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I have no doubt this morning’s press reports on Celtic’s plans for the months ahead are correct.  We are told the club “is planning an overhaul of their football operations in the summer that would see significant changes to their set-up.”  There is a great deal you can surmise from that statement.

“Overhaul… of football operations”, “significant changes”, leaves zero doubt Neil Lennon will be moving on and suggests wider changes are likely.  It is also safe to assume Neil is on-board with this and has agreed to remain in charge until the end of the season, or a suitable replacement arrives.

Neil would not go through this torture were it not out of a sense of responsibility towards the players, several of whom he personally convinced to stay for this ‘important season’.  Malicious talk of holding out for a payoff is well wide of the mark.

What is also clear is that Celtic are not happy to appoint any manager who is prepared to come to the club right now.  This precludes those out of work, or those who are not prepared to ‘Do a Brendan’ and leave their current project with trophies still to be won and lost.

The new industry is not always as helpful.  Last night reports that betting was suspended on Eddie Howe getting the job received plenty of clicks.  Eddie has his eyes on a different target and will almost certainly pick up an English Premiership job this year.  He is as likely to come to Celtic as another fantasy appointment, Mauricio Pochettino, was, before choosing Paris when he could have made his home in Glasgow.  If only it was that easy.

If we take the ‘Get real’ suggestions off the table, I know the photo fit you are working with.  Someone who has over-performed in a different environment, who is technically razor sharp and can bring knowledge of a value market.

They will have a successful track record, one that is short enough that they have not already moved up the food chain, but one longer than Ronny Deila’s mercurial rise at Stromsgodset.  We now know that the skills required to achieve one season of spectacular success is Norway does not automatically equip a manager for what on paper looks an easier task.  The Goldilocks candidate, enough of a spectacular record, but not too much that they have already got their move.

The quick fix if Neil leaves is John Kennedy as interim or someone, like Ronny, who cannot believe he’s been offered the Celtic job.  Or let Neil complete the season and attempt to add the Scottish Cup and leave his second term trophy report reading 6 out of 8.  I am not recommending either option, it’s too complicated to sit on the outside and suggest a fix with any conviction – not matter how convinced this is an easy one, it’s not.

If Neil remains until the end of the season it will not be because he needs the money, or because he deserves the respect of a Celtic hero (although he does), it is because the business of succession has to be settled.  My preference would be to spend these months doing reconnaissance; better to do it right than to do it early, but the galleries have loved a blood letting since the Colosseum, we know how it works.

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  1. ST TAMS on 24TH JANUARY 2021 11:30 AM






    You are correct. No reason why a club of our size can’t do the things you suggest and should have being doing so since Sept/Oct



    But too lazy, like May 2019





    Ah the beauty of bandwagon jumping AFTER the fact


    If you wanted Neil Lennon sacked after Celtic you were one of a few.


    -He had secured 8iar after BR left


    – He pumped every BR stat out the park as Celtic took 9iar- cant recall anyone say sack him.


    I put it to you your fitting your girn after the fact….not uncommon tho.



  2. Interesting to see how many on here are more interested in wallowing in the past rather than fixing the the present or planning for the future.



    Reminiss on the nine rather than trying to fix our current problems.



    The issue not mentioned here is that the “up” since 2012 has removed a lot of our ability to deal with a “down” that will surely come in the summer. I fear that the fight has gone with the DD / PL masterclass in company / systemic failure and the ongoing trauma of NL still being the manager.



    What goes up must always come down — pretty fair expression of life.


    What goes down must always come up — no not for me / too much risk involved.



    Incredible that we seem to be doing nothing.


    The optimist in me believes that we are not that bad and plans are being made.


    The realist counters with the dfact that DD is disinterested and PL is completely useless and clueless in equal measure.



    We have the base point that we do not seem to be improving the squad.


    Then we have all the talk that we are putting off change — coaching / structural — until the summer.



    Nero would be shocked at our lack of action.

  3. Rafa Benitez – “my arse” as Jim Royale would say!



    There is zero chance of that happening unless we are selling out to some Middle Eastern despot led, oil ridden, human rights denying conglomerate, mind you nothing our PLC do would surprise me.



    We have no vision, no leadership, no accountability and no honour. We are a hollow shell not worthy of the name CELTIC.



    Total clear out required starting with PL, IB and all the football side of the business – no room for sentiment, we need gutting.



    As for how it ever got to this stage then as I said before, if you sup with the devil you need a long spoon.



    PL and DD basically accepted rule breaking, cheating, fraud (to our financial detriment) and corruption by not only our main rivals, who tried to bury us for good when we were in financial peril, but also the SFA and SPFL, in order to maintain a version of “Rangers” and the Old Firm. The fact that this was against the very ethos of sport and their emotionally committed paying customers and shareholders was irrelevant. They gave silent assent to the 5WA and LNS, lied to shareholders and failed to denounce the same club, going for 55 bollocks, in order to keep the old firm golden goose alive.



    Unfortunately for them part of their ‘master plan’ was for Sevco to challenge us but never to really win anything. Of course us mere plebs know that the rules don’t in any way shape or form apply to Huns and that fact combined with our own arrogance, complacency and hubris has led us to this point. So what now from our illustrious PLC? Well I guess that depends on whether they actually realise that their duplicity and complicity has created a monster in Sevco that needs to be confronted and slain. If they maintain their head in the sand approach and proceed on the basis that beating a form of The Rangers is all Celtic fans care about than they are bigger fools than even I took them for.



    I won’t renew next season and have joined the Celtic Trust as per the advice from Auldheid but I know that for many that is just a step too far, including several of my closest friends. I totally respect that but just don’t see any other realistic way of effecting the change that is needed in both personnel and culture at the club. Saying we are “a club like no other” means nothing if it is not backed up with actions and behaviours and at the moment we have no right to make such a claim.






    PS – Condolences to all who have suffered losses recently whether you be a happy clapper, a panty wetter or just a plain old Tim who cares way too much about the famous Glasgow Celtic. God bless and HH.

  4. AT


    There has to be sackings for this in Police Scotland and the Crown Office, no way should this be allowed to pass as just a payout from the public purse, loss of pensions the lot or even jail time if that is possible.


    I still have not received any response to my enquiry on this from a group of non SNP MSPs one of whom was coordinating questions on this at Holyrood.



    Still no charges of Tax evasion brought against anyone for EBT’s with side letters or the Weee Tax case, a scandal for the Scottish justice system.

  5. an tearmann



    AT, I read recently that the compensation paid to Clark and Whitehouse was agreed by PoliceScotland, in a secret deal, (ie not to be made public in full detail), apologies made etc etc. Question, what happens to the Police Officers in question who pursued the “malicious” prosecution (one area where JohnJames was absolutely on the money) and indeed to Scotland’s chief legal officer, the Lord Advocate?

  6. Philbhoy


    The cost of protecting the name of Sir Dip of Her majesty is eyewatering


    How to do business in Scotland


    It shat on football


    Shat on law


    Nuhhin appened…my arse as Sid says/joe royal etc


    History can only expose more.it is knuckledeep in swiveleyed masonicism.



  7. David66



    Will try find out more on Don Patricio.


    What an impact he made and a sad tale.


    A fascinating tale


    Hope your holding up well mate




  8. AT – cheers.



    St Tams – that’s true – I fully expect our search to look like Keane – Neil – Ross – Kennedy…

  9. 67 European Cup Winners on

    Paul67 told us in this blog, Succession at Celtic 22 Jan, that Eddie Howe is not coming Celtic “Eddie has his eyes on a different target” quotes Paul67



    If you believe Paul67 is the voice of PL and i do – then you have to accept Eddie Howe is not coming to Celtic


    It also suggests we, as a club, have spoken to Howe, how else would we know he “has his eyes on a different target”



    EH would be my choice but Paul67 tells us to forget it – so I do



    Paul67 also tells us, in the same Blog “They will have a successful track record, one that is short enough that they have not already moved up the food chain, but one longer than Ronny Deila’s mercurial rise at Stromsgodset”



    Again if you believe paul67 is speaking for PL then PL is managing our expectations



    Its for this reason that I do not believe Rafa Benitez will be the next manager of Celtic



    I have been lured into a false sense of security by Celtic too often. Our new Manager will be a surprise to us all




  10. It also suggests we, as a club, have spoken to Howe, how else would we know he “has his eyes on a different target”





    He might have read it in The Sun.

  11. Weebobbycollins on

    67ECW…”Our new Manager will be a surprise to us all.”


    Aye, but it may not be a pleasant one…

  12. Good morning all,



    This is the same Rafa that never spoke up about the Newcastle board until the day his contract ran out and does anyone want to guess what day that was.



    It was the day after the Newcastle supporters renewed their season tickets. He then came out and said I’m away to china with his bonus for seeing out his contract.



    Fits the bill for PL and some on here thinks BR was a mercenary.



    The geordie diehard couldn’t see it even when faced with the truth.



    Not for me sorry and its BS anyway

  13. 67 European Cup Winners on

    PHILBHOY on 24TH JANUARY 2021 12:14 PM





    Funny and cynical in equal measure- yep i agree with both




  14. Am intrigued as to who has been siding with BBC Scotland’s MacIntyre. He is, imo, the worst of a horrible bunch of Celtic haters. Besides the sports department, which I thought it was confined to, Radio Scotland has been bashing Celtic every chance it has been getting this past week.




    Bang on – the next time that man says anything complimentary or positive about Celtic will be the first time.

  16. I strongly believe we will not see the power base at celtic park react to our plight until the darkest of dark days comes knocking at our door.


    And I do not mean this incredibly inept season.


    It will take a flagship moment……My concern in the minimum 2 derby matches [possibly 3] left this season is that we are going to get humiliated by our rivals with a big score.Just like we did to them a few times in recent years…..it will be painful alright but sometimes you have to hit the gutter depths before the correct people will do the right thing.

  17. somebody elses history, is it ok to post it and admire what he did , or is that me not dealing with todays structural problems at celtic plc ? you know, how me with my tiny share holding and a season boon can dictate policy to the billionaire owners.



    but anyways – Don Patricio







  18. Rafa rumours… Total pash… Fed by huns and their lackeys to take the piss……. The manager will come from the following….. Jack Ross… Roy Keane… Alex Neil…. Paul Lambert…. John Kennedy…..malky Mackay…. Steve Clarke……. Gordon Strachan… MON…… Take yer pick…

  19. CELTIC MAC on 24TH JANUARY 2021 11:48 AM



    Tricky one.



    Speaking hypothetically (‘put the case’ as Mr Jaggers would say) what if accused people had actually done what they were accused of having done, but that the only evidence to show what they had done had been obtained by means not allowed by the law, then that might be regarded by non purists as being in a different category to people being accused of things they hadn’t done at all.



    I don’t suppose anyone remembers the long standing SNP stalwart and veteran QC Ian Hamilton lambasting the SNP for breaking with established tradition and appointing a Lord Advocate from COPFOS rather than from the Scottish Bar. He decried the move as such a person wouldn’t have the necessary breadth of experience and independence of mind that the role required. He wasn’t wrong.



    So, yes, the SNP are ultimately to blame for this mess, just as much as for the Salmond mess.

  20. LazyD…………



    I dont think the huns will do us and I dont think we’ll get beaten by a big score.



    They know they don’t have to beat us….they’ll have coasted it against the rest o’ the league….the penalties and “odd ” decisions will help obvs…….



    I think we’ll very gradually restore a wee bit of momentum and gradually pick up more points when finally a settled routine and formation is restored…………( and if a total dressing room meltdown is avoided)



    Already we’ve restarted this season a few times after forced and unforced errors.



    I think any restructuring was going to happen anyway at the end of this season…the current / currant situation just wasn’t envisaged.




  21. Sid1888,



    Well said —- that should have been the lead article.



    Wonder why not




  22. Go tell the Spartim on

    So those that continue to lead us further into the mire with no apparent plan are the ones we’ve to trust to revamp the football structure?



    If the manager had no previous Celtic connection, like RD, he’d have been chased long ago, we are Celtic FC, not Neil Lennon or Peter Lawwell FC



    As for McIntyre at the BBC he’s a bigot, there a fair few of them there

  23. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Tough gig this player recruitment lark.



    If only it was as easy in real life as checking out TransferMarket.com, PlayerStat.com and YouTube.



    Take Barkas …..



    And multiply the transfer fee by 16.



    And you get Kepa Arrizabalaga.



    A £72m goalkeeper who can’t save any shots.



    Hail hail



    Keep The Faith

  24. Would I be right in saying Brendan Rodgers cost us absolutely nothing & we actually made a unquantified profit on him? My line of thinking is £9,000,000 sale on fee plus the champions league riches that he brought. If this is correct then surely it behoves Pete to go all out for the best manager he can possibly get with the target of having a sell on clause with him & again champions league riches!


    I know the above seems really simple & you could get a great manager and it doesn’t happen but surely looking back over the last decade then you must say historical performance is not necessarily a guide to the future but it’s a bloody good indicator!

  25. David Moyes and West Ham struggling to come to an agreement.



    Rightly or wrongly, I think this is more relevant than Rafa leaving China.

  26. Go tell the Spartim on

    Back to basics



    There a lot of a bang average footballers in that Chelsea team, having talent and skill has never been enough to make you a great footballer.