Sustainable, successful, team development


There are several parts of Tuesday’s performance which could be improved upon, parts which will be exposed by the rigours of Champions League football, but we looked like an experienced European team, one who could go away from home, roll with the early season uncertainties, but still have enough in the tank to win comfortably.

For the last couple of years we have watched a team mature while Neil Lennon has continued to add young blood to the squad.  Fraser Forster has become an adept shot-stopper, puncher and kicker-with-both-feet.  Joe Ledley has developed into a disciplined anchor in midfield while Adam Matthews, Victor Wanyama and Beram Kayal have progressed even quicker than I am sure the manager expected.

Last season’s Europa League campaign contributed significantly to the development.  The team seemed to grow a few inches during the home win over Rennes, which propelled them onto the league title.  A Champions League examination will present no fears but will expedite progress.

We could be on the verge of the first sustainable, successful, team development plan in 40 years, one that delivers titles, significant progress in Europe and lives within its means.

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  1. philvisreturns on

    Eurochamps67 – Whens liquidation?



    Margaritas would be good right about now. (thumbsup)

  2. P67- IMO the team has to continually evolve,obviously this requires a sensible and sustainable level of investment.All going well next week,and with Ki being sold,we won’t have a better chance to invest a small percentage of what we will earn.Peter Lawwell asked for our commitment,we need this to be returned.I fear if we don’t ,we could have some long nights in the CL,and the good faith of some fans will be lost.

  3. Philvis



    Mark Hateley says that number 2 is the new number 1.



    Ach sod it, well done :-)

  4. philvisreturns on

    hamiltontim – Thank you.



    Mark Hateley is an expert on number 2’s, because he looks like one. (thumbsup)

  5. The Honest Mistake loves being first on



    The future’s bright.


    Paying x million pounds for a recognised player seems to be outside of our reach.


    I wonder how long it will take before the demands for multi million pound players die out to make way for acceptance of a sustainable plan?

  6. “We could be on the verge of the first sustainable, successful, team development plan in 40 years, one that delivers titles, significant progress in Europe and lives within its means.”



    ….. and that is verging on a miracle. Noone else in the UK has come close. This is something to be hugly proud of and to support with everything we have. To be there as much as we can and make sure that team feels like they have won on the way onto the pitch!

  7. Steinreignedsupreme on

    Snake Plissken 11:24 on 23 August, 2012



    “The Title os Legless’s new rant is



    “SPL Bigots boost Celtic’s Euro hopes.”



    The problem for Legless is he no longer has an editor to bring his copy up to primary five standards.



    And so he confuses opinion with emotion. Thousands of people who pay to watch football in Scotland objected to a new club, formed this summer, to be projected into the top league in the country and then the second top league in the county – and insisted this new club take the same route as all the other new clubs have before them. Their objections were based on sporting integrity and they could back up that point by citing the examples of every single new club that has joined the Scottish League since the advent of a second tier.



    But people like Legless refuse to consider any reasoning behind the objections and offer a measured counter-argument because they don’t have one, and their limitations with vocabulary and understanding of the English language means they consider views different to their own as vindictive.



    On the plus side their lunatic ramblings are generally side-splitting funny.

  8. Bada Bing, as far as team investment rules go, Celtic will continue to spend all income earned over any business period. Non-Champions League income will fall this season (ticket sales are down (confirmed), full price ones significantly so, hospitality sales will be low and the >20k £42 tickets we used to sell twice a year when the former club arrived will not happen), but costs have already been stripped from the squad, largely without impacting the starting 11.



    Spend what you earn; any other plan is comical.



    Honest Mistake, I don’t think those calls will die out. Some are addicted to bling; this is the world we live in.

  9. The Honest Mistake loves being first on

    !!Bada Bing!! 12:41 on 23 August, 2012


    IMO the team has to continually evolve,obviously this requires a sensible and sustainable level of investment.



    At the moment we seem to relying on CL football to generate a profit. Can Celtic fan’s money be used to increase the cost of the team when we have 3 qualification rounds to reach the CL for the foreseeable future?

  10. philvisreturns on

    Steinreignedsupreme – And so he confuses opinion with emotion



    Small children and Sevco supporters often have a hard time separating their desires, emotions, and reality. (thumbsup)

  11. Two things,



    Sevco fans now talking up the possibility of a Helsingborg comeback; an early goal and yoos will crumble etc.



    Secondly, who would be best placed to challenge the constant MSM, SFA, SFL, SPL reference to Sevco as Rangers and the retention of their history. Seroiusly, if the new co began life on 29/05/12, and RFC (ia) still exist waiting to be liquidated, if they dont appear on UEFA and FIFA listings, where can our biased Scottish take on reality be challenged and by whom?




  12. Financial downturn is a harsh reality for 90% of the population. So…..how come Sevco is still playing above its paygrade and completely mugging the sfl as they did the spl?


    Reality for some. Fantasy football for others.


    Laugh? I nearly threw up.

  13. Steinreignedsupreme on

    Paul 67 –



    We looked what we are in Helsingborgs – a developing team.



    There were times when Celtic showed maturity with ball retention and with distribution in counter-attacks.



    But there were several examples of sloppiness – players caught in possession, concentration levels dropping and hopeful punts.



    We are learning though – the future is bright for Celtic.

  14. traditionalist88 on




    Non Champions league income down, accepted…



    But it looks very much like there WILL be CL income – which, clearly, we don’t budget for.



    I’m with Bada Bing, not saying speculate to accumulate but spending a % of the income unnacounted for is not comical, I’m sure you’d agree- particularly considering the squad trimming that has occured so far(appreciate there is still some deadwood there) and the probable sale of Ki for 6m and other income we don’t have every single year(3 new strips, for example)




  15. After Tuesday nights result I wonder if Ki is having 2nd thoughts? Swansea will be mid-table at best, although off to a good start. I am aware there will be a drop in income from domestic games but surely CL qualification will more than offset this.


    Ok we got FF on a permanent deal, but surely we can afford at least ONE signing, just ONE!

  16. Awe_Naw_No_Annoni_Oan_Anaw_Noo on

    The honest mistake



    How much have we spent on CBs since Adam Virgo was signed ?



    We have two recognised very injury prone centre backs not without potential. Getting both of them up to the required CL level is asking too much of them at this time. I have been left less than impressed by this saving. They have never been properly addressed as you can get away with it at SPL level.



    In Europe moving mf and lb into SPL duty is a poor decision all around for the club.







  17. Ghuys,



    Re Pauls comment on ticket sales. Anyone got any info on SB sales this season compared to last? Are they down?

  18. Does anyone know the last time we went a full domestic league season without losing? Have we ever done it?




  19. Not expecting any names Paul67 but do we have definite targets for the problem CH and CF areas when Champions League qualification is assured? I’m aware the transfer window slams shut soon (it always slams) and would hope that any potential transfers would be fairly well advanced just wating on CL participation being secured.

  20. P67-The Honest Mistake-Thanks for replies-I said sensible and sustainable,spending money we dont have,or e.g £4 mil for a Jordan Rhodes is not what i’m advocating.We have freed up considerable wages this season,and along with monies earned ,the fans need just a wee bit back IMO.

  21. Steinreignedsupreme



    12:44 on 23 August, 2012





    Leave old Leggo alone. He’s no halfwitted retro-hack. I have it on good authority that he’s used his elite skills with the english lingo to actually wroted a bok.



    Paul – sustainable development is not the dynamic soundbite many want to hear.



    Some won’t be happy until we’ve beaten the hilarious Hun splurge of £14 million on Bod’s Aunt Flo.



    There is a mantra to be shove ddown their throats until they register comprehension: It isn’t how much you spend but WHO you spend it on.



    Tore Andre Flo – £14 mill.



    Henrik Larsson – £600k



    Learn from the past or go the way of the flailing Orcs.

  22. Steinreignedsupreme on

    philvisreturns 12:49 on 23 August, 2012



    “Small children and Sevco supporters often have a hard time separating their desires, emotions, and reality.”



    Follow followers of the Sevco Franchise generally tend to be small children in fully-grown but over-developed bodies.

  23. Lenny has just won two european away games back to back and is on the verge of CL qualification. He is a young manager who along with a young team is learning and progressing with every game. I feel a real good season to come.

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