Summer of the long Copa


Canada face Venezuela overnight in a game which if the South Americans lose, will see the final Celtic player break for the summer.  Even if Canada are eliminated in the small hours of Saturday morning, Alistair Johnston will have a short break before picking up for the new term.  Venezuela topped their group with maximum points, so will start favourites.

Celtic’s first competitive game is four weeks away, while the squad head to the USA in less than a fortnight.  Brendan Rodgers could be tempted to start the season with Anthony Ralston at right back to extend Johnston’s break.

Alistair has played every minute of Canada’s campaign, whereas Cameron Carter-Vickers Copa America experience with the USA was limited to one substitute appearance.  Neither will be properly rested for the new campaign, no matter how much extended leave Brendan allows.

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  1. Drambowiecelt on

    @Scaniel ..Queens next……Wed i think…..


    Great crowd for Ayr tonight…..

  2. Drambowiecelt on

    Celts presenter just bid us goodbye with Hail Hail…lol


    Naw heard that since Summer left……









  3. Good to see Celtic in their first game of the year



    Not many positives (there are never many this early in the pre season)



    Lawal had a few good bursts and out keeper in the 2nd half (apols for no name – cant find the team sheets) had a few good saves



    Safe travels to those who ventured into ayrshire xx

  4. bournesouprecipe on

    Camera angle confined the game as a spectacle.



    Only Bosun Lawal of the young players stood out, in between watching Portugal v France, Nawrocki off injured, and Clarke in goal looked decent after spending last season on loan at Ayr.



    A horrible thought occurred when thinking back that it was Brendan that promoted Scott Bain and dropped Craig Gordon – we wouldn’t dare would we?

  5. lets all do the huddle on

    say one thing about the town of Ayr…



    mobile phone signals might pass it bye…



    but just about all the residents’ car regie plates end in “AYR” so at least they are proud of their town.



    you dont see that in clachnachuddan!




    I stay in Ayr and the phone signal in the town centre for 02 kills me



    Also when we see a reg plate with the word AYR



    We die a little inside

  7. lets all do the huddle on

    I stay in Ayr and the phone signal in the town centre for 02 kills me



    Also when we see a reg plate with the word AYR




    aye, O2 for me as well!!



    but there are so many “AYR” regies, mad!

  8. Kojo resides in the past



    As do his views



    May he RIP



    Some of his content was entertaining as he knew how to write



    Howevah, it was often over shadowed by his views




    418 is a troll who grasps out with hun tentacles to try and be relevant



    Kojo would have ate him alive

  10. Drambowiecelt on

    Re.Kojo…A bit harsh…At least he followed and kept in touch with the youth…


    Don’t remember any other seers at the time….???


    Anyhoo not going to smear a long gone Celt…R.I.P

  11. Drambowie



    It’s a myth. He talked about players he did not know, he got their names wrong and he championed guys like Adam Virgo and Stephen O’Donnell- he was a spoofer about football.



    As for smearing the dead?? Is he? When did that happen? As far as I’m aware he just stopped posting- at least under that name.



    I stand by what I said. There were plenty of more informed CQNrs about the youth- one of them even covered the games with video commentary.

  12. Drambowiecelt on

    @S.F.T.B…With all due respect I’m not sayin it right….


    I’m saying he continued to highlight celts youth….And he was consistent.


    As regarding his passing ? are you seriously implying he could still be posting??


    ffs he would be about 93……..I’m sorry i posted my thoughts at the time whilst watching the game..


    Seeing all those youngsters made me think of him ..Right or Wrong..


    ANd P.S. We had our moments regarding his .Em..Other Views..

  13. I was seriously stating that we don’t know that he’s dead. Or his age. It’s the internet – he could have been 12 impersonating an adult- his presentation of himself was never consistent in details- he was a total spoofer, amongst other things. Him and The Singing Detective.

  14. DRAMBOWIECELT on 5TH JULY 2024 10:54 PM



    @ Clunks ….An innocent comment..Hing Me…






    Sorry man, you lost me



    I was talking with jackiemac?



    Tbh dont know what you refer to?

  15. SFTB



    If he was still alive, do you think his ego (and it was all ego based posting) would allow him to



    Be quiet



    And not post?????



    I dopn’t think so

  16. lets all do the huddle on

    mental scenes at central getting off the train from ayr.



    think theres another due in half an hour.



    time for all the polis to have a rest 😆

  17. Drambowiecelt on

    I’m not sure a kid could have impersonated the gigs he attended at The Apollo.


    Look i understand at the time his views were hard to swallow…Fine


    What the hell is the singing dick got to do with what we are discussing???

  18. Drambowiecelt on

    Sorry Clunks ..i thought you were referring to me …


    Seeing as i was the one to mention Kojo…..

  19. fourstonecoppi on

    Kojo..gawd remember that poster.



    i remember seeing an merc convertible with ‘Kojo’ as reg plate going along the expressway!

  20. Drambowiecelt on

    @A.T..reading back…calling them out…


    Thankfully Young Martin McCluskey has crushed the pretenders in Inverclyde..


    He was the only one to vote against the secterian recent walk…

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