Sure things don’t exist in football


St Mirren lost at Tynecastle in November, their fifth consecutive in the league, but since then they have lost only twice: at Celtic Park and last Saturday, when the roof fell in against Ross County.  During that run they recorded good wins against Dundee United and Motherwell.  They sit second bottom of the league but this is an incredibly tight league.  Saints are as close to bottom Dundee as they are to second top Inverness.  In straightforward terms, St Mirren are a form team.

Anyone who believes Celtic are a sure thing better think again.

Remember the days when it would be impossible to get past 8pm and still not know Montrose earlier took a point at Ibrox? Sign of the times it wasn’t really news, I suppose.
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    Have fun on the blog,enjoy the match,have a great day y’all.



    Off to the pub for a couple,watch the game,back to work tonight.






    As always,it has been a pleasure-and,as noted earlier,an education.




  2. ….PFayr


    13:29 on


    27 January, 2013


    CFC playing ICT away on 9 th feb



    KO 11-15 ….that’s outrageous ..





    It is that kind of nonsense that makes any talk of restructuring seem redundant.


    PF AYR 1334






    Too many masters of the quick retort to take that blinkin’ chance!



    Master of the quick pint now has his running shoes on……………




  4. PFayr



    That’s true, but don’t forget half of those goals were scored when Lenny made changes late on, both to players and formations. It’s the coaching staff’s ability to make well-timed substitutions that often gets overlooked.

  5. Leo Fasan. the young goalie, is Italian.



    Been here a couple of years I think.



    Seems to be a decent prospect.




  6. Tallybhoy



    I’ve had some pleasurable trips on Italian trains



    Very comfortable and the wee drinks trollies were magic …..nice selection of vino

  7. Enjoy the match if yer @ Humpdump bhoys & ghirls.


    The rest of us’ll be there in spirit.


    Me, I’m watchin’ it as a sofa surfer.





  8. Monteblanco



    Not a problem. Hope I didn’t build it up too much. I watched it again that night myself, think thats the third time! Ha




  9. The Comfortable Collective on

    Can anyone tell me what’s happened to Ľuboš Kamenár, the goalkeeper Celtic signed on a year long loan in August?

  10. Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire



    Have you seen Oliver Stone’s The Untold History of the United States, I just started watching last week???

  11. 5live commentator celebrates chelsea equaliser in a way that no shortbread pundit would cover a Celtic goal

  12. In Berlin so cannae see the game, not even on Sky Go as on the BBC! Mon the Hoops!



    If any Berlin Tims know where I can watch let me know!




  13. Neil canamalar Lennon hunskelper extrordinaire on

    Starry P…,


    No, not even heard of it.


    Trouble with these programmes is the people who should be watching are usually the people who accept MSM propaganda unquestioningly. They accept the lies and anything that tries to redress the balance are dismissed as left wing fanaticism.

  14. Have all you Zimmermen out there got the mtv live unplugged comeback concert from the maestro?


    It is wonderful.



  15. For many reasons, too numerous to bang on about, I hope Spurs completely gub Leeds.


    I’ll be watchin’ The Bhoys anyway……obviously.


    See yez later ya mad yins!



  16. RobinBhoy



    13:58 on 27 January, 2013



    In Berlin so cannae see the game, not even on Sky Go as on the BBC! Mon the Hoops!



    If any Berlin Tims know where I can watch let me know!








    Berlin – There’s a big sports bar at the top of the Ku’dam strip (sp?) (the church end) where I watched a Hoops CL game in a few years ago. Football logos on outside, a dozen or so tellys inside showing matches – maybe that you could get them to find BBC Scotland if not already on, Robin.

  17. Robinbhoy



    Someone recommended TvCatchup app for android phones…possibly can be accessed by iphone. Not sure if it works abroad tho.

  18. Guys, thanks for the tips. Have a VPN so can pretend to be in the UK. I know the sports bar and its very close to the hotel. Will give it a bash.




  19. Asonofdan @ 12:17



    Unfortunately , it’s not an sfa shambles. By printing the tix that way they only have to print one set of tickets and tear off the appropriate section.



    By doing it with adult on the outside , a ticket can’t be changed from child to adult. Fairly sensible for once .



    4-0 today . Family business so taping game. No phone calls. , no texts and a darkened room to watch the game about 90 mins behind.