Support and paradoxical intent


I suppose it is inevitable, this far into a period of domination, that draws and defeats attract disproportionate criticism.  We are not used to defeats, recently we have not even been used to a season without a treble, so reactions to dropping five points in a week have few reference points.

In the social media era, players are not immune to what is being said about them, some of them no doubt reflecting on years of successful service behind them, who perhaps feel deserted when the call was made.

I know what you’re thinking, this is classic paradoxical intent.  We react to that which makes us anxious in a way that can only increase our anxiety.

Neil Lennon is dealing with the absence of Forrest, Edouard, Johnston, Jullien, Bitton, Elhamed and Barkas, and easing the return to fitness of Ajeti, Christie and Griffiths, while hurting at some painful results.

We travel to France tomorrow then back in the early hours of Friday before it all goes on the line, again, at Hampden on Sunday.  All while Aberdeen rest and prepare.  In these circumstances, this is a tough ask.  Tougher still without support, and I don’t mean supporters, I mean actual support.  This is a no-brainer time, circle the wagons and get back to doing what we always do.

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  1. weebobbycollins on

    TOSB…my sniping is not directed at reasonable posters. It’s towards the bandwagoneers who show no respect to the manager nor his staff…


    Anyway, I’m not going to halt it, they will continue with their toxic comments and as long as Neil continues in charge I will support him.


    The End.

  2. Sorry if this has already been posted , , I haven’t checked any posts today, 10pm BBC4 Just a Boy’s game with Frankie Miller , is being shown. It’s very funny and sad.

  3. oh my aching sides,



    Delusional Hun, – Helander is as good as Jaap Stam.






    that is why i listen in.

  4. …and the sarcastic and snyde barbs at our hosts expense………



    probably a few wee lost an’ desperate foul-moooothed (&%$!! ) rascals an’ awe from the unhinged fringes


    and the usual shape-shiftin’ hun sleekits……….

  5. Neil Lennon, wading his way through a media swamp, for what?


    Why hasn’t NL come out swinging against, Davie Provan, from 2 week’s ago, when DP asserted that…


    “Neil Lennon, sucks up to Peter Lawwell.” Why no reaction to that charge, from DP?


    Is it because its true?


    Why not challenge DP to a “live” showdown on, Celtic TV, YouTube, whatever. Why not?


    The last time that there was “dignity retention” from a Celtic manager, was when MO’N made his excuses and left, rather than sour his relationship with Celtic supporter’s, by doing the dirty on them, or cheaply deceiving them, and he warned them about the ‘mindset’ that would be introduced to, the executive hierarchy of the club, as the club followed RFC’s lead, and follow followed, the RFC downsizing program, when CEO Peter Lawwell returned to the club, though this is strangely ommited from, any recollection of WGS’s record at the club. Very strange. Maybe not.


    Neil, you were out of Celtic, in 2016, when Celtic supporter’s rubber stamped Sevco-RFC, as effectively the same club as they purchased ‘Old Firm’ priced ticket’s, all of this strangely obscured by the Brendan bounce, or not strangely to the more suspicious among us, that Celtic supporter’s had just wiped away all of the same club issue’s, and now the joke was on them, after being played by, Celtic PLC, who recruited Brendan Rodgers, to get Celtic supporter’s to “Look over there” as, unpunished Sevco-RFC, sneaked into the top League, without having a single trophy stripped, or having paid a single penny of the £140 million HMRC swindle, which was used to cheat Celtic supporter’s out of 20+ trophies!


    And, to rub the salt in to cheated wound’s, these same Celtic supporter’s, who Neil Lennon virtually put his life on the line for, were dancing into stadium’s singing “You’re Not Rangers Anymore” after having just paid for – “Old-Firm-Priced-Tickets” Maybe, just maybe, we’re not Celtic anymore? With supporter’s who were, and still are, being royally shafted by, the neoliberal mindset that control’s the Celtic-PLC boardroom, like the same, neoliberal mindset that has governed the Irish twenty six counties population for over 100 year’s.


    Neil Lennon, if I was in you’re shoe’s, having endured what you did for, Celtic Supporter’s, ever since you signed in the year 2000, under MO’N, then in 2016 having watched on as, Celtic Supporter’s, follow, followed, hook, line, and sinker, the biggest con job that’s ever been done to them, as they danced into the PLC, same club trap, and signed Sevco-RFC up, as the same club, Neil Lennon, you would be excused for viewing Celtic FC as no more than a charlatan’s gravy train. Sadly. Ethic’s, and moral compasses are no longer required within the green building that sits on, Kerrydale Street. Its Over!


    P.S. If you want any lesson’s in how to handle the, corrupt to the core, mainstream media, swallow you’re pride(is that still a thing?) and do what Trump, yeah Trump, do what he did on day one of his job, label the media in it’s entitity as “Fake” who could argue against it?


    The thing is, the media know that there isn’t one pair of cojones to be found in the entire chain of command at, Celtic FC.


    So, the media will call Celtic FC out as “Fakes” like DP did with you, Neil Lennon, and they’d be correct!


    You’ve proved how “Fake” the entire club is, Neil, by coming out today and, attacking “nameless” critic’s. What?



    Who would win in the battle of the”Fakes” the corrupt media, or the corrupt Celtic FC?



  6. Saint Stivs



    Thanks for taking the time to post your feelings on the current debate regarding Neil Lennon.



    The type of comment you mention above I agree is out of order. I didn’t read the blog around the Rangers game. I was too disappointed at the result. I didn’t blame the manager for that result as he was 6 starters down in my opinion. However, there are a number of posters on here who are of the same opinion as myself. As far as I have seen, they post their views in a reasonable, rational manner without vitriol. A bit of exasperation at times, maybe. However, the one line snipes from a number of posters towards the dissenting voices is wearing to say the least.



    “ I fully excpect now for a few to pop up with sarcastic comment, but I know what they will type before they even start.”



    This is also how I feel whenever I post in support of a managerial change.



    Hail! Hail!

  7. Personally, I was delighted to see our manager come out fighting today, and lay into the Scottish media.


    I’m not saying Neil Lennon is doing a great job – that’s a different story. Neither am I calling for his head.



    But the crap that regularly comes out from the Scottish media is deserving to be highlighted and ridiculed. And I’m glad Neil gave both barrels today. Good on him.



    I am a lurker on here. Seldom post. Definitely avoid the blog following a bad result (I’d sooner visit the dentist!) due to the hysteria that unfolds.


    It’s like a radio phone in on here at times – from my distant memory of listening to a radio phone in. I have long since stopped tuning into them.



    The fact that people on here pass comment on some of the eejits that call in, and try to engage in serious conversation regarding what these muppets actually spurt…well…what can I say?


    Asylum….running….lunatics….springs to mind.

  8. CELT-O’NEILL on 27TH OCTOBER 2020 7:49 PM



    When there was no team called Rangers in the top league 20 thousand Celtic supporters walked away. I made a comment about 5 years ago about the Board, what are they supposed to do or think, the place is half empty? The PLC business plan model is on the old firm gravy train. Some may blame the PLC but the truth is the tail is wagging the dog. The PLC hedged their bets that Celtic supporters wanted a version of Rangers to slug it out with and they were proved correct. Who can forget the jubilation at paying £50 to lord it over a club they said was dead. As a club we’ve had this coming and there are more than a few supporters who share more blame than Neil Lennon.

  9. anyways, i was wondering today, and this is no kiddin, how are we going to do the celtic christmas video this year ?



    have we ran out of available paticipants ?

  10. After seeing Lennys interview today I must admit I feel guilty about my recent comments.



    I really hope you can turn it round …..



    We are Neil Lennon !!!!!

  11. DAVID17 on 27TH OCTOBER 2020 8:02 PM




    That answer exemplifies the mindset of today’s Celtic FC, and as you’ve illustrated, the fan’s.


    Why don’t Celtic supporter’s grow a pair, snub season ticket renewal day, be bold enough to stand off for, what, maybe six week’s, and when the club reaches the point were, it won’t function without, PLC financial input, the PLC will bale out.


    That’s of course, if I was talking about, a Celtic supporter’s base, that had cojones, but you don’t.


    So you’re only choice is, enjoy being a green hun, because you’ve illustrated that, that is what you are.


    Or, put the tools away, ie no season ticket renewal, and save you’re soul, in the hope that Celtic FC can somehow be saved, or just continue being a green hun, who thrives on, bigotry, hatred, murder’s etc, etc.



  12. Bada Bing



    Agree it’s a disgrace. However, while I like Lenny speaking up should it really be up to him to challenge the Huns with laptops? We have a a Communications Department do we not? Not that we want to be making a statement on everything like the lunatic Sevco but surely when the media are running polls to get Lenny lose his job the Club not Lenny should be speaking up, both in a public statement and in private to editors; final warning any more of this and you’re out of press conferences, interviews and access to games.

  13. onenightinlisbon on

    SAINT STIVS on 27TH OCTOBER 2020 7:40 PM



    I 100% agree with you (surprised?)



    I have never made or would ever make a personal comment about the manager or any of the players who wear the hoops at present. Anyone who does is no better than those who post of Follow Follow after a defeat.



    I do however make an exception for arseholes like Nicholas, Provam, Bonnar, Walker and Commons who all had the honour of pulling on the jersey and now disgrace that honour with their constant anti- Celtic comments for a few £.

  14. MCPHAIL BHOY- absolutely mate,starting at our press conferences, do not entertain the usual Sevco questions, for years we should have had a press officer controlling this,put the pressers live in the YouTube channel, make the lapdog say his name and who he works for.

  15. Through A Green Glass Brightly on

    CELT-O’NEILL on 27TH OCTOBER 2020 7:49 PM



    “The last time that there was “dignity retention” from a Celtic manager, was when MO’N made his excuses and left, rather than sour his relationship with Celtic supporter’s, by doing the dirty on them, or cheaply deceiving them, …”




    Did his wife not have cancer which is why he left to support her, hardly “making excuses” unless you’re a socio/ psychopath I suppose.

  16. I started planting seeds in my work colleagues of the dark side dispositions minds this morning, telling them to imagine a draw or a win for us on Thursday, hump the dandies on Sunday, players and form returning big style. Suggesting that they’ll be talking amongst themselves shortly wondering what they have to do to try and break our indomitable spirit, make no mistake they fear us that’s why they’re excited about last week hoping against hope we crumble but terrified if we don’t, and we won’t! I love big feck and the rest making them favourites now, go get em Celtic, hunt them .

  17. C’MON THE CELTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



    ALL OF THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Toney scores again for Brentford tonight , I think we’ve missed out on a goalscorer here Bhoys

  19. D17


    I blame the board & downsizing with Ronny Deila on the huge loss of fans at that time



    Note – I continued with my 2 season tickets, but have never attended any game involving that new club, since their creation

  20. TOSB



    I disagree , he didn’t and he was in an open competition where you won the league to go straight in, win five games on a two leg basis, a final, and voilah…. a Big Cup.



    Nowhere near the difficulties or obstacles faced by Neil Lennon or any modern day Celtic manager in financially doped tournaments including the Europa. Celtic now having to beat the champions of three countries, before they even get to play against hugely wealthly leagues by comparison, all established by UEFA and SKY TV in the 1990’s.



    The statto’s on here have confirmed Neil’s record in Europe is comparable if not better than most, even WGS lost to Artmedia ( are they still even a club? ) 5-0 . If you look at the list of past winners there are more noticable names than Celtic, that regularly fail to qualify never mind win the Champions League. Since those days though we came close, we haven’t won the ‘secondary’ tournament, either.



    As for Rangers having more resources, I think Neil Lennon’s title win in 2012 was against resources that no Celtic manager ever knew existed, let alone faced.



    Celtic will be getting beaten by the champions of somewhere, sometime long, long after Neil Lennon is gone






    p.s. The Daily Record is just a euphemism for anti Celticness



    p.p.s I also saw the Lions lose to Dymano Kiev, but I soon got over it.

  21. !!BADA BING!! on 27TH OCTOBER 2020 8:28 PM




    Why does Neil not put a grenade on the media’s table at the next conference, and twist one of their question’s, and ask them, preferably “live” if these journalist’s have got to the bottom of, why Sevco-RFC are not as seriously affected by covid, as most other club’s in our league seem to be?


    If they answer a collective “We don’t know” then ask them if their being lazy journalist’s?


    If they again, answer a collective “No” then Neil Lennon ask, “Is that a fake answer?”


    If the media, again, collectively park the bus, and answer “No.”


    Then, Neil Lennon should respond with “Well I disagree with that, in fact, I disagree with you, all of you!”


    NL to continue with, “Well, it’s like this, I’m the manager of the biggest, and most successful team, by far, in this country. So you’ll appreciate that, I’ve not got the time to dialogue with ‘Fake News Journalist’s’ so, I’ll ask you now to leave, leave and don’t return. Any future dialogue will be better, and more economically effective, in online communication’s. Adios, and Hail! Hail!”


    That, is what NL should say, but he won’t, or Celtic FC’s marshmallow, green hun, neo liberal, old firm loving PLC, will sack him. hh

  22. The Chinese Cultural Revolution meets Aesop’s Fable of The Tortoise & The Hare



    Mao & his pals in China are alleged to have engineered the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution to get rid of up and comers (who they described as the new elite) to prevent their own control from being threatened by this new group. They began the Cultural Revolution so that they stayed in power while the Red Guard did away with the new elite group – now called counter revolutionaries. The Red Guard of course were unaware of the whole thing was designed to keep the real ruling elite in power…



    Aesop’s fable is a story about a hare who makes fun of a slow-moving tortoise. Tired of the hare’s arrogant behaviour, the tortoise challenges him to a race. The hare soon leaves the tortoise behind and, confident of winning, takes a nap midway through the race. However when the hare awakes, he finds that his competitor, crawling slowly but steadily, has arrived before him…




  23. In other news …


    FC Barcelona@FCBarcelona


    President Josep Maria Bartomeu announces the resignation of the FC Barcelona Board of Directors.





    Yes, she did have cancer, but I didn’t want to go there, and weaponize her condition, like a sociopath would do.



  25. Melbourne Mick on

    Hello again all you young rebels.



    Great to see all the old posters coming back, I’d like to think in


    troubled times we are gathering together for the fight.


    Now if only someone, anyone, could tell me what happened tp




    A real mystery.


    H.H. Mick

  26. CELT-O’NEILL- VG,we have always let the press in this country dominate us,why do we never stand up and defend ourselves? Neil did today but unusually so….

  27. glendalystonsils on

    MCPHAIL BHOY@ 8.19



    Exactly what I was thinking . The Media do need put in their place but it shouldn’t have needed Neil Lennon to speak up on his own behalf . An official club statement on the deplorable conduct of the media would have been more appropriate.



    Tend to agree wjth ORIGINALSADIESBHOY and ONENIGHTINLISBON. There are many posters on here who never slander our manager, or call for his dismissal, including myself. But when you see us in a winning position via Cluj or Aberdeen in the waning minutes of a game, and NOTHING is changed to close the game out, supporters have a legitimate reason to question what on earth is going on. These posters do not want to be classed as Huns, panywetters or any of the other puerile pejoratives directed at them, or lumped in with those who make personal attacks on Neil Lennon. Surely you see that?



    Take a peek at the Arsenal – Leicester game yesterday. Rodgers’ team undeservedly go 1-0 up with 12 minutes to go, almost exactly when Christie scored for us. The difference? Rodgers immediately signaled to his team to go into a deep organized 4-5-1, and Arsenal never even got a sight of goal in the last 12 minutes. By contrast, we were shambolic against Aberdeen, and it should never have happened. To compound matters, there was no post match explanation of what on earth we were trying to do, which could mitigate criticism if fans understood what was being attempted. Far too many times we are passive, paralyzed by indecision, hoping for the best, and reactive to adversity, rather than proactive in preventing it.

  29. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    “this is classic paradoxical intent. We react to that which makes us anxious in a way that can only increase our anxiety”



    Lots of evidence in view today.

  30. From Gabriel Marcotti.


    Lazio down to 12 senior players for the UCL trip to Bruges tomorrow after rash of COVID-19 positives. Had to add 6 youth team players to make up the numbers.




    Note – I continued with my 2 season tickets, but have never attended any game involving that new club, since their creation



    Same here, my friend




  32. HOTSMOKED – thanks for sharing the deep CelticByNumbers analysis, a key take-out from which is this:


    “…if Celtic’s play was falling off the performance cliff I’d call it. It isn’t.”



    I’m mostly of the rose-tinted-glasses-half-full disposition as a fan, but not exempt from criticism or querying.


    In P67’s article for eg, he says we’re without 6 players (incl a goalie). Only 3 are reliable starters and Barkas has only been out for 1 game which, for me, was timely given his anodyne performances. I actually thought while he shipped 3, Scotty Bain looked a more buoyant and energetic presence w faster distribution than VB (tho I dont have CBN data to back up my hunch).



    Said it before; KTF esp until Lille and Sunday. And if NFL, coaches or players look in here, love youz aw to bits X



    (PaulTheSpark; condolences to you and yours sir)

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