Summary of Rangers situation


In response to some of the more excitable comments from yesterday it might be worthwhile painting the possible scenarios for Rangers.

No Sale

If Bill Miller is unable to complete the sale (remember, he’s not even paid the deposit and has no intention of doing so), the club will reach the end of the season and run out of money.  It will then either expire completely or Duff and Phelps will try to cut a deal with Ticketus to allow Rangers to sell season tickets and retain more of the money than they are currently due.

Rangers could continue to operate in administration for a while to come; Motherwell were in administration for one week short of two years.  The club would be unable to afford player wages after they return to normal in 1 June so would be forced to pare the squad back, whether the ban on player registration remains or not.

Miller completes purchase and the SPL vote him into the league

If Miller completes his purchase, as it stands, the SPL board will have discretion to transfer an insolvent club’s share in the league to a Newco.  Neil Doncaster has pinned his colours to the mast on this issue, Steve Lomas explained St Johnstone’s willingness to also vote Newco in.  Celtic will vote against which means if either Motherwell or Dundee United vote in favour of Newco, they will be allowed into the league.

I have no doubt that both Motherwell and Dundee United will vote in favour of Newco.  The SPL will vote to introduce a new procedure for dealing with Newco on Monday but it’s far from clear this proposal will get enough support.

For Miller, there are complications with this issue.  He would inherit all football and financial penalties due for Rangers and would also be expected to pay Rangers football debts – around £3.5m.

You can largely ignore the £160k Fit and Proper fines from the SFA but the SPL inquiry into Improper Registration of Players for over a decade will be the biggest charge in the history of British sport.  We should be looking at fines commensurate with the financial benefits accrued and multi-year sporting punishments.

If the SPL rule amendments Newco are rejected on Monday (as I expect), there are some who are concerned SPL board will impose lighter penalties than those suggested by Neil Doncaster’s new rules.

Alternatively, Miller could tell the SPL to stuff it and apply to the Scottish Football League.  Ally McCoist has already threatened this in response to the already-imposed fines and the notion is popular among Rangers fans I know.  If the did this, Newco would not have to pay Rangers football debts and would be subject to no penalties or player registration bans.  They could budget for three years of lower-league football and then tool up for the summer of 2015.

You can expect some though talking from Rangers on going to the Third Division in an attempt to spook the SPL into offering limited, single-season penalties.

Among the many unknowns, we can be sure of a few things:

Rangers Football Club, established in 1872, is finished.

Some form of phoenix will happen, if not for next season, then probably by 2013.

The SPL will complete the inquiry into Improper Registration of players, whether Rangers exist or not.  If a Newco is granted Rangers SPL share, penalties will be punitive.

Notions that ‘Rangers’ are going to emerge debt-free, strong and able to compete as though nothing has happened is simply nonsense.  Their club is dead.  They will start a new club, it will either be back in the SPL unhindered in 2015 (or 16) or will be in the SPL next season, heavily burdened for many years to come.

My prediction is for the latter.

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  1. up_over_goal on

    Kertwang – podium grabbin’ old school style.



    And I read the articles. It’s all about Rangers and their situation.

  2. Paul67 – after reading the title of that article I fully expected to open it and see one word. An expletive beginning with F.



    The sentiment you got across, without the literal form….

  3. up_over_goal on

    Place the green crystal in the clear thingy. Send Rangers 1872 into the Phantom Zone.

  4. Can I Have Raspberry On That on 4 May, 2012 at 16:01 said:


    Happy Mondays and the magnificent Inspiral Carpets tonight, in Morrisons choosing my warm up tipple. Has anyone tried the New Original tenets export lager? Bit stronger than my usual T.



    share on F’book or Twitter



  5. Dontbrattbakkinanger on

    Given they’re already qualified for the ole Euroqualies, what are the odds on the Mothers goin’ to the ole Death Star tomorrow and winnin’ as much as a shy?


    Mccall makes wee Billy Bluenose look like Johnny Doyle.

  6. yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees






    I would like to thank my family and friends, who have helped me with my quest for a top 20 finish.






  7. northshorebhoy on

    Forget it was our club which has always finished 2nd. This is irrelevant.



    What IS relevant is those cheating bastards getting £10m+ every season they appeared FRAUDULENTLY in the Champions League, fielding INELIGIBLE players. Knock, knock, UEFA. Fecking wake up!!!!

  8. whitedoghunch on




    £18 a kilo


    I’m not even worth that.


    Mind again though and no tell Bill my skull is half titanium

  9. Green Lantern (((((0))))) on

    rankers are vershtupped whatever way you look at it.


    Me Likey!

  10. Sir Paul


    Excellent Summary.



    Frankly, though..



    Ah hivnae a Clue,as tae how Things wull Finally Pan oot, fur the G.A….. and



    As tae how they wull Finally Fare… Scathed or.. Unscathed ?? fae this Intriguin’


    Miasma o’ Complex. well.. Complexities!



    But, Ah hiv a Stroang Feelin. that Ah wull Like,whatevah … the Final


    Finality , wull be fur this Misbegoatten Club..



    when it wull Finally Take Place!





    Still Laughin’

  11. Ron Bacardi on

    but they want to retain their history and have it as part of a Newco, what are SFA and SPL doing to ensure that?

  12. pauloantony on

    Scottish football??


    No sporting integrity whatsoever



    The Orc WILL go to third division !


    And once they arrive back into the SPL in time for the UEFA ban being lifted they will be cash rich having ditched their toxic debts.





    Deadwood gone


    New sponsors


    New shirt deal


    New media streams



    Whilst WE will be in debt with a club set up with no Orc ,sky deal and falling sponsors/gates


    And players on big wages



    What a scam

  13. Ron Bacardi – as Paul says, the SPL have said they can have their history. That will come at a cost. They will have to take the bad with the good. When I say bad I do of course mean utterly horrendous, unquantified mayhem.

  14. whitedoghunch on 4 May, 2012 at 16:23 said:


    thanks for that Paul.


    back to the stove.




    Stop rubbing it in………………………










  15. Rangers Football Club, established in 1872, is finished.



    this line gave me goosebumps

  16. Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire on

    Gordon J,


    Reread that and see what you mean, however article14 is specific to administration/liquidation and quite clearly states a general meeting is required, why would that be included if article 11 covers it ?

  17. Headtheball on

    Chairbhoy on 4 May, 2012 at 15:46 said:



    Serious Questions…



    But Doubt if anybody knows.



    On the proposed RFCia asset sale to Bill Miller, are the players included?



    If not does anybody know what deal is with regards wage reduction/transfer fee reduction, it strikes me that there could be circa £5M to come in when the transfer window opens?





    If you watch the Paul Clark interview on the BBC website, yes, he says the ground, the training ground and the PLAYERS will move into the new company.



    Quite a deal for only £11m!!

  18. And what will newco’s name be next season?


    You can bet they’ll be Boastin’ Redsox.

  19. Hi Paul,



    You feel the NewCo will be in the SPL, if that’s the case they would need to be Aye ready for next season, tough ask IMO.



    Interesting with all the badgering of the SFA/SPL that D&P aren’t requesting the transfer window is brought forward to the end of the season so they can sell players.



    BTW: If they want to keep their history they should pay their bills or fund a Museum.

  20. Lifted from Twitttttttttttttttttttter


    STV Sport‏@STVSport


    Ally McCoist wary of ‘devastating’ blow if Rangers players quit over newco http://bit.ly/J76WUp



    Hope they all walk…………………….



    Hang on dont the not do walking away………………




  21. canamalar,



    14 is the special case of liquidation. 11 is the general case for everything else.



    Not sure why this would be – but that’s how I read the rules. If a club liquidates then a General Meeting makes the decision, if not then a transfer can be approved by the Board.

  22. ernie lynch on

    Why would either Sky or a newco huns accept a heavy penalty?



    That make no sense whatsoever.



    If it’s a newco, it’s a newco. Deal with it. If you can’t deal with it don’t let them in.



    A heavily penalised newco huns would be no opposition. Celtic would be rampant. There would be no competition. Sky won’t pay top dollar for that.



    And once the SPL concedes that it needs a newco huns for its own survival it’s in no position to negotiate.



    What does the SPL do when the newco tells them to stuff their penalty, and Sky reduces its offer?



    The SPL, that so many on here are convinced would chose a newco huns over Celtic? What will they say to the newco then?



    There’s a lot of Celtic fans need to wake up and smell the coffee.

  23. Headtheball on 4 May, 2012 at 16:26 said:



    I asked this question earlier today. How can anybody sell the stadium and the training ground to anyone else when Craig Whyte has the title deeds?



    Seems ridiculous to me?!




  24. Brogan Rogan Trevino and Hogan supports Kano 1000 on

    Good Afternoon,



    Over on RTC and on Twitter i have vexed my spleen re the shenannigans at Ibrox and all that goes on with yon other club.



    This post has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with any of that mince.



    Many of you will have seen the Thai Tims at first hand last night at Celtic Park.



    I was not there as I had to attend my eldest son’s leaving do from High School- an event which I originally saw as a bit of a bind and definitely an inconvenience as it kept me away from Celtic Park.



    However, I was really glad I was there.



    There is something gloriously satisfying in seeing a whole host of young people, dressed to the nines, celebrating and reflecting on the end of their school career. To see them go from primary school kids to young adults, on the verge of University, college, a trade and a job is just brilliant. To be able to listen to them stand and make a speech, tell you about what they are going on to do and what they hope to achieve, to share a joke with them, chat about boyfriends,girlfriends and everything else– is just– well… magic!



    Children are not Children for nearly long enough these days, and there is huge pressure on them to grow up and delve into the crassness of the adult world all to quickly. And that world is full of many things that they should never face.



    For that reason alone, but also for many others, I have an overwhelming feeling to shout from the rooftops “WE ARE CELTIC SUPPORTERS……….”.



    Celtic Football Club from the very inception had the interests of Children at its heart. Childern who had no meals, who lived in hellish social conditions, poor housing, no education and so on and so forth.



    Last night many will have seen the sheer unbridled and innocent joy that a group of kids from the Thai Rubber planations can bring with their singing. The fact that they have an affinity and real bond to a football club in Scotland is remarkable.



    However, to listen to Paul Lennon speak about how he wanted to start a school in the face of reservation and potentially opposition in Thailand is something else. At the city Chambers on Monday he said that he told the Thai Authorities that in seeking support for this school he could rely on “the love and support” of Celtic Football Club.



    Imagine that. An Englishman in the country formerly known as Siam telling the authorities that he will get support for a school for a group of kids from Walfrid’s football team—– and its supporters! From all around the globe!



    That school now has 1500 Pupils– bigger than my sons High School where I was last night.



    Kids taught the right way to do the right things go on to be adults who teach kids to do the right things by example and by experience.



    No matter what happens in Govan, no matter who or what dictates what happens at Hampden in relation to football in this country, is of really no consequence to Celtic. They can ban football for all I care, as there will still be a Celtic to support and a Celtic that will provide support– just as Walfrid envisaged. Of course we want our football team to win and to play the “Celtic way”,and in a football league that is fair but the Celtic vision is far more than just the following of a football team. It is that feeling of belonging to a club, a club that does far more than turn up for a football match for 90 minutes at a time.



    Celtic is an ethos , a belief, a dream, a goal , a hope, for some a job, and for everyone a recreation, an entertainment and even an education. It is a noble club with noble aims and ideals.



    As I mixed with all these young folk last night I genuinely looked forward to hearing of their future and their ideals and ambitions. When I saw the Thai Tims on Monday at the City Chambers I remarked that they would bring a tear to a glass eye but that it was great that we played a part in helping them get an education and chance to shape their futures and their ambitions.



    Paul Lennon told me that they are oversubscribed with applications from fully qualified teachers to go out and teach in Thailand, and that there is huge interest in the school and Celtic now from the Thai Authorities.THEY are Celtic Supporters…………



    I am sorry I wasn’t at the park to see them again last night, but as I say I was delighted to see the kids from my village graduate and go forth, laughing, joking, confident and having fun. You can ask for nothing more from life.



    Except as we left, the graduating son did have one question to which his school could not provide the answer.



    ” What was the score at Celtic park?” he asked.



    Doesn’t really matter what the score was—- we won anyway!



    Celtic Football Club— reaching parts and hearts other football clubs just can’t reach!

  25. Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire on

    Gordon J,


    So it’s all in the timing ?


    However, this would require the spl to be a 13 team league for a day, no ?

  26. Green Lantern (((((0))))) on

    To paraphrase the immortal ( and immoral ) Lili Von Shtupp………………



    They’re Finished! Fertig! Verfallen! Verlump! Verblunget! Verkackt!

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