Support and paradoxical intent


I suppose it is inevitable, this far into a period of domination, that draws and defeats attract disproportionate criticism.  We are not used to defeats, recently we have not even been used to a season without a treble, so reactions to dropping five points in a week have few reference points.

In the social media era, players are not immune to what is being said about them, some of them no doubt reflecting on years of successful service behind them, who perhaps feel deserted when the call was made.

I know what you’re thinking, this is classic paradoxical intent.  We react to that which makes us anxious in a way that can only increase our anxiety.

Neil Lennon is dealing with the absence of Forrest, Edouard, Johnston, Jullien, Bitton, Elhamed and Barkas, and easing the return to fitness of Ajeti, Christie and Griffiths, while hurting at some painful results.

We travel to France tomorrow then back in the early hours of Friday before it all goes on the line, again, at Hampden on Sunday.  All while Aberdeen rest and prepare.  In these circumstances, this is a tough ask.  Tougher still without support, and I don’t mean supporters, I mean actual support.  This is a no-brainer time, circle the wagons and get back to doing what we always do.

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  1. TONTINE TIM on 27TH OCTOBER 2020 10:38 PM



    Thanks for posting that.


    Love when you post that kind of stuff.




  2. WINNINGEMMELL on 28TH OCTOBER 2020 12:00 AM



    Absolutely agree. I don’t have any details of Celtic Sports after WWII, the huns’ lasted to early 60s. Partick Thistle were very adept at the short game (and remain holders of the Tennents Sixes).



    *The Glasgow Police Sports I attended were 1957, 58 or 59. Luggy signed for us in 58 but still could have been training with us and therefore at any of the 5s.

  3. AN TEARMANN on 27TH OCTOBER 2020 10:50 PM



    Thanks a lot for taking the time to find and post that, cheers.




  4. DBHOY


    no worries.interesting times with media ownership and the clout carried by them.


    Enjoyed your experience of the blue whales.it sounds great.i have seen only dolphins in the moray firth up north.








    That was a brilliant speech, I really enjoyed it.



    I posted here a couple of weeks ago about a great documentary on Netflix called ‘The social dilemma’ it has interviews of social media insiders/engineers and designers about the effects it’s having on society, very enlightening and slightly alarming. Highly recommend if you’re interested in that subject.



    The whale watching is the highlight of our trip so far, fantastic experience with a really knowledgeable crew on board. Exploring caves today in Yallingup then onto Margaret River for dinner.



    All the best.




  6. DBHOY – while you’re in Margaret River, try and get a look at Busselton on the coast. Rerr wee place with the longest rail pier in the Southern Hemisphere (about 2km long). Enjoy.

  7. Good morning cqn from a groundhog day (dark, chilly and wet) in the Garngad



    I enjoyed that short read back.



    It’s good to see a bit of fire in Lenny when rebuffing the sacking claims at his presser.



    Bring on the froggies of Lile



    D :)

  8. Melbourne Mick on

    Hello again all you young rebels.



    From a beautiful sunny smiling and vibrant Melbourne.


    Our city has come alive again from a ghost town to thousands of people


    eating out at restaurants using parking bays, pavements and anywhere


    you can put a table and chairs, all spaced as per Covid restrictions.


    Shopping centres are using heat sensor monitors to stop crowding and


    Covid marshals are out patrolling making sure all restrictions are observed.


    Over 100 days locked down, I think Melburnians deserve to enjoy themselves.


    All I need now is for our Bhoys to come together for the fight ahead.


    There’s no doubt players and management read these pages, we’ve all had


    our moans and groans me included, and I know most are trying to be


    constructive for the teams benefit, but it’s also true that there are trolls who’s


    only objective is to divide us, don’t let them.


    So big game tomorrow, lets put division behind us and let our Bhoys know we


    are all behind them.




    H.H. Mick

  9. DAVID66 on 27TH OCTOBER 2020 5:53 PM


    Big Jimmy – Pubs in central Scotland set to open…..







    But cannot sell alcohol..😂😂😂😂







    You couldn’t make this pish up.





    Surely not ?


    I caught a brief mention on TV yesterday that the Scot Gov MAY allow Pubs in ” Tier 3″ reopen…but MUST close at 6pm ?




    IF Pubs are allowed to re open but NOT serve alcohol…I think I will be asking for a Glass of Milk…and as soon as other punters begin to question my ” Glesga Toughness etc “…I will then snarl and demand that its served in a ” Dirty Glass”….just to retain my ” Street Cred and Macho..ness” ……LOL !


    Bob Hope did that in a movie…maybe I could also get away with it ?





  10. DAVID66..


    I am heading back to the PDSA Vets this morning by Taxi’s to hand in Wee Rockys urine sample. It was easier than I thought as I used the Kit that the PDSA gave me on Monday.


    Thats my excitemnet for Today…unless I watch Liz Brewer dancing in the McCoys ” Hang on Sloopy” music video another 20 times when I get home ?



    The days of me being able to do an honest ( or otherwise ) days work…are but a distant memory…Sadly.





  11. Morning – nice day for it.



    Media – I really despise them. They are almost exclusively anti Celtic and have been for many years certainly as far back as I can remember. The difference in tone in how we and they are reported and discussed is not even hidden anymore – they know there is no sanction so they just crack on with the negativity. The different way players are judged is staggering- a Celtic centre half is out jumped and “he’ll never do” (Some supporters are also guilty of that too??) but catalogues of error on the other side are brushed under the carpet. Ajeti is currently a good example – his goals to games or minutes ratio looks very impressive and he looks a decent prospect as a goal scorer. He certainly has done more than the two new strikers on the southside in the same period but guess who is being criticised, scrutinised and as one hack said was a “mistake”.


    It bothers me that Celtic let this go 95% of the time so we’ll done to the manager today for speaking out but it should be done more often and former. We are not looking for favourable press we are looking for fair and even handed press and if your not prepared to give it then don’t turn up on our doorstep.

  12. Big Jimmy – that’s good you need to get the wee mhan sorted.



    Sorry I cannot help out and save you a taxi fare but i have meetings about meetings 🤪 Microsoft teams before anyone starts shouting at me.



    On another note we have had quite a few staff in the last week having to self isolate due to someone in the household being positive. I hope they are all ok and loved ones get through this horrible virus.



    God bless wee Rocky and stay safe Big Mhan.



    D :)

  13. Second rant and it’s not even 7.00



    Defending is something we are fairly poor at. This is not a recent thing so not at dig at current management.


    Given that we play almost exclusively play against packed defences (or low blocks as they are called today) in Scotland and in the early stages of Euro comps why have we never learned how to adopt that ourselves when required. Against Lille for example may be a time for that or when you are a goal up in a tense game or you want to draw opponents out. We all see how difficult it is to play against it and can see how “inferior” teams or players can look very effective so given we have so much experience against it why can we not do it or even attempt it when required?

  14. Melbourne Mick on




    Some pubs and shops opened at midnight last night with socially


    distanced queues outside them, bizarre.


    I’m saving my hangover for after we do the Lilliepudlians, I’m getting


    that all Celtic bravado back lol.


    Tail wag and happy bark to wee Rocky 8-))


    H.H. Mick

  15. DAVID66 on 28TH OCTOBER 2020 6:58 AM




    I tend to use the same taxi firm whenever I need to go any distance, so no worries mate.



    stay safe.



  16. Paul the spark… When my dad died in 2005… Yes that long ago…. This place was a great source of comfort from guys that I’d never met……. My sabbatical from here coincided with the loss of my mother… Her death was expected as she’d been ill a while, good fenian O’Donnell stock from Burtonport Donegal… The funeral was at the same time as Rodgers appointment as manager!!!…… My brothers and me thought my mother had put in some sort of Devine intervention and great days lay ahead!…… So take care pal and shed as many tears as you want…

  17. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    I’ll once again borrow from Lincoln’s ‘Gettysburg Address’ and say that in Scotland we have sports media ‘of the peepul, by the peepul, for the peepul’.



    Anyone who doesn’t realise that by now and still consumes the stuff is beyond hope.

  18. Paul the spark


    May I add my condolences on the sad loss of your mother,




    My late Mother (1967 )was also an O’Donnell from Burtonport Donegal it’s a small world.HH

  19. Papajoe55.. Ha we may be related! 😁…. My mother’s great uncle was the first owner of O’Donnells hotel

  20. Getting agitated about the MSM? As old as CQN itself and beyond.



    Don’t buy it, don’t read it, don’t share it, don’t like it, don’t retweet it, don’t listen in, don’t phone in, don’t even discuss it and just starve them to death.



    Anyway, who’s on the plane to France today?






    My mum and her sisters all worked as waitresses in O’Donnells Hotel early 30,s probably. My grandad,s sister married the owner of O’Donnells Hotel early 1900,s and had 3 kids and died after giving birth to 3rd he remarried and had another 3 . I saw a picture of him his second wife and the six kids and one of the boys had a remarkable likeness to my middle brother ( there are 5 of us) so we could well be related. HH




    Ibbotson won the mile at the Police Sports at Ibrox on 15/06/1957 with a time of 3 m 58.4 secs but the Glasgow Herald produced no results of the Fives for that day. Still on the case but Mass calls so will get back to you.




  23. Papajoe55


    I’m currently looking at my wife’s and my family trees – what it highlights is the amount of ‘cousins’ most people have.


    Every generation you go back doubles the number of grandparents you have. In the late 1800s and well into the 20th century families of 8 children were common.


    I’ve traced my own family to the early 1800s to my Scottish, Irish and Italian roots. When this current crisis is over ( covid not 10 IAR) I plan to visit the north of lake Como to the villages of my ancestors.


    Good morning to all my ‘cousins’ out there

  24. Some o’ the guff that’s pedaled by some……………….. comes straight oooot o’ the msm……………..



    Our enemies are sleekit by any means…………………..




  25. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    An Tearmann – cheers.



    I always think the presence of experienced mainstream journalists (in this instance George Monbiot) gives a real legitimacy to more peripheral internet based agencies and blogs.



    The Blogger Formerly GM and Big Wavy



    Am with you both.



    Let all the peepul gather in one corner with their spin, their anachronistic values and their hatred.



    We’ll be in the opposite corner (with the love and the silverware).



    “Nothing else matters” (Metallica)



    Hail hail

  26. Monbiot’s book “How Did We Get Into This Mess is a good read……………….



    I bet he supports The Bhoys too!




  27. The amount of fake, multi-moniker, pile-on, have-a-go-huns


    now must be humungous……….


    ….and then ye’ve got the swivel-eyed, angry bangers who just plain resent This Dear Green Place………….







  28. Gene


    I’ve done a bit of family tree research, my mum and dad both were from families of ten surviving and both lost siblings in infancy . I can trace my dad,s family in Arranmore back to 1750.HH

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