Summer of the long Copa


Canada face Venezuela overnight in a game which if the South Americans lose, will see the final Celtic player break for the summer.  Even if Canada are eliminated in the small hours of Saturday morning, Alistair Johnston will have a short break before picking up for the new term.  Venezuela topped their group with maximum points, so will start favourites.

Celtic’s first competitive game is four weeks away, while the squad head to the USA in less than a fortnight.  Brendan Rodgers could be tempted to start the season with Anthony Ralston at right back to extend Johnston’s break.

Alistair has played every minute of Canada’s campaign, whereas Cameron Carter-Vickers Copa America experience with the USA was limited to one substitute appearance.  Neither will be properly rested for the new campaign, no matter how much extended leave Brendan allows.

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  1. bigrailroadblues on

    Good morning all from Govanhill. Football, racing and mischief making. I love Saturdays!

  2. AN TEARMANN on 5TH JULY 2024 11:44 PM



    Again you have completely missed the point and are playing the poster rather than the post.



    This is 2024 and Glasgow should not have to endure dozens of road closures , hospitality hits and outward displays of naked hatred.


    All being sanctioning by our leaders and establishment.


    I give not a jot the political make up of those who allow this hatefest on our streets and of course i am aware that it has been going on for years and years.



    But that is then and this is now. This circus should not be allowed in a modern Scotland.



    It is selective attitudes like yours that seeks an agenda where there is none that prevents condemnation with one voice.. For you it seems it depends on who is doing the condemning



    Enjoy your day.

  3. Good morning all from a very cold 8 degree, but sunny at the moment Garngad.



    Good luck to AJ he is better playing with 🇨🇦 than some of these pre season friendly’s. Copal will get a better level.



    Fat club – Another 4 and a half pounds off this week, so 4 stone lost since 14 March. Weight loss put on pause from mañana as we are away on holiday, but going to watch what I am eating but not watch what I am drinking 🤪🤣🍺😎🍺.


    In total by Christmas I want to have lost 6 or 7 stone. Bring it on.



    Like BRRB I will drink sensibly.



    Have we not signed a keeper yet?



    Ah well.



    Have a nice day ya.. no all sorry Tom Mc.😉



    D. :)

  4. GuyFawkesaforeverhero on

    Reading Canada are progressing well in the Copa America makes me wonder whether the big Motherwell wrecking ball up front, Bair, plays any part in their squad. I thought how he disrupted our defenders last season was entertaining to see.



    Providing it didn’t leave Motherwell short of talent, maybe lend them Oh for a season, I’d be happy for us to pick him up to see how he goes with better players around him.



    My normal 1 point plan to the manager for any new season has become a 2 point plan this summer :-


    1) score more goals, 2) find us a good goalkeeper.

  5. Greenpinata



    I didnt miss no point.


    Why was zero done bout by the Labour Party the preceeding 100 years of bigotry?


    It is now culturally ingrained in the city because of such behavior,not because of the last few years marches under a different political party,a party who responded to call it out by rerouting marches past certain roman catholic,something that never happened under the labour&unionist marketing party.



    You do give a jot about who decides to oversee the hatefest and you are totally selective in why zero/fookaw/nada/zilch was done bout it in the previous 100 years.



    I seek no selective agenda,i have openly trashed the politics be it snp/labour/tory who oversee ths hatefest,it is you who fail to acknowledge the years preceding recent times ie your lodge friends in Labour,their OO membership and how it developed.its sliverous and many glaswegians have experience of the dual string pulling on them.




  6. GuyFawkesaforeverhero on

    Borgo67 on 6th July 2024 9:42AM



    Thanks for info.



    While I’m thinking about Motherwell, I might as well throw out my view about the flexibility Doncaster was hoping to procure from spfl clubs when the Premiership league fixtures were announced.



    I believe he’d have appreciated Motherwell and Ross County agreeing to forego their August away visits to Ibrox and have them re-scheduled for later in the season. Such an accommodation would have been dependent on the Ibrox bosses’ honesty about the one month hold up, as it was being reported at the time.



    Events have moved on since then.

  7. FAO DAVID66….



    I am sure that you and ALL the Family will have a great time in Tenerife.



    See if you can spot any good Goalies oot there !





    HH Mate.

  8. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    Feast off sport on the tele box today.



    A rugby extravaganza with England pipped by NZ already and Wales v Australia on now. Unfortunately Ireland v South Africa kicks off at 4pm so I’ll miss some of the football. Chuck in the British Grand Prix and theTour de France and it’s enough to make you a couch potato.

  9. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    In GM’s camp !



    Australia-Wales very watchable.



    Didn’t know Joe Schmidt got the Australia gig.



    Smart bloke. Might just restore the team after a dreadful five years of performance decline.



    PS – well done to the Celtic fans who turned up in their thousands last night.

  10. garygillespieshamstring on 6th July 2024 11:14 am





    Roddy McDonald?






    Fullname: Roderick MacDonald


    Born: 30 August 1954


    Birthplace : Dingwall or Alness Ross-shire


    Signed: 5 Aug 1972 (from Brora Rangers)


    Left: 7 July 1981 (to Hearts)


    Position : Centre half, Defender


    First game : Arbroath 3-1 away 29 August 1973 league cup


    Last game : Saint Mirren 1-3 away 2 May 1981 league


    First goal : Clydebank 4-1 home 15 February 1975 Scottish cup


    Last goal : Hearts 3-2 home 13 December 1980 league


    Internationals : Scotland U/23

  11. !!Bada Bing!! on

    Roddie joined the polis after football, I remember him scoring a winning goal header v Oldco,from a Davie Provan corner…….aaaaa those magical Jungle days…..