Sure things don’t exist in football


St Mirren lost at Tynecastle in November, their fifth consecutive in the league, but since then they have lost only twice: at Celtic Park and last Saturday, when the roof fell in against Ross County.  During that run they recorded good wins against Dundee United and Motherwell.  They sit second bottom of the league but this is an incredibly tight league.  Saints are as close to bottom Dundee as they are to second top Inverness.  In straightforward terms, St Mirren are a form team.

Anyone who believes Celtic are a sure thing better think again.

Remember the days when it would be impossible to get past 8pm and still not know Montrose earlier took a point at Ibrox? Sign of the times it wasn’t really news, I suppose.
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  1. TET,



    Good post for Stephen, can be a bit intimidating on here but when I read your stuff I know I can post anything as there will always be some behind me :))))

  2. Stephenofderby



    The song you linked was a cracker btw, there is something inside so strong, it’s called Celtic, once it has you, you can’t let go.



    Get back posting.




  3. Hopefully Kenny Shiels’ stand for truth and integrity will gather support from like minded people in the game.



    I’m thinking about Peter Lawwell and


    Eric Riley.



    People with influence within the game.



    Add Shiels case to Dougie Dougie and we have a precedent and dare I say it, a pattern emerging.



    Focus on the SFA and the game will be sorted.



    Don’t let this chance pass, Cetic.

  4. Howard Webb is the English Ian Brines.



    Pompously incompetent.



    Both policemen, coincidentally.

  5. estorilbhoy



    I do care really, I try not to offend on the blog, but if I do feel offended, I will defend masel.



    In the few years on here, I have fallen out with a couple of posters, nothing too serious, but all things considered, considering some of the crap I post, it’s no a bad record, and a yellow card for being computer illiterate, sort of proud of that >}

  6. Something is happening at BBC Scotland.Kenny Sheils was given full rein to state his case tonight,and it was damning of the SFA and the referees.Particularly good was the ex-referee who stated the the ref’s representative was not to be trusted.I wonder if he’ll get a libel action against him? Everything behind closed doors,and an SFA man on the panel judging. We should get the FPLG to find out their names.However,it was telling how Kenny handled it—just feeding enough rope each time,while the presenters were trying to pin him down.Young Dallas does not fare too well out of it.

  7. Tet.


    I mind my first post on Pauls site last year.


    I was really nervous at the reaction i would get.


    Some find it easy to put in words what they want to say.


    Some don’t.hail hail.



    It may be a problem for some though.

  8. ttt



    I fear you will be dissapointed if you are hoping for Celtic to act, they have had chance, after chance, nada, not a squeak.



    Mc Kendrick even tried to defend the cheats tonight saying that they are assessed by supervisors in the stand, well if they are assessed, and nothing is happening to them, the assessors are failing big time, we all know that, but ffs, are they for real, the club know this, and still not a word.



    The dougie, dougie thing, we as a club said nothing, and yet we as a club were slaughtered for the refs going on strike, why, they were the ones who lied, they were the ones who were found to have cheated our club, yet we get the blame, we can’t win even when we are in the right.



    So all things considered, why are the club keeping quiet, it makes no sence to me, unless they have an alterior motive, but what would that be, I ask myself…….

  9. TET,



    Agreed, I don’t profess to know answer to everything, only give my opinion.



    The issue is when my, or others, opinion is taken personally by some folks.



    Not my bag, to be honest, but each to their own.

  10. You can put money on it that if Kenny Shiels’ persistence leads to deeper harder penetration into the arcane mysteries of mibbery, then the goat-worshippers will spring into action to protect another generation of the Dallas knucklestroking principles endemic in the governance of Scottish football and a mib strike will either be threatened or enacted.


    And this time, if they do, then hell mend them; get in foreign refs, give us a level playing field until the decades long problems with these bent clowns are sorted permanently, and we clear out the corruption once and for all, starting with the grand poobah himself, the bloated sleekit spider, Ogilvie.


    Take the head, and the body will follow.

  11. Tricoloured Ribbon on



    Not a chance anything will happen.Masonic Lodge will get to work just as they did in the so called Big Tax case with Sevco where two hand picked Craft members will exonerate them again.Not a chance in a million years justice will be done with this shower and only for the honesty and demand for justice from the ordinary supporter on the terrace these cheating charlatans would still be in the SPL.

  12. Anyone else think the sons of William playing ICT on the Hampden turf today will have a negative impact on the quality of football that we can play in tomorrow’s semi final??

  13. stringer bell.


    heid left us for an undisclosed fee to wigan… we accepted a bid from boro for heid and robson but heid didnt go..


    hail hail bring on juve

  14. TET,



    I don’t want Celtic shouting from the rooftops.



    I do want them to act with diplomacy and save the game, along with other fair minded people.



    As we have discussed before, I feel that I am on borrowed time with regards to Scottish football.



    After over sixty years supporting Celtic in a hostile environment, which was continually written off as paranoia, I am not sure that I can emotionally commit to an exposed crooked game.



    If justice and reform does not prevail, then Celtic are complicit, even though they will claim PLC responsibilities.



    Even further, anyone who buys a season book or a match day ticket, is condoning the cheating and therefore accepting it.



    Tough decisions for many.

  15. Mckendrick lists on his SFA referee profile fav players Albertz, Laudrup, etc



    Campbell Ogilvie will be busy trying to clean up this mess himself as he does not have Dallas to do his dirty work.



    Turnbull Hutton should run for SFA President. To have someone with the interests of all clubs ( instead of one for Ogilvie ) would a step forward. The Scottish game is dying a slow death and can never prosper when the leading SFA figure is tainted by EBTs and serving the interests of one club. Did Campbell Ogilvie ever obtain the compensation from his brothers at ibrox for releasing Walter Smith, or was I done with his usual nod and wink.



    If Campbell had an ounce of decency and honesty he would step aside for Turnbull Hutton to unite all leagues and clubs for the greater good and take the Scottish game forward.

  16. Magnificentseven on



    00:21 on


    27 January, 2013


    Anyone else think the sons of William playing ICT on the Hampden turf today will have a negative impact on the quality of football that we can play in tomorrow’s semi final??




    not really…they played at Easter Road

  17. sipsini



    I lurked for years before I plucked up the courage to post, some of the posters on here can intimadate you big time, they are as smart as eggs, and that imo is as good as it gets, cos eggs are as smart as it gets.



    Not long after I started posting, I posted that the reason I left scotland was cos I was a coward, cos I didn’t have the fight any more to fight the masonic cabal, and the injustice that it all entailed, a couple of posters jumped down my throat, I could have decided to post no more.



    The main reason I left was to offer my kids a better life than I could offer in scotland, a life where they wouldn’t be judged cos their Da was a Celtic supporter, that is how sad things were, I was probably in the wrong place at the wrong time for me and my family, we moved to Ireland, never looked back.



    The kids have left home now, and ironicly are back in scotland, they are doing ok for themselfs, but they are better for the experiance.



    Me, am just happy in my cave, in my hun free world.



    Looking forward to the El Clasico next week.




  18. Its up to the fans to sort this out. We’re the paying customer, we hold the power. The clubs hands are tied and any action by the club would be used against them.



    Why should they do it anyway? We are the ones most aggrieved. So why aren’t we doing something about?



    We’ve got thousands of our own contributing to the SFA Coffers tomorrow. Hardly showing the world our contempt for the governors of the game, is it?



    They’ve cheated us for decades and now they’ve facilitated the Extremely Unfit and Proper Chucks sevco into the game and allow it to don the clothes of its dead relative. Whilst The President sits conflicted in his office getting paid a fortune for the privilege.



    WTF ?

  19. Tricolour Ribbon




    Not a chance anything will happen.Masonic Lodge will get to work just as they did in the so called Big Tax case with Sevco where two hand picked Craft members will exonerate them again.






    You can substantiate this? You know the majority decision makers in the FTT are Freemasons?





    I read your contributions and thought you were a real cool guy.



    I even commented to that effect.



    Turns out you have feet of clay,like so many of my heroes. A mere podium chaser.



    You disappoint me………



    Have a wee choon,from a simply marvellous and vastly under-rated album.



    See? Yer forgiven just like that……




  21. Cody



    OGILVIE is going nowhere. The club will do nothing, if past experience is anything to go on.



    Its up to us.

  22. mcdowellcelt



    00:26 on 27 January, 2013


    stringer bell.


    heid left us for an undisclosed fee to wigan… we accepted a bid from boro for heid and robson but heid didnt go..


    hail hail bring on juve







    thanks fella. Couldn’t remember, but now recall he dissed WGS to go to the big league.



  23. ttt



    I don’t care if the club shout from the roof tops or not, but from where I am seeing things, they are not shouting anywhere, and not exerting the undoubted power we have over the game in scotland.



    FFS, it’s no as if we want to be like the huns, all we have ever asked for is a level playing field, and yet we seem to be willing to accept a corrupt body who decide what will be.



    That mi amigo is NOT the Celtic way… that bothers me, big time.

  24. I said before,and was castigated by some,that Celtic played a blinder through all the fuss about the Norwegian Blues.They are still falling over themselves.That BBC programme was a major step for Scottish BBC.Methinks some highheidyin in London has had a word,hence Jabba slithering off to Mordor.Don’t interrupt them—the refs,SFA,SPL,SFL–they are tripping over their own shoelaces. As an aside,I was at the Cliftonville Crusaders match tonight, in company with the wife’s cousin who is a mad Reds fan but doesn’t get to many games now.(Married with kids,you know)and Cliftonville played them off the park,as Crusaders tried to live up to their nickname “The Hatchetmen”.I was told that Der Orc’s little cousins have a team of part-timers now,where for years they had 7/8 professionals full time.Seems Chuckles financial worries have been visited on them.I wonder did he carry a virus when he went over there?

  25. greenyinfurrafenian on

    Don’t remember at anytime the sfa being anything other than rotten to the core. Wharton, farry, davidson,walker,tait etc. The list is endless. Scottish football will never be better placed to be cleansed of brotherly collusion. Carpe diem



  26. magnificentseven



    :)) cheers, thought there was a distinct lack of bile when in Glasgow today’s:)))



    Ps hope they don’t transfer the Easter road turf to Hampden ( sounds of straws being grasped ::::) ))





    A truly wonderful post earlier,in so many ways.



    I’ve not caught up on the blog,so I suspect others will already have put it better,having read it earlier,but to remember others at such a difficult time for you is remarkable.



    And a testament to a much-loved mother.

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