Summer business underway as Fojut signed


Celtic tied-up their first piece of business for the summer 2012 transfer window this afternoon by securing Polish central defender, Jaroslaw Fojut, 24, on a pre-contract.  Jaroslaw moved to England straight from school to join Bolton Wanderers, who he made two appearances for, before spending short loan periods at Luton and Stockport.

He moved back to Poland as a 21-year-old and has become a popular player at Polish league leaders, Slask Wroclaw, who knocked Dundee United out of the Europa League qualifying rounds this season in their first European football adventure in 40 years.

I hear he is a solid defender who commands the air well and who is likely to have his best years ahead of him.

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  1. TET


    good to see you making money,its a good time to be a punter just now,


    especially if you have the control to stick to singles and only bet when you feel the odds


    are in your favour,the number of bookies chasing the punters pound just now is leading to some prices being available


    that you would never have got a few year ago

  2. gordybhoy64



    I steer away from the prem league and the like,the compilers spend all there time there, and they miss quite a few in the lower leagues, there is decent money to be made there, it’s hard work and if you can catch a team on a roll.



    I mailed every company for odds for Celtic not losing a league game for the rest of the season, I mailed them the week before we humped the hun on the 28th, not a single one would give me odds, do they know something ?????????



    Who do you work for ?

  3. TET


    i work for the magic sign,have done for twenty odd years,amazing to see the growth in


    football betting and available markets in the last few years

  4. I was just catching up on the Hearts non-payment of wages story and see that they have been charged “under SPL Rule A3.1 with failing to behave with the utmost good faith to the SPL.”



    I heard a report that they actually paid the amount yesterday but the funds hadn’t appeared in bank accounts until this morning. Seems to be they have been charged with a bit of a technicality there.



    The SPL board appear to be a bit of a stickler for the rules. Let’s hope that continues in relation to all member clubs…

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    The Kano Foundation



    The Kano Foundation End of season fundraising dance will be held in the Kerrydale Suite at Celtic Park on sat 28th April. Tickets will be priced at £25 per head this will include a 3 course meal. Entertainment will be from Britiains no1 Michael Buble tribute act and a disco to finish off the night. We will be holding our usual raffle (prize donations welcome) and for the first time we have a fantastic auction prize. We hope to have a few special guests as well. look out for details of how you can purchase tickets on line. We hope you will join us for what will be a great evening.



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  6. SFTB



    Happy Birthday. It appears that the 17th of January is reserved as a birthday for the greatest..SFTB, Muhammad Ali….and Kingoh!

  7. Celtic are plotting a knockdown offer to Slask Wroclaw in a bid to snatch central defender Jaroslaw Fojut before the transfer window shuts.


    The Parkhead club made their second signing of the window with the capture of former Polish youth international Fojut on a three-year pre-contract agreement, due to commence this summer.


    And the SPL leaders hope to add Nigerian midfield trialist Rabiu Ibrahim in the coming days, with talks on a deal until the end of the season close to conclusion.


    As manager Neil Lennon now turns his attention to the capture of a striker, he will also try to negotiate an early release for Fojut in the hope of agreeing a bargain before January 31.

  8. Brogan Rogan Trevino and Hogan supports Kano 1000 on

    Brilliant achievement- 1st £100,000 achieved for the Vanessa fund in approx 9 days. 20% of target achieved.



    Can I just say thanks to all those who have contacted me about this and who are organising events, collections or who are simply just giving this publicity.



    The wee lass was at Lennoxtoun today to meet the team and got a great reception apparrently.



    Celtic Football Club– just doing the right things– since 1887 (ish)

  9. Kingoh , on the train at the moment to Laandaan



    Allow me to be amongst the last to offer you and SFTB the most sincere birthday greetings .



    Happy Birthday to both of you. both get your telegrams ok ?




  10. Brogan Rogan Trevino and Hogan supports Kano 1000 says:


    17 January, 2012 at 23:52






    can you repost your original post highlighting the appeal please.



    need to pass onto several others, and didnt have time today to find it, sorry.

  11. The Exiled Tim



    Cheers. Was keeping it quiet. Would have ignored the fact I share a birthday with Ali but when I found out SFTB as well, the excitement was too much!!!

  12. TET


    no afraid not,am on the front line,but plenty of experience so would think i could price up most


    games given some time.


    regarding your bet on celtic being unbeaten for the rest of the season,not sure what price you would


    have expected but i dont think it would be as high as a lot of people would think,although not


    necessarily you,given that the bet gives you the benefit of the draw there aint many games where celtic


    would not be long odds on in those circumstances

  13. Paul67



    Good news that we have a big lhad signed at the back.



    If you look at the defensive players and what lies ahead for them, here goes:



    – Glenda : Johann tried to give him a bit of back bone but when either the presssure is on or transfer window opens , Glenda collapses in a heap, needs to move on to further his career elsewhere.



    – Kelvin : not for me or the tic, cannot perfom the basics of organising a defence, thinks because he has got a ‘turn of pace’ he can get himself out of trouble, randomnly refuses to hold a line and drops back causing ruddy chaos in our backline, mistake not worked out, need to move on.



    – Mark : is this his last year?, thank you for your effort and commitment and best wishes



    – Dan : good organiser keeps a solid line and subject to endless ridicule by MSM so must be doing something right, worth 1 more year.



    – Adain: must keep



    – Charlie : playing above himself, pleased for the guy but needs to be rested periodically to avoid cockiness creeping into his play, keep



    – Thomas : keep him fit and regular games and he will be a top class player



    – Izzy : will be sold for a huge fee when back to fitness, needs to work on countering threat of the high ball and cut out too many cheeky balls out of defence.



    Victor is not a central defender, Joseph is not a left back.



    You need that many defenders in modern football due to fitness / injury levels and stupid bookings that I have probably missed a few….. we do however need to field a back line that looks like they are a bunch of nutters (who can still play), and this will allow the rest of the team to play….



    We need pace and height in the back line and have the confidence to push up the pitch just another 10 to 15 yards, to make life a lot easier for the midfield and the forwards, if this can happen then all these nerve jangling 2-1 wins become comfortable 4-0…..as we press the opposition into the dirt!




  14. Much appreciation for your good wishes



    Blantyre Kev



    This wan was not an alky when he taught at St. Maggies. I am guessing that, teaching you about unreal numbers so that you could help cook the books at various un-named football clubs (and keep tags on your golf strokes), might have driven him to drink?

  15. My dear,dear,dear,friend.. Serge



    Ah jist read yer submission @ 23.47.



    Ah jist drew collie’s attention ,tae it.



    It looks like that rumour,which we had read aboot . concerning


    Celtic’s possible signing of ,Ruby.has limbs.



    collie,was pleased ,tae read yer submission… as it noo appears the Lenny, wull


    Gie the Youngster a Chance tae show us whit he has Goat..



    and, according tae collie.. Ruby, sure has a Loata things tae show us.



    Ruby,could.. Ah say COULD.. be the Puppet Master that we hiv been





    He is Young..but, he has that special Je Ne Sais Quoi.


    which oor Middy has been lackin’.



    Broonie, soitenly disnae Hiv it.. That’s fur sure.



    Victor, his another kinda Special Talent..but he is


    no Puppet Master.



    Joe, has a loata talent.. again.. his… lies in another


    part o’ the Forest.



    Ki.. Threatens , tae hiv it.. but so far, has done a Bang up


    joab of.. Hiding It!



    Anyway.. We wull soon find oot if Ruby , has it,for sure..or… not.





    yer pal who likes ye aloater.

  16. Jorge ‘Pitbull’ Claros told Honduras team-mate Emilio Izaguirre that he will be joining the biggest club in Scotland if the midfielder wins a move to Rangers…..



    With the alleged quotes and hunnish nickname, does anyone else think we’ve dodged a bullet with this guy ?



    Night All

  17. Brogan Rogan Trevino and Hogan supports Kano 1000 on




    Many many Happy returns– and clearly a man of class to be throwing some Steve Earle about.



    Further, absolutely Sherlock like deductions on the bookcooking proclivity of Kev the Blantyre bandit– a man who, when armed with a golf club, made Dick Turpin look like Francis of Assisi!

  18. TET


    if you dont mind i will keep an eye out for your selections,as i said its good to see


    someone who can be disciplned and selective enough to make a few quid from the bookies

  19. Time for bed.



    Things to do the morra.


    Oil to change in the car, 10 lts of synthetic oil 85 euros, hunbelievable, and the water heater to descale, agua forte only 2.50 e for 5 lts, hard water we have in these mountains :>)



    Looking forward to El Clasico as well, should be fun as usual.


    Take care and god bless





  20. Brogan Rogan Trevino and Hogan supports Kano 1000 on




    anyone intersted in beating the bookies should check the daily blog of Johnboyhopkins. You can find him on twitter or wordpress.



    He runs a wee tipping site and tip in most races predicting a likely 123 in terms of result. There is a monthly charge of £5 to join the full site, but each day there is a selection of free tips.



    He was good enough to add the Vanessa appeal to his blog page and get a few horsey types to donate.



    He is a Larne man from over the water and in racing terms the oul ship seems to come in quite often. Just a thought.