Sydney promotors and lawyers, Moussa


I was disappointed the Allianz Stadium was not sold out for the Celtic-Sydney game this morning.  As we learned earlier this year, the promotors of this tour invested significant sums, I hope the venture is profitable for them.  Still, if not, the lawyers will have scope for breach of contract with other parties.

Sunday’s game against Everton is the headline event of the Sydney Super Cup.  It may be that the lure of an EPL side is greater than an APL outfit.  On the bigger picture, we are there to evangelise, Celtic fans in Sydney have been great ambassadors for football and life in general, well done to all.

One of the biggest disappointments imaginable for a former Celtic hero must, at the peak of his athletic prowess, being compared to an out of shape nobody.  Moussa Dembele (26) is being allowed to run out his Lyon contract, which expires in June.  For those of us who watched him at Celtic, this is jarring.  After a prolific season last term, where he scored 21 in 25 league starts, he has scored twice this term in an injury interrupted current term, making only 6 starts and is now targeted by Fenerbahce.

He’s 18 months younger than Kyogo.  Just sayin’.

Yesterday brought back memories of the good old days, trying to reboot the server to bring us back online whenever big news broke.  We just broke yesterday….

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  1. These games matter to Celtic and especially Ange , he will be hurting from that result . In reality it’s not so different from our spfl performances except we tend to win our battles there , we can use travel , run out for fringe players ,not the most competitive match as reasons , but the same amount of chances spurned . Ange knows , hope he knows how to fix it .


    Up the Hoops

  2. By the way, has anyone ever seen Hatate win a tackle?


    Too many of our players just can’t cut it outside the spfl…

  3. Would anyone be interested in Mousse at the end of the season


    assuming his injury is only temporary



    If he can leave on a free at the end of the season could Celtic


    give Mousse a substantial signing on fee to cover for the drop in wages


    he would face



    No transfer fee would enable us to bump up the signing on fee



    Just wonder if his twitter comments are a love of Celtic or a hate of the


    dark side south of the city

  4. Paul 67,



    I am not one for resigning former players. We’ve been there and done it and the results are there for all to scrutinise.



    However there is always an exception to the rule and anyone who can score goals and is achievable must be considered.



    Moussa has not realised his full potential, both on the park for his club and personal achievement.


    After the 3-3 game against Man City I thought Moussa was destined for the elite clubs.


    For various reasons this has not happened. If we could , unlikely I know acquire Moussa then I would unreservedly welcome him back to kick-start his career.



    We need to score more goals, the game hinges on putting the ball in the net ( regardless of domination)


    We need to acquire players who can score, we need to train players to score and we need to obtain a better ratio to goals to chances created



    And Paul 67, we must address our Academy. Are we getting value for money ????


    We cannot ignore this, it is a question that must be answered.




  5. That game confirmed, what I think we all already


    know about a few of our players.


    Ralston and Welsh mot good enough.


    Guchi, Abligard and Bernabei running out of time

  6. glendalystonsils on

    The Moussa of his hunskelping days is just what we need , the Moussa of his present injury-hit doldrums , not so sure .


    If we can afford him and Ange can turn the clock back , it’s a no brainer . We must solve our conversion rate problem , as the Sydney game yet again exemplified .

  7. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Didn’t keep up with game today.



    Fringe-ish team lost a game on the other side of the world.



    Well done the Australians.






    Loved him in the hoops but a quick look at a photograph of him during the Man City game and another photo taken last week would be instructive.



    Was built like a panther. Now more like a rhino.



    Some parallels with fat boy across the river although Moussa is a much better player operating at a much higher level.

  8. I hope Dembele can sort out his injury problems, a top player, who loved his time here,i would try a pay as you play deal,he has plenty left in the tank IF he can keep fit.

  9. bournesouprecipe on




    Letting the King of Glasgow run out of contract, is pure bad asset management shirley?



    You won’t catch Celtic doing that starting with Josip Juranovic, who’s angling for a move.



    Nine points clear in your league, getting off a plane on the other side of the world and losing a meaningless friendly is,



    Jist no good enuff near it is.

  10. Tobago Street on 17th November 2022 12:50 pm



    Moussa to Leicester I would think.



    Moussa called out Rodgers, long before anyone else, canny see it mate….

  11. We set a standard and expectations and levels and if we fall below that then it is disappointing irrespective of the circumstances or what the environment is or what the competition is.”


    Asked if he excused the players after their marathon trip Down Under, Postecoglou rapped: “No mate. I am not a violin player. We get on with it.



    “They probably are tired. So what? The game was today it is not tomorrow.


    “That’s the way it is and we were not anywhere near the levels we needed to be at. But that is part of the learning process for everyone.”


    Postecoglou added: “I understand it is not easy and it is a long trip and you are getting off there and in any game of football there is always excuses if you want them.


    “We have chosen not to do that in the past and that is what we’ll do today.


    “I don’t think anyone can say tonight that they put their best foot forward whether they have been playing or not.


    “For everyone it is not a night where you played anywhere near the level that you needed to.


    “I’m not here on a holiday.


    “I am here representing our football club and that’s where my focus is.


    “I am not going to be getting a boat round the harbour tomorrow. I enjoy when it things go well. I don’t enjoy it when they don’t.


    “We have standards and we have been really good at maintaining those.


    “You can take these and put them to one side but I think everything has meaning and there is meaning to everything you do.”

  12. OL wont be as disappointed as a lot of clubs would be I missing out on a fee, theyre still doing pretty well out of player sales and they mad a tidy profit on two of the best signing in the EPL over the last two windows – Paquetta and Guimares who both made the Brazil squad. Guimares has been one of the best players so far this season.



    But its still a fair amount of money and its surprising given how they seem to follow the more aggressive model we’re looking at, hopefully we’ll not let anything like it happen anytime soon. Good offers for any of our players should be considered.



    Moussa always saw Celtic as a stepping stone to a bigger league so it would be a major surprise if he chose to come back when he’ll have offers from all the big leagues. Almost certain not to happen, but we need goalscorers in the champions league and thats what he does

  13. Active means actively selling, not just waiting for offers as well. No shame in being a selling club if it means we sell at the right time for us and buy well.

  14. Compare Ange’s attitude towards the players with the pictures of the out of shape nobody Paul67 talks about, and even those of our players in Dubai.

  15. Abdilgaard got about.Not much else.Ideguchi looks lost.Welsh,most of us know.Bernebei,bit of an enigma.Some good,some bad.


    Haksa.Big future with us.


    My two pet hates out in force today I am saying two,but related.Poor passing.The other,over hitting of passes.Hatate and Juranovic very guilty of it.


    Bring on Everton.

  16. The Blogger Formerly Known As GM on

    Just finished watching the “meaningless friendly”.



    Feel sorry for the manager who was probably left feeling embarrassed, particularly in the first half where we looked like a pub team.



    I get there were wholesale changes and would class Welsh, Bernabai, Idaguchi, Abaldgaard, Turnbull and Forrest as “fringe players”, so you can’t expect see seamless continuity. However, not one them took the opportunity to put in an individual performance that stood out. Really, really disappointing.

  17. I have watched Dembele quite a few times in France,and he is nothing like the Hunskelper we used to worship.Playing a totally different style.Still,he had an outstanding season,last,but that was his first.


    Probably immaterial.Wages.

  18. If Everton are thinking about sacking Frank Lampard during the world cup break….



    my fear is that our next game might thrust Ange into their consciousness .



    Therefore I hope Everton win convincingly with Celtic fans boohing the team off the park.




  19. Unfortunately We had a really poor performance today , and unfortunately we have professional players who have terrible ball control ,who’s second touch is a tackle. We have our little hero who really should be scoring more of the chances he gets . And we have more than our share of players who can’t find a team mate from a few yards . That is my opinion on our performance today with my green tinted glasses off . HH

  20. Didn’t see the game but sounds like control and passing like the Motherwell game, have to get out of that rut.

  21. Watched the game and I must say it was a disappointment


    Taking in the “jet lag” how can professional footballers not be able to pass to a teammate 3/4 yards from them.,it really baffles me.


    It has to be said unfortunately but Ralston Welsh will need to be moved on.


    I am sure by the end of the season there will be a number of others ,I am thinking midfield players


    Maybe some players thought they were on a “Jolly” I think they will think differently when Ange has a word with them.


    Aussie supporters club travelling hundreds of miles to see that ,not good enough


    Sponsors may be asking is it worth it .HH

  22. Bada Bing


    It doesn’t matter if you are 20 points clear or 20points behind,it is important to give a good account of yourself for spectators and sponsors..HH

  23. prestonpans bhoys on

    Only saw the second half. Was like a game against the bottom six of the SPL, these huys got into our box about three times!!



    Anyway in Mogan Gran Canaria and found a pub selling a pint at €2:50 👍🍺

  24. Whats App with cousins in Sydney who actually attended the game with their families who saw celtic for the first time.



    They loved it. They cared not a jot about the performance or the result. Would have been nice to win, but it was just a joy to actually see celtic for real.



    Win , Lose or Draw, what the hell do we care now.



    This blog is feckin hilarious on days like this.



    I guess adidas are invoking an early release condition now.

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