Substantially unlike Celtic


The statement from Bolton Wanderers joint administrator that Celtic agreed to pay “substantially more than the financial obligation” for Luca Connell is substantially unlike Celtic.

Bolton dropped to the third tier of English football in May, seven years after dropping out of the Premiership.  They spend 19 years mixing it in the top flight of English football, and, under chairman, the late Phil Gartside, were advocates of inviting Celtic and (then) Rangers into the league.

In 2009 Gartside, anticipating their place at the top table could not last forever, proposed a two-tier Premier League, with Celtic and Rangers invited to compete in the second tier.  Gartside understood what he called the “financial polarisation” would wreak havoc on clubs like his, as they over-reached trying to avoid the calamity of relegation.

Relationships with administrators are fleeting affairs.  Different people will soon be in charge, but Bolton will remain in hardship for some time, and Celtic will remain keen to build different types of relationships with a variety of clubs.  The “substantial” element of this payment was building affinity.

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  1. I see the Offishul Site, has updated the mug shots. Well at least they have deleted all the departees. No mugshot for Christopher or Luca yet and no academy additions. Ralston, Miller & Johnson remain official members of first team squad, The only wage thief featured is Compper with Benyu listed as out on loan along with out two yankee bhoys.

  2. So Napoli are the latest to express an interest in Kieran Tiernay are they.


    Big Pete expecting an offer he canny refuse from the Camorrah ra morra?

  3. Fool Time Whistle on




    I’ll keep plugging away.






    About time. Was looking at them last week & got fed up looking at long departed bhoys.



    Is it laziness or lack of staff that has a photo of the full squad inside the foyer at Celtic Park that still shows the previous & some might say discredited management team sitting front and centre?


    They are all Leicester City employees now!!!



    If they wanted to wait until we have all our new sigings in before they take this years snap, why don’t they find a decent one from last years treble treble and stick it up temporarily.



    Makes sense to me.



  4. Fool Time Whistle on

    David 17 @ 6.05pm



    That’s what happens when you don’t have the minimum fee threshold,


    Saha, his agents and Palace were happy to sign him and roll the dice.


    Saha was happy that being in the EPL would generate enough interest AND if not he was happy earning big bucks in South London.



    Players of good potential who are using Celtic as a stepping stone to the EPL insist on the minimum fee threshold so that they can serve their time in the SPFL but ensure that they get to talk to EPL clubs who want to sign them.



    Palace have just sold their right back to Man Utd for 50 miilion quid. I’m sure he’s a decent player, U21 England international and all but…50 million…FFS.



    No wonder Palace knocked back 40 million for their striker who’s been a threat to most EPL defences.


    If your RB is worth 50 million, then they can reasonably expect double that for a striker..




    Crazy Market CSC

  5. WEEBOBBYCOLLINS on 1ST JULY 2019 10:35 AM



    What I will say re the KT saga (always a saga where Celtic are concerned)….whatever the decision, get it done quickly…the uncertainty causes unnecessary angst within the support…personally, I don’t really care, I’ve been through it all before so many times–paddy crerand-kenny dalglish-charlie nic etc…however, the bhoy himself didn’t initiate this (I’m sure), so why is he getting pelters on social media?




    *Go back a wee bit further WBC tae yer namesake, the Juggler and Bobby Evans, as my da said at the time we always replace players that left with better, in the instance of Bobby Evans it was big Billy.



    I know there’s a bit of finger pointing at big gas meter but let’s not forget that KT is very pally with Paddy Roberts who has done no bad financially with moving around.



    When our then captain Kenny left he said later on it was because the Scottish game, which was pretty good at the time, was getting boring.



    Davie Hay said at the time that it was a sad day for the game north of the border when the Celtic captain, a young man at the time, left. As for Davie didnae leave voluntarily, he was pushed out the door by the Big Mhan.



    Also, how many on here have left hame for a better life/merr money, if it’s good enough for them then why not some players, they’re not all Danny McGrains.



    As for Joe Ledley, why not a short term deal until young Turnbulls fitness concerns are much clearer, widnae be any worse than Koka Kole who featured in the humiliation at the Nou Camp, he only played a couple more games for us after that.

  6. I reckon most if not all of the departees were contracted to 30th June so maybe Celtic felt they had to wait till 1st July to officially delete them. It was indeed annoying me to read old squad & see all the names not contributing. Apart from Compper, we do list Miller, Hendry, Morgan & Kouassi , there are question marks over the quartet but I wouldn’t be giving up on any of the 4 yet, regarding Compper what can you say, surely they can do some deal with him just to get his name off the fecking list.

  7. Palace would almost definitely have been relegated the last two seasons without Zaha and he’s contracted until 2023.



    Palace also know Spurs will come in for him at some point

  8. Young Ralston is not the answer at right back,gets caught out of possession, hasn’t the Pace to backtrack,also Henderson is another one who didn’t impress me the other night,so a loan to other clubs is there future,also I’m glad Celtic have cooled there interest in McNair,

  9. Fool Time Whistle on



    In the Heat of Lisbon





    Looks like Bobby Murdoch (without winklepickers) & the ginger to the left in Celtic tracksuit has to be John Fallon.



    One Iv’e never seen before.

  10. GreeninbingleyinOslo on

    I get the train of thought that says we should sell Kieran to Arsenal ASAP so that we all know where we are.



    But Arsenal are taking the piss with an opening bid of £15 million, then low-balling subsequent offers and offering the detritus in their squad as sweeteners.



    There’s a long time to go in this transfer window. I think it would be both good business and spiritually pleasing to tell them to feck off and get real, and wait. Arsenal aren’t the only game in town.



    If Kieran leaves us, which I really hope doesn’t happen, it should be for £35 million minimum and a big, big sell-on clause.



    What was it our previous manager said about rich clubs taking talent from Scotland on the cheap?


    “You’re buying the player, not the league.”

  11. I agree with GreeninbingleyinOslo ,fee should be at least 30plus before we start any negotiations, he is just as good if not better than andy Robertson.hh.

  12. prestonpans bhoys on

    Bada @7:25



    Yip watched that too, amazing stuff. Could almost be as amazing as the game at eight!

  13. Fool Time Whistle on




    Had another look at there..



    The guy in front of Bobby with the knitted “Celtic” hat on is actually wearing curled up winklepickers..




  14. Tremendous gesture from the football club, paying Bolton extra for Luca.



    Celtic class.



    HH. ?

  15. greeninbingleyinoslo



    We’re selling Kieran…


    Little by little


    Piece by piece




  16. Mullet and Co



    So 2 down with 5 to go. Judging by the players we have been linked with we look like spending the money in the bank.






    Ha ha, do you really believe that.


    They say the Huns are gullible.

  17. glendalystonsils on

    16 ROADS. on 1ST JULY 2019 7:37 PM



    We’ll probably never know how much extra we gave Bolton for Luca but if we had offered the minimum development fee it would have looked a bit like kicking them when they were down. I’m sure it would be well within our means but would mean a lot to them.


    The polar opposite of a certain defunct team whose personal greed ruined or damaged many another business.

  18. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on



    Where did you get the info?


    And were any of the other questions addressed?

  19. Canamalar it looks like OCD obsession on

    Just looking at our fixture list on the Celtic website and it’s all Saturday’s and Wednesday’s,


    We know that’s not going to happen, for a poke at the Telly and fixture organisers it would be funny to publish the fixtures on other days like Monday 10am to confuse them and make their alterations look reasonable. I expect they’d hate the idea their changes looked like they improved things.

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