Sydney promotors and lawyers, Moussa


I was disappointed the Allianz Stadium was not sold out for the Celtic-Sydney game this morning.  As we learned earlier this year, the promotors of this tour invested significant sums, I hope the venture is profitable for them.  Still, if not, the lawyers will have scope for breach of contract with other parties.

Sunday’s game against Everton is the headline event of the Sydney Super Cup.  It may be that the lure of an EPL side is greater than an APL outfit.  On the bigger picture, we are there to evangelise, Celtic fans in Sydney have been great ambassadors for football and life in general, well done to all.

One of the biggest disappointments imaginable for a former Celtic hero must, at the peak of his athletic prowess, being compared to an out of shape nobody.  Moussa Dembele (26) is being allowed to run out his Lyon contract, which expires in June.  For those of us who watched him at Celtic, this is jarring.  After a prolific season last term, where he scored 21 in 25 league starts, he has scored twice this term in an injury interrupted current term, making only 6 starts and is now targeted by Fenerbahce.

He’s 18 months younger than Kyogo.  Just sayin’.

Yesterday brought back memories of the good old days, trying to reboot the server to bring us back online whenever big news broke.  We just broke yesterday….

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  1. Ptestonpans


    Going to GC in March – always have a trip to Puerto mogan when I’m there – nice little seaside town – packed on market day.

  2. Fan- i know what you’re saying, but a couple of days to get over the journey is a bit much imo,these guys give their all in every game, today wasn’t so good, slack passing, poor final ball etc,but i think some are being a bit harsh over today’s game.HH

  3. Some on here suggesting that a friendly on the other side of the world is just that, and crazy to criticize the players for not playing well.



    If you are one of them, I suggest you read Ange’s post-match comments (posted on previous page by Bada Bing). Those are the angriest words he has uttered in his Celtic career. No excuses made. He won’t accept jetlag or fatigue were to blame.


    He expects Celtic to play at the standard he has set in every game.



    If he is saying this in public, you can imagine what he is saying in private.



    Anyone want to tell him it is a meaningless jaunt?

  4. Regarding any poor passing, perhaps the players did not allow for the Coriolis effect which works the opposite way in the southern hemisphere. :-)

  5. bournesouprecipe on




    Not like him , not known for throwing players under a bus unlike ahem……….,,,

  6. Bit like a pre-season friendly, with the proviso that we played last Saturday. Know the game has been on the calendar for many months, but it still surprised me how quick it followed the Ross County match this morning. Given that we have a five week break, might have been better to spend a bit more time in Oz before actually playing anybody. For a Melbourne manager to lose up in Sydney is bad enough, to do it with his Celtic team, well we all saw how he felt about it, as not good. Not exactly happy about myself.

  7. Loved Moussa when he was here. Different style, though felt he was most genuinely world class player since the KoK.


    Have all of his French compadres left since? Don’t think we have any left or is my memory deserting me again.


    I don’t know that it would work, tbh.

  8. HEADTHEBALL on 17TH NOVEMBER 2022 4:01 PM


    Regarding any poor passing, perhaps the players did not allow for the Coriolis effect which works the opposite way in the southern hemisphere. :-)




    True, for an unforced vortex but a curled pass is forced 😎

  9. Contrary to what some think, Ange does not do friendlies. Celtic always play to win.


    He has his own standards, our pride and our clubs reputation to consider.


    That’s why he states ” We never stop” and that is precisely why he did not give Steve Clarke the players he requested.



    We have already discussed the memories that will be made, but for some a reality check is called for.



    HH, the journey ( down under ) continues.



    PS : When was the last time anyone sung” We don’t care if we win, lose or draw, Darn the hair do we care .


    Almost unanimously we sing ” We dont care what the animals say”.” ?????



    Enjoy Mogan nice wee place , always take a trip there when we stay in Puerto Rico, €2-50 a pint is cheap for Mogan btw 👍😎🍺

  11. Tom,


    you still got celtic connections in Oz, anyone reporting back from the game ?



    My cousins enjoyed the event if not the result.

  12. TOM MCLAUGHLIN on 17TH NOVEMBER 2022 5:12 PM


    It seems that whenever we have a throw-in it’s 50-50 whether we lose possession from it.




    A particular bugbear of mine. I’d say it’s more like 30-70 against us. The trip to oz is gruelling and takes quite some time to get over it. Haven’t a clue how we travelled. First class/business, direct or with short stop en route in the likes of Dubai? I expect a far better performance on Sunday.

  13. Big ANGE is THE MAN.



    I love his style.


    Maybe some Celtic players in the 1st half Today, WRONGLY thought that Sydney FC would be ” A walk in the Park ?



    Apart from their Goal in the 1st half, they also hit the Woodwork twice, and Sydney Fc could easily have been ahead at half time ?


    Im GLAD that Big Ange wasnt happy.



  14. We all want Celtic to win every game they play but if we are to lose, I’d prefer it to be in a glorified friendly than a domestic League or Cup game.


    Abildgaard, Ideuchi, Lawal. Robrtson & Vata , fringe players who don’t normally get a game featured today.



    Obviously short 4 Regulars on World Cup Duty plus Giakoumakis & Jenz .



    Anybody who reads much into today’s game would honestly need to cop themselves on.

  15. bournesouprecipe on

    Cop yourself on!



    Stop acting like a fool! Use some common sense! Primarily heard in Ireland.

  16. Back to Basics - Glass Half Full on

    Perhaps Mike has developed a pathological need to beat anyone called D.King in any deal?

  17. Ok Bhoys how we all feeling after that travel, most of you have never done anything like that before, a 22 hours in flight, passing through 10 time zones, and adjusting your brains a day lost, i know it is much worse going west to east.



    i hear ye i hear ye, your all knackered and jet lagged, and some of you are feeling the strains from last saturday, you were up all through the night, and now your wanting to sleep, trust me so do i, that training session wasnt up to much either, your all discombobulated.



    so here is what i am going to do, i am going to give you a pass, if your crap, it doesnt work on the night, you mishit miss shots, or just aint at it, i understand, we all do thats why we have the sports science department, they tell me these things, i know from travelling in the region, even japan back to oz for me was a killer, but here we are.



    but understand this, i do want us to win this game, i want you to shine, i want us to get kudos, i want a show for those fans there, lets try and be on it, lets go for it, you new bhoys i am really hopeful you can put on a show, put on the style ………….



    but again , if you dont, i understand the reasons, they are not excuses, it happens i dont want them too, but it happens. you have to know also, these sydney guys, they want to put one over me and harry here, he is even at it, he told me on the flight down, you know us sydney kids we hate you melbourne anchors, i dont know who to cheer for he said.



    now, here is what you need to know, i have a reputation down here, gruff, angry, argumentative, i dont like the press, ithey dont like me, i have to keep this up, win , lose or draw, i am going to be asked something stupid an i am going to respond while looking like we just lost the european cup final,



    so if we are under par, and it doesnt work, and we lose even, i will let rip and blame it on you, thats just the way it is.



    play the game bhoys, and wait till you see the in game comments from CQN, what a barrel of laughs they will be ……… probably go on about our throw ins again, or who is getting sold …………



    ok lets go.

  18. ta.



    I had the privaledge of working with 3 of the greatest celtic supporters, Jim Mooney, John McAliece and Frankie Gallagher, all Greenock men who took me under their wing at different times from 18 to 54 ha.



    On a back shift Jim and John would tell brilliant stories about supporing through 50s and 60s, great memories , the best players, the greatest wins the worst defeats. on the bus with Frankie telling his personal story of hearing the european cup final score while in a helicopter in vietnam.



    Jim used to rage about losing 8 league cup finals in a row and blamed jock for not taking it seriously enough.



    John used to go on about the 69 treble team being even better that the lions, but after the 4-0 huns game they managed to lose the final league game to morton at celtic park by a score of 4-2.



    Frankie would tell me often, dont let moany bastards at the game spoil it for you.



    Best advice ever given maybe,

  19. jimbob71 & little Miss jimbob on

    Certainly the best advice ever given.



    Be thankful we get to support our great team, that makes up for any disappointments or failings others may want to throw our way and as we know, there are plenty waiting!

  20. I really enjoyed the game.No pressure for a change.Second half when the first team came on,I thought we were good.Just that pesky finishing again.Some bad passing to go with it.


    First half,was a horror show.They could have scored,3 or 4.Not one of the fringe players showed up.


    Sundays game is the big one.EPL team.Beat them and Ange will be restored to Legend.


    Kick off 6.45 AM for me.Lovely,watch,and then to the Market for breakfast and friends.

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