Swinney blinkers on only sees Celtic dangers


Deputy First Minister and former SNP leader John Swinney did what his government have a long history of doing, put the blinkers on and saw only problems with Celtic or Celtic fans.  Speaking on Radio Scotland, without any evidence or ‘following science’, he asserted that the Celtic-Hibs cup final on Sunday could be a super spreader event.

It simply did not occur to him that a similar number of fans attended a game at Ibrox 24 hours earlier.  This from a government that took to the podium over the Bolingoli incident in 2020 and Celtic’s Dubai trip in January this year, a trip they themselves privately authorised beforehand.  However, when Newco staff broke rules, a government spokesperson quietly praised the club for their swift follow-up action.

Swinney, like the First Minister before him, is acting on instinct.  He sees Celtic or Celtic fans and feels free to take a free punch.  Newco fans need to tear a city apart before they raise an eyebrow.

The Scottish Government care about no clubs, certainly not Newco, they are only interested in their pet project, but this discretionary put down is reserved for Celtic.  They think they can get away with it with us.

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  1. I might need to be corrected here but I thought John Swinney was asked specifically about the League Cup Final and responded accordingly.


    I know he could still have mentioned the Sevco Saturday game but answering a direct question puts a slightly different slant on his comment.


    Off to golf.


    Cheerio for now.

  2. P67: ‘…They think they can get away with it with us.’



    What consequence ever befalls those agencies who do us wrong? Even our own Board takes liberties or a loana-us, on many occasions.




    An aside point, as an expat I don’t feel qualified to yak politics here Paul; usually try to keep it team-related.


    Clearly you’re quite happy with the apparatchiks and apparatblokes who love to sling political mud on here?

  3. what do you reckon James F ?


    who is talkin shyte, Paul or John (or George or Ringo).


    not only does he forget the hun game took place, he admits he should have acted sooner, allows games to go ahead tonight, but introduces the “ban” on boxing day.


    total nugget.

  4. regardless of whether asked about the final only, swinney is a politician, he supposedly plays politics, looks like he did. his only defence could be that he did mention the huns game but the hun with a laptop didnt print it.

  5. Paul67



    as a government, they can get away with it. As a political party, it remains to be seen if it has any impact on them from Celtic fans. Hasn’t so far

  6. !!BADA BING!! on 22ND DECEMBER 2021 10:10 AM


    “Embdea seen Fraser Wishart?”



    Better chance of seeing Peter Brady! por cierto

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  8. If sky have no say then, the SPFL should be pushing the 10 clubs vote and putting on record what fantasy dup nonsense sevco are coming up with.

  9. What about the safety of the 500 supporters?



    Well it’s their choice to go…



    Exactly, you are denying that very choice to hundreds of thousands over all the games of all clubs.



    Virus likes this weather as folk inside.


    Virus doesn’t like spring/summer, so play more games then- no international tournament.



    Supporters kept clubs afloat during lockdown, they should be deciding.




    Should be running rings round them all in public.

  10. Changes to the voting system after Rangers died will come into play on any vote for cancellation of the season.



    From memory, Celtic agreed to concede some of their own rights (teams placed 1 & 2 have more of a share) to appease the other clubs.



    Remember this?




  11. Paul


    Of course they can take a free hit – because we let them. They’re in the queue with the sfa, spfl and media.


    Did we get a reply on Crawford Allen ?



    Thanks ConeyBhoy – that’s a blow. The way he pulled up looked bad but he walked off reasonably freely and I thought maybe a 4 week job.


    I know nothing!




    you wrote a great book though😎

  13. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    The Huns get to play an injury ravaged Celtic in front of 500 fans.



    Why would they vote to postpone the game? Why would their chums in the SMSM back it?



    If it happens it will be portrayed as a Celtic initiative. BBC Scotland are already at it.



    The Huns are not disadvantaged by postponements so it will not happen. They have £40m riding on it.

  14. I don’t like tempting fate but if the new variant us as virulent as it appears, it’s not a matter of if games are cancelled in Scotland simply due to covid cases in clubs. Look at the EPL at the weekend.



    While I wouldn’t wish illness on anyone I wonder what the cry will be if the sevco squad gets a serious number if cases next week? Will they be clamouring for postponement or sticking to their ‘principles’?



    I’m reminded of the groucho marx joke: ‘These are my principles and if you don’t like them I have others’.

  15. If it does go ahead, don’t let their board or extras attend stadium- they are doing their own dodgy tests and are a health and safety risk re deadly covid.



    Our risk assessment shows their attendance is a hazard to Celtic PLC staff. Consult with HSE.

  16. Hot Smoked, Prestonpans et al….



    You are right he was asked specifically about the Cup Final, in fact he was asked a similar question this morning too. The fact is the BBC have solely focused on Cup Final rather than include Ibrox match and others but elected politicians should speak fairly, consistently and equitably. To only answer direct question, a first for any politician, only serves to unfairly tarnish Celtic and Hibs fans.

  17. All about safety first and foremost.



    Supporters of all clubs deserve to be at games- they kept football alive in Scotland.



    Clubs need revenue to aid recovery just like all companies who’ve faced such difficult economic challenges.



    Sport. It’s about fairness. That’s the spirit in which most supporters/ lovers of all sports worldwide wish for.



    Anyone denying the above should be publicly shamed.



    Sevco are a disgrace.

  18. Garngad to Croy – As I understand it there are three levels of decisions –



    Board decisions – Day to day decisions are made by the board alone.


    Ordinary resolution – Requires 8 of the 12 clubs to agree.


    Qualified resolution – Required 11 of the 12 to agree (no idea if this was amended as per the article you posted).



    It’s been reported that this is a board decision, and I’m not aware of any specific resolution being proposed, which I assume would require a member to submit. SPL representatives on the board are Hibs, Ross County and sevco along with the exec (Doncaster etc) and 4 reps from the lower leagues. If the decision is only regarding the premiership then I’d expect the 4 lower league reps to abstain from that vote.



    It’s suggested there’s a 10-2 majority in favour of bringing the break forward among clubs, but it’s also reported the two opposing are Ross County and sevco, so go figure. We’ll perhaps see who runs Scottish football later today, and also whether the board members are representing the league or their own club interests.

  19. If 10 from 12 are in favour of bringing forward the break, and there’s no contractual implications as confirmed by Burrows, then it would be disgraceful for the SPFL board to vote against the wishes of the clubs.

  20. ‘The Scottish Government care about no clubs, certainly not Newco, they are only interested in their pet project,…’





    Genuine question Paul 67 but what is this ‘pet project’? If it, is I assume their quest for independence, what’s wrong with that? I don’t want to get involved in politics, especially Scottish politics as I haven’t lived there for more than 30 years, but surely, they are allowed to aspire to independence for Scotland. Their quest is in their name. I’m surprised you would (apologies if I have got this completely wrong!) talk of a country’s aspiration to be independent in such a disparaging manner. I know that are many people within Scotland who do not want independence, you may be one of them, but that does not make it any less legitimate. As Parnell famously said of Ireland’s quest;


    ‘no man (or woman!) shall have the right to fix the boundary to march of a Nation. No man (or woman!) has a right to say to his country thus far shalt thou go and no further’


    I don’t think he was talking about you Paul67 but you know what I mean.

  21. Sonsoferin



    It’s a good question if it is a board or otherwise.



    It seems clear this would pass the 8 votes if needed for an ordinary resolution.



    If the others did abstain at board level which they should then I would be confident of a 4-2 vote as the non execs would surely back the clubs wishes. The issue would be if the lower tiers do have a vote and did not abstain.

  22. So St Midden have between 3 and 5 fit 1st team players.



    More than us I think with the Dubai fiasco.



    Play the game.



    D :)

  23. an Dun – Agreed, but this is scottish football. Reasons to be optimistic, the SPFL chairman, Murdoch McLennan, has business ties with Desmond, and held an executive box at Parkhead for years. I also believe Doncaster and other execs will fall in line behind the chairman and represent the club majority.

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