Sure things don’t exist in football


St Mirren lost at Tynecastle in November, their fifth consecutive in the league, but since then they have lost only twice: at Celtic Park and last Saturday, when the roof fell in against Ross County.  During that run they recorded good wins against Dundee United and Motherwell.  They sit second bottom of the league but this is an incredibly tight league.  Saints are as close to bottom Dundee as they are to second top Inverness.  In straightforward terms, St Mirren are a form team.

Anyone who believes Celtic are a sure thing better think again.

Remember the days when it would be impossible to get past 8pm and still not know Montrose earlier took a point at Ibrox? Sign of the times it wasn’t really news, I suppose.
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  1. If I could have just one wish now, I would wish to speak Scottish enough well to find proper words to say how I’m grateful for all your words of support, your thoughts and prayers. I knew I was in good company but your posts were more than anybody from outside could expect.


    I thought about saying thank you to each of you particularly but gave up after two pages from the one where oldtim67 passed the news. Thank you to all who I had a privilege to meet, to speak on the phone. Also my big thank you to all who I only know from their posts or saw them for the first time yesterday.


    I’m well , if somebody can say he is well in such times. I know that today is worse than yesterday but I will be fine. Keeping good memories from the past and thinking that passing is release from long pain that my Mum suffered. Believe that she is in a better place now, with my Father.


    Thank you all, again .



    My thoughts are also with our poster DB who lost son Chris five years back today.

  2. The Resident \m/O\m/ on

    Big Vic will be well prepared for the Juve match as he’ll be eating Pogba for breakfast

  3. Compare tonights BBC talk in with the pish that is superscoreboard. SSB I believe had 5 ex huns on today. No doubt program full of bears hurting but my crowd is bigger than your crowd.


    Since summer, I feel BBC have stepped up a few gears, have given more prominence to Spence, Cosgrove etc and are not afraid to tackle the issues like todays program.


    Meanwhile over on Clyde they are intent on just getting all the bears to tune in and pander to their every whim.

  4. Cathedral View on

    The Spirit of Arthur Lee,



    If my memory* is correct, we bet them 3-0 the following week with a wonderful red card display from our support.




    *This may or may not have happened but it’s how I happily remember it.





  5. Craigellachie10 on

    TBj. That’s the one. Watched the last two league cup semis there hopefully a similar result tomorrow.

  6. The Spirit of Arthur Lee on

    Cathedral View



    We did indeed



    Mr A Rogan scored the first



    Take Care

  7. Sport sound on Radio Scotland is noticeably a better program without the fat, sanctimonious twat this is traynor.



    Tonight show was great.

  8. the resident \m/o\m/



    21:15 on 26 January, 2013





    Thanks ;)



    So whit your saying really is ye canny dance you mean ;)






    No i can dance,only pre nineties though or my teenage kids drag me of the floor.


    Went over to Dublin for my 50th in July with my mates.


    Got in the company of a couple cork sisters that took it upon themselves to show me how to Irish dance..took my legs a week to recover.hh

  9. Craigellachie



    I’ve watched a few matches in there.. Not been for a few years though



    Used to be an Irish bar up the back of the centre. Might have been scruffy Murphy’s …



    I assume the zombie bar is still on the bottom floor … Same as their new club

  10. Z, your parents will be looking down on their family with pride. And that’s the legacy they have left you.



    Make them proud.



    God bless.




  11. Zbyszek



    Once again condolonces to you and your family. My mother passed away almost 7 years ago, and I still miss her and think of her. I know what you are going through, and it will be difficult but with the support and love of your family it will get better.



    Take care.







  12. is there a particular point on sportsound to listen to? Started playing it (talking about the upcoming pens and trying to get ICT players suspensions lifted in case they play us in the final) but see it’s on for an hour and couldn’t face listening to it all



    thanks in advance, lazy Bull

  13. Keep seeing this tv advert to visit SUNNY California, yet, when I’ve switched the tv over to watch the golf I find the play is suspended due to heavy rain. Sfa says its not true and that the weatherman does not need to come on to prove that it’s always sunny. It always is.

  14. Dont these officials not know that they are meant to favour Juve?



    Saying that not too impressed with La Signora- badly miss Pirlo ( who wouldn’t?) and don’t look to clever dealing with crosses.





  15. Zbyszek



    You know my feelings for your loss of your lovely mum.



    It sums you up as a person that you took time to remember the Johnstone family today (Dick Byrne to auld CQNers) who sadly lost their son Christopher five years ago today in dreadful circumstances.

  16. TSAL



    Enjoyed that clip. I remember it well but was Grant given a straight red for charging out of the wall or was that a 2nd yellow ?

  17. Juve claim for a pen in 93min – waived away.



    Frey makes a last gasp save – bad result for Juve 1-1 – they could have gone 8 points clear.



    This was the equivalent of Dundee or St. Mirren being a goal down at CP and getting a draw (with 10 men).



    Apart from denying 2 pens – ref gave majority of 50-50 free-kick decisions to Juve (wonder where I’ve seen that one before)?



    Memo to Lenny: defence as against Barca – attack as against Spartak in Moscow!

  18. channelislandcelt on

    Zybszwek .



    Sorry to hear news about your Mum. Thoughts and prayers with you.



    You Will Never Walk Alone.

  19. The Resident \m/O\m/ on






    Congrats on the big 50. 50 isn’t too old to go out clubbing, although the company of dancing cork sisters sounds like as decent a nightout. Was it the dancing that caused yer knackered legs though ;) hh

  20. Paul 67 should get top marks for stating the bleeding obvious, as with the MIBs in Scotland we need to be twice as good on the day.



    Last years semi and final were cases in point. We didn’t play well and the refs pounced on their chances to beat us.

  21. Stringer Bell



    21:33 on 26 January, 2013



    ‘Sport sound on Radio Scotland is noticeably a better program without the fat, sanctimonious twat this is traynor.’






    Shortbread know they have a lot of ground to make up given the latitude they allowed Jabba the hun.



    It’s not like they weren’t warned.



    Clyde is a lost cause.

  22. Resident



    Its sipsini who is too old to dance



    I will be doing some gangham style next month and dancing under an Indian moon .. hopefully on 12th

  23. God Bless you Zbyszek. You are a terrific presence on this blog. May your mother rest in peace.

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