Summer of the long Copa


Canada face Venezuela overnight in a game which if the South Americans lose, will see the final Celtic player break for the summer.  Even if Canada are eliminated in the small hours of Saturday morning, Alistair Johnston will have a short break before picking up for the new term.  Venezuela topped their group with maximum points, so will start favourites.

Celtic’s first competitive game is four weeks away, while the squad head to the USA in less than a fortnight.  Brendan Rodgers could be tempted to start the season with Anthony Ralston at right back to extend Johnston’s break.

Alistair has played every minute of Canada’s campaign, whereas Cameron Carter-Vickers Copa America experience with the USA was limited to one substitute appearance.  Neither will be properly rested for the new campaign, no matter how much extended leave Brendan allows.

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  1. DRAMBOWIECELT on 5TH JULY 2024 11:13 PM



    Sorry Clunks ..i thought you were referring to me …



    Seeing as i was the one to mention Kojo…..






    Well then get it right up you for bringing that back onto the blog






    Dearie you lol

  2. GREENPINATA on 5TH JULY 2024 9:21 PM


    AN TEARMANN on 5TH JULY 2024 9:12 PM



    Call it out.




    I said exactly the same thing a couple of days ago and blamed the same persons for sanctioning it and you berated me on here.



    Greenpinata i berated you as the city masters sanctioning the marcch you were making a political point as tho the OO only started walking under snp toonheiders,my berating of you was due to your one sided memory.


    The cultyir of the OO grew up unhindered for over 100 years in Glasgow under labour glasgow.Dont be upset,examine the whole period,the cancer should have been cut out years ago with,Tory,Labour or SNP at the helm,your old enough to remember




  3. Drambowiecelt on

    Clunks ..good…Near glasgow airport waitin my wee one coming home from greece…


    Stick some toons up ffs…

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    Request Lady Stardust …….. a lovely song when Bowie seen Bolan for the first time..



  5. DrambowieCelt 11.30



    The polis and bigots had meetings for 10 months so the familyfun(sure)day would pas off unimpeded and with no chat to Glasgows business community who will loose £millions as no one except bigots will go near the toon.


    Time this was shipped of to an out of town field so they can piss,shite and fight like the cattle they are.


    Hope all good T




  6. Drambowiecelt on

    @AT….All good……I’m home……The wean arrives tomorrow ..ffs


    I got the dates wrong……….


    Seems i got everything wrong this night…..

  7. Drambowie



    That sucks man



    Tomoz will be better



    Could be worse



    You could be the contractor with the green forklift at the toiletbowl



    Take care matey