Successful managers are an incredibly rare breed


I think it pained us all to see the inglorious departure Martin O’Neill made at Sunderland.  He will always remain a hero at Celtic, where he transformed us from a sleeping giant into a Champions League team, but his subsequent record is mixed.  He earned a fair return for his spend at Villa but was helpless to prevent the decline of his boyhood favourites, Sunderland.

Eight years after he left we can view his achievements with perspective: fabulous, but Martin falls behind Neil Lennon in scale of achievement.  Not only did Neil reach what we used to refer to as ‘the next level’ in Europe, he did so against an enormous redistribution of financial power in Europe.  It will be a long time before we trouble the Deloitte Top 20 list of football earners (or spenders).

When Sunderland replaced the student of the game with a showman they lost the sympathy with neutrals, some of their own fans and even the odd Miliband on their board.  A dead cat bounce saved them from relegation in May but living with a showman month-in-month-out is harder than enjoying a few outings at the theatre.

Sunderland’s experience demonstrates how few good managers there are and why they are prized so highly.

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  1. jude2005 is Neil Lennon \o/ on

    If you see those big white 20 signs painted on the road make sure ur doing 20 or less. A friend of mine got a £100 plus 3 points for doing 24mph at the weekend.

  2. I take it the results do not include the Wanyama, Hooper & Wilson monies nor the Pukki, Biton & Boerrigter purchases

  3. This Latest ..well…”Possible.. well..Project.” of Oors..






    Nicholas Mezquida?..



    Intrigues the Bejabbers oota Me.






    He his a Very Chequered Fitba Career..



    He Started as a Child Prodigy.. wi the Premier Club of Uruquay..



    Penarol..Which is the Number Wan Team,in Uruguay, when he wiz a .veritable.. well.. Child..



    He broke into the Foist Team.. yep.. First Team. at the Age of SIXTEEN.



    And he seemed tae hiv earned that Promotion..






    The Previous Year.. when he wez a Tender.. FIFTEEN YEAR OLD..









    The TOP SCORER ,in the Competition for Fifteen Year olds that wiz held.. for Who wiz the bestest..well..Goal Scorer of ALL of The SOUTH AMERICAN ..Fifteen Year olds , fur that year.



    Yep..this kid, musta Bin Something,awright.. at …the yound age of FIFTEEN.



    So.like Ah say.. Penarol , his Parent team.. Took Notice and..well.



    Promoted him tae First Team Duties.. at the Ridiculous Young Age of SIXTEEN..



    He played Three First team Games.. Scoring. One Goal.. but.. It looks like Penarol had realized that He wiz jist No ready fur Prime Time..so..



    They decided tae Loan him Oot..



    When he wiz .. SEVENTEEN… that wid be in 2009



    Since then He has Enjoyed the Life of the Open road.. and he has bin


    very Peripatic young Man..



    Having short Spells at Shalke,Bran, Lillestrom.. and at Fenix…and Finally, Rampla Juniors.



    This road trip of his. has Lasted fur.. let’s see..



    Nigh oan FOUR YEARS..



    Hmmmmmmm .. During his Journey ,he has Had very few First team Appearances.. with those Loan Teams.. a Mere Handful.. All in, Ah wid Put the Figure at UNDER Twenty,total appearances..for all of his Loan Teams.. during a Four Year Period.


    Naturally, his Scoring record ,during this Time..has bin rather Miserable.



    Noo , he has found some kind a stability at his Present and soon tae be Former Club


    Rampla Juniors.. where he has played aboot Six Games.. scoring . jist Wan goal.



    Well..Neil, has Decided tae tak a chance.. Chance??


    oan him.. Fur ,obviously.. Someone has Convinced Neil , tae do this.



    Ah hope This Kid, turns oot tae be the Ninth Wonder of the World.. and


    has a ..Watnchamacallit.. Renaissance?? .. and finally Justifies the Promise that


    He exuded.. tae all and Sundry.. when he wuz that Fifteen Year Old..



    Wunder Kinder.. all those years ago,in Uruguay.



    Sure, ma Heid tells me.. “Kojo.. Are You Having a Wee Haver,tae yersel?”



    Tae which Ah reply..



    “Soitenly, Ah am Entitled tae hiv Wan..noo and again..right?”











    and Ah hope Nicholas finds a Place at Parkheid oan the Clyde.. where he wull Become the Next


    Big Thing.

  4. Afternoon Timland, hot and hun free in the mountain valley.



    Good set of accounts, as expected.



    Well done to all concerned.



    Especially Lenny and his staff, without who’s success we would be skint.



    Funny how the huns release a statement the same time as our accounts come out, mmmmmmm




  5. Philbhoy – Bring it on!!!!


    15:50 on


    23 September, 2013


    Great set of results.



    Wonder if the huns will attempt a negative spin?




    Heard a sevconian at the weekend saying that what we dont realise that all the profits are being secretly taken out by shareholders and when they [sevco] return to the SPL we will have nothing left…..dearie me HH

  6. tomtheleedstim



    12:32 on 23 September, 2013



    There were two of us looking for tickets last year in Barcelona as we thought our supplier had let us down. We were asking everywhere.


    We managed to buy one on the day of the game from a bloke in one of the “Irish” bars for about 40 euros (from memory) as his mate hadn’t made the journey. When we checked the ticket afterwards the face value was about 50 euros. He had charged us less than it had cost. We went back in and gave him the difference (after insisting) and bought him a pint.


    Later on our supplier (sometimes of this parish) showed up with the original two tickets (also at face value) and we sold the extra one on to fellow Tim, again at face value.


    Three tickets changed hands a total of four times – not one penny put on top.






    I remember a few years ago I had 2 spare tickets for a home game against the team that died.



    I sticks my hand up and 2 steamers come over. Much you wantin? £35each face value says I. He starts pulling crumpled notes and coins fae every pocket and counts out £35. I said its 2 together I’m selling, not one. He starts shouting call yourself a Celtic fan?? Cue a dozen Tims ready to do me as they thought I was for a tout!! I suggested he buy the 2 and he try to sell a single ticket, or they could sit together and sell the one they had. This logic failed him. I sold the 2 a couple of minutes later.


    I’ve always noticed it easier selling 2 together as people want to watch with their friends, especially if not a sell out.

  7. jude2005 is Neil Lennon \o/


    16:12 on


    23 September, 2013



    Er what did he think they were for?

  8. Philbhoy - Bring it on!!!! on

    I wonder if the cash strapped soo’siders will be spewing into there bowler hats when someone explains our accounts to them.

  9. Way too early to compare and contrast the accounts just released with what to expect from the current year



    Main changes are profit from player trading will be higher. That’s a plus



    Amortisation will be higher. That’s a minus



    Gate revenue will be lower , due to £100 reduction . That’s a minus



    European income dependent on results and £/€ value at times of distribution. That’s an unknown .



    Scottish prize money . Can only be bettered if we win Treble. That’s another unknown



    I would be confident in saying the results should be as good as this year.

  10. Living_in_the_Love_of_the_Commons_People on

    And in addition Celtic is the only “locally” owned British club competing in the Champions League.

  11. Philbhoy – Bring it on!!!!


    The Sevconians wouldn’t recognise a set of accounts if you posted them in a bowler hat.


    How long since they had a full set?

  12. Living_in_the_Love_of_the_Commons_People



    Does that make us the Quintessential British Champions League club ?

  13. Barcabhoy


    Infrastructure expenditure will be higher with ongoing improvements.


    Hopefully the commuinications guys will get a couple of extra cameras for home games.



    12:30 on


    23 September, 2013


    Anyone wishing to celebrate the second anniversary of ADMINISTRATION DAY or JELLY AND ICE-CREAM DAY as it is known,on 14th February?



    Why not go to The Royal Concert Hall in Glasgow.






    supported by






    Couldnae make it up,UFH strikes again….




    Brilliant.Really had me chuckling.And thats with a hangover.

  15. Living_in_the_Love_of_the_Commons_People on



    16:22 on 23 September, 2013



    It could be argued that we are indeed the only club representing the British Isles…

  16. .SonOfDan


    13:23 on


    23 September, 2013


    I’ve been off line since Saturday as I was at the All Ireland final in Dublin yesterday. Foolishly, today, I began reading up from Sat 7pm and came across your post about an hour ago. I tried to buy a tkt online but was beaten for the last one available.

  17. Re the numbers… Obviously looking good, but would like to peruse the notes.



    Can someone please provide me with the details of a broker for share purchase??

  18. After all these years, the real story of the Hun in Barcelona emerges:



    “The ECWC final in Barcelona in 1972 was an explosive cocktail demanding initiation.



    Spain was still a fascist country ruled by Il [sic.]Caudillo, General Franco. He was the victor of the Spanish civil war(1936-39). Spain was/is a loose coalition of warring tribes, Franco subjugated the Basques, Catalans, Galicians, ….. etc. Castilian Spain dominated absolutely for 35 years. Spain had three police forces, local, national, and Guardia Civil. The last mob were a paramilitary force, hopelessly over-armed ie light machine guns, mortars, grenades, and assault rifles. They existed to dominate the civilian population and protect Franco’s legacy.



    Rangers opponents, Moscow Dynamo were the KGB team. The KGB were the Communist Party equivalent of the Guardia Civil. No supporters from Moscow were allowed to travel, Dynamo’s supporters that night were Russian embassy and consular staff. Further, a few dozen communist party members from France, Germany, and Italy attended.



    It was the live TV aspect that caused the battle on the pitch.



    The Spanish authorities were determined to be seen to be in control, given the KGB element in the equation. A minute before the final whistle, the referee blew up and raised his arm. The [Hun]s support(30,000) invaded the park to celebrate. This was quite normal in those days. It was not the end of the game, the ref was blowing for a free kick. The [Hun]s could not fully return to their seats because of fencing and a moat surrounding the pitch.[Which had clearly been very hastily constructed given that it can’t have been there when they ran onto the pitch.] A further minute and this time the ref’s whistle signalled the end, again the [Hun]s rushed on to the playing surface. I should point out I was an eye witness, as a secondary schoolboy, my old man took me to the game and we were seated in the upper tier.



    Several thousand [Hun]s celebrated on the pitch, Spanish national TV relayed concerns about how the country’s authorities were being portrayed on screen across Europe. The Guardia Civil were ordered in to restore ‘order’. Dressed in their ruritanian green uniforms with capes and packing machine pistols, they formed two diagonal extended lines and proceeded to march across the pitch swinging batons. They forced the [Hun]s back into the last third. The TV was continuing to broadcast.



    The Bears reaction was very Scottish and very working class. They stood toe to toe and battered the [living daylights] out of the Guardia Civil. The lines broke and paramilitaries were being chased around the field. The live TV plug was ordered to be pulled, transmission went down because the Fascists could not be seen to loose control. The locals in the crowd cheered wildly. It was the first time in four decades that Catalans had seen their oppressors taking a pasting.”



    Freedom fighters……………..They were freedom fighters.

  19. Philbhoy



    Over on FF a couple of posters understand the accounts, and have tried to explain them to the hoards, who as ever think it’s all lies, made up spin.



    Oh, and according to some, we are in fact 60 mill in debt, the truth and huns, just doesn’t equate.




  20. BOBBY MURDOCH'S CURLED-UP WINKLEPICKERS forza Oscar and Mackenzie on




    I thought it was a wind-up myself.

  21. Neil Lennon could win his next 30 games in a row, and he still wouldn’t have accrued the same ratio of points per game as Martin O’Neill.



    Of course, we’ll never be able to compare them fairly – 2 different men operating in 2 different environments.



    I loved the way O’Neill instilled a winning mentality into his group of players, and I’m happy to say I was for the appointment of Lenny from the first.



    My opinion – Neil is different in that he seems to be more willing to take advice from his scouting staff, has a more open-minded approach to tactics, and is more hands on as a coach (perhaps not as much as Gordon Strachan was).



    Think it’s fair to say both have been a blessing for Celtic.

  22. Good to see some internal capacity building. I could tell the CRM was in need of attention a couple of years back.



    Makes a Membership Scheme covering all categories of supporters home and overseas more possible.



    Onwards and upwards!

  23. Philbhoy - Bring it on!!!! on




    That’s even better!



    They will be thinking we are getting away with it!



    Hope you and yours are well!

  24. From the Earl of Leven, with over 80k posts.



    Due to CL and selling players they’re doing fine.



    Saying ‘fenian bas####s’ doesn’t change that.



    Nothing to do with us.




    Now that is what I call a hurting hun >}

  25. Big Georges Fan Club - Hail, Hail, Wee Oscar on

    Right – have set up a share account with Hargreaves Lansdown, and cobbled together 100 quid (sorry Mrs BGFC, or I will be when she finds out). Website says account active within a day.



    Can someone give a definitive answer with respect to the resolution – what is required – 100 shares OR 100 pounds worth of shares????



    Also, once I buy them later today or tomorrow, what do I do to give my proxy to Canalamar for the resolution?








    NewbieSkintButNOTApatheticCC (tell KK!!)

  26. Where is old “Charlie Chuckles when you want to compare bank accounts?.


    Well done to all at Celtic,from the board down to the scouting staff.With this seasons CL money,and Vic and Hoopers cash,we are in wonderful shape.


    Still could have done with a PROVEN striker though.


    Hopefully we have the guy in to do that for us.

  27. Dont know about anyone else,but I am sick reading in the MSM about the outbreak of naked sectarianism and bigotry down Govan Rd way at the weekend.Have these people nothing better to write about?!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

  28. Afternoon all



    Been reading the debate re the comparisons between MON and NFL with interest.



    MON did really well for us there is no doubt- Rangers actually had a pretty decent side when he took over and had a manager/coach with a highish international reputation to compete with and Celtic swept them aside. He signed several fine players and was fortunate to have the best post-9IAR player to grace the hoops at his disposal. As someone pointed out the 3 from 5 titles could have been 5 from 5. The 2003 loss still rankles because that last day stinks . The Black Sunday loss still rankles – as does the loss of the 2002 Cup Final- because we threw them away. ( that Rangers was cheating the tax man at this time can’t of course be forgotten) MON had great impact but he left us with an ageing overpaid team.



    Neil Lennon has undeniably taken over in a somewhat different circumstance. We might have been humiliated by St Mirren and had a disappointing league season but few would have thought we were far behind a Rangers team which had achieved a zero rating in the 09/10 Champions’ League. Although Mowbray’s team was a poor one Rangers still needed considerable assistance from referees in all three derby matches played under Mowbray to hold sway. NFL took over when morale was low but I doubt many of us thought Rangers was the nailed on certainties to win the 10-11 league as we had ten years before.



    Neil has done okay so far and a mixture of bad luck, over confidence and managerial inexperience probably accounted for the failure to land more than 1 trophy in each of his first two seasons. But inexperience is no longer an excuse able to be used from now on



    The team played well last week in Milan and the style employed was better to watch than last season. I think our greatest failing on the park last Wednesday was because we nearly always made one pass too many when a shot on goal was in the offing. Charlie Mulgrew acknowledged that over the weekend. I did though think the manager got the timing( but not the personnel) of his substitutions


    – both Boerrigter and Pikku were brought on too late to make a serious impact. Substitutions are tricky to get right though.



    On a more strategic basis I think those who criticise NFL for being too faithful to some players

  29. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on

    What is the relationship like between MON & Profit and Loss …sorry I meant Peter Lawwell ???




  30. Sorry did not mean to hit send as neither finished nor edited.



    Whatever NFL has I think been too loyal to some players and increasingly I am concerned about our goalkeeper who seems to be loath to move from his line in any circumstance.



    I was surprised that so many amongst the support I travelled to Milan with were highly critical of NFL before the match. He has a chance to become a great Celtic manager and too eclipse MON and WGS but he hasn’t done that yet. Not by a long chalk. He’s done his apprenticeship as a manager in a unique set of circumstances but now he he has to show he has learned. It may be a bumpier ride for him than we all think



    Away to do an ironing


    Jimbo67 supporting Oscar Knox

  31. I read posts earlier today questioning the refereeing when Celtic were in control of the game, as opposed to when we were under pressure.


    For my sins, I agreed.


    I thought of how pernickity he was about where the ball was placed for our free kicks as opposed to how indifferent he was to theirs.


    Then the terrible truth became apparent.


    In the dying minutes of the game there was a strong penalty claim for St. Johnstone.



    PLAY ON.



    Do you really believe that somebody who was trying to cheat would have missed that opportunity.


    No way.


    These guys are more incompetent & inseccure than they are dishonest.



    Father forgive them. They know not what they are doing.

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