a seven game unbeaten run.  Their form is nowhere near as good now, so I don’t expect them to be as adventurous as they were last month.  They will sit-in and play us on the counterattack.  The aforementioned Scott Brown and however partners him in central-mid have important defensive duties ahead.

After scoring 16 in his 15 appearances since the turn of the year, Leigh Griffiths hasn’t scored in two games – the first time he’s failed to score in consecutive domestic games since last season.  Do not bet against him tonight.

Scotland’s biggest selling indigenous newspaper led with a powerful front page today:

“Confidential documents leaked from a secretive Charlotte Fakes expose how the grasping mega-rich elite hide untold wealth to avoid paying their fair share of tax, a plea to the poor and working class across the globe….

Wake up world and smell the corruption”

Well, almost. I added the “Charlotte Fakes” bit, which originally read “Panama bank”.

Concerns about how the leaked documents came into the possession of over 100 journalists didn’t get in the way of thousands of media outlets reporting the contents.

Ever wondered how the Cameron family could afford the very best education money can buy for their son, David? Now you know. Or have you considered that Leonel Messi and Michel Platini might one day be bunkbed mates?

You are free to ponder these questions without some poor sod having to pester the life out of police, prosecutors, football authorities and the Scottish media (at not insignificant personal risk), because most of the western world reacts differently to news of corruption than we do here in Scotland.

Congratulations to the Celtic Development Squad, who won the league after 25 undefeated games this season.  Take a look at their league table:

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  1. thomthethim for Oscar OK on










    Is JP talking about you?











    BSRUser Actions












    CelticFC SLO










    Received today from a very kind man, here’s hoping for a winning debut tonight at Dens



    – See more at: http://www.celticquicknews.co.uk/rogic-defending-derk-ability-counts/comment-page-14/#comment-2806898

  2. West End of East End on

    Interesting that Hamilton are a clear 2nd in the development league after reading about the good things some posters had to say about them on here the other day. I remember Paul Hartley saying that his son trains with Hamilton (think he was a ball boy at their game against Dundee) as they offer the best opportunity for young players to break through….

  3. Delighted with the 3 points on Saturday and a decent performance. Patrick Roberts looks tremendous! The comparisons to Messi mind you are farcical.



    Rather than being cynical, if you were being objective, you would say that it was a stupid tackle from Brown that put him in a position where the referee could have punished him. He was lucky to escape without a booking.

  4. Scott’s ‘master of disguise’ since returning from injury might be what keeps him under the radar of the refs.



    Personally I wish he’d do the opposite of Samson – shave the heid and regain the strength!

  5. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    Quite simple. Beat Dundee and we win the league.


    Aberdeen have a tough trip to Hearts. It will be made a lot easier if we drop points. The seven point gap is psychologically huge.


    Always thought the defeat to Hibs cost us the league in 2005, rather than Motherwell. Allowed Rangers to go to Aberdeen with hope. Would have been a struggle for them if we had been eight points clear. As it was, they went there knowing a win would take them to only two behind.


    Go do it Bhoys!

  6. GlassTwoThirdsFull on

    “Ever wondered how the Cameron family could afford the very best education money can buy for their son, David?”




    Have to say, Paul – it really doesn’t show!

  7. Gerryfaethebrig on

    Mike in Toronto 11.51am



    I enjoy reading who fellow posters favourites are, and very rarely disagree with any, well the ones I have saw, whether it be TB or Henrik, I loved MacAvennie but am afraid at that time he loved Jenny Blyth more than us…..



    P67…. I think the witch hunt for Broony is to get red carded the game before the semi final, as so,w have said we actually aren’t paranoid enough

  8. UK msm being very selective with their Panama revelations. Putin being the first to be attacked even though he is not in the leaked files . And then the Chinese and Assad . Demonise certain people from certain countries and ignore the fact that the majority of the tax cheats come from the US-UK etc.


    Panama is just one of several tax havens so we can imagine the scale of the dodging.


    Any Scots on it ?

  9. Gerryfaethebrig on

    Jobo 12.47



    So many of my mates have commented on Broony shaving his head, especially for the semifinal, your Samson comment made me smile, when Henrik ditched the dreadlocks the MSM was rife with that analogy …..



    Wishful thinking for them, don’t think we will have many players in the future who leave us then play with Barca & Man U

  10. The Resolute Mr Pastry on

    WESTENDOFEASTEND@10:57 – I don’t see Roberts starting tonight – he will probably be on the bench and msy not be used if things going well.




    I expect Mulgrew back with GMS playing off Griffiths:







    Lustig – Boyata- Svaitchenko- Tierney






    Brown – Biton – Johansen









    Subs: Bailly, Roberts, Armstrong, CKR, Mcgregor, Allan, Rogic.




    This would allow us to be solid at the back with Mulgrew pushing-up to give five accross the middle when attacking.




    I believe that ultimately we will play with three at the back when Simunovic is fit – ideal formation for Europe.

  11. Paul67,


    showing that league table with the postion of The Rangers; isn’t that, with all due respect to yourself, being disrespectful to “Warbsy”?



    (I call him “Warbs-y” as lots of Ibrox based staff seem to have that suffix and doing anything less might be, well, disrespectful (mind you Sasa wasn’t called Papac-y, for some reason.)

  12. thomthethim for Oscar OK on










    No way would he get the Donegal Stole ☺️





    Just Checkin’ . : > )

  13. ThetimReaper,agree with you about Broony,against the Jambo’s, another day he would have been red carted, sometimes he over does things,which I don’t like in him playing like that,if I was Ronny the next 3 games I would start with Rogic,McGregor or Bitton, have broony on the bench,can’t have players getting suspended, no good to the players or the fans,Was on to the ticket office for a ticket for Motherwell ,but all sold out,except the family section,so I’m looking for a spare,luckily I have one for this evenings game up at Dundee,

  14. Paul67 –



    “Or have you considered that Leonel Messi and Michel Platini might one day be bunkbed mates?”



    Are you suggesting that we could soon see Sly Stallone reprising his role as Captain Robert Hatch?!

  15. Kill Ultra



    Once Res12 has wound it’s weary course it’s possible some folk will be unhappy with the consequences, so there is no point giving them information that could be used by a hostile audience.



    Those funders got the bill direct to pay. No intermediaries and it had a breakdown that satisfied them.



    No more is required.



    We live in Scotland. Read Paul ‘s ironical point about our media and some poor sod having to push the matter to on his own. I suspect that must be Charlotte Fakeovers but what he faced is what Res12 has faced. Folk too ready to ignore or attack, the surprise has been the stab in the back from our own.



    With regard to my apparent closeness to PL I’ve seen him once since 2013 when he was dining with friends at an EK restaurant. I was there to meet the VideoCelts chap re publicity on Res12 and LNS. I said hello to PL and had my meeting. I’ve had no personal contact with PL since 2013.



    VideoCelts is not a fan of PL btw.



    If you signed up to Res12 for the same reason I did what is more important, getting the truth out or satisfying your unfounded suspicions?



    T Not 67. The only group of Celtic supporters who do not have disagreements is a group of one. Since you cannot have a group of one it follows that disagreements are part and parcel of the game when a group forms, but always with the same personal belief- doing what each individual believes is right for Celtic.



    The proof of the Res12 pudding will be in the eating not in the baking.



    Big Nan



    Canalamar and how he deals with matters he was directly involved in is not my or BRTH’S responsibility. Gies a break ffs.


    Up until very recently,no-one had heard of KILL ULTRA. I’ll accept his blog name explanation at face value despite only ever seeing the first part spelled as Cill or Kil.






    BIG NAN is well known and highly respected.



    Vive le resolution is a magic soundbite but it only works when people are on board.



    Now,I’m the first to admit that you can’t please everyone,and that in fact I used some shameful tactics to prise information from AULDHEID which he had previously been unwilling or unable to relinquish.



    However,our faith is in the resolution as there is no other option now available to us.



    Therefore our faith is in the four fellas who lead-and that word does not do them justice,imo-the resolution.



    If you are a Celtic supporter who wants justice done,and for justice to be seen to be done,if you are a Celtic supporter who has watched us getting royally shafted ever since you donned a scarf,if you are a Celtic supporter wi the conviction that right is worth fighting for,support the guys who are doing it for you.

  17. BSR 1.03



    Made me laugh.put glasses on you have the late Deidre from corr :-)




  18. Auldheid my comments to BRTH were not limited to Canalamar’s diatribes and were triggered by this morning’s ‘scum’ comments from you’re acolytes, but then you knew that didn’t you.

  19. Gerryfaethebrig on

    Anybody with a spare 22mins


    get on the Cqn magazine to Roy C’s article Celtic v Rapid, well done Winning Captains & co brilliant stuff, McStay was magic (Paul) Murdo McLeod scores from left back then misses an open goal, the bampot that gets sent off should have spent his next few days in the jail !


    Jamesgang the bams assault TB, canny believe we got a penalty at the bottle throwing incident !

  20. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on



    diatribes ha ha,


    You posted our correspondence and from what I read it backed me up completely, on both occasions you requested information you were given it courteously, you were asked to keep a confidence and you betrayed that confidence by posting it on your blog. Them’s the facts supported by your own submissions.


    You are not to be trusted its a simple as that, I will not be responding to your accusations any further, your a waste of time and energy. bye now.

  21. “all on the back of a ball-winning, non-dangerous tackle”



    I’m sorry Paul but there is no doubt it was a red and dangerous. Two feet and off the ground is a textbook red and could be dangerous in certain circumstances (The Hearts player held back)



    I agree that there is a either a clear agenda to get Brown sent off against Rangers OR people can’t help themselves from overlooking a good result and chasing the negative story regarding Celtic.

  22. McPhail Bhoy on

    I enjoy Phil Mac’s blog most of the time but the thing I don’t understand is why the deadline to reply to his email questions all the time? Why 48 hours or 24 hours? I get email requests (in work) all the time looking for information no one has ever given me 24 hours or 48 hours to answer anything, am I missing something?

  23. The Resolute Mr Pastry on




    Interested to read that Agbonlahor will face no further action on the ‘pipe-smoking’ escapade – believe that he was able to show that he was wearing his slippers at the time and therefore ‘in character’



    That story and another where Chelsea players are talked about ‘downing tools’ during Jose’s last days makes me wonder about the mind-set of the modern rich footballer, especially those in the mega-rich EPL.



    When they sign their first lucrative four/five year contract they are ‘made’ for life – most of them don’t even touch their salary, rather they can live day to day on income from sponsors and endorsements.



    They believe their enrichment is due to SKY/BT and the selling of Premier League TV rights throughout the world – therefore ‘playing for the fans’ comes a long way down their list of priorities – that’s why they ‘down tools’ if they don’t fancy the manager and don’t even contemplate the fans’ interests.



    It has been said that next season with the huge uplift in TV money, clubs could let fans in free of charge and still have the same income as they have this season – so why don’t they instead of further lining the pockets of agents and players?



    There appears to be no fans voice that players can hear and no fan loyalty from players, simply because they contribute only a small and decreasing share of a club’s income – in fact the only time they (fans) seem to come in useful is when a manager needs to be sacked – players are totally immune because they know, regardless of their attitude, some other club will come along and offer them a new contract.



    This apparent disconnect between players and fans will get worse before it gets better and there are even more ‘escape routes” opening up for them (Middle East/China etc) when they are out of favour, but still picking up £60k plus per week.



    I find it difficult to watch EPL matches now because I cannot put the sh** that goes on behind the scenes out of my mind.





    Fffs,argue about the semantics later on,bud.



    We have bigger fish to fry here.

  25. TET. Are you an altar bhoy who lives in a cave.





    A cave dweller , or troglodyte (not to be confused with troglobite), is a human being who inhabits a cave or the area beneath the overhanging rocks of a cliff




    Full Definition of acolyte. 1 : one who assists a member of the clergy in a liturgical service by performing minor duties. 2 : one who attends or assists : follower.

  26. glendalystonsils on

    Why , 3 days after the game are we still seeing headlines bemoaning the fact that Scott Brown was not red carded? Paul is right, the media are getting ever more desperate as we near the business end of the league season and particularly the semi-final.


    Celtic don’t go in for the same agricultural approach our opponents usually do ,therefore red cards for our players in league games are thankfully rare despite the unequal refereeing that we see.


    Cup competitions are quite different though, and it’s much easier for referees influence proceedings as we have seen recently, as there is no second chance in a one-off tie.


    I fully expect the MIB to be the main talking point after the Sevco semi final, even if we win.


    Wonder what odds I’d get on us finishing with 10 men (or even 9).

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