Substantially unlike Celtic


The statement from Bolton Wanderers joint administrator that Celtic agreed to pay “substantially more than the financial obligation” for Luca Connell is substantially unlike Celtic.

Bolton dropped to the third tier of English football in May, seven years after dropping out of the Premiership.  They spend 19 years mixing it in the top flight of English football, and, under chairman, the late Phil Gartside, were advocates of inviting Celtic and (then) Rangers into the league.

In 2009 Gartside, anticipating their place at the top table could not last forever, proposed a two-tier Premier League, with Celtic and Rangers invited to compete in the second tier.  Gartside understood what he called the “financial polarisation” would wreak havoc on clubs like his, as they over-reached trying to avoid the calamity of relegation.

Relationships with administrators are fleeting affairs.  Different people will soon be in charge, but Bolton will remain in hardship for some time, and Celtic will remain keen to build different types of relationships with a variety of clubs.  The “substantial” element of this payment was building affinity.

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  1. 2nd XI for this morning’s game v St Gallen U21s





    Morrison Hendry Welsh Guttman


    Henderson Bitton Christie


    Morgan Griffiths Sinclair


    Subs Doohan, Okoflex, Dembele

  2. From JohnJames


    “I have been reliably informed that Brendan Rodgers agent has recently signed up messrs Tierney and McGregor and that their heads have been turned by the rewards that await in the EPL. It is just a matter of time and not if when Celtic lose them for a £45m combined fee.”



    Por cierto

  3. Por Cierto


    I have been reliably informed that JohnJames is not a source to be taken seriously.




  4. glendalystonsils on

    More pish flows from John James than the combined sewers of London , New York , and Paris.

  5. Looks like a variety of circumstances are conspiring to create the team we needed over the last few years (which is still largely a better coached version of Ronny’s). We hit a ceiling and the risk of losing those like Callum and KT for the wealth and experience of the EPL (now Scottish talent is de rigeur again down there after Andy Robertson and big Virgil) is high.



    It just ‘is’ but of course our model (whether the man with the heated driveway was there or not) is to buy at a certain price, grow them and sell for a profit. That won’t please those with net spend on their mind.



    Over the horizon, can the new version of Celtic continue the success of the previous version ? That’s the only question I’m focussed on. The rest is just noise.

  6. quadrophenian on

    Wasn’t there an ad from my youth that went:


    ‘Mbombo, mbombo, dey drink it in de Congo’.?


    Always popped up in my mind over some, what, 40 years or so…


    Tailor made chant?


    45mill for KT and Cal plus 9m for a man who has missed 74 games over 4 seasons. 54mill – we won’t have to qualify for Champs Cup for two seasons at this rate ;))

  7. TRADITIONALIST88 on 2ND JULY 2019 9:25 AM



    He left Newcastle because he he wasn’t interested in another contract, he wanted to be part of a project.



    I wonder what he found so attractive about the project at Dalian Yifang. If only we’d held out for him




    The current stewardship of the club has resulted in the club having £38 million cash reserves, improved infrastructure (Celtic Way, Lennoxtown etc.), domestic dominance and a cadre of young key players signed up to long-term deals.



    The coverage surrounding the transfer window ignores the fact that Celtic are calling the shots with any KT or CalMac deal. The club doesn’t need the money and will still be able to obtain a decent fee in Summer 2020 or 2021. It was great business getting these guys signed up on long-term deals.



    That doesn’t mean the club has a perfect record. We failed to land John McGinn, lost to a poor AEK Athens, lost Boyata for nothing and had to backfill the squad in January with expensive loans. The recruitment last season was haphazard.



    Still, it’s important to consider the bigger picture when it comes to KT and CalMac. I genuinely think they will stay another year.

  9. CELTIC40ME on 2ND JULY 2019 10:16 AM



    12 million a year AFTER TAX



    Brendan Rodgers was on something like £2.5 million at Celtic. Rafa was going to China regardless of Celtic’s plans. I imagine we got wind of that early.



    Wish him all the best. He might still become Celtic manager one day.

  10. traditionalist88 on

    CELTIC40ME on 2ND JULY 2019 10:16 AM



    His exact words were that Newcastle did not share his vision – which begs a question about why he went there in the first place.



    Clearly, Dalian Yifang carry great appeal – must have a very interesting project and very deep pockets. Not in any specific order of importance there of course.







    I think he’s played the Toon fans, just like I think we were used in his negotiations with Newcastle for a new deal.



    I dont see much wrong with him going after some easy money for a couple of years but it does take some nerve to talk about projects being more important than money when you’re walking into one worth £12m a year netto.

  12. BHOYLO83 on 2ND JULY 2019 10:47 AM








    St.Gallen pull one back right at the end of the first half






    Lennon OUT

  13. quadrophenian on

    Olly Ntcham – has he travelled to Austria/Switzerland?





  14. QUADROPHENIAN on 2ND JULY 2019 11:01 AM


    Olly Ntcham – has he travelled to Austria/Switzerland?










    Played at the Euro U21s. On his holidays now but all signals suggest wants back to France…

  15. QUADROPHENIAN on 2ND JULY 2019 11:01 AM


    Olly Ntcham – has he travelled to Austria/Switzerland?












    He only finished playing for France u21s late last week. Most likely having a holiday as he won’t have had time off yet.

  16. Meanwhile in a parallel universe…



    “Manager Steven Gerrard is ready to trim his Rangers squad following their pre-season training camp in a bid to raise the quality”



    In Celtic speak, He is keen to offload the under-performing, over paid Dud’s he signed last summer

  17. SIX goals in under a week for Griff. Isn`t that what he scored all last season?




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