Summer business underway as Fojut signed


Celtic tied-up their first piece of business for the summer 2012 transfer window this afternoon by securing Polish central defender, Jaroslaw Fojut, 24, on a pre-contract.  Jaroslaw moved to England straight from school to join Bolton Wanderers, who he made two appearances for, before spending short loan periods at Luton and Stockport.

He moved back to Poland as a 21-year-old and has become a popular player at Polish league leaders, Slask Wroclaw, who knocked Dundee United out of the Europa League qualifying rounds this season in their first European football adventure in 40 years.

I hear he is a solid defender who commands the air well and who is likely to have his best years ahead of him.

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  1. Kojo



    I don’t know anything about the guy but from the footage i have seen he looks very good on the ball, quick feet.



    My worry though is the amount of players we have, Surely we are going to have to sell.



    Also i hope if we do sign another midfielder it does not stop the progress of players like McGeough & George. HH

  2. I think you’ll find that’s St Francis of Assisi.



    I may be a bandit, but I’m a respectful one!



    Ceaser67, no not George, Alec. Great bloke. I’m sure there’s plenty of CQNers who went to Trinity will remember him well. The ‘Alky’ was just a play on his name by the kids, he was no such thing. A complete tyrant of a teacher I’m told but thankfully I knew him as a neighbour and family friend. Massive Celtic fan. Met him a few years ago, and I know this shouldn’t be funny, but he was well in his late 70’s, out with 3 pals, all at varying stages of dementia, but all still living at home. These four old blokes had decided to meet for a few pints and I first saw them at 6pm when I came out of work the Friday before Christmas. Hadn’t seen him for many years, I went over to say hello and he recognised me after a few wee hints.



    Saw him again as I was leaving at 10pm and he came over and greeted me in full recognition of 20 years previous, but as if we hadn’t met at 6pm. He was on his own by this time. I asked him where his pals were. What pals? was the reply. One came wandering out the toilet and they greeted each other as if this was a chance meeting. I’d had a few and started to laugh and worry at the same time. I decided to get him a taxi, making sure he still lived in EK. We got outside and the the two other blokes were at other ends of a block on Waterloo Street, not at a bus stop or taxi rank, just sort of idling. I asked Alex about them and he couldn’t believe it. Two more people he knew were in town! I watched them all say hello and mildly step back as some sort of realisation seemed to hit that they had in fact all been in the pub for the last 4 hours together. One by one they all gave a semi lucid description of how they were going to get home and away they went.



    Passed away peacefully last year. His wife who had been my primary teacher, embarrassed the life out of me at the funeral recalling with great detail every aspect of my sensational performance of Shakin’ Stevens This ole house at the Primary 3 Christmas party.



    I’m off to fix the shingles

  3. macjay1 for Neil Lennon on

    setting free the bears says:


    17 January, 2012 at 22:59



    At work.Couldn`t reply sooner.



    Mate,we just had a good laugh.


    I know what you mean,though.There`s aye somebody desperate to take offence when none was intended.

  4. celtic team 2012-13



    g.k foster (buy), and another



    r.b mathews, lustig



    lb izzy, ledley, charlie



    cb rogne, charlie, wilson, new ghuy, victor



    rm forrest, mcgeohn, brown, lustig



    lm sammy, commons, forrest



    cm kayal, ki, ledley, brown, victor, (nigerian bhoy)



    cf hooper, stokes, sammy, and another



    teams shaping up nicely (23 player) and though the squad is big right now, your no gonna reject, what you believe is a good player and risk lossing him to another team.



    all other player in should be from young set up and high potential buys, keatings, watt, george, fraser etc…




    think we’ll see: dan, odea, thompson, loovens, cha, m. wilson, chavi, blackman (8) leave for free in summer (out of contract) 60k per week saved



    possibly sell mcginn, mccourt, radmussion, murphy, bangurra, jaurez (6) (depending on how he shows) 60k per week saved



    120k to retained good players in team and to use for wages to sign top class powerful goal scorer.



    then its just 1 or 2 changes every year as bids come in and players leave. so long as the right young players are spotted and developed then cycle can continue time and again.



    the occasional big money signing (22 – 25 year old group) should ensure continued resale value.



    but make sure no matter what happens players are not allowed to walk away for free unless there are no buyers (buy low sell high) and (buy high and sell higher)

  5. Margaret McGill on

    As you know we at DAFT would like to celebrate the epiphany that is February upcoming next month.We at “Drawing all faiths together” don’t care if you’re a Romney mormon,


    a money moron, a hindi person of benbecula, a scientologist, or any of the other baptist


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    whyted, indited and dynamited but not by the overexcited.

  6. .



    Fraser Forster concentrating on increasing his stature at Celtic



    Hugh Macdonald (the Scotsman)



    THE theory that Fraser Forster is growing into his post as the Celtic goalkeeper receives some validation when he has to bend his head to enter the dressing-room at Lennoxtown.



    Fraser Forster’s penalty save against Hearts was a turning point


    At 6ft 7ins, the 23-year-old is now gaining a reputation as a player who can make the big saves at the big moments. His hunched appearance at a news conference can not disguise the reality that the ‘keeper has been stretched in recent months and proved more than equal to most that has been shot at him.



    His performance in the draw with Udinese, his penalty save against Hearts at Parkhead last month and the desperate lunge to deny Lee Wallace in the Old Firm match have combined to enhance both his confidence and his status in the eyes of the support and the manager.



    Forster, who is on loan from Newcastle United until the end of the season with an option for the Parkhead club to buy him, is aware he is playing for his future. A smart save from Jon Daly on Saturday that protected a narrow lead against Dundee United will have reinforced Neil Lennon’s positive impression of a goalkeeper who has overcome moments of hesitancy to become an important player for the side. ”I’m happy leaving it to the summer,” Forster said yesterday of any contract talks with Celtic. ”We can sit down and sort it all out then.”



    He knows, though, that his form opens up other possibilities. ”Obviously if you are playing well it helps. It creates opportunities and strengthens your power of negotiation. It’s just important to play well and focus on the football – and, most importantly, win the league,” he said. ‘I don’t really see myself going back to Newcastle, although you never say never in football.”



    He maintains that his ability to make important saves has been heightened by an improvement in his concentration but will not reveal the techniques he uses to keep him on his toes when play rages far from his goal. Forster worked with a sports psychologist at Newcastle but restricts himself now to sessions with Stevie Woods, the goalkeeping coach at Celtic. He gives Woods due praise for the improvement in his level of play.



    Forster’s season has improved dramatically from the night in Rennes in October when he and Cha Du-Ri contrived to donate the French a goal through a pass back that rolled into an empty net. “You just need to get over it. I reacted well to what happened, I thought, making some saves in the second half, and I haven’t looked back since then,” said Forster.



    His most controversial moment of the season was when he denied Wallace early in the last Old Firm match. Television pictures suggested the Rangers defender’s header was over the line but the goalkeeper made a great save to keep the match even. “I thought at the time there might be a chance it was in, but looking back now I’m not sure you can say either way,” said Forster. “The ref didn’t give it and we were due that bit of luck.”



    The penalty save against Hearts last month was also a crucial intervention. Celtic had struggled to take a lead through Victor Wanyama when the Tynecastle side were awarded a spot kick two minutes from time. Eggert Jonsson’s effort was brilliantly saved and Celtic maintained a momentum that has taken them to the top of the league.



    Forster has only been playing football seriously for six years. ”I was 17 when I first went into Newcastle on trial and I haven’t looked back since. I played rugby but preferred football and played Sunday League,” he said. “I played for the county and had trials at a couple of clubs where nothing came of it and then I got a chance at Newcastle out of the blue. It came late but it helped me in a way. I’m not convinced I could have been a kid who joined a club at six or seven and then was there all the way through.



    “When you come in late and see how good the other players are you work harder to catch them up and then edge ahead of them. That can only benefit you.”



    Forster would have gone to university to study economics if the trial at Newcastle had not worked out. ”I’m lucky I got the chance to play football. I keep working hard,” he said.



    Quiet and gently polite, Forster speaks frankly of an improved confidence. His future is now in his hands. He seems more than content about that state of affairs.




  7. .



    SFA in talks over Rangers owner Craig Whyte



    (The Scotsman)



    DISCUSSIONS are still on-going between Rangers and the Scottish Football Association after the governing body expressed concern about revelations regarding the Ibrox club’s owner, Craig Whyte.



    A BBC Scotland documentary said Whyte had been disqualified from being a company director between 2000 and 2007. The Ibrox club confirmed this in a statement to the Plus stock exchange in November, after which the SFA asked for clarification from the club.



    “We have had a response from the club,” said Stewart Regan, the SFA chief executive, yesterday. “Those exchanges and that discussion or consultation is still on-going. So I am not able to comment on where we are with that.”






    PS..The Last Article above this was (The Herald)

  8. .



    I can be a star like Boruc..





    JAROSLAW FOJUT has vowed to follow Artur Boruc and become a Celtic star.


    Neil Lennon last night swooped for the Slask Wroclaw defender on a three-year contract.



    The deal will see the 24-year-old Pole join Celts in the summer, but SunSport understands further talks could yet see Fojut move to Parkhead this month.



    But the Poland Under-20 ace, who was at Bolton as a kid, is just thrilled to have agreed terms.



    He told SunSport: “I’m extremely happy to sign a contract with Celtic.



    “It is one of the biggest clubs in Europe and a team which is known by every football fan.



    “To play at Celtic Park, where the supporters are amazing, will be a dream come true.



    “It was also important that Celtic are fighting for the championship and will probably play in the Champions League.



    “It is a great way to develop my skills and show what I’m capable of.



    “Many Polish players have played for Celtic in the past with success, like Artur Boruc. I want to follow in his steps. To be a rock in the defence and to do everything to bring silverware to this club.”



    Fojut, who also enjoyed loan spells with Luton and Stockport County, can’t wait to join the Parkhead side. He added: “I am happy that Neil Lennon will be my manager.



    “I remember playing against him in his days at Nottingham Forest when I was with Luton.



    “He was an amazing player and he continues his career as a manager and is doing a great job.



    “The British style of football is my favourite. I played there in the past and I have some things to prove to some people.



    “I will prove that I could have played at the highest level in England.



    “I also hope the national coach Franciszek Smuda will notice me a bit more and I’ll have a chance to play at Euro 2012.”



    Fojut has signed a pre-contract to join up with Celts in the summer.



    But Slask chairman Piotr Wasniewski said: “We will analyse the situation and see if we can agree to let the player go in January.”



    Boss Lennon added: “To get him on a pre-contract is a good bit of business.



    “He’s strong, technically good, quick, and he’s very good in the air.”





  9. Tom McLaughlin on

    Ryan\o/D –



    “Dodged a bullet”?



    HaHaHa very good.



    I like it.




  10. Tom McLaughlin on

    Here’s hoping Dunfermline stuff ICT tonight.



    Couldn’t stand another commentator constantly mentioning “Super-Caley go ballistic . . .” etc.


    Imagine life without Google and other search engines.



    When you get used to something,you’re lost without it.



    Now imagine life without the much-maligned Wikipedia.



    Cos we’re gonna have to today,they’ve shut it down for 24hrs.

  12. Tom McLaughlin on




    Seule la version en langue anglaise mon ami.




  13. Tom McLaughlin on

    So today’s the day then.



    The Rangers Tax Case tribunal resumes in Edinburgh.



    Hopefully it concludes on Friday and we can all look forward to a definitive and sensational outcome.


    Haha,I thought it was the middle day of three,so let’s hope the three wise men sitting in judgement are more on the ball than us!


    Fingers crossed,by the way,for an absolutely DEVASTATING finding against Rangers.



    Toes and eyes as well…..

  16. Tom McLaughlin on

    Jobo –



    I am sure it was sheduled to resume today.



    I’ll need to go and check.

  17. fergus slayed the blues on

    regards the tax case


    I hope it’s sorted soon as I am miffed off at all this dragging on .


    Not once have I heard a single rager supporter say they should find the money and pay their dues (if the are found guilty )IMO they are more than happy to stiff anyone and WALK proudly on .I have had a gut feeling throughout this whole saga that they will not get what’s coming to them ,that’s as it’s always been .


    Dignity my erse

  18. Good Morning,



    Early news is that Celtic will play in USA against Liverpool, Roma and chelsea.



    Nigeria trialist offered deal until end of season.



    Diawara going to Seville.




  19. Ten Men Won The League on

    Tom McLaughlin@07:22



    Today is the final day of the 3 day hearing



    The 3 judges will then go and look over the evidence before delivering their verdict circa March/April

  20. Seven Fishes Four Steaks on

    Tom, FTT started Monday 16th, finishes today Wednesday 18th.



    Cmon the Jobo



    Hows BB going Jobo?




  21. ​Some say that his mother fed him a Chlysler V8 supercharged engine piece by piece when he was a boy.


    ​And that he likes petrol in his weetabix.



    ​All we know is he’s Victor Wanyama.

  22. Does anybody else think Bain and his lawyers are flaunting a setttlement or Queens evidence rag at thems PLC legal reps. And on that point, are thems legal reps demanding cash up front too as opposed to a percentage dependant on a favourable result like?

  23. Ten Men Won The League on

    From The Guardian



    Italy’s World Cup-winning captain Fabio Cannavaro, the former Bolton Wanderers midfielder Jay-Jay Okocha and the Arsenal legend Robert Pires are set to feature in an Indian football competition that hopes to replicate the success of cricket’s Indian Premier League.



    Around 30 players and six coaches from around the world will be auctioned off in the eastern Indian city of Kolkata for the league, to be staged between 25 February and 8 April.



    “We have signed seven icon players for the auction and each of the six teams will have one such player with a $600,000 salary cap,” said Bhaswar Goswami, the executive director of Celebrity Management Group.



    Other signed-up players – all at the end of their careers – include the Portuguese midfielder Maniche, the former Argentina international Juan Pablo Sorín, the ex-Liverpool striker Robbie Fowler, the former Spain striker Fernando Morientes and the Argentinian Hernán Crespo.



    CMG has signed a 30-year deal with the Indian Football Association for the league and has floated tenders for franchises, Goswami said.



    “We have started with six teams this year, all in the state of West Bengal but have already been approached to expand the league to other parts of the country.



    “Every team will have $2.5m (£1.63m) to spend in the first year. They will have a maximum of four foreigners and a compulsory six under-21 Indian players in their squad.”



    Cricket’s IPL dazzled fans with its exciting Twenty20 format, player auctions, post-game parties and heavy advertising and now football – which has failed to produce top-class Indian players – is poised for a similar makeover.



    “The league is modelled on Major League Soccer and of course IPL,” Goswami added.



    “We saw the hype and buzz around the players’ auction in IPL and feel it can be an equal success. It’s a brilliant concept. We expect owners to make profit much earlier than the IPL franchises.



    “We are also in the process of finalising television rights for live broadcast across south-east Asia.”



    Goswami was bullish about the league’s future and said it would change the face of Indian football. “I think we made the right start by launching it in West Bengal. It’s a soccer-crazy state where 100,000 people throng to watch the local derby between East Bengal and Mohun Bagan.



    “It will be a massive boost for local players to share the dressing room and field with some of the players they grew up idolising.”



    A cricket-dominated India ranks a dismal 162 in Fifa’s rankings despite its huge population but 60 million Indians tuned in to the English Premier League’s 2009-10 season.



    Pires, who was last summer released by Aston Villa, said he was excited by a new challenge. “Since I had nothing in Europe, why not try something completely unknown? I’ve never been over there,” Pires told L’Equipe.



    “I am proud to be the first Frenchman to go and play there. And eight weeks is nothing.”



    Pires said he would at least be paid €395,000 [£326,000] for seven weeks. “If my [club] president likes me, it could be €790,000 [£652,000]. It is a lot of money. I’m not going to complain about that am I? But I’m not going there as a tourist. It’s a new adventure.”